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					Healing Hearts, Changing Lives

                Lutheran Child and
                Family Services of Illinois


                 Annual Report 2004
  President and CEO
  Leadership Messages

Changing Lives: How has LCFS changed your life?
    The Old Testament prophet Micah asks us, “What does the Lord
require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk
humbly with your God?”
    As a Lutheran social ministry organization, these words take on
greater meaning because they create a framework for our mission. As
an agency, we not only show mercy, which often means helping
people pick up the pieces of broken lives, we must also seek and pro-
mote justice—doing something about the causes of pain, hurt, and bro-
kenness. Motivated by God’s love, we seek to translate the Gospel from
Word to action. As you will see in this report, these actions take many
forms and involve many partnerships.
    This has been our mission since 1873, in the aftermath of the Civil      Gene L. Svebakken, President and CEO; and
War, when 14 Lutheran congregations came together in Addison to care Anthony Stephens, Chair, Board of Trustees
for children left as orphans. Now 132 years later, 500 congregational
partners and thousands of supporters are still working together to help transform          Gene Svebakken came to
lives through acts of mercy and justice, serving more than 40,000 people in Illinois.      LCFS as Executive Director
    Day in and day out we place children in loving foster and adoptive homes,              in 1978. Under his leader-
provide a healing environment for children with severe behavioral disorders, feed          ship, the agency has under-
hungry people, help families through tough times, tutor at-risk middle schoolers,          gone tremendous growth and
coach mothers and fathers to be better parents, and more.                                  change, enabling LCFS to
                                                                                           provide a wider range of
To make this ministry possible, it takes partnerships:
                                                                                           human care services
● Children and families working at their own healing.
                                                                                           throughout the state. Gene’s
● Congregations and donors supporting this work with their prayers,
                                                                                           contributions to the social
    financial gifts and time.
                                                                                           services field were recognized
● LCFS staff committing to go the extra mile every day.
                                                                                           in 2004 by the Seeds of
    In this report you’ll meet people who represent these three partnerships, people       Hope Award from Wheat
with stories about how their lives have been changed—and how they are changing             Ridge Ministries and
lives—through LCFS. As you read these stories, look for their passion and commit-          Outstanding Alumni Award
ment, their sense of optimism and confidence that God is indeed at work through            from the University of
them and LCFS.                                                                             Missouri School of Social
    As an agency, we are strong today because of your faithfulness. You are at the         Work.
center, standing next to us, making sure we’re here tomorrow. We continue to carry
out our mission because of your steadfast support and prayers, and I thank you for
your support during the past year.

   Soli Deo Gloria,

   Gene L. Svebakken, ACSW
   President and CEO
                               Board of Trustees

                             Leading LCFS into the future
Tony Stephens has            What first captured your heart                 Say more about this new model
served as chair of the       about the work of LCFS?                        of governance.
LCFS Board of Trustees           A wise friend once said to me that             Board policy and advocacy has become the focus of
since January 2003. He       most of the world’s problems are caused        our work. In the past, board meetings and activities
first joined the board in    by love withheld. I wondered what it           were more concerned with operational and administra-
1997. Tony is a commer-      would be like for a child either to not        tive matters. Today, board meetings are devoted to
cial real estate developer   have parents, or to have a mother and          making policies that define parameters for agency
living in Oak Park, Ill.     father who were not able to function as        outcomes, monitoring adherence to policies and to
He spoke with LCFS           loving, nurturing parents. I saw LCFS as       creating the future of the agency. We work to empower
about his involvement        a community of caring professionals and        the agency toward visionary but attainable results
with the agency and the      volunteers who have the compassion,            within the bounds of carefully crafted policy.
role of the board.           resources and ability to make a differ-
                                                                            Many board members participated in Lobby
                             ence in the life of a child and in the lives
                                                                            Day last April in Springfield. What was the
                             of many children and their families.
                                                                            board hoping to accomplish there?
             How are things different because LCFS exists?                      We believe one of our roles
                  We often talk about the impact of the agency in           is to be advocates for children
             terms of the current caseload statistics (see page 3).         and families throughout
             These are easy to understand. But the real impact of           Illinois. We take time at each
             this agency occurs in the lives of children who are            of our meetings to understand
             healed from abuse, neglect and violence through an             the critical human care needs
             adult’s care, love and attention. This impact extends to       of the day. With that under-
             other people in the child’s life and in their future rela-     standing comes the call to do
             tionships. The impact will benefit future generations.         something about these issues.
             If life is a trajectory leading to fulfillment or disaster,    We educate and encourage the
             then consider the children whose lives were headed             trustees to communicate these
             towards life-long emotional pain and were instead led          needs, gain community support and              Visiting during Lobby Day in
             to productive lives, to higher education, to careers, to       effectively influence policy decisions      Springfield last April are LCMS
                                                                                                                               Southern Illinois District
             healthy relationships because they were connected to           and decision makers. If we don’t stand
                                                                                                                          President Herbert Mueller, Jr.
             people who cared.                                              up for children and families, who will?          and LCMS Board member
                                                                            We realize that we have an influential        Phyllis Wallace of Collinsville.
             How has LCFS responded to a rapidly
                                                                            voice, and we’re going to use that voice.    LCFS co-sponsored this event.
             changing human care environment?
                 Over the past decade, the LCFS staff have
             enhanced their skills and adapted the organization to a
             changing world. This also required a new model of gov-            Anthony Stephens, Chair
             ernance. The board needed to develop its ability to               LCFS Board of Trustees
             lead leaders and to be oriented toward the future. So
             several years ago the board undertook an evolution in
             its method of governance.

    Wayne Grote: God’s plan for every child

       After 13 years of marriage, my wife, LuAnn, and I
    were faced with wanting children but not having any
    on our own. We did not want to take the risks associat-
    ed with medications and multiple births, or face the sig-
    nificant costs with no guarantee of success.
        In April 1994, I saw an "adoption party" on television
    where several 4- to 10-year-old children were intro-
    duced to a group of prospective adoptive parents. Some
    of the older children said they just wanted to find
    someone to love them. Here was my opportunity to
    make a difference in a child’s life and put into practice
    what I believed was true: There is no reason not to give
    every child a chance to live and to be loved.
        LuAnn and I believe God brought us to that point
    in our lives because He had a different plan for making
    us a family.
        Later that month we contacted a local Lutheran
    pastor who had adopted a child. He was very supportive
    and recommended Lutheran Child and Family
    Services.                                                    Ten years ago LCFS assisted
        We called the LCFS office in Belleville to set up an     Wayne and LuAnn Grote when
    appointment. Two case workers met with us to describe        they adopted their son, Jonathan.
    the process. I can honestly say that after that first        Wayne, who serves on the LCFS
    meeting, we felt certain that this was the plan God had      Board of Trustees, wrote this first-
    for us.                                                      person story in April 2004. He
        We originally intended to adopt an older child, not      and his family live in Hoyleton,
    knowing we were about to be selected by a birth moth-        Ill., near St. Louis.
    er. We completed the home visit, obtained DCFS
    approval, and completed the background checks.               and to alleviate some of her anxiety from not knowing
        By July we had everything in order, including a          what happened, or thinking the child went to whoever
    short booklet that told our story – who we were, why we      was at the "top of the list."
    wanted a child, and how we planned to raise our child.           On August 19, 1994, we received a call from our
    LCFS offered semi-open adoptions where birth moth-           caseworker. Our caseworker told us that a young girl
    ers were given the opportunity to look through these         had looked at our booklet and wanted to talk to us. We
    booklets and select the couple they wanted to parent         made arrangements to call her the following day. She
    their child. This approach allows a birth mother to          wanted to meet us, and we went to see her at the LCFS
    demonstrate her love for the child by making a plan          office on Monday. After our meeting, she said that we

were the family she wanted for her child. To say that        How has LCFS changed
we celebrated that day is an understatement!                 these lives?
    Later that same week, early Thursday morning, we
received a call to go to the hospital. We were having a         From July 2003-June 2004, Lutheran
baby! On Friday, we brought home a healthy 8-pound           Child and Family Services touched thou-
baby boy named Jonathan.                                     sands of lives:
    Before we had even talked about adopting, that
young girl was nearly four months pregnant. It became        ● LCFS helped build families through
clear to us that before we even thought about adopting,        262 adoptive placements, 39 percent
God had already made a plan for Jonathan. That plan            more than the previous year. These
included us, but we didn’t know it until August 19th.          included 73 international adoptions and
    We have shared this story many times with
                                                               189 domestic adoptions.
Jonathan, and we continually remind him that God
makes families in many different ways and he is what         ● Last year LCFS helped 131 foster chil-
makes us a family. As a result of the daily joy and bless-
                                                               dren achieve permanency through
ings we have received through Jonathan, we want to
give back to LCFS so that other children and couples
                                                               adoption (68), family reunification (46)
can have the same opportunity.                                 and guardianships (17).
    Every morning and every evening we are reminded
through a hug and a kiss from Jonathan just how real
                                                             ● LCFS strengthened 1,181 at-risk fami-
God’s love is for His children and how richly He has           lies through home-based services, 205
blessed our family. My support of LCFS is the continu-         more than in 2003.
ation of putting into action my sincere belief that God
has a plan for every child, and it is up to me to make it    ● Statewide, LCFS provided counseling
a reality.                                                     to more than 1,100 individuals and
                                                               families, including 135 cases involving
                                                               children in foster care.

                                                             ● LCFS provided 24-hour residential ser-
LCFS is committed to bringing families
together. If you are interested in learning more               vices for 75 children and youth in
about adopting a child or becoming a foster                    Addison at Lutherbrook and special
parent, please call 800/363-LCFS(5237).                        education services to 93 students at
                                                               Lutherbrook Academy. This represents
                                                               24 more children than served last year.

                                                             ● Last year saw an increase in the number
                                                               of families who received food and cloth-
                                                               ing through LCFS: 367 families, up
                                                               from 294 last year. This represents near-
                                                               ly 1,500 individuals served per week.

      Leadership Messages

    Bob and Marian Fick: Generosity starts early

          F   or Bob and Marian Fick of Oak Brook, Ill.,       Behind the scenes at the Harvest Gala
    the decision to be generous was a mutual one early in             In 1991 Marian was elected to the LCFS Board
    their married life. They’ve been donating 10 percent of    of Trustees and she served for nine years. Then in 1993
    their income for 45 years.                                 Marian agreed to co-chair of the 4th annual Harvest
           "We’ve always tithed," Bob said, "even when we      Gala, the annual LCFS dinner-auction fundraiser for
    didn’t have any money. It’s part of what you do."          250 guests. She has been part of the planning for each
           "And you don’t tithe the bottom of your salary –    one since.
    it comes off the top," he added.                                  "It’s such a good feeling to see how far it has
           Bob recalled that his parents, members of Zoar      come," Marian said of the Harvest Gala. In the early
    Lutheran Church in Elmwood Park, Ill., were tithers,       years, gala supporters raised $8,000. The 2004 event
    too. And now they’ve set an example for their own          raised $145,000 for LCFS programs. "She does it all –
    children. Why?                                             provides financial support, encourages her friends to be
           "Not everybody is as lucky as we were," Bob said.   involved, brings dozens of guests, and is truly hands-
    "We’ve been so blessed and we wanted to give back."        on," said Heidi Ruehle-May, LCFS special events coor-
           God’s blessings and this spirit of generosity is    dinator. "She assembles mailings, makes baskets, sorts
    what led to the Ficks’ involvement with Lutheran           nametags – no job is too insignificant," Heidi added.
    Child and Family Services of Illinois.                     "She’s that flexible and generous."
                                                                      "It’s done more for me than me for it," Marian
                                                               said of her work with the event.

                                                               Hands on at Lutherbrook
                                                                      While Marian has devoted plenty of energy to
                                                               the Harvest Gala over the last 11 years, her heart is at
                                                               Lutherbrook, LCFS’ premiere residential center in
                                                               Addison for children with severe emotional and
                                                               behavioral difficulties stemming from abuse and
                                                               neglect. The campus houses 55 residents in six
                                                               cottages as well as a K-12 therapeutic day school.
                                                                      Two years ago monies raised were earmarked
                                                               for refurbishing the children’s living quarters at
                                                               Lutherbrook, and Marian took special interest in

                                                               As an agency, LCFS is strong today
                                                               because of the faithfulness of our donors.
                                                               We pay tribute to all our donors with this
                                                               profile of two: Bob and Marian Fick whose
                                                               steadfast support has been an inspiration.

following through on the project.                            How has LCFS changed
        Knowing that the Lutherbrook residents have very     your life?
little in the way of personal possessions, Marian thought
their rooms needed to look better. "The kids deserved           My involvement with LCFS has given
more," she said.                                             me an opportunity to give back, which I
        With several friends, Marian saw that the
                                                             feel is an obligation and a privilege.
bedrooms were painted and the children got new sheets,
quilts and curtains.
                                                                I have met so many special people at
        "If you have nice things, you feel better about      LCFS, and they are an inspiration to me.
yourself," she said.                                            After raising my four children, my asso-
        "Her primary concern was the welfare of the          ciation with the agency has given my life
kids," said Scott Komperda, maintenance supervisor at        a real purpose, and I am grateful for that.
Lutherbrook. "She wanted to make where they’re living
                                                             It has added a whole new dimension to
as homey as possible."
                                                             my life.
        "She has a genuine caring for the kids and wants
to make them feel as welcome as possible. She wants             There is such goodness and kindness
them to know that we’re there for them," Scott said.         here that it was easy to want to be
                                                             involved. All this makes me want to do
With gratitude                                               whatever I can to make this agency better.
       Today their involvement with the agency has
deepened even further. Bob chaired the LCFS golf             Marian Fick
outing for Northern Illinois last May, and Marian serves     Oak Brook, Ill.
on the LCFS Foundation Board of Directors.
       "I can’t say enough about what Bob and Marian’s
many contributions have meant," said Gene Svebakken,
president and CEO of LCFS. "The generosity of their
time, talents and treasures has made a significant differ-
ence in the lives of the children we serve."

"I was Marian and Bob’s pastor for 25 years.
For the decades I have known them, it is their
faithful worship that generates the giving of
their time and hands-on efforts. Their giving is
their genuine selves – it’s who they are. They
are faithful, committed people who live out
this commitment in their entire life."                       To schedule a tour of Lutherbrook
                                                             or set up a service project, contact
The Rev. Richard Drews, retired pastor                       Fran Presta at 630/628-6448, ext. 226
Redeemer Lutheran Church, Elmhurst                           or fran—


    Mark Bouie: ‘I do it because I feel I can make a difference’

          Mark Bouie first discovered he liked working          until 1988, left the agency to get his master’s degree in
    with children when he was in high school. A teacher         social work, and returned as a foster care supervisor in
    selected him to be a camp counselor for one week,           1990 for a year, filling in for another staff member on
    working with inner-city children. "It was a great           leave. He served as a member of the LCFS Board of
    experience," he said. "I loved it."                         Trustees for two years from 1997-1999, and in 1999 was
            After 20 years in child welfare, 11 of those with   named Director of Child Welfare.
    LCFS, Bouie still loves it. "I love the kids," he said.
    "I do it because I feel I can make a difference."           What keeps drawing him back to LCFS?
            As the LCFS Director of Child Welfare, Bouie
                                                                       With all this involvement with LCFS, what kept
    heads 100 staff statewide who watch over more than
                                                                drawing Mark back to the agency? "The mission," he
    700 foster children. This requires a fair amount of
                                                                said. "The values that our agency holds match the val-
    travel. During September alone, he traveled 3,000
                                                                ues I have," he added. "And the belief that the agency
    miles to various staff meetings where LCFS has offices.
                                                                is moving in the right direction – caring for clients."
            His journey with LCFS began in 1984 when he
                                                                       "Mark is passionate about what he does," said
    was hired as an intake worker in River Forest and later
                                                                Andrea Barr-Durr, LCFS Quality Manager for Foster
    moved to the Chicago South office in Woodlawn as a
                                                                Care. "I don’t think he could see himself doing
    child welfare case worker. He remained in that position
                                                                anything else but child welfare," she added.
                                                                          "Mark has a big job that keeps him moving
    LCFS employs nearly 420                                                     around the state," said Ann Lading-
    staff statewide. Many are                                                   Ferguson, LCFS Chief Operating
    specialists in foster care,                                                 Officer. "He has a caring and flexible
    adoption, residential                                                       approach to dealing with clients and
    treatment, counseling,                                                      staff that allows him to work with
    community services and                                                      everyone as a team," she added.
    more. These hard-working                                                         A life-long Lutheran, Bouie says
    staff are dedicated to the                                                  during his college years he was influ-
    mission of LCFS: serving                                                    enced by the Rev. Mike Steinke, pastor
    children, individuals, fami-                                                of his home congregation, who helped
    lies and communities so                                                     him get his first job with LCFS.
    that their well-being is                                                         "Mark was always sensitive to others
    improved. Here is an up-                                                    and could recognize when someone was
    close look at one LCFS                                                      in need," said Pastor Steinke. "He has a
    staff member.                                                               genuineness about caring for people."
                                                                                     Mark says his faith foundation is
                                                                                essential to his work. "It gives me that
                                                                                ray of hope to hold on to. It pulls me

       What keeps him up at night? "Seeing a story in         A day in the life of an LCFS staff person:
the news about a child who has been abused or neglect-
                                                              Mark Bouie
ed and the state has been called, and wondering if that is
one of our clients – or if it will be one of our clients."
                                                              7:30 a.m. Leaves Richton Park home for LCFS Chicago South office
Mark heads a strong team                                      in Woodlawn.

       It goes without saying that to work in child           8:45 a.m. Arrives to a ringing telephone; takes call from staff member
welfare, you have to be a caring person and dedicated         down state.
to children. Mark is proud of the staff he supervises.
       "This group of child welfare staff is the best         9:00 a.m. Unplanned meeting with foster care caseworker puts him
we’ve had in a long time," he said. "They’re committed        behind schedule for preparing for meeting of foster care supervisors at
and dedicated. They’re definitely not in it for the           10:00.
money. They make life-changing decisions for these
                                                              9:30 a.m. While on conference call with program directors at River
kids and families. They’ve hung in there through good
                                                              Forest office, he collates and staples multiple copies of an eight-page
times and bad."
                                                              handout for his 10 a.m. meeting. He hasn’t had an administrative staff
       How is he as a supervisor? "He values the input
                                                              person for three years.
of the people around him to make his team work,"
Barr-Durr said. "And he trusts your judgment."                10:00 a.m. Chairs monthly staff meeting of Cook County foster care
                                                              supervisors with 10 agenda items: DCFS file reviews, how LCFS ranks
A family man                                                  among 35 other child welfare agencies in the state, caseloads, perfor-
       For someone who thinks about other people’s            mance issues and more.
kids all day, it’s no surprise that Bouie is a dedicated
father of three, ages 14, 12 and 9. Each of his two sons      Noon Working lunch to review work of Child Welfare Program
and one daughter plays several musical instruments and        Manager Felicia Sanders. He consults his palm pilot regularly and calls
sports, and he and his wife, a nurse, don’t like to miss a    it his best friend. Felicia has 17 items she needs to discuss and explains
concert or game. "I’m there for them," he said, "and on       that her staff has been under tremendous pressure the past two years.
days when I can’t be, they understand."                       The average caseload for a DCFS caseworker is 10-12; LCFS child
       He brings his children to the annual LCFS              welfare workers have 15-18 cases on average.
foster care Christmas party in Chicago where he plays
                                                              2:30 p.m. Phone call with LCFS Program Supervisor Deborah Pillers
Santa, distributing gifts to the foster children and
                                                              from Mount Vernon. Did she get the email he sent Sunday night? Yes,
letting them sit on his lap. His 14-year-old daughter,
                                                              and things are getting better. "When is the best time to call you,
Kiah, wants to be the President of the United States.
                                                              Mark?" she asks. He replies, "Before 7 or after 5," when he’s in his car
But she recently told her father, "I want to be a social
                                                              using his cell phone.
worker like you."
       When Kiah asks for his advice, he’ll say, "Don’t       5:30 p.m. He heads home to his wife of 16 years, Sheila, a nurse, and
come into this field looking for rewards. The benefits        their three children in time for dinner and a Little League baseball
come when you least expect it."                               meeting (he was the commissioner last year) or a meeting of the
       "My goal is to work myself out of a job," Mark said,   Human Relations committee for Richton Park that he chairs.
"when there will be no more abuse and neglect of kids."
                                                              9:30 p.m. Spends an hour on his laptop computer responding to the
                                                              62 emails and 32 voice mails he received during the day.

      Our Future

    Vision 2010

        Lutheran Child and Family Services has a vision to        Today
    meet the needs of children and families in the future.
    Like you, our generous friends and supporters, we are
                                                                  ● Increase our public awareness about
    not content to passively stand by and watch while our           this “best-kept secret” ministry
    hopes for the communities we serve are threatened by          ● Annual fund at $850,000, up 14 per-
    diminishing resources and ever-growing needs. The               cent from year prior and 41 percent in
    LCFS Board of Trustees enthusiastically supports the
                                                                    the past two years
    following fund-raising goals for the next five years.
    With these goals comes a plan as well as a hope for a         ● Donor pool at 3,162, a net increase of
    brighter future for all the clients LCFS serves.                916 donors (or 28 percent) from previ-
                                                                    ous year
                                                                  ● Endowment Fund at $3.1 million

                                                                  By 2010
                                                                  ● Increase constituent awareness and
                                                                    market our presence so we can serve
                                                                    more Lutherans and non-Lutherans
                                                                  ● Increase annual fund revenue to
                                                                    $1.5 million
                                                                  ● Increase active donor pool to 7,000
                                                                  ● Increase endowment fund to
                                                                    $10 million

                                             Thank you
                                                             “Thank you for helping us make this vision a
                                                             reality. The future will be here tomorrow, and
                                                             with your help we plan to be ready for it.”
                                                             — Phillip L. Jiménez, LCFS Director of Development

Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois
Consolidated Statement of Activities
for fiscal year ended June 30, 2004                                    Revenue
Revenue                                                                                                                Program fees – 19%
Contributions                                         $1,052,795
     Individuals, firms and foundations     $541,490                                                                        Program grants – 2%
     Legacies & bequests                     310,657
                                                                                                                             Contributions – 5%
     Congregations and church organizations 200,648
Federated Funding                                          385,128                                                          Federated funding – 2%
     United Way organizations                 285,128                                                                       Other – 1%
     Lutheran Church Charities               100,000
Fees and grants from government agencies               14,265,209                                                       Fees and grants from
Program fees                                            3,797,828                                                         government agencies – 71%
Program grants                                            370,785
Resale shop income                                        301,558
Miscellaneous                                               31,054
Revenue from Operations                               20,204,357

                                                                                                 Foster care – 30%
Residential Treatment Centers                           7,229,082
                                                                                                                 Home-based services – 8%
     Lutherbrook Child and Adolescent
        Center/Lutherbrook Academy         6,181,783                                                                   Camp Wartburg – 3%
     Southern Thirty Adolescent Center     1,047,299                                                                    Adoption services – 3%
Foster Care                                            6,045,440                                                         Family counseling – 3%
Home-based Services                                     1,629,293                                                         Community services – 2%
Camp Wartburg                                            689,839
Adoption Services and Pregnancy Counseling                595,303
Family Counseling & Family Life Education                 569,961                                                          Supporting services – 14%
Community Services                                        336,193
     Community-based Wraparound Services       91,513
     Emergency Assistance/Food & Clothing     72,680
     Fathers' Center                          65,697
                                                                                                 Residential treatment centers – 37%
     Hispanic Outreach                         61,815
     Mentoring Program                        44,488
Supporting Services*                                    2,844,861
     Management and general                 2,119,116
     Fundraising/Foundation                  561,952
     Resale shops                            139,625
     Other                                    24,168
Expenses from Operations                              19,939,972

Increase in Net Assets from Operations                      264,385    These financial statements were abstracted from the organization’s June 30, 2004,
                                                                       statements which were audited by Altschuler, Melvoin & Glasser LLP.
Other Changes in Net Assets                                            Because the information does not include all the disclosures required by U.S.
Net investment income                                        402,811   generally accepted accounting principles, it does not purport to present the
                                                                       organization’s financial condition or results of operations.
Additional minimum pension liability credit                 326,658
Increase in Net Assets                                     $993,854    Copies of the audited financial statements are available upon written request to
                                                                       Paul Karl, LCFS Chief Financial Officer, 7620 W. Madison St., River Forest, IL 60305.

*Supporting Services are 14.3 percent of total expenses.
                            Volunteer and Staff Leadership

Board of Trustees                     Edward J. Schoenbaum              LCFS Foundation                   LCFS Corporate
                                        Administrative Law Judge,
Officers                                Illinois Department of          Board of Directors                Officers
Chair                                   Employment Security             Theodore Arey, Chair              Gene L. Svebakken, MSW, ACSW
Anthony T. Stephens                                                     Benjamin Crawford                   President and CEO
   Principal,                         Gene L. Svebakken                 J.R. Davidsmeyer
   Heritage Realty Group                President and CEO,                                                Ann Lading-Ferguson, MSW, MA,
                                                                        Marian Fick                          LCSW, ACSW
                                        Lutheran Child and Family
Vice Chairs                                                             David Hardt                          VP and COO
                                        Services of Illinois
B.J. Chakiris                                                           Dorothy Hildebrandt, Vice Chair
    President, BJ Chakiris Co.        Andrew Tecson                     Phillip Jimenez                   Paul Karl, CPA
                                         Partner,                       Paul Karl                            VP and CFO
J.R. Davidsmeyer                         Chuhak and Tecson, PC          Rev. Dr. F. Dean Lueking          Linda A. Graunke
    Retired,                                                            Donald Lohmann                       Corporate Secretary
    Illinois Road Contractors, Inc.   Phyllis Wallace                   Donald Lohrentz
                                         Network facilitator,           Dorothy Mansholt                  Corporate Directors
William Everson                          Robertson Research Institute   Lorman Mansholt                   Ken Gaul, BA
   Commonwealth Edison                                                  Jesse Matheny, Jr., Secretary        Finance
                                      Hezekiah Webb
                                         Owner, Hezekiah Webb           Ralph Morris
                                                                        Raymond Mueller                   Laurel Hensel, BS
Wayne R. Grote                           Insurance Agency                                                    Marketing and Communications
  Hospital Executive, St.Mary’s                                         Edward Schoenbaum
  Good Samaritan Hospital             Honorary Members                  Valerie Stodden                   Phillip Jimenez, BA
                                      Arlene Avischious                 Gene Svebakken                       Development
Secretary                                 Homemaker and Volunteer       Theodore Yelich
Dorcas Meissner                                                                                           Frances Price, MS
   Homemaker and Volunteer                                                                                   Human Resources
                                      Carolyn Becker
                                         Deaconess                      Camp Wartburg                     Susan Stephens, MSW, LCSW, ACSW
Members                                                                                                      Quality
                                                                        Board of Directors
Rev. Dr. Paul Bacon                   William Lustoff
   Pastor, Bethesda Lutheran             deceased                       Clifford Ascher, Secretary        Regional Vice Presidents
   Church                                Simmonds-Folkening Co.         Kurt Blumenthal
                                                                                                          Robin Hensley, MS
                                                                        Ruth Ann Brinkmann                   Downstate Region
Arthur Bell                           Theodore Yelich                   Gene Dann
    Bell Interiors Plus (BIP)            Retired, Vector Corp.          Gary Fulton                       Edward “Dino” Ivory, BA
                                                                        Paul Galeski                        Chicago Region
Dr. Ruth Ann Brinkmann                District Representatives          Wayne Grote
    Retired professor,                                                                                    Program Directors
                                      Rev. Reuben C. Baerwald           Rebecca Hauk, Vice Chair
    St. Louis Community College
                                         Northern Illinois District     Gary Hemmer, Chair                Mark N. Bouie, MSW
                                                                        Paul Karl                           Child Welfare
Eldor Hadler
                                      Rev. Peter Glock                  John Kotovsky
   Retired,                                                                                               Brenton Diers, AM, LCSW, ACSW
                                         Central Illinois District
   Hadler International, Inc.                                           Earl Lindenberg                      Clinical and Community Services
                                      Rev. Terence R. Groth             Robert W. Negwer
Janet Johnson                                                           Wayne Price                       La Nell S. Hill, MSW, ACSW
                                         Southern Illinois District                                          Adoption
   Attorney at Law,                                                     Gary Spieler
   Schiff Hardin & Waite
                                      Rev. Robert Burke                 Gene L. Svebakken                 Craig Hjorth, PhD
                                         English District               Craig Thorburg, Treasurer            Executive Director of
Iris Lemmer
                                                                        Hezekiah Webb                        Lutherbrook Child and
                                                                        John Mohl, Executive Director        Adolescent Center
     Organization Development
     Initiatives, Kraft Foods                                                                             Linda Reiss, MS
                                                                                                             Director of Southern Thirty
Ralph Morris                                                                                                 Adolescent Center
   Attorney at Law,
   Schiff Hardin & Waite                                                                                  David J. Roth, AM
                                                                                                             Public Policy and Community

LCFS Auxiliary
Loretta Platter, President
                                   Honor Roll of Donors                                                           Shepherd’s
                                   The following lists reflect gifts made during Fiscal Year 2004
Elaine Ostrick, Vice President
                                   (July 1, 2003 – June 30, 2004)                                                 Society
Phyllis Breese, Membership Chair                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Cosimo F. Aiello
                                   President’s Club                          Mr. Phillip L. Jimenez
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Johnson
                                                                                                                  Mrs. Lois S. Anderman
Loraine Rehmus, Secretary
                                   Vanguards                                 Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Karl
                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Arey
                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G.
Helen Gabrielson, Treasurer        $10,000 or more                           Mr. and Mrs. David E. Kleiner
                                                                             Mrs. Lora M. Klemm
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Jay Christopher                                                   Mrs. Hilma E. Boesenberg
Monika Nash, Agency                                                          Ms. Barbara L. Knapp
                                   Mrs. Sue Ebert                                                                 Miss Ruth L. Born
  Representative                                                             Mrs. Evelyn J. Krallmann
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schwake                                                    Ms. Barbara A. Bowman
                                                                             Dr. Marlyn Lawrentz
                                                                                                                  Mrs. Ruth Busse
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Lich
                                                                                                                  Ms. Doris A. Cowman
Lutherbrook Guild                  President’s Club                          Mr. and Mrs. Earl G. Lindenberg
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lohmann
                                                                                                                  Mr. J. R. Davidsmeyer
Linda Hjorth, President            Witnesses                                 Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Lohrentz
                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Dehning
                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Fick
                                   $5,000 to $9.999                          Miss Elsie Lubbering
                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fikeys
Dolores Schlesselman, Vice                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Lorman Mansholt
                                   Anonymous                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Hass
   President                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Miller
                                   Ms. Mary Bretscher                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hildebrandt
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Milroy
                                   Mr. J. R. Davidsmeyer                                                          Miss Concordia Hoffmann
Joanne Hass, Recording Secretary                                             Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Morris
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Fick                                                    Mrs. Carmen Kaesmeyer
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Mueller
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Jesse E. Matheny, Jr.                                             Ms. Barbara Karg
Lorraine Baermann, Corresponding                                             Mr. and Mrs. David Roth
                                                                                                                  Mrs. Lora M. Klemm
   Secretary                                                                 Mr. John A. Sandmeier
                                                                                                                  Ms. Barbara L. Knapp
Karen Pedersen, Treasurer
                                   President’s Club                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert H.
                                                                                                                  Dr. Marlyn Lawrentz
                                   Sustainers                                Mr. and Mrs. Edward J.
                                                                                                                  Rev. and Mrs. Bruce Meissner
                                                                                                                  Mrs. Charlotte Mojden
Dolores Nielsen, Publicity Chair   $1,000 to $4,999                              Schoenbaum
                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Mueller
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Strullmyer
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Arey                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert H.
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Gene L. Svebakken
                                   Julie and Lamont Barrientos                                                        Schlesselman
                                                                             Mr. Andrew P. Tecson and
                                   Mr. Douglas E. Beck                                                            Mr. and Mrs. John R. Stodden
                                                                                 Ms. Nancy Hagen
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Blackney                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Gene L. Svebakken
                                                                             Mrs. Marian V. Tiedt
                                   Dr. Ruth Ann Brinkmann                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Taubert
                                                                             Dr. James M. Velayas and
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Buss                                                       Dr. James M. Velayas and
Dolores Schlesselman and                                                         Mrs. Janice L. Velayas
                                   Mr. Joseph D. Cain                                                                 Mrs. Janice L. Velayas
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Donald Voth
Joann Hass are officers of the     Mr. and Mrs. John W. Chaveriat                                                 Mrs. Vera W. Weisbach
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Wallace
Lutherbrook Guild , which          Ms. Julie Christopher                     Mr. and Mrs. Paul O. Wendling
supports the work of               Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin A.                  Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Wiesemann
                                       Crawford                                                                   The Shepherd Society is a group
Lutherbrook Child and                                                        Mr. and Mrs. James P. Zeller
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Cross                                                    of donors who have a heart for the
Adolescent Center in Addison.      Mr. Brenton Diers                                                              mission of LCFS and through their
                                   Ms. Verna J. Ehlers                                                            planned giving want to ensure that
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Emry                                                    the agency will continue its ministry
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Epstein                                                    long into the future.
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Ferguson
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Rob W. Fick                                                       If you have included a gift to LCFS
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Fromm, Jr.                                               in your estate plans or other charita-
                                   Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Gates, Jr.                                                  ble gift vehicles, please let us know
                                   Mrs. Camille Genewich and                                                      so that we may include your name
                                       Mr. David Genewich                                                         on this list. Please contact Phillip
                                   Mr. and Mrs. James P. Grusecki                                                 L. Jimenez, LCFS Director of
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Eldor R. Hadler                                                   Development, at 708/488-5555 or
                                   Mr. and Mrs. David A. Hardt                                          
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hildebrandt
                                   Rev. and Mrs. Fred Hill

                                   Thank you for your financial support during the 2004 fiscal year (July 1, 2003 – June 30, 2004).              11
                           Honor Roll of Donors

President’s Club                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert T.                 Mr. and Mrs. Bradley L. Grcevic

                                         Schwarzkopf, Jr.
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Anthony T. Stephens
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Greiman
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Bo Gresham
$500 to $999                          Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Stille         Mr. and Mrs. John Greusel                 Legacies &
                                      Mr. and Mrs. John R. Stodden           Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Gumz
Mr. Chuck Ayres                       Mrs. Elizabeth J. Tank                 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Hanson             Trusts
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Paul E. Bacon       Mr. and Mrs. Donald N. Voight          Ms. Sharon A. Hartman                     Esther R. Albert
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bauer          Mr. and Mrs. Dean Wallen               Mr. Robert Henk                           Jo Ann Aufdenkamp
Rev. Donald Becker and                Mr. and Mrs. Len Walter                Mr. and Mrs. David P. Holzgraefe          Arthur and Armilda Day
    Mrs. Carolyn Becker               Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Zitlow          Ms. Leni Howard                           Virginia Hulsen
Miss Ruth L. Born                     Mr. and Mrs. David E. Zyer             Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Huber             Laura Kersten
Ms. Barbara A. Bowman                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Kaji                Dorothy F. Koch
Ms. Ruth E. Bruch                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Theodore E. Kaliebe          Ella B. Pelz
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Chakiris             Caregivers                             Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Kleine               Arthur Pries
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Cribbs                                               Mr. Anthony J. Kostiuk                    Laura G. Roeck
                                      $250 to $499
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Crouch                                               Ms. Janice H. Kramer                      Vernon H. Stopp
Mrs. Shirley Dieringer                Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Aberson
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Leone             Mildred Vatthauer
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Eberhardt      Mr. and Mrs. Gary Achepohl
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Long               Lucille Vatthauer
Mr. Ryan Eckhardt                     Mr. and Mrs. Gerhard W. Ahrens
                                                                             Mr. Wilbert Luepke
Mr. and Mrs. Donal E. Etter           Mr. and Mrs. Cosimo F. Aiello
                                                                             Mrs. Ruth K. Mank
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Everson       Mr. and Mrs. Eric D. Anderson
Mr. Jay S. Geller and Ms.             Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Balgeman
                                                                             Ms. Nancy T. Marten and
                                                                                 Mr. Kyle Lemke
    Catherine E. Breen                Mr. and Mrs. Martin W.                                                         $100 to $249
                                                                             Mr. Kenneth F. Marting
Mr. and Mrs. William Georgeson           Baumgaertner
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Marwitz             Anonymous
Mr. and Mrs. William C. George        Mr. and Mrs. Harold K. Bendicsen
                                                                             Ms. Diane L. McCartan                   Mr. and Mrs. David G. Adamson
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Grote           Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bergmann
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Donald D.                  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Ade
Mr. and Mrs. Owen H. Guthrie          Mr. Scott Bohbrink
                                                                                 McDonald                            Mrs. M. Ann Aleccia
Mr. Noel W. Hansmann                  Ms. Mary Borchardt
                                                                             Rev. and Mrs. Bruce Meissner            Mr. Carroll Alexande
Mr. Bruce A. Hasher                   Mrs. Susan E. Bowman
                                                                             Mrs. Alma W. Meseke                     Mr. Daniel Alles
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Hass          Mrs. Trenna K. Brauer
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Michaels        Mr. and Mrs. H. Tim Allwardt
Mr. and Mrs. Robin Hensley            Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brinkmann
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. David Milling              Mr. and Mrs. Gerardo Alvarado
Mr. Ralph L. Heumann and              Mr. and Mrs. John M. Browning
                                                                             Mr. Mike Minson                         Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Amschler
    Ms. Virginia M. Bresser           Mr. and Mrs. Leo N. Brown, Jr.
                                                                             Mr. Mark L. Moehring                    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Himes            Rev. and Mrs. H. David Brummer
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Myers              Dr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Anderson
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hoeltgen       Mr. and Mrs. David M. Buth
                                                                             Ms. Kathy Piper                         Mr. and Mrs. David W. Arey
Mr. Robert J. Hoffmann                Mr. and Mrs. John H. Carson
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Pope            Mr. and Mrs. Marc T. Ashbrook
Mr. Tim Ippel                         Mr. and Mrs. James W. Carter, Jr.
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Armin W. Puscheck          Mrs. LaVerne Auler
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ivory             Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Claussen
                                                                             Ms. Martha Rohlfing                     Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Aupperle
Ms. Beth Janssen                      Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Connaway
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Rommelman          Rev. and Mrs. Reuben C. Baerwald
Mr. Terry Klotz                       Ms. Pamela Crowell
                                                                             Ms. Heidi Ruehle-May and                Mr. Richard D. Barrett
Mr. Wayne S. Kottka                   Mr. and Mrs. John Davik
                                                                                 Mr. Paul May                        Mrs. Iris M. Batchelor
Ms. Mary Krallmann                    Ms. Stephanie Dingman and
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W. Schawk         Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Becker
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Krieser             Mr. Brent Davis
                                                                             Mrs. Irene L. Seim                      Mrs. Clara E. Becker
Rev. and Mrs. Walter A. Ledogar       Mr. Albert Domke
                                                                             Ms. Dolores E. Stange                   Mr. and Mrs. William R. Becker
Mrs. Elvera D. Molscen                Mr. Kenneth A. Domroese
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Steinhaus, Sr.   Mr. and Mrs. William J. Becker
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Mundt         Mrs. Josephine L. Draginis
                                                                             Susan and Larry Stephens                Ms. Judith K. Beisser
Mr. and Mrs. C. Wayne Nafzger         Mr. George L. Dressel III
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Trattner        Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Bertels
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Nagel          Mr. Dustin Eckhardt
                                                                             Mr. Paul Vinopal and                    Mrs. Sally Besinger
Ms. Sarah M. Nickel-Myers             Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Ehrlich
                                                                                 Ms. Patricia Ginnis                 Mrs. Margaret C. Bielenberg
Dr. Laura Orvidas                     Rev. and Mrs. James D. Fackler
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. James Vura, Jr.            Mr. Thomas Bierbrodt and
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Ott           Mr. and Mrs. Hubert E. Fischer
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wahls                   Mr. Daniel R. Gawat
Mrs. Agnes Penland                    Mr. and Mrs. Alex Frantzis
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Hezekiah Webb              Dr. and Mrs. Richard Bimler
Mrs. Corrine W. Rommel                Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Gambaiana
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. White, Jr.       Ms. Kay E. Birnbaum
Ms. Esther Schmidt                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard George, Jr.
                                                                             Ms. Carol Wilkins                       Mr. and Mrs. Victor F. Bittner
Kelley and Paul Schueler              Mr. and Mrs. Merle H. Glick
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Wille            Mrs. Barbara A. Black
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Tim A. Glogowski
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. George Winkelman           Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Blackwell
                                      Mr. Kenneth Gneuhs
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Kent A. Worrell            Ms. Barbara K. Blessman
Beginning in fiscal year 2005,        Ms. Deborah A. Goldberg and
                                                                             Dr. and Mrs. R. Allan Zimmer            Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Boeckelman
President’s Club membership will         Mr. Donald A. Nordmeyer
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Grant                                                    Mr. Elmore Boeger
start at the Sustainers level.

12               Thank you for your financial support during the 2004 fiscal year (July 1, 2003 – June 30, 2004).
                                                                Provide mercy, seek justice
                                                                     “As a faith-based organization, our overriding goal
                                                                is to provide mercy and seek justice. Our role is to serve
                                                                our clients. To do that, we have an equally pressing
                                                                responsibility to promote justice. It’s not even
                                                                something we have a choice about. It’s integral to
                                                                our job. If we abdicate that responsibility, we erode
                                                                the strength of our organization.”
                                                                — Gene Svebakken, LCFS President and CEO, in an
                                                                interview with Alliance for Children and Families

                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Dixon            Ms. Christine M. Gaylord
                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Dudich            Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Geringer
                                                                        Mrs. Bernice Duehr                       Mr. and Mrs. David J. Gessner
                                                                        Ms. and Mr. Donna R.                     Mr. Sal Giovini
                                                                            Ebersold-Fletcher                    Mr. and Mrs. Erich G. Gloff
                                                                        Rev. and Mrs. Leroy Eckert               Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L.
                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Roy T. Edgerton                 Goldsworthy
                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Fack              Mr. Thomas Goshorn
                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Fahrenkrog          Mrs. Louise A. Grabowski
                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Fasel             Mrs. Edna H. Grass
                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. John C. Fawcett             Mr. Daniel L. Greiwe
                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Fellendorf, Jr.   Rev. and Mrs. Thomas M. Grevlos
                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Jerry K. Fellows            Mr. and Mrs. Gordon J. Grimm
                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. Fike               Dr. and Mrs. John E. Groh
                                                                        Mr. Carlton Fisher and                   Ms. Louise R. Grund
                                                                            Dr. Linda Fisher                     Mr. and Mrs. Joe S. Grunstad III
                                                                        Rev. and Mrs. Robert L. Fitzpatrick      Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Haak
                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. A. Gary Flagler             Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Haeger
                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Arne Flolo                  Ms. Betty L. Haffner
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis W. Boehne     Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Cassin        Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Forberg          Mr. Gary K. Haman
Miss Ardella Boettcher            Ms. Helen Charcut                     Mr. and Mrs. John R. Fox                 Mr. Keith Hamann
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Bosco      Mr. and Mrs. E. Todd Collins II       Mr. and Mrs. Marty Franklin              Rev. and Mrs. E. H. Happel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boyd          Rev. and Mrs. Robert H. Collins       Mr. Steve Frank and                      Mr. Kenneth J. Hardebeck
Ms. Beverly A. Branning           Mr. and Mrs. Robert Costa                 Ms. Heather Genck-Frank              Mr. Peter D. Hardt
Mrs. Judy Braun                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Creutz        Mr. and Mrs. James P. Frego              Ms. Joyce Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brewer          Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Cronin             Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Frey             Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Hartley
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brinkmann     Mrs. M. Kathryn Cunningham            Mr. Henry Friedrichs                     Mr. and Mrs. Glen R. Hass
Mr. and Mrs. Alton M. Broten      Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Danzer            Mr. and Mrs. Edgar C. Fritz              Mr. and Mrs. Marten C.
Mrs. Marie E. Bruhn               Mr. Charles W. Davis                  Ms. Anne C. Frohlich                         Hausermann
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Bruni     Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Dehning        Mr. and Mrs. Harvey E. Fuchs             Ms. Christine B. Hayward
Mr. Allen Bryan                   Mr. and Mrs. Frank Delle Grazie       Rev. and Mrs. Gilbert Furst              Dr. and Mrs. George C. Heider
Mrs. Mary A. Buchanan             Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. DeRenzy        Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Gallman           Ms. Ruth P. Heidorn
Ms. Dianne Buettner               Mr. and Mrs. Richard F.               Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gallo                Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Heimerle
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W.              Devermann                          Mr. and Mrs. Emil Gammel                 Ms. Alberta L. Heinike
   Butterfield                    Mrs. Carol Dhuse                      Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gannaway            Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Heintzen
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cannon          Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Dierks         Mr. and Mrs. Leo F. Garrison III         Mr. and Mrs. David A. Helms
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Carlson    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Diers          Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gartner               Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Henley
Mrs. Julia Carpenter              Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Diersen        Mr. and Mrs. James R. Gaskill            Mr. and Mrs. Lyle D. Henry
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Cashman      Ms. Casey Diment                      Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gaul                Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Heye

                                 Thank you for your financial support during the 2004 fiscal year (July 1, 2003 – June 30, 2004).            13
                           Honor Roll of Donors

Ms. Susan L. Hickman                  Mr. and Mrs. Clifford L. Leimbach               From a client at the East St. Louis Fathers’ Center,
Ms. Marietta Hinton                   Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Lemberg
Mr. and Mrs. Morris C. Hintt          Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Lemke
                                                                                      a ministry of Lutheran Child and Family Services:
Mrs. Lois K. Hoelter                  Mr. and Mrs. James Lemmer                            “When I first came to East St. Louis Fathers’ Center, I was
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Hoeltgen       Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lenning
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Hoffman        Mr. and Mrs. Randy J. Lentz                     so confused in my life. I just didn’t know which way to turn.
Ms. Sally Hoffman                     Mrs. Patsy G. Lenz                              Rev. Barnes and Mr. Vanderford jumped right in and started
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Holke           Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Leo
Mr. Edward J. Holzhauer               Ms. Jane McGivern Levine                        showing me where I had made some wrong turns and bad
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D.                Mr. and Mrs. Chester A.                         choices in my life.
    Husemoller                            Lewandowski
Mr. A. Dale Huston                    Mr. and Mrs. Willis E. Lindeman                      “With the understanding I have received here, I have made
The Honorable Henry J. Hyde           Rev. and Mrs. Carl E. Linder                    a 360-degree turn in the right direction. Instead of waking up in
Mr. and Mrs. Julius R. Isaac, Jr.     Mr. and Mrs. John R. Littwin
Ms. Evelyn L. Jacobs                  Mr. and Mrs. John S. Lizzadro                   the morning with sorrow, I can finally feel the joy of life. I can
Mr. Craig L. Jannusch                 Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Lochner                    finally have satisfaction with my life. I interact more with my
Mr. and Mrs. Roy F. Janson            Ms. Janet Ann Loesch and
Mrs. Elaine S. Jarrard                    Ms. Jody Lucey                              children and am willing to better support my children who are
Mrs. Myrtle A. Jepsen                 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Lopez                    not residing with me and my current wife. I feel better about
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Jones          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Lucey
Mrs. Clara L. Jording                 Mr. Chris Lueking
                                                                                      circumstances and am not bitter with their mothers. It seems
Mr. Eric P. Justin and                Rev. Dr. and Mrs. F. Dean Lueking               the better I feel, the better everyone else feels.
    Ms. Debra Lueck-Justin            Mr. and Mrs. Marlin W. Maas
Dr. and Mrs. George Kalbfleisch       Mrs. Henrietta Mackey                                 “I just want to say, Thank You, Lord, for leading my wife,
Ms. Barbara Karg                      Mr. Lance R. Mallon                             son and me to the Fathers’ Center and being able to receive my
Ms. Julia Q. Karmeier                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mangan
Mr. Thomas Kay                        Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Martin                    life back through the training and counseling we were able to
Ms. Vicki Kelley                      Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Mazanek                    obtain. Thank you Rev. Barnes and Mr. Vanderford. Thanks for
Mr. Earl Kelm                         Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mazzone
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Keup               Mr. and Mrs. George Meseke
                                                                                      the Fathers’ Center.”
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Kiel            Mr. and Mrs. Alvin D. Mesenbrink
Mr. and Mrs. Ahmed Kishta             Mr. Kevin Messer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Klco           Mr. Dennis L. Meyer and
Ms. Linda J. Kleim                        Mrs. Bonnie O. Meyer
Mr. Steven Kleiner                    Mr. Melvin H. Meyer                    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Pack              Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Reddersdorf
Dr. Fred D. Klug                      Ms. Gretchen L. Miles                  Mr. Herman W. Pahlmann                 Mr. Gary W. Reinbold
Mr. Mark G. Knoblauch                 Mr. and Mrs. Brian Miller              Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Patten          Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Renken
Mr. and Mrs. Don Kobetsky             Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Miller         Ms. Carol Pause                        Mr. and Mrs. Richard Repp
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Koebernick          Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy E. Moderow          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pavelec            Mr. R. Thomas Richardson and
Mrs. Muriel F. Koester                Mr. Michael Mooney and                 Dr. and Mrs. Terrence L. Pencek            Ms. Barbara A. Eychaner
Mr. A. P. Komrofske                       Ms. Denise Rode                    Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Penick             Mr. Brian E. Richter
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kramer            Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Moorman            Mr. and Mrs. Frank Petralito           Ms. Pauline Richter
Rev. E. George Krause                 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M.                Ms. Doreen J. Phillips                 Mrs. Susanne Richter
Rev. and Mrs. Richard L. Krenzke          Morrison                           Mr. and Mrs. James E. Pitrak           Mrs. Joanne Rick
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Kropke        Dr. Del and Dorleen Mueller            Ms. Betty L. Pohlman                   Ms. Cathy Ridlon
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Krout          Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Mueller          Mrs. Norma J. Pollock                  Mrs. Evelyn S. Rissman
Ms. Dolores Kruse                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Mueller         Mr. Robert Pomrenke                    Ms. Allison J. Ritt
Mr. and Mrs. Roy H. Kruse             Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred A. Mueller        Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Pontious        Mr. and Mrs. Glenn K. Rittmueller
Mr. and Mrs. Tod A. Kruse             Mr. Carl Muhlenbruch                   Mrs. Laura Lou Prange                  Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts
Mr. John Kudirka                      Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Mulvihill       Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Prange          Mr. and Mrs. John R. Rodenburg,
Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Laabs         Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Munguia            Mr. Pasquale Presta and                    Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Lange           Mr. and Mrs. Irvin E. Nathlich             Mrs. Franca Presta                 Mr. Harlan Roegge
Mr. Robert C. Lange                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Nevin           Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Proksch              Mrs. Susan Rosborough
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Larsen        Ms. Ilse Niedballa and                 Mr. James F. Puscheck                  Mrs. Lenore A. Roschke
Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Latzke              Ms. Edith Niedballa                Mrs. Evelyn F. Racek                   Miss Lois M. Roschke
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Lauber           Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Novak          Fred and Carol Rakowsky                Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Roth
Mrs. Laurie L. Lawton                 Ms. Jodell C. Nowicki                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Ramsaier        Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Roth
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lazarus          Mr. and Mrs. Laurence R. Olds          Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Rauch            Ms. Leola Ruehrup
Mrs. Anne M. Leahy                    Mr. and Mrs. George L. Ott             Ms. Anita M. Rauh                      Dr. and Mrs. Sean Ruland

14               Thank you for your financial support during the 2004 fiscal year (July 1, 2003 – June 30, 2004).
                                                                           Mr. Theodore Traugott
                                                                           Mrs. Doris Trimble
                                                                                                                  Businesses and
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Charles O. Troester       Foundations
                                                                           Mr. John D. Ulm                        Donated $100 and above
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Ulvestad
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Uslabar             A.B.T. Heating & Air Conditioning,
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Uteg                Inc., Bloomingdale
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Van Hoveln         A-1 Air Compressor Corp., Addison
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Richard Van Swol          After Five Musical Enterprises,
                                                                           Dr. and Mrs. Rodney H. VanSandt            Oak Park
                                                                           Dr. and Mrs. Ernst J. Veller           Ahlbeck & Company, Des Plaines
                                                                           Mr. Lawrence Venzera                   The Airoom Foundation,
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Vincent             Lincolnwood
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Emil N. Vojtek            Altria Group, Inc., Princeton, NJ
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. William J. Vollmer        American Express Tax & Business
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. George Wagner                 IDS, Chicago
                                                                           Rev. and Mrs. David Walker             Amerigroup Charitable
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Wallgren            Foundation, Virginia Beach, VA
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. James R. Wall, Jr.        Amerigroup Corporation,
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Ward                Virginia Beach, VA
                                                                           Mrs. Elizabeth M. Warfel               Amperage Electrical Supply,
                                                                           Mrs. Maridan Warmann                       Roselle
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wassmann          Anheuser-Busch Cos., Inc.,
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Waterman            St. Louis, MO
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. James B. Watson           Anonymous Corporation
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Jon D. Weerts             Asphalt Stone Co., Jacksonville
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Lance N. Weesner          Bank of Calhoun County, Hardin
                                                                           Mrs. Alma Weigand                      Bank of Kampsville, Kampsville
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Virgil O. Wendt           Bank One, Chicago
                                                                           Dr. and Mrs. Walter W. Whisler         Bank One, Springfield
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilhelm           Baxter International, Inc, Deerfield
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Corwin C. Will            Charles F. and Lorraine L. Beck
                                                                           Mr. Mark E. Wilson                         Foundation, Arlington Heights
                                                                           Ms. Carolyn E. Winter                  Bel-Tronics Corporation, Addison
Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Rundio, Jr.    Mr. and Mrs. Roy St. Pierre           Ms. Gretchen A. Winter and             Ray Black & Sons, Mount Vernon
Mr. and Mrs. John Sacksteder         Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Staehlin           Mr. James Brown                    Boesdorfer Trucking Inc.,
Ms. Aida Saldana                     Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Staehlin       Mr. John D. Winters                        Pleasant Plains
Ms. Renee Sang                       Mrs. Dolores Stahlecker               Mr. John P. Wirick, Jr.                Brandt Consolidated, Inc.,
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Sardina      Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Starck        Mr. Harold Wittke                          Pleasant Plains
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Schlak       Mr. and Mrs. James E. Stepuncik       Mr. and Mrs. Delbert W. Wolf           Thomas M. Breen, Attorney at Law,
Mr. and Mrs. David A.                Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stimson           Mr. Albert W. Wolff                        Addison
   Schlesselman                      Ms. Audrey E. Stoltz                  Mr. Robert Wolff                       Brennan & Clark, Ltd., Villa Park
Ms. Elaine L. Schmitt                Mr. and Mrs. Leonard E. Storm         Mr. Edward Zaloudek                    Brewer Communications, Oak Park
Mrs. Monica C. Schneider             Mr. and Mrs. Chris Strong             Mr. David Zielke                       Brookwood Builders, Inc.,
Mr. and Mrs. Rollan Schnitker        Mr. William Strutz                    Mr. James Zoellick                         Broadview
Mrs. Lorraine Schoenbeck             Dr. and Mrs. Charles O. Sudhoff       Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Zoellick       Business Machine Agents, Inc.,
Ms. Patricia A. Schrenk              Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Swiston           Ms. Sonia Zook                             Burr Ridge
Mrs. Jean C. Schultz                 Ms. Noelle Tallungan                  Mr. and Mrs. Melvin B. Zuehlke         Byrd-Watson So. 9th Drug Co.,
Mr. Otto Schwefel                    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Taylor                                                    Mount Vernon
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schweihs         Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Tellefsen III                                             Caputo's New Farm Produce,
Mr. and Mrs. LaVerne E. Selk, Jr.    Rev. and Mrs. Thomas H. Tews                                                     Addison
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde A. Shearier       Mr. and Mrs. John J. Thiel                                                   Center for Human Reflection, Ltd.,
Mr. and Mrs. William Sievers         Mr. George F. Thies, Jr.                                                         Bloomingdale
Mr. Robert Sites                     Mrs. Evelyn M. Thomas                                                        Central Illinois Security, Inc.,
Ms. Madonna C. Sloan                 Mr. Marvin W. Toepper                                                            Springfield
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Smith, Jr.    Mr. Paul M. Tomell                                                           BJ Chakiris Corporation, Chicago
Mrs. Heidi Smits                     Mr. and Mrs. Elden W. Torbeck                                                Chaveriat Foundation, Lake Forest
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Spear         Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Torisky                                               Chicago Bulls, Chicago
Ms. Kathleen D. Sproat               Mr. Daren A. Townsend                                                        Cimco Communications,
                                                                                                                      Oakbrook Terrace

                                    Thank you for your financial support during the 2004 fiscal year (July 1, 2003 – June 30, 2004).             15
                           Honor Roll of Donors

Cliffe Printing Company, Maywood      Just Laserplates, Inc., Palatine            A letter about two sisters placed in LCFS care
Christine M. Conway Ltd.,             K & M Printing Company, Inc.,
     Chicago                               Schaumburg
                                                                                  written by a relative of the foster parents:
Corkill Insurance Agency, Inc.,       K.L. Electric Co., Inc., Addison
     Mt Prospect                      Kerber, Eck & Braeckel,
                                                                                      “I just wanted to inform the agency that I have seen a
Delta-T Group Illinois, Inc.,              Springfield                            wonderful transition in the girls from when they were first
     Oak Brook                        Kitchen Supply Company,
Demark, Inc., Joliet                       Forest Park                            placed four months ago until now. Each time we have
Diamond Marketing Solutions,          Kraft Foods, Addison
     Bloomingdale                     Landes Trucking, Inc., Jacksonville
                                                                                  been around them, we can see how the older girl has come
Durable Textile Company,              Sheldon L. & Pearl R. Leibowitz             from a timid little girl to a happy, well-adjusted 2 1/2 year
     Bensenville                           Foundation, Northbrook
Eck, Schafer & Punke, LLP,            John & Anne Lichner Foundation,             old. Her baby sister has flourished from a very tiny baby to
     Springfield                           Palatine
Electrical Contractors' Association   Lutheran Mutual Fire Insurance
                                                                                  a small four month old, but she is very aware and strong.
     of the City of Chicago,               Co., Oak Park
     Westchester                      Mallon Law Firm, Ltd., Wood
                                                                                      “It is evident that the love and guidance provided to
Elmhurst Memorial Hospital,                River                                  both these girls is truly being revealed.”
     Elmhurst                         Maloney Transport, Ltd., Addison
Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Lombard        McConachie Insurance Agency,
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation,          Inc., Park Ridge
     St. Louis, MO                    Merrill Lynch, Springfield
Euclid Insurance Agencies, Inc,       Messina Construction Inc.,
     Elmhurst                              Bloomingdale
Fannie Mae Foundation, Stuart, FL     Metropolitan Insurance Service         Sam's Club, Addison                    Tolle Road Customs, Inc.,
Federated Funeral Directors of             Consultants, Inc., Chicago        Clarence W. and Marilyn G.                 Mount Vernon
     America, Springfield             Mike's Furniture and Appliances,           Schawk Family Foundation,          United Parcel Service, Roswell, GA
First Bank, Springfield                    Chicago                               Des Plaines                        Rodney H. VanSandt, DDS,
Forest Park National Bank & Trust     J.P. Morgan Private Client Services,   Schumann Financial Investment              Springfield
     Co., Forest Park                      Chicago                               Services, Wheaton                  Walgreen Co/IL, Deerfield
The Four L's Inc, Edwardsville        Moss & Bloomberg, Ltd.,                G.R. Sinagra Corp., Addison            Walstra & Associates, Carol Stream
Friends of Peace, Belleville               Bolingbrook                       Sommars & Bertsch, LLC,                Warehouse Direct, Mt Prospect
Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc.,     Mueller Painting & Decorating,             St. Louis, MO                      E.F. Wielt Plumbing, Inc.,
     Itasca                                Chester                           Sorling, Northrup, Hanna, Cullen           Mount Vernon
Arthur J. Gallagher Risk              Mutual of America Westchester,             and Cochran, Ltd., Springfield     Whitted & Cleary LLC,
     Management Services, Inc.,            Westchester                       State Farm Insurance,                      Northbrook
     Itasca                           Nagel & Associates, Des Plaines            Mount Vernon                       Wood Dale Electrical Construction
Glens Painting and Decorating,        NAI Hiffman, Oakbrook Terrace          Streamwood Behavioral Health               Inc., Roselle
     Lagrange Highlands               National City Bank, Bloomington            Center, Streamwood                 Woodlawn Engineering Co., Inc.,
Graber Concrete Pipe Co.,             New Light Resource Group,              Strong Landscaping Inc.,                   Addison
     Bloomingdale                          Naperville                            Glen Ellyn                         Y.S.P., Inc., Addison
Greco & Sons Inc., Carol Stream       Nordstrom, Inc., Oak Brook             Suburban Bank & Trust Company,         The Zucaro Family Foundation,
Hardt Electric, Inc., Chicago         One Stop Flooring, Mount Vernon            Elmhurst                               Inc., Barrington
Harris Bank, Roselle                  Overgaard & Davis, Chicago             Sunrise Electric Supply, Addison
Heartland Business Systems,           Oxford Bank and Trust, Addison         Thompson Roofing, Elgin
     Downers Grove                    Pelagio & Sons Inc., Saint Charles     Thrivent Financial for Lutherans,
Historic Homes Realty, Oak Park       Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc.,                 Appleton, WI
HMG Engineering Consultants,               Carlinville                       Thrivent Financial For Lutherans,
     Carlyle                          Presta Construction, Inc.,                 Downers Grove
Hughey Funeral Home,                       Bloomingdale                      Thrivent Financial for Lutherans,
     Mount Vernon                     The PrivateBank and Trust Co,              Minneapolis, MN
Huston Farm North, Springfield             Chicago                           Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Illinois National Bank, Springfield   Quality Fabricators, Inc., Addison         RFO #332, Normal
Integra Bank Corporation,             L.W. Reedy Realty, Elmhurst            Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
     Mount Vernon                     Richards Graphic                           Foundation, Appleton, WI
Interact Business Products LLC,            Communications, Inc.,             Timshel Construction Co.,
     Wood Dale                             Bellwood                              Oak Park
Jet Brite Car Wash, Inc., Addison     Rosebud Construction, Inc.,            TMF Construction, Springfield

16               Thank you for your financial support during the 2004 fiscal year (July 1, 2003 – June 30, 2004).
Congregations and                              Messiah Lutheran Church, Chicago
                                               Messiah Lutheran Sunday School, Chicago
                                                                                                 St. Paul Lutheran Church, Hamel
                                                                                                 St. Paul Lutheran Church, Manito
Church Organizations                           Messiah Lutheran Church, Elmhurst                 St. Paul Lutheran Church, Matteson
Donated $100 and above                         North St. Clair County Chapter of Thrivent,       St. Paul Lutheran Church, Oak Lawn
                                                   O Fallon                                      St. Paul Lutheran Church, Shobonier
                                               Northeast DuPage County Chapter of Thrivent,      St. Paul Lutheran Ladies Aid, Shobonier
Adams County Chapter of Thrivent, Quincy           Glendale Heights                              St. Paul Ev. Lutheran Church, Steeleville
Atonement Lutheran Church, Springfield         Our Savior Lutheran Church, Joliet                St. Paul Lutheran Church, Strasburg
Auxiliary of LCFS, Hanover Park                Our Savior Lutheran Church, Momence               St. Paul Lutheran Church, Thornton
Bethany Lutheran Church, Rice Lake, WI         Our Savior Lutheran School, Springfield           St. Paul Lutheran Church Sunday School, Troy
Bethany Lutheran Church Women, Rice Lake, WI   Peace Lutheran Church, Lombard                    St. Paul Lutheran Ladies Aid, Havana
Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Altamont            Peace Lutheran Women's Guild, Plainfield          St. Peter Ladies Aid, Hampshire
Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Carlyle             Prince of Peace Lutheran, Mount Vernon            St. Peter Lutheran Church, Arlington Heights
Bethlehem Lutheran Church, West Dundee         Randolph County Chapter of Thrivent,              St. Peter Lutheran Church, Dorsey
Calvary Lutheran Church, Elgin                     Steeleville                                   St. Peter Lutheran Church, Emden
Calvary Lutheran Church, Wood Dale             Redeemer Lutheran Church, Elmhurst                St. Peter Lutheran Church, Pingree Grove
Central DuPage County Chapter of Thrivent,     Redeemer Sunday School, Elmhurst                  St. Philip Lydia Guild, Chicago
    Glen Ellyn                                 Southeast DuPage Co Chapter of Thrivent,          St. Salvator Lutheran Church, Venedy
Central IL District LWML, Decatur                  Westmont                                      Sts. Peter & Paul Evangelical Lutheran, Riverside
Christ Dorcas Ladies Aid, Oak Park             Southeast Ill Chapter of Thrivent,                Trinity Lutheran Church, Auburn
Christ Lutheran Church, Melrose Park               Mount Vernon                                  Trinity Lutheran Church, Edwardsville
Christ Lutheran Church, Normal                 St. Andrews Youth Group, Park Ridge               Trinity Dorcas Society, Edwardsville
Church of the Good Shepherd, Clayton           St. James Lutheran Church, Quincy                 Trinity Lutheran Church, Herscher
Concordia Ladies Aid, Granite City             St. James Afternoon LWML, Quincy                  Trinity Lutheran Church, Hoffman
Emmaus Lutheran Church, Dorsey                 St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church, Vandalia   Trinity Lutheran Church, Hoyleton
Faith Lutheran Church, Arlington Heights       St. John Lutheran Church, Bath                    Trinity Lutheran Church, Iuka
Faith Lutheran Church, Carpentersville         St. John Lutheran Church, Champaign               Trinity Lutheran Church, Nashville
First Immanuel Lutheran Church, Chicago        St. John Lutheran Church, Darien                  Trinity Lutheran Church, Roselle
First St. Paul Lutheran Church, Chicago        St. John Lutheran Church, Dieterich               Trinity Lutheran Church, Taylorville
Ginger Creek Community Church, Aurora          St. John Lutheran Church, Elgin                   Trinity Lutheran Church, Worden
Grace Lutheran Church, Northbrook              St. John Lutheran Church, Evansville              Trinity Lutheran Church LWML, Villa Park
Grace Lutheran Church, River Forest            St. John Lutheran Church, Green Valley            Trinity Lutheran Dorcas Guild, Villa Park
Grace Lutheran Church, Western Springs         St. John Lutheran Church, Island Lake             Trinity Lutheran PTL, Tinley Park
Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Cary               St. John Lutheran Church, La Grange               Washington County Chapter of Thrivent,
Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Golden             St. John Lutheran Church, Lansing                     Nashville
Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Renault            St. John Lutheran Church, Louisville              Weldon Springs Chapter of Thrivent, Decatur
Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Vandalia           St. John Lutheran Church, Maryville               West Cook Co Chicago Chapter of Thrivent,
Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Waterloo           St. John Lutheran Church, New Berlin                  Forest Park
Holy Cross Lutheran School, Collinsville       St. John Lutheran Church, Pekin                   West Will Co Chapter of Thrivent, New Lenox
Hope Lutheran Church, Granite City             Lutheran Church of St. John, Quincy               Women of Faith, Arlington Heights
Immanuel Lutheran Adult Bible Class,           St. John Lutheran Church, Schaumburg              Women of Grace, River Forest
    Murphysboro                                St. John Lutheran Church, Sparta                  Zion Lutheran Church, Bunker Hill
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Batavia              St. John Lutheran Church Mission Society,         Zion Lutheran Church, Chicago
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Broadlands               Red Bud                                       Zion Lutheran Church, Danvers
Immanuel Lutheran Church, East Dundee          St. John Lutheran School, Red Bud                 Zion Lutheran Church, Edwardsville
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Freeport             St. John Lutheran Women's League, Chester         Zion Lutheran Church, Mount Pulaski
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Riverton             St. John's Guild, Pekin                           Zion Lutheran Church, Summit
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Shobonier            St. John's Lutheran Church, Nashville
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Steger               Lutheran Church of St. Luke, Itasca
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Tuscola              Lutheran School of St. Luke, Itasca
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Waterloo             St. Mark Lutheran Church, St Charles
Immanuel Lutheran Sunday School, Okawville     St. Mark's Women's Guild, St Charles
Kankakee County Chapter of Thrivent,           St. Mark Lutheran Church, Steeleville
    Bourbonnais                                St. Mark's Lutheran School, Steeleville
Ladies of Faith, Mount Vernon                  St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Barrington
Lord Jesus Lutheran Church, Chicago            St. Michael Lutheran Church, Chicago
Lutheran Women's Missionary League - English   St. Paul Ladies Aid, Brookfield
    District, Villa Park                       The Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Paul,
Lutherbrook Guild, Glen Ellyn                      Addison
Marion Co Chapter of Thrivent, Irvington       St. Paul Lutheran Church, Altamont

                          Honor Roll of Donors

In-Kind Donors:                      Mr. Bill Donahue

                                     Ms. Susan Dublin
                                     Mr. Clarence Duckworth
                                                                                  United Way Support
                                     Rev. and Mrs. William E. Duey                Fayette County United Fund, Vandalia
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Aberson                                                        Lake Area United Way, Griffith, IN
Mrs. Loraine Adams                   Ms. Linda Eardley
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Eberhardt             United Way of Adams County, Quincy
Mr. and Mrs. Cosimo F. Aiello                                                     United Way of Boone County, Belvidere
Mr. Ron Apponi                       Mrs. Ruth Eckert
                                     Mr. Steve L. Ellison                         United Way of Central Illinois, Springfield
Ms. Mary Bachar                                                                   United Way of Effingham County, Effingham
Ms. Christy Baeske                   Ms. Sue Erlenbusch
                                     Mr. and Mrs. William E. Everson              United Way of Greater St. Louis, St. Louis, MO
Ms. Gail Baker                                                                    United Way of Jefferson County, Mount Vernon
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Barden             Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Fahrenkrog
                                     Ms. Patricia Kay Felkins                     United Way of Lake County, Gurnee
Mr. Christian Barnes                                                              United Way of Metropolitan Chicago, Chicago
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Barringer         Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Ferguson
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Rob W. Fick                     United Way of Suburban Chicago, Oak Brook
Ms. Shay Bean                                                                     United Way of the National Capital Area, Washington, D.C.
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Becker       Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Fick
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Fincke                   United Way of Tri-State, New York, NY
Ms. Mary Benages
Mr. Darrell Benjamin, Jr.            Rev. and Mrs. David G. L. Fletcher
Mr. David R. Berglund                Mr. Tom Frerker
                                     Mr. John Friedenbach                   Ms. Pauline Hesterberg                 Ms. Dawn Kusta
Mr. John Binneboese                                                         Mrs. Lila Hilgeford
                                     Ms. Julie Friend                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Joseph La Salvia
Ms. Kay E. Birnbaum                                                         Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hoeltgen
                                     Ms. Marge Frommel                                                             Ms. Jeanne Ladewig-Goodman
Mr. Thomas Blixer                                                           Ms. Laura Hoffmann
                                     Ms. Kim Fuchs                                                                 Mr. Orvel J. Lading, Jr.
Mr. Robert Bornell                                                          Ms. Beth Hofmann
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Gach                                                  Ms. Dawn Laird
Mr. Timothy Botts                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Hostetler
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gallatin                                                  Mrs. Betty Lass
Mr. Karl C. Bretz                                                           Mr. Theo Houston
                                     Ms. Jeannette Gangl                                                           Ms. Christina Lass
Ms. Marie Bretz                                                             Ms. Kris Huber
                                     Mrs. Garcia                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. David Lass
Ms. Emmily Brinkman                                                         Mr. Robert Huffman
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Stefan Garcia                                                    Dr. Nancy Lass
Ms. Penny Brinkman                                                          Mr. Walter Hugh
                                     Ms. Linda Garlinghouse                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Peter Leardi
Mr. Robert Broderick                                                        Ms. JoAnn Hull
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Gary                                              Mr. and Mrs. James Lemmer
Mr. and Mrs. David Browdy                                                   Pat Hunter
                                     Mr. Mike Gawlik                                                               Ms. Joanne Lentz
Mr. and Mrs. Leo N. Brown, Jr.                                              The Honorable Henry J. Hyde
                                     Mr. Robert E. Gehrt                                                           Ms. Robin Lestina-Cikanek
Ms. Frances Burton                                                          Ms. Jean Idoux
                                     Ms. Cheryl Gerber                                                             Ms. Laurie Loberg
Mr. Joseph D. Cain                                                          Ms. Linda Idoux
                                     Mr. and Mrs. David J. Gessner                                                 Mr. Lee Loesche
Mr. Joe Campbell                                                            Plamen Ionikov
                                     Ms. Joanne Giampa                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Lohrentz
Ms. Pam Campbell                                                            Mr. Paul Jackson, Jr.
                                     Ms. Jennifer Giger                                                            Mr. Chris Lueking
Ms. Donna Caranto                                                           Ms. Barbara L. Jacob
                                     Ms. Krissy Glass                                                              Rev. Dr. and Mrs. F. Dean Lueking
Mr. and Mrs. Simeon Carson                                                  Ms. Jenny Janokowicz
                                     Mr. and Mrs. John Goedde                                                      Ms. Carla Luttinen
Ms. Karen J. Carter                                                         Ms. Jeneal Jensen
                                     Ms. Yvonne Goeger                                                             Mrs. Jennifer Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Cassidy                                                 Ms. Karin Jensen
                                     Ms. Marilyn Going                                                             Ms. Rachel Lynch
Ms. Maria Casto                                                             Mr. Phillip L. Jimenez
                                     Ms. Deborah A. Goldberg and                                                   Ms. Pam MacPhee
Mr. Jeff Cavins                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Johnson
                                        Mr. Donald A. Nordmeyer                                                    Ms. Joan Mahan
Ms. Sandy Clark                                                             Ms. Oma D. Jones
                                     Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Goodwin                                                    Ms. Nancy T. Marten and
Mr. Paul M. Claybaker and                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Kaji
                                     Mrs. Debra Gordon                                                                 Mr. Kyle Lemke
   Ms. Susan E. Smith                                                       Mr. Jared Kaplan and
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Grant                                                   Ms. Brooklynn M. Martin
Ms. Karin Cokenour                                                              Ms. Maridee Quanbeck
                                     Mr. Carl Grapentine                                                           Ms. Christine Mathews
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Collazo                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Karl
                                     Ms. Linda A. Graunke                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Richard McCleary
Ms. Rita Combs                                                              Dr. and Mrs. Henry Karolus
                                     Mr. and Mrs. John Greusel                                                     Mr. Mark McCloud
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Cribbs                                              Ms. Janet Kastens
                                     Mr. and Mrs. John Griffin                                                     Ms. Esther McCutcheon
Ms. Diane Criscione                                                         Mrs. Jayne W. Kegley
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Grimm                                                 Ms. Julie McLean
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Dahlke                                                Ms. Kathy Jo Kelsheimer
                                     Mr. Tom Guebert                                                               Ms. Cindy McNeill
Mr. John DalPino                                                            Ms. Norma Kelso
                                     Ms. Deana Hale                                                                Ms. Alice Meiners
Mr. Michael Davenport                                                       Ms. Ruth Ann King
                                     Ms. Gretchen Hameister                                                        Rev. and Mrs. Bruce Meissner
Ms. Kathy A. Davis                                                          Ms. Sharon Kirk
                                     Ms. Janis Hampton                                                             Ms. Diane Mellor
Leslie Davis                                                                Mr. Robert Kirkpatrick
                                     Mr. and Mrs. David A. Hardt                                                   Ms. Kelly Melton
Ms. Carmen Deichman                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Ron Klco
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Norm Hayward                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Doug Meyer
Ms. Jill L. Demmon and                                                      Mr. William Kneitinger
                                     Coco Heim                                                                     Mr. Mic Middleton
   Mr. Robert A. Demmon, Jr.                                                Mr. Mark G. Knoblauch
                                     Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth Heinitz                                                 Mr. Jeffery Miller
Ms. Patti Dennison                                                          Mr. Scott Komperda
                                     Ray Heitz                                                                     Ms. Kathy Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Ty Devor                                                       Ms. Sara Krums
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hendricksen                                               Ms. Olena Moores
Ms. Mary Diaz                                                               Ms. Kathy Kulig
                                     Rev. and Mrs. James Henning                                                   Ms. Nancy Morrison
Ms. Marilyn Dittloff

18              Thank you for your financial support during the 2004 fiscal year (July 1, 2003 – June 30, 2004).
                                                                         “It seems the better I feel,
                                                                         the better everyone else feels.”
                                                                         — Client, Fathers’ Center, East St. Louis,
                                                                         speaking about his family relationships

                                                                         Ms. Jennette Simkins                   Ms. Sheila Van Kanegan
                                                                         Mrs. Jill Simko and                    Mr. Todd Van Ryn
                                                                            Ms. Jacquelynn Polly                Ms. Vivian Vermeersch
                                                                         Ms. Shelly Sledge                      Mrs. Elverna Voelkel
                                                                         Mr. Dan Smith                          Ms. Ann Wade
                                                                         Ms. Genelle Smith                      Ms. Juanita Walker
                                                                         Ms. JoAnne Snyder                      Mr. and Mrs. Paul Walker
                                                                         Mr. Robert Spahn                       Ms. Linda Wall
                                                                         Ms. Allthayah Spencer                  Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Wallace
                                                                         Ms. Lynette Spudich                    Mr. and Mrs. Len Walter
                                                                         Mr. Kirk Steinbruecker                 Ms. Meleah Walton
                                                                         Mr. Gilbert Stellhorn                  Ms. Margaret A. Wander
                                                                         Ms. Laurita Stellyes                   Mr. Joseph M. Weisman
                                                                         Susan and Larry Stephens               Ms. Michele Weldon
                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. John R. Stodden           Ms. Elizabeth Wellner
                                                                         Ms. Joanne Stojack                     Mr. Jim Welzbacher
                                                                         Mrs. Nancy M. Stone                    Ms. Kathy Willhoit
                                                                         Ms. Keyla Stover                       Mr. and Mrs. Garry Wills
                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Striegel             Mr. Frank L. Wiltse
                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Richard Suchenski         Mrs. Lorraine Wire
                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Don Sullenberger          Ms. Wilma Woehlke
                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Clay Sutter               Mr. Dale Wojtkowski
                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Gene L. Svebakken         Mrs. Mildred C. Wooldridge
Ms. Diane L. Mueller               Mr. Ronald H. Rayburn                 Mrs. Lorrean Swier                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wu
Ms. Marilyn Musso                  Ms. Gail Redeker Oulvey               Ms. Manolya Tanyu                      Michaelesha and Quanita Wyatt
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Nafts           Lori and Mike Rehak                   Mr. Karl D. Tauber                     Ms. Valerie Xanders
Ms. Gully Nassiri                  Mr. Harold Reinhardt                  Mr. William Templeman                  Ms. Linda Young
Ms. Sue Neal                       Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Reising         Mr. and Mrs. Norman Thayer             Rev. and Mrs. Peter Zadeik
Ms. Debra Neustadt                 Ms. Shirley Riley                     Mr. Charles Thurig                     Ms. Deborah Zafar
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Newcomb          Ms. Shirley M. Robinson               Ms. Thelma Thurnau                     Ms. Celena Zegiel
Ms. Carolyn Nikitas                Ms. Martha Rohlfing                   Mr. Theodore Traugott                  Ms. Tamira Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Norsic           Mrs. Susan Rosborough                 Mr. Ralph Unverfehrt                   Mr. Dale Zink
Ms. Brenna Nunes                   Ms. Rebecca Ruehl                     Mrs. Lynette Van Kanegan
Ms. Stacie O'Daniell               Ms. Heidi Ruehle-May and
Mr. Mike O'Donnell                    Mr. Paul May
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Osborne       Chris Ruiz-Rackham
Ms. Jane Palovick                  Mr. and Mrs. John Sacksteder            About the art
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Paulsmeyer       Mr. Ted Sadowski                        Thank you to the young artists at Lutherbrook Child and
Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Pedersen    Mr. and Mrs. Archie Schoenbeck
Ms. Edna Perry                     Ms. Lisa Schuemer                       Adolescent Center, an LCFS group home, residential treatment
Ms. Irina Polansky                 Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Schultze, Jr.      center and therapeutic day school located in Addison, Ill.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Pope       Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schweitzer          These young people painted these beautiful self-expressions as
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Povenelli     Mr. Bill Scorpio
Mr. and Mrs. Robertino Presta      Mr. and Mrs. Bernhard Seewald           part of their healing process at Lutherbrook. We gratefully
Ms. Stephanie D. Preston           Mrs. Bobbie Serafino                    acknowledge their generosity in allowing us to share these per-
Ms. Sally Primus                   Mr. Russell C. Shelton                  sonal works of art in this annual report.
Ms. Mary Proia-Hensley             Mr. Ron Sides

                                  Thank you for your financial support during the 2004 fiscal year (July 1, 2003 – June 30, 2004).          19
                           Honor Roll of Donors

In-Kind Donors:                       Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago
                                      Chicago Bulls, Chicago
                                                                             Golf Galaxy, Downers Grove
                                                                             Golfsmith, Downers Grove
                                                                                                                    Lincoln Amphitheatre,
                                                                                                                        Lincoln City, IN
Organizations                         Chicago Children's Museum,             Good Shepherd Lutheran School,         Living Christ Lutheran Church,
                                          Chicago                                 Collinsville                          Arlington Heights
100 South Chop House And Grill,       Chicago Cubs Community                 The Goodman Theatre, Chicago           J. S. Lizzadro, Ltd. Jewelers,
    Elmhurst                              Relations, Chicago                 Gordon Food Service, Martin, TN            Oak Brook
4-H Club, Edwardsville                Chicago Fire, Chicago                  Grace Lutheran Church,                 L'Occitane en Provence,
Addison Park District, Addison        Chicago Historical Society,                 River Forest                          Oak Brook
Adler Planetarium & Astronomy             Chicago                            The Greek Islands, Chicago             The Lodge, Oak Brook
    Museum, Chicago                   Chicago Rush Arena Football,           Guinzy Construction, Ashley            LTD Commodities, Inc.,
Advance Insurance Management,             Chicago                            Harry & David, River Forest                Bannockburn
    Riverside                         Chicago Sinfonietta, Chicago           Healy's Westside, Forest Park          Lutheran Church Charities,
Al's Hobby Shop, Elmhurst             Chicago Trolley Co., Chicago           Holiday Inn Chicago-Elmhurst,              Addison
American Golf Corporation,            Chicago Wolves, Glenview                    Elmhurst                          Lynfred Winery, Roselle
    Lemont                            Chico's, River Forest                  Holiday World & Splashin' Safari,      M & N Auto Service, Addison
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.,                 Christ Episcopal Church,                    Santa Claus, IN                   The Mad Potter Pottery Bar,
    Mount Vernon                          River Forest                       Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Alsip          Oak Park
Ann Sather Restaurant, Chicago        Christ Our Savior Sunday School,       Holy Cross Lutheran Church,            Mancini's Pizza Pasta Cafe,
Applebee's Neighborhood Grill &           Winfield                                Collinsville                          Oak Park
    Bar, Mount Vernon                 Clear Channel Entertainment            Holzhauer Auto & Truck Sales,          Marion Street Grille, Oak Park
Aramark, La Grange                        Motor Sports, Aurora                    Nashville                         Marshall Field's Home Center,
Arlington International Racecourse,   College of Du Page, Glen Ellyn         Home Beverage Package Liquor,              Oak Brook
    Arlington Heights                 Columbia Sportswear Co,                     Mount Vernon                      Menards, Eau Claire, WI
AT&T Wireless, Oak Park                   Bellevue, WA                       Immanuel Lutheran Church,              Midas, Mount Vernon
Athena Restaurant, Chicago            The ComedySportz Theatre,                   Downers Grove                     Mikes Bike Shop, Inc., Palatine
The Auditorium Theatre Council,           Chicago                            Immanuel Lutheran Church,              Moller Financial Services,
    Chicago                           Country Inn & Suites, Riverwoods            Okawville                             Winnetka
Auxiliary of LCFS, Hanover Park       Country Inn & Suites O'Hare            Immanuel Lutheran Church,              Montalbano Majestic Furniture,
Avenue Ale House, Oak Park                South, Bensenville                      Palatine                              Bellwood
Barbara's Bookstore, Oak Park         Courtright's Restaurant,               Immanuel Women's Service Guild,        The Museum of Science and
Best Buy Downers Grove,                   Willow Springs                          Downers Grove                         Industry, Chicago
    Downers Grove                     Deborah Davis Day Spa, Elmhurst        Isabel Bloom LLC, Naperville           N.J.A., Inc. Granny's Restaurant,
Best Friends Diamonds and Gems,       Doral Eaglewood Conference             Itasca Lions Club, Addison                 Addison
    Chicago                               Resort & Spa, Itasca               Jackson Marketing, Mount Vernon        New Horizons Tour and Travel,
Best of Books, Wilmette               DuPage Children's Museum,              James Anthony Salon And Day Spa,           Inc, Jackson, MI
Bethel Lutheran Church,                   Naperville                              River Forest                      Nextel Communications, Itasca
    Westmont                          EJL Custom Golf Clubs,                 JC Penney's, Mount Vernon              North Shawnee Forest Chapter of
Bethlehem Lutheran Church,                Willowbrook                        Jefferson Park Dorcas Circle,              Thrivent, Tamaroa
    Evanston                          Eli's Cheesecake World, Chicago             Chicago                           Northland Cranberry,
Beverly Costumes, Chicago             Elmhurst Park District, Elmhurst       Jewel-Osco an Albertson's                  Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Beverly Records, Chicago              Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra,                Company, Melrose Park             Oak Park Cyclery, Oak Park
Beyond the Pail, Ltd., Lincolnshire       Elmhurst                           Jiffy Lube International,              Oakbrook Tobacco Co., Oak Brook
Bistro Banlieue, Lombard              Elston Ace Hardware, Chicago                Bensenville                       Odyssey Fun World, Naperville
Braxton, Oak Brook                    Emilio's Tapas, Hillside               Dorothy Jones Trust,                   One Stop Flooring, Mount Vernon
Build A Bear Workshop,                Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Lombard              Mount Vernon                      Organic Theatre, Chicago
    St. Louis, MO                     Epilepsy Foundation, Belleville        K & M Printing Company, Inc.,          The Pampered Chef, Addison
Cafe Concepts & Management,           Erik's Delicatessen Restaurant,             Schaumburg                        Paper Source, Oak Park
    Inc., Westmont                        Oak Park                           Kane County Cougars, Geneva            Parents Without Partners, Belleville
Cafe Las Bellas Artes, Elmhurst       Faith Lutheran Church, O Fallon        Klein Creek Golf Club, Winfield        Partylite Gifts, Inc, Downers Grove
Calvary Lutheran Church,              Family Care of Illinois, Chicago       Kraft Foods, Addison                   Pasta House, Mount Vernon
    Wood Dale                         Fifth Third Bank, Chicago              Kraft Foods, Northfield                The Pasta Shoppe & Cafe,
Caribou Coffee, Oak Park              Flat Top Grill, Oak Park               La Piazza, Forest Park                     Oak Park
The Carleton of Oak Park,             Francesca's Fiore, Forest Park         LaBella Pasteria, Oak Park             Patricia Rhodes Custom Couture
    Oak Park                          Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation        B.T. Lakeside Roofing, Inc.,               Corp., Bloomfield, MI
Charter Communications,                   Trust, Oak Park                         Addison                           The Peninsula Chicago, Chicago
    Mount Vernon                      Gameworks, Schaumburg                  Lands' End, Dodgeville, WI             Dorothy Perry Photography,
Chiasso, Chicago                      Gateway International Motorsports      Lawry's The Prime Rib, Chicago             Chicago
Chicago Architecture Foundation,          Corp., Madison                     Leona's Restaurants, Chicago           Poor Phil's Bar & Grill, Oak Park
    Chicago                           Giordano's of Oak Park, Oak Park                                              Prime Time Furnishings,
                                                                                                                        Mount Vernon

20               Thank you for your financial support during the 2004 fiscal year (July 1, 2003 – June 30, 2004).
                                                                           A safe place in Southern Illinois
                                                                                  Thirteen-year-old Virgil came to STAC after being
                                                                           hospitalized in a psychiatric unit. He was sent there after
                                                                           being arrested for waving a butcher knife at his foster par-
                                                                           ent, and while under arrest, said, "What is the use of living
                                                                           – I want to die." Virgil appeared angry all the time, and did
                                                                           not wait to hear about the STAC rules before confronting
                                                                           staff and other youth with threats. Virgil is extremely intelli-
                                                                           gent, and he struggled with the concept of God’s love. He
                                                                           did not feel loved. He was taken from his mother when he
                                                                           was three because she was unable to care for him, and then
                                                                           when her parenting failed on his return, he was separated
                                                                           from her again.
                                                                                 Virgil needs a loving, temporary home, where he can
                                                                           be assured of security, protection and help finding a perma-
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church,     Solid Rock Communications,            nent home. His behavior, which is the result of the kinds of
    Mount Vernon                         Bartlett                          abuse he has received, makes it difficult to find a temporary
RDGChicago, Chicago                  Southwest Airlines, Dallas, TX
Red Wagons Inc, River Forest         Spauldings, Oak Park                  home, much less a permanent home.
Redeemer Lutheran Church,            Spot Tavern, Mount Vernon
    Elmhurst                         St. John Dorcas Society, Chicago            STAC offers a temporary home for youth in risky situ-
Redeemer Women's Guild,              St. John Lutheran Church,
    Elmhurst                             Red Bud                           ations, a safe environment in which children can enhance
Renaissance Art Studio Ltd,          St. John Lutheran Church,             their present and future lives with guidance and support.
    Glen Ellyn                           Schaumburg
Renaissance Oak Brook Hotel,         St. John Lutheran Church,             STAC is a 30-day shelter and diagnostic program for chil-
    Oak Brook                            Woodstock
Rend Lake Conservancy District,      St. John Lutheran School, Red Bud     dren ages 11-17. The program serves as an alternative to
    Benton                           Lutheran School of St. Luke, Itasca   detention to help keep youth out of the juvenile corrections
Rend Lake Resort, Whittington        St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran
Ritz Camera Centers, Beltsville,         Church, Worth                     system and an emergency shelter and short-term residential
    MD                               St. Matthew Lutheran Church,
River Forest Country Club,               Lemont                            program for children referred by the Illinois Department of
    Elmhurst                         St. Paul Lutheran Church,             Children and Family Services. In the year ending June 30,
Rotary Club of Elmhurst, Elmhurst        Brookfield
Salem Lutheran Ladies Circle,        St. Paul Lutheran Church,             2004, STAC helped 56 youth through the residential center,
    Salem                                Melrose Park
Sam's Club, Addison                  St. Paul Lutheran Church,             and 34 youth through its associated day treatment program.
Schauer Ace Hardware, Forest Park        Oak Lawn
Schoolyard Tavern & Grill,           St. Paul Lutheran Church,
    Chicago                              Thornton                          Southern Thirty Adolescent Center (STAC) is a
Sew What Group, Darien               St. Paul Lutheran Church,
John G. Shedd Aquarium, Chicago          Wood River                        ministry of LCFS located in Mount Vernon.
Signal Hill Lutheran Church,         St. Paul Lutheran School, Chicago
    Belleville                       St. Peter Lutheran Church,
Six Flags Great America, Gurnee          Arlington Heights
Six Flags over Mid-America,          St. Peter Lutheran Church,
    Eureka, MO                           Chicago

                                    Thank you for your financial support during the 2004 fiscal year (July 1, 2003 – June 30, 2004).   21
                           Honor Roll of Donors

St. Peter's Lutheran Youth Group,     Trinity Lutheran Church,
    Dorsey                                Villa Park
Stardust Bowl, Addison                Tripar International, Roselle
Starship Restaurant and Catering,     Triple B Brokerage, Inc., Medinah
    Forest Park                       Tru, Chicago
State Farm Insurance,                 Truefitt & Hill, Chicago
    Mount Vernon                      Two Fish Art Glass, Forest Park
State Line Toy Collector's Club,      Ty Inc., Oak Brook
    West Dundee                       United Parcel Service, Addison
Strictly Sports Golf, Inc.,           US Treasury, Bureau of Public
    Arlington Heights                     Debt, Darien
Sts. Peter & Paul Evangelical         Valparaiso University,
    Lutheran, Riverside                   Valparaiso, IN
Suburban Liquors, Forest Park         Walgreen's Distribution,
The Symphony of Oak Park &                Mount Vernon
    River Forest, Oak Park            West Tech Center, Hillside
Sysco Food Services, Des Plaines      Winberie's, Oak Park
Thatcher Technology Group, Inc.,      Word of Life Lutheran Church,
    Addison                               Naperville
The Theatre Building, Chicago         Y.S.P., Inc., Addison
Thrivent Financial For Lutherans,     Yamini, Chicago
    Downers Grove                     Zanies Comedy Club, Chicago
Tiffany & Company, Chicago            Zano Salon and Spa, Naperville         Mike Mooney, owner and president of Mike Mooney Chevy-Cadillac in
Times Square Liquor,                  Zion Lutheran Church, Hinsdale
    Mount Vernon                      Zion Lutheran Church, Mascoutah        DeKalb, hands the keys of the new 12-passenger van for clients at
Todd & Holland Tea Merchants,         Zion Lutheran Ladies Aid,              Lutherbrook to Scott Kamperda, Lutherbrook’s maintenance supervisor.
    River Forest                          Litchfield
Trinity Lutheran Church,
    Burr Ridge
Trinity Lutheran Church, Huntley
Trinity Lutheran Church, Millstadt
                                                                             Lutherbrook residents get new van
Trinity Lutheran Church,                                                          The 55 young residents at Lutherbrook Child and Adolescent
    Tinley Park
                                                                             Center, a group home and residential treatment center for
                                                                             adolescents located in Addison, Ill., received an early Christmas
                                                                             gift when a new 12-passenger van arrived in November.

                                                                                  The van was a gift from LCFS donors who attended the 15th
                                                                             annual Harvest Gala in October and the six Mooney family car
                                                                             dealerships which have been selling and servicing Ford and GM
                                                                             vehicles in Illinois for more than 50 years.
   Civic Organizations
   $100 or more
                                                                                  “This new van will mean a lot to the kids,” said Lisa Port,
   American Legion Auxiliary (T.H.B. 187), Elmhurst
   American Legion Auxiliary Dept of Illinois, Bloomington                   recreational leader at Lutherbrook. “It will be a big help getting
   Calhoun Chapter #990 Order of the Eastern Star, Hardin
   Kiwanis Club of Addison, Elmhurst                                         our team to volleyball and basketball games when we play other
   Ladies of the Elks, Elmhurst                                              residential agencies. We’ll also use it to see movies and go to the
   Modern Woodmen of America, Rock Island
   Mount Vernon Elks Lodge #819, Mount Vernon                                YMCA.”
   Mount Vernon Junior Women's Club, Mount Vernon
   The Randolph County Saddle Club, Inc., Ellis Grove
   Rotary Club of Addison, Addison
   Vandalia Women of the Moose, Chapter 1935, Vandalia

22               Thank you for your financial support during the 2004 fiscal year (July 1, 2003 – June 30, 2004).
Camp Wartburg                        Mr. and Mrs. Barry Koenemann
                                     Fred Weckenmann
                                                                            Foundation Grants
$10,000 or more
                                     $250 to $499                           Allen Endowment: Lutherbrook Academy
Mr. and Mrs. John Gerstner
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lindenberg         First National Bank of Waterloo        Chicago Community Trust –
                                     Holy Cross Lutheran                       Fred B. Jones Special Fund: emergency assistance to families
$5,000 to $9,999                         Church–Waterloo                       Sherbourne and Earling Fund: emergency assistance to families
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bostick
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Klingsick     Mr. and Mrs. Herb Eggerding            Chicago Tribune Holiday Fund: Little Village Food Network
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Negwer              Mr. and Mrs. John Eggerding
Paul Koch                            Mr. and Mrs. Jay Heutsch               Greater St. Louis Community Foundation: East St. Louis Fathers’ Center
William H. Schmidt Charitable        Mr. and Mrs. Paul Karl                 Kraft Employee Fund: Beneficial Society
   Foundation                        Mr. and Mrs. Dave King
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Chris Koenemann           LCMS World Relief and Human Care: East St. Louis Fathers’ Center,
$1,000 to $4,999                     Mr. and Mrs. Doug Nitz                   Hispanic Outreach, Sparta Family Support, MOMS Program
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Arnoldy         Carol Schwab
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Ascher            Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tiemann              Lutheran Disaster Response: Disaster Relief Services
Ken Bender                           Phyllis Tirmenstein                    Lutheran Women’s Missionary League—English District Suburban
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hauk               Mr. and Mrs. Dale Quante                  Journals: Lutherbrook, family counseling in Sparta
LCMS World Relief                    Christen P. Reinert
LWML–Southern Illinois District      Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Von Rohr            Sheldon L. & Pearl R. Leibowitz Foundation: general support
Walter Negwer
Mr. and Mrs. John Stevens                                                   The Webb Foundation: Lutherbrook, Beneficial Society
                                     $100 to $249
Wilbert H. Schnepel
Suburban Journals                    Mr. and Mrs. Bill Alexander
                                     Mr. Mark Altadonna
$500 to $999                         Janis Atkinson                         Government Grants
Thrivent Jefferson County Chapter    Marcia Behrendt
Thrivent Central St. Charles         Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bleeke               Chicago Pubic Schools (10,000 Tutors Program): mentoring program at three
   County Chapter                    Mr. and Mrs. Bob Chlebowski               Chicago Public Schools
Thrivent Jackson County Chapter      Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Collmeyer
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Cross               Jefferson County Mental Health Board: Title XX teen pregnancy counseling,
Thrivent West St. Louis County
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ebeler                   UDIS, and counseling programs in the Mount Vernon area
Thrivent North St. Louis County      Mr. and Mrs. Lee Eggemeyer
                                                                            Marion County 708 Board: Title XX, UDIS, and counseling programs in the
   Chapter                           Diane Guebert
                                                                              Mount Vernon area and STAC
Thrivent South St. Louis County      Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hemmer
   Chapter                           Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hoffmann              U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (through CHAC):
Thrivent Mark Twain Missouri         Phil Jimenez                              to provide housing search services for non-elderly people with disabilities
   Chapter                           Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kuhlmann
Thrivent Mid–South St. Louis         Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lemke
   County Chapter                    Mr. and Mrs. John Mohl
Thrivent Washington County           Mr. and Mrs. Cal Neeman
   Illinois Chapter                  Marylou Redshaw
Thrivent North St. Clair County      Adrienne Rich                                                                   Lutheran Child and Family
   Chapter                           Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rudolph                                                      Services of Illinois
Thrivent Westport Area St. Louis     Mr. and Mrs. Tim Schiebe
   County Chapter                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schnettler                                                 President and CEO
Thrivent South St. Louis City        Mr. and Mrs. Phil Schwab                                                        Gene L. Svebakken, ACSW
   Chapter                           Mr. and Mrs. Gary Spieler
Thrivent South St. Clair County      Mr. and Mrs. Gene Svebakken                                                     Editor: Laurel Hensel
   Chapter                           Mr. and Mrs. Thompson Russ
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Steven Tindall                                                     Design: Kathryn Brewer,
Thrivent Monroe County Chapter
Thrivent Mid-North St. Louis         Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wines                                                     Brewer Communications
   County Chapter                    Mr. and Mrs. George Ziebold
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heller                                                      LCFS is an officially recognized
Thrivent Randolph County Chapter                                                                                     human care ministry of The
Holy Cross Lutheran Church–          Stu Thies Builder, Inc.
   Renault                           Christie Tietjen                                                                Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod.
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Behm               Mr. and Mrs. Donald Prahlow
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Dann               St. Paul's Lutheran Men's Club
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Gabrian           Mrs. Gladys Mohl

                                    Thank you for your financial support during the 2004 fiscal year (July 1, 2003 – June 30, 2004).                   23
Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois                                   Non-Profit Organization
7620 Madison Street, P.O. Box 5078                                               U.S. Postage
River Forest, Illinois 60305                                                     PAID
(708) 771-7180                                                                   Permit No. 1                                                                     Carol Stream, IL

                 The mission of Lutheran Child and Family Services,
                 in response to Christ’s love for all people, is:
                 to provide social services to children,
                 individuals, families and communities
                 so that their well-being is improved.

                 For information about LCFS programs, events and opportunities
                 for involvement, visit

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