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                Basketball Club Development                                                           PARENTS!!!!
                Program AUG-DEC 2010                                                                  We welcome parent participation, to provide feedback and
                                                                                                      shape your club team!! Organisations do not OWN your
                TRAININGS VENUE 1                                                                     sports options in HK so be involved by assisting with
                Stanley Sports Centre - 6 Stanley Market Road (U/G Floor)                             League committees, coaching and managing teams!!
                                                                                                      Enjoy being involved in a Community Basketball Team!!
                TRAININGS VENUE 2
                Wong Chuk Hang Sports Centre * (*only if required)
                168 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen (near to Ocean Park)
                                                                                                      INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY BASKETBALL LEAGUE
                AGE GROUPS GUIDE                                                                      OPTIONS AROUND THE ASIAN REGION – Be Fit Sports
                 • Under 10 Boys and Girls – Mixed Classes – Students who turned 6, 7, 8 & 9          has collaborated with the Singapore ‘Community
                   years of age in the year ending Dec 31, 2010. Please note this is suitable for     Basketball League’ to
                   all Under 10 students looking to develop skills. If numbers su ce we will
                                                                                                      commence annual international basketball competition.
                   have a ‘beginners’ and ‘advance skills’ groups
                 • Under 12 Boys and Girls – Students who turned 10 & 11 years of age in the          The first tournament is 20-24 October 2010 and Be Fit
                   year ending Dec 31, 2010                                                           Sports will enter club teams for the rst time!! Contact us
                 • Under 14 Boys and Girls – Students who turned 12 & 13 years of age in the          for more information how you can participate!
                   year ending Dec 31, 2010

                SCHEDULE – WEEKDAY TRAININGS                                                          VALUE and BENEFITS with STINGRAYS CLUB
                *Term 1 – AUG – DEC 10/11                                                             BASKETBALL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (the following
                Monday – (x14 sessions) (Code S1)       Friday – (x9 sessions) (Code S3)              also included in fee) –
                4 - 5pm – UNDER 10,                     4 - 5pm – UNDER 10,                            • Weekday skill development and team training’s -
                5 - 6pm – UNDER 14 Boys                 5 - 6pm – UNDER 12 Boys                          Weekday hourly training sessions with Be Fit Sports
                 • AUG , 30                              • SEP 3 , 10 , 17                             • Team Membership and player participation in the ‘Asian
                 • SEP 6 , 13 , 20 , 27                  • OCT 8 , 15 , 22                               International Community Basketball League’ (AICBL) -
                 • OCT 4 , 11 , 18                       • NOV 5 , 19                                    Entry Fee included, Saturday League games, x8 Games
                 • NOV 1 , 8 , 15 , 22 , 29              • DEC 3 ,                                       ‘round robin’ season with a quality basketball league run
                 • DEC 6                                                                                 by basketball people!!, League will have trained
                                                                                                         referees, player statistics and each team will have an
                Wednesday – (x12 sessions) (Code S2)
                                                                                                         experience coach
                4 - 5pm – UNDER 12 boys,
                5 - 6pm – UNDER 12 and 14 GIRLS                                                        • Season Awards – Each season for players - Season One
                 • SEP 1 , 8 , 15 , 22 , 29                                                              = Sep-Nov 10, Season Two = Mar-May’11
                 • OCT 6 , 13 , 20                                                                     • Uniforms – Playing uniform for 10/11 School Year and
                 • NOV 3 , 10 , 17                                                                       for rst time enrolments a Be Fit Sports Reversible
                 • DEC 1                                                                                 training Jersey

                SCHEDULE – LEAGUE GAMES
                ‘Stingrays’ Club representation which will include teams entering in the
                following competition -
                AICBL – The Asian International Community Basketball League – The AICBL
                was developed by Be Fit Sports to provide a quality youth basketball league
                option in Hong Kong for both club and school teams. Age Groups will be for
                Under 10, 12 and 14 girls and boys. The league will schedule four Saturday’s
                throughout each half school year in a round robin format culminating in nals
                (minimum 8 games per team). Game statistics will be taken and be available to
                give account of team and individual performances. League Referees will be                         HONG KONG
                developed and trained overseen by a rules committee. The league will be
                                                                                                          Asian International Community Basketball League
                administered by Be Fit Sports. Latest League details at

                Oct – Nov ‘10
                Asian International Community                                                         OPEN DAYS!!
                Basketball League (AICBL) Game times                                                  Come along to the rst week of trainings for free!! Meet
                Venue – Canadian International School                                                 the coaches and learn more about the Stingrays!!
                 • Saturday’s between 9am and 6pm (depending on age group.                             • Monday August 23 - 4 - 5pm – UNDER 10s Mixed Classes
                   Schedule provided prior to rst tourney) –                                             5 – 6pm – UNDER 12s Boys
                    o Week One– October 2nd                                                            • Wednesday August 25 - 4 - 5pm – UNDER 14s Boys
                    o Week Two – October 16th                                                            5 – 6pm – UNDER 12s and 14s Girls
                    o Week three and Finals – November 20th
be fit sports

                                FEES                        Mondays Training
                                                            Wednesday s Training
                                                            Fridays Training
                                                                                              (Code S1)
                                                                                              (Code S2)
                                                                                              (Code S3)
                                                                                                                   $2900 for the season
                                                                                                                   $2640 for the season
                                                                                                                   $2250 for the season
                                Fee Includes – Weekday trainings, League Entry Fee, Uniform and Reverse Jersey Set and per season awards

                                                P +852 91575615 M +852 91967725 E admin@be
             be fit sports

Section 1 - Student Details

Given Name                                                                             Family Name

Students School                                                                                                  Grade

Date of Birth:                                            Age                     Male/Female

 Equipment Order           Ball Size      SML-S5      LADIES       REG-S7                                    Clothing Size                   XS       S   M     L XL
                                                                            Clothing         Size Guide (Inches Chest/Length
                                                                                                      XS-28/21      S-30/22 M-34/24 L-38/26               XL-42/28
Section 2 - Student - Parent Details

FLT/Rm/House:                             Floor                Block/Tower                             Building

No. Street/Road:

Contact No's
Parent                                                                                 Family Name

Parent No.                                                                            Mobile No:

                      An email address is essential so we can notify you of course acceptance and keep you updated on futher Be-fit Sports programs

Emergency Contact Person                                                                       Family Name

Emergency No.

Section 3 - Programs - Please complete application for applicable program                                                                                 Fee     Tick Box
  School Program                                        Age/Grade                        Code -                                                           Fee
Club Team Program                                       Age/Grade                        Code -                                                           Fee
  Camp Program                                          Age/Grade                        Code -                                                           Fee


Section 4 - Payment Details
1. Cheque Payment: Complete and mail application form and cheque made payable to 'Ozlink Ltd' to - Ozlink Ltd 'Be Fit Sports
Basketball Program'. 20/F Central Tower . 28 Queens Road . Central, Hong Kong.*If mail enrolment please note 'first come, first serve'
with applications & write student and program details on back of cheque 2. Account deposit - Hang Seng Bank - Ozlink Ltd - 773-617857-
883 - enter attendee name and program details or inform Ozlink of date and details of deposit..NOTE - FRENCH INTERNATIONAL
SCHOOL - Cheque made payable (with name and program details written on back of cheque to 'French International School' and send to
your 'Vie Scholaire' as per address on brochure
Section 5 - Medical Details
Does your child suffer from any allergies, medical condition or physical limitations that our Coaches should be aware of? If so, please
outline below.

Section 6 - Consent Details
In enrolling in the Be-Fit Sports Basketball Development Program, I agree to abide by the policies as outlined on website or is available
upon emailing a request for the policies to I agree to not hold Be Fit Sports Basketball Development Program
responsible for any injury, loss, or any other occurrences as a result in the participation in the program. I consent that I permit emails to be
sent to provided email address for future programs/correspondence

Parent/Guardian:     [BLOCK LETTERS]                               Signature:                                                               Date:

Section 7 - Extra Equipment Order (if required) - NOTE ALL FIRST TIME ENROLMENTS RECEIVE REVERSIBLE JERSEY
 Equipment Order           Ball Size      SML-S5      LADIES       REG-S7                                           Clothing Size            XS       S   M     L XL
   (Please circle)         Charge -       $140                                                                      Charge -                 $140

                        Total                                                                                       Charge -
Section 8 - How Found Out About Program
                  Website       Brochure                           Magazine                                    School                  Friends

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