Memphis Directory CITY GOVERNMENT by niusheng11

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INFORMA TION: 576-6500 (City Hall).
CITY COUNCIL OFFICE: 576-6786, 125 N. Main, Room 514.
CITY MAYOR'S OFFICE: 576-6000, 125 N. Main, Room 700.
CITY TREASURER/ TA XES: 576-6306, 125 N. Main, Room 301.
Main, Room 1B-22.
PARK COMMISSION: 454-5200, 2599 A very.
PUBLIC WORKS: 576-6742, 125 N. Main, Room 608.
INFORMA TION: 545-1000.
Ste. 850.
COUNTY ASSESSOR OF PROPE RTY: 387-5800, 1075 Mullins Station.
COUNTY COMMISSION: 545-4301, 160 N. Main, Ste. 619.
COUNTY MAYOR'S OFFICE: 545-4599, 160 N. Main, Ste. 850.
COUNTY TRUS TEE/ TA XES: 521-1829, 160 N. Main, 2nd Floor.
JUVE NILE COURT: 528-8400, 616 Adams.
PUBLIC SERV ICE: 576-6500, 125 N. Main, Ste. 200.
CORRE CT TIME: 526-5261 or 522-8888.
GENERA L INFORMA TION: 725-8895 (LINC, Memphis & Shelby County
Public Library's information and referral system).
WEATHE R: 544-0399, National Weather Service.
ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS: 454-1414, 3340 Poplar.
BETTE R BUSINESS BUREAU: 759-1300, 6525 Quail Hollow, Ste. 410.
CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT: 543-7120, 170 N. Main, Room 401.
COCAINE ANONYMOUS: 725-5010, 1188 Minna Place, Ste. 205.
DEAF INTERP RE TING: 278-9307, 144 N. Bellevue.
EMERGENCY MANA GEMENT AGE NCY: 528-2780, 125 N. Main, Room
FAMILY LINK/RUNAWAY SHELTE R: 725 -6911, 1582 Poplar.
2020, 2675 Union Ext.
TEE N DRUG HOTLINE: 527-3784, 616 Adams, Rooms 123 and 124.
VETERA NS COUNSELING CE NTER: 544-0173, 1835 Union, Ste. 100.
YWCA WOMEN'S RESOURCE CE NTE R: 276 -0576, 766 S. Holland.
BOARD OF PUBLIC UTILITIES: 377-4620, 6449 Haley.
SOLID WASTE MA NAGEMENT: 576 -6730, 125 N. Main. For new service,
call 576-6734.
CENTE R FOR INDEPE NDE NT LIVING: 726-6404, 163 N. Angelus.
CENTE R FOR NE IGHBORHOODS: 526 -6627, 619 N. Seventh.
DELTA AREA AGE NCY ON AGING: 324 -6333, 2670 Union Ext., Ste. 400.
Union, Ste. 621.
FOOD & DRUG ADMINIS TRA TION: 544-0345, 225 N. Humphreys Blvd.,
Ste. 2087.
HEADS TA RT: 259-3100, 100 N. Main, Ste. 1400.
HEALTH DEPARTMENT: 544-7600, 814 Jefferson.
HUMA N SERV ICES: 344-5040, 3360 S. Third.
TE NNCARE: 800-669-1851.
BUILDING PERMITS: 385-5073, 6465 Mullins Station.
HOUSING AUTHORITY: 353-0590, 715 Rouge Bluff.
LANDMARKS COMMISSION: 576-7191, 125 N. Main, Ste. 443.
PLANNING AND DEVE LOPMENT: 576 -6601, 125 N. Main, Room 468.
ZONING ISS UES: 576-6619, 125 N. Main, Room 476.
ARTS COUNCIL, GREA TER MEMP HIS: 578-2787, 8 S. Third, Ste. 300.
CENTE R CITY COMMISSION: 575-0540, 114 N. Main.
Ste. 200.
CITY A RCHIVES: 526-1713, 33 S. Front.
CORPS OF ENGINEERS: 544-3005, 167 N. Main.
ELECTION COMMISS ION: 545-2600, 157 Poplar, Room 109.
FBI: 747-4300, 225 N. Humphreys Blvd., 3000 Eaglec rest Building.
IRS: 800-829-3676.
JURY COMMISS ION, SHELBY COUNTY: 545-4065, 157 Poplar, Room
LIB RARIES, MEMPHIS & SHE LBY COUNTY: 415-2700, 3030 Poplar (main
MOSQUITO CONTROL: 324-5547, 2480 Central.
PASSPORT OFFICE: 800-275-8777, 555 S. Third.
POST OFFICE: 521-2140 (customer service).
VETERA NS AFFAIRS: 576-4077, 157 Poplar, Ste. 300.
VISITOR INFORMA TION: 543-5333, 119 N. Riverside.
VOTE R RE GIS TRA TION: 545-4136, 157 Poplar, Room 109.
ANIMA L PROTE CTION ASSOCIA TION: 377 -3779, P.O. Box 17494,
ANIMA L SHELTE R: 362-5310, 3456 N. Tchulahoma.
FISH & WILDLIFE SERV ICE: 327-7631, University of Memphis, South
MEMPHIS HUMA NE SOCIE TY: 272-1753, 2238 Central.
WILDLIFE REHAB ILITA TION: 767-7322, Lichterman Nature Center, 5992
FIRE P REVENTION PROGRAMS: 320-5650, 118 Adams.
INFORMA TION: 545-2677, 201 Poplar.
CRIME PREVE NTION P ROGRAMS: 774-6705, 1891 S. Third, Ste. 3.
CRIME S TOPPERS: 528-2274, 201 Poplar, Ste. 1122.
JAIL: 545-5660, Shelby County Justice Center, 201 Poplar.
201 Poplar.
JAIL: 377-4500, Shelby County Correction Center, 1045 Mullins Station.
DIS TRICT HEADQUA RTERS: 543-6256, 6348 Summer.
COAS T GUARD/MARINE SAFETY: 544-3941, 200 Jefferson, Ste. 1301.
DRIVER'S LICE NSE: 543-7920, various branches.
FEDERA L AVIA TION A DMINIS TRA TION: 544-3495, 3385 Airways, Ste.
Memphis International Airport, 2491 Winchester, Ste. 113. Call individual
airlines for ticket and passenger information.
MATA BUS SCHE DULES: 274-6282, 1370 Levee.
MOTOR VEHICLE INSPE CTION: 528 -2904, 590 Washington. Other
stations at 855 N. White Station and 1720 RKS Commercial Cove off
MOTOR VEHICLE REGIS TRA TION: 545-4244, 150 Washington.
TRAFFIC V IOLA TIONS: 545-5450, 201 Poplar, Room LL80.
GARBAGE PICK-UP/SANITA TION: 576-6508, 125 N. Main, Room 640.
MEMPHIS LIGHT, GAS & WATER: 544-6549, 245 S. Main.
TE NNESSEE VALLEY AUTHORITY: 789 -8400, 2574 Plant.
A Guide To Memphis Media


AGENDA, 251-7000. This free bi-monthly publication features business and related
activities in Memphis and the Mid-South.

BEST TIMES, 523-1561. Published monthly, Best Times provides news, consumer
information, entertainment, and resource guides for seniors in Memphis and Shelby,
Fayette, DeSoto, Tipton, and Lauderdale counties. $15 per year.

BLUFF, Free art and literary quarterly.

THE COLLIERVILLE HERALD, 853-2241. This weekly newspaper covers Collierville,
Byhalia, Cordova, and Germantown. $18 per year for Collierville residents and $22 for
outside the area.

THE COLLIERVILLE INDEPENDENT, 853-7060. This weekly newspaper covers
Collierville, Rossville, Piperton, Moscow, Eads, Fisherville, Byhalia, and Cayce. $15 per

THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL, 529-2211. A member of the Scripps-Howard group, The
Commercial Appeal covers local, state, and national news. Home delivery every
morning $17.50 per month, $13 per month for daily only, and $13 per month for
weekends only.

THE CORDOVA BEACON, 388-1500. A weekly paper covering the Cordova area. $18
per year.

THE COVINGTON LEADER, 476-7116. This weekly newspaper covers Tipton County.
$23 per year for in-county and $29 for elsewhere in Tennessee; $35 outside

THE DAILY NEWS, 523-1561. Published Monday through Friday, except for legal
holidays, The Daily News contains general news with a focus on legal notices,
business, and finance. $50 for six months and $80 for one year.

THE DESOTO COUNTY TRIBUNE, 662-895-6220. This weekly newspaper covers
DeSoto County, Mississippi. $23.50 per year in-county, $30 per year outside DeSoto
County, and $17.50 for senior citizens.

THE DESOTO TIMES TODAY, 662-393-6397. This daily newspaper covers the DeSoto
County area in Mississippi. $9 per month and $8 per month for seniors.
THE DOWNTOWNER, 525-7118. This free monthly magazine covers city development,
history, personal profiles, and current events. $15 for one year and $26 for two years.

THE EAST SHELBY REVIEW, 867-2306. This weekly newspaper reports the goings-on
of Eads, Lakeland, Brunswick, Bolton, and Arlington. $18 per year.

ELITE, 861-6168. A new monthly magazine chronicling Memphis social events. $30 per

THE EVENING TIMES, 735-1010. This daily newspaper covers the West Memphis,
Arkansas, and Crittenden County area. $72 per year for area residents and $82 per
year for outside the area.

THE FAYETTE COUNTY REVIEW, 867-2306. A weekly devoted to news and
information related to Fayette County. For those living in Fayette County, $10 per year;
outside the county, $14, and outside of the state, $18.

THE GERMANTOWN NEWS, 754-0337. This weekly newspaper focuses on news
pertinent to the Germantown community. $25 per year.

GRACE MAGAZINE, 579-9333. Grace is a quarterly magazine covering news and
features of interest to women of color. Each fall Grace publishes a special diversity
issue. $19.95 for two years.

LAPRENSA LATINA HISPANIC MAGAZINE, 751-2100. Spanish-language weekly.

MEMPHIS, 521-9000. Winner of more than 40 national awards for editorial a nd design
excellence, Memphis magazine covers all aspects of life in the Bluff City. A one-year
subscription costs $15 per year; renewal rates are lower. Memphis is published every
month except August, when it publishes the annual City Guide.

MEMPHIS BUSINESS JOURNAL, 523-1000. Published each Friday, the Memphis
Business Journal contains news about the local business community and issues
pertinent to area businesses. $64 per year.

THE MEMPHIS FLYER, 521-9000. Published every Wednesday, The Memphis Flyer is
a free newsweekly covering arts, news, and entertainment in the Mid-South. $100 per
year by mail.

tabloid covering local health, fitness, and recreation news. Mail subscriptions are $25.

MEMPHIS PARENT, 521-9000. This monthly newspaper covers news of interest to
parents of children who are school-age and younger. $15 per year.
MEMPHIS WOMAN, 761-8114. Formerly Women's News of the Mid-South, this free
monthly magazine informs and promotes Memphis-area women. Mail subscriptions are
$16 for one year.

METRO MEMPHIS, 529-9987. This free monthly newspaper targets a primarily African-
American market. $24 per year.

MID-SOUTH BRIDE, 521-9000. This annual magazine is a complete guide to planning
a wedding in the Memphis area. $3.50 an issue.

MID-SOUTH GOLFER, 761-GOLF. The golf magazine of Tennessee, Mississippi, and
Arkansas, now in its 13th year of print. $25 a year.

THE MID-SOUTH TRIBUNE, 728-5001. This weekly newspaper has a predominantly
African-American and Hispanic readership extending through the Mid-South, including
Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi. $1 per issue; $25 per year.

THE MILLINGTON STAR, 872-2286. This weekly newspaper covers north Shelby
County and south Tipton County. $20 per year ($23 per year out-of-town) or $35 for two

NORTH MISSISSIPPI HERALD, 662-429-1122. First and only African-American
newspaper in the northern Mississippi region, serving 17 cities. The Herald is free; $18
per year by mail.

THE NORTH SHELBY TIMES, 358-8034. This free weekly newspaper covers Midtown,
Bartlett, Raleigh, Frayser, Millington, and south Tipton County.

RSVP, 681-9008. A free monthly, this magazine follows Memphis social events and is
distributed throughout the area's main business districts, from downtown to Cordova to

THE SHELBY SUN TIMES, 755-7386. This weekly newspaper covering east and
southeast Shelby County is mailed free to everyone in the 38138, 38139, 38017, and
38018 zip codes. $20 per year outside of the areas.

THE SILVER STAR NEWS, 452-8828. Published each Wednesday, this free weekly
covers news of interest to the black community. $27.50 per year by mail.

THE SOUTHAVEN PRESS, 393-3840. This weekly newspaper is distributed free every
Wednesday throughout DeSoto County, Mississippi.

THE TRI-STATE DEFENDER, 523-1818. Published every Thursday, the Tri-State
Defender features local, state, and national news with emphasis on the black
community. $28 for one year, $50 for two years, $76 for three years.

WHBQ 560 AM, 375-9324. Sports talk format.

WREC 600 AM, 578-1160. Talk radio plus live sports broadcasts.

WCRV 640 AM, 763-4640. Christian family radio.

WJCE 680 AM, 767-0104. Adult contemporary urban.

KSUD 730 AM, 735-6622. Contemporary Christian.

WMC 790 AM, 726-0555. Talk radio format.

KWAM 990 AM, 529-4300. Contemporary gospel.

WWGQ 1030 AM, 375-9374. Hispanic music and programming.

WDIA 1070 AM, 529-4368. Black adult contemporary, R&B.

WPLX 1170 AM, 751-1513. Easy-listening hits.

WGSF 1210 AM, 375-9324. Talk radio.

WAVN 1240 AM, 393-8056. Gospel.

WLOK 1340 AM, 527-9565. Gospel.

WOOM 1380 AM, 873-1380. Gospel.

WOWW 1430 AM, 365-1430. Disney.

WBBP 1480 AM, 278-7878. All-Christian gospel and ministry.


WQOX 88.5 FM, 385-4317. Operated by Memphis City Schools students. Adult

WKNA 88.9 FM, 800-766-9566. News talk, National Public Radio, and classical.

WYPL 89.3 FM, 725-8833. Radio reading service for the blind operated by the Memphis
Public Library.
WEVL 89.9 FM, 528-0560. Diversified alternative programs featuring blues, bluegrass,
Celtic music, rock, reggae, etc.

WKNO 91.1 FM, 325-6544. National Public Radio and classical.

WUMR 91.7 FM, 678-4867. All-jazz station operating from the University of Memphis.

WMFS 92.9 FM, 383-9637. Rock.

WMBZ 94.1 FM, 767-0104. Alternative rock.

WVIM 95.3 FM, 662-429-4465. Contemporary Christian.

WOTO 95.7 FM, 578-1100. Oldies.

WMPS Y96.1 FM, 375-9324. Country.

WHRK 97.1 FM, 529-4397. Urban contemporary.

WSRR 98.1 FM, 680-9898. Classic hits.

WMC 99.7 FM, 726-0555. Adult contemporary.

KJMS 101.1 FM, 527-0101. Adult contemporary.

WEGR 102.7 FM, 578-1100. Album-oriented classic rock.

WRBO 103.5 FM, 682-1106. Urban oldies, soul classics.

WRVR 104.5 FM, 767-0104. Adult contemporary.

WGKX 105.9 FM, 682-1106. Country.

KXHT 107.1 FM, 375-9324. Hip-hop, urban.

WYYL 107.5 FM, 375-9324. "The Pig." Adult progressive.


WREG CHANNEL 3, 543-2333. Local affiliate of CBS.

WMC CHANNEL 5, 726-0555. Local affiliate of NBC.

WKNO CHANNEL 10, 458-2521. The local public broadcasting station, featuring
educational, dramatic, musical, performing, and public-service programming.
WHBQ CHANNEL 13, 320-1313. Local affiliate of Fox.

WPTY CHANNEL 24, 323-2430. Local affiliate of ABC.

WLMT CHANNEL 30, 323-2430. Local affiliate of UPN.

TIME WARNER COMMUNICATIONS, 259-2225. $11.49 per month for basic service
(19 channels), $34.13 for value package (49 channels). Other options include HBO,
Cinemax, Showtime, Disney, Starz, and Encore for additional charges. Pay-Per-View
available with SmartLink service.

AutoZone Park
Home to the Class AAA Memphis Redbirds, this handsome red-brick stadium with
double-decked dark-green seating opened to much acclaim in spring 2000. Its highlights
include 48 luxury suites, a state-of-the-art lighting system, and a 13-story-tall
scoreboard containing the largest video-board in minor-league baseball. Dominating the
downtown park's entry plaza is the 37-foot-tall "Nostalgia Man." The Redbirds play April
through August. Union at Third St., 721-6050

Beale Street
Our own world-famous thoroughfare that gave birth to the blues features some big-
name nightspots, from B.B. King's Blues Club to Elvis Presley's Memphis. Besides
hearing live music most any night of the week, you can also visit various specialty shops
or tourist sites, including the home of W.C. Handy, who launched his career during
Beale's early heyday. And don't miss A. Schwab's, a century-old family-operated dry-
goods store, where you can find anything from tarot cards to underwear.

Center for Southern Folklore & Cafe
This one-of-a-kind institution hosts folk-art exhibitions, live blues and jazz performances,
and demonstrations on quilting and other folk -art forms. Of special interest is the
center's First Church of Elvis Impersonators, a coin-operated shrine to the King. Visitors
can also dine on Southern cuisine at the cafe, check out the CD "listening post," and
browse through the gift shop that offers regional art, books, and novelty items. 119
South Main, Pembroke Square. 525-3655

Children's Museum of Memphis
Designed as a miniature city, the Children's Museum includes the CityFriends' exhibit,
where kids dress up as firefighters and other public "friends." The hands-on learning
center also teaches children how to shop for groceries, build a house, create art in the
Recycle Factory, and explore clocks and time zones in Time Square. Located on the
grounds of the old National Guard Armory, the museum also sponsors special events
and traveling displays. A 16,000-square-foot expansion is underway, with plans for its
completion in 2002. 2525 Central, 320-3170

Chucalissa Archaeological Museum
Located on tranquil rolling hills, this reconstructed village reflects the lives of Native
Americans who dwelt on the river bluffs until about 500 years ago. Meaning "abandoned
house," Chucalissa was inhabited by various Indian tribes, mysteriously deserted in the
1500s, and rediscovered by government workers in 1939. Over the years, the site has
been restored with thatched-roof huts, life-size vignettes, replicated furnishings, and
exhibits of crafts and artifacts discovered in digs. 1987 Indian Village, 785-3160
Davies Manor Plantation House
Shelby County's oldest log house was built by an Indian chief in 1807, and in 1851 the
structure was purchased by the Davies family and expanded into a country farmhouse.
The centerpiece of a 2,000-acre plantation, where deer and other wildlife still roam,
Davies Manor Plantation House has been designated a Century Farm, in operation for
more than 100 years, and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Tours of the
log-and-chink dwelling with its early family furnishings are given April through December
20th. 9336 Davies Plantation, 386-0715

The Fire Museum of Memphis
Located in what was once downtown's fire station No. 1, this attraction showcases a
restored 1910 firehouse with rare equipment dating back 170 years; one of these is a
replica of "Little Vigor," Memphis' first fire engine. Greeting visitors to the exhibit is "Ol'
Billy," an animatronic horse that narrates a video describing the role horses once played
in fire-fighting. The museum also contains a comprehensive collection of artifacts,
including stories and photos of Memphis' most devasta ting fires, while interactive games
teach fire safety and simulate real fires through such devices as hot air, thick smoke,
and wrap-around video screens. 118 Adams, 320-5650

Graceland Mansion
The trophy room at Graceland boasts not only Elvis Presley's vast assortment of gold
records and awards but also contains a timeline that traces the King of Rock -and-Roll's
early years in photos, documents, clothing, and guitars. Graceland Mansion, the
antebellum-style house that Elvis bought in 1957 that today attracts some 600,000
visitors annually, also features the automobile museum; the luxurious Lisa Marie jet;
and "Sincerely Elvis," a mini-museum of candid photos, home-movie clips, and other
personal mementos. Special events are held at Graceland in January to commemorate
Elvis' birthday, while in August fans flock to his grave for a candlelight vigil. 3734 Elvis
Presley, 332-3322

The high-flying Sea Dragon is one of various thrill rides you'll find at the bicentennial-
themed amusement park that opened in 1976. Others include the Tidal Wave, which
flips and turns the intrepid rider 20 feet above the ground, and the Revolution, which
boasts a 360-degree loop. Among the venerable tried-and-true favorites are the Zippin
Pippin, America's oldest operating wooden roller coaster, and the Grand Carousel, built
in 1909 by the famous Dentzel Carousel Company. Throughout the park, which also
features games and live stage shows, replicas of Independence Hall and other buildings
recall great moments in American history. 940 Early Maxwell, 274-1776

Lichterman Nature Center
Among Lichterman's new features is a 16,000-square-foot visitors' center that contains
orientation space, meeting rooms, and a nature shop. Also of interest are the Special
Events Lawn with nati ve plants, birds, and butterflies; a Backyard Wildlife Center with
living exhibitions and interactive learning activities; improved nature trails throughout the
65-acre facility; a native plant greenhouse; and an amphitheater. Donated to the city by
the Lichter-man/Loewenberg families, the center offers plant sales, educational
programs, and guided nature walks. 5992 Quince, 767-7322

Meeman-Shelby State Park
More commonly known as Shelby Forest, this state park sits atop the Chickasaw Bluffs.
Besides hiking trails, camping facilities, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool, Shelby
Forest offers fishing and boating at its 125-acre Poplar Tree Lake. The park's nature
center contains natural history exhibits and park staffers provide guided tours, arts and
crafts displays, and other organized activities. Located 13 miles north of Memphis near
Millington, off U.S. Highway 51, 876-5215

Memphis Botanic Garden
The sensory garden, with its color, texture, fragrance, and sound, is one of several
attractions at the Memphis Botanic Garden. At the heart of the park is the striking Red
Drum Bridge arching over a koi-filled lake, and winding throughout are wildflower-
studded walking trails. Seasonal sights include spring's Japanese cherry trees in
breathtaking bloom, and beds of summer roses, daylilies, and other perennials,
including herbs, cacti, and butterfly-attracting plants. Special events, educational
programs, and art exhibitions are held at the facility throughout the year. 750 Cherry,

Memphis Pink Palace Museum
Offering visitors an in-depth look at local history, music, culture, and natural science,
this museum and local landmark includes two floors of the pink marble mansion built by
Piggly Wiggly founder Clarence Saunders, as well as a replica of Saunders' first Piggly
Wiggly supermarket. Set on a sweeping lawn behind stately iron gates, the museum
also features a state-of-the-art planetarium and an IMAX theater. 3050 Central, 320-

Memphis Rock 'N' Soul Museum
Located in the Gibson Guitar Factory, this addition to Memphis' downtown attractions is
a collaboration between the Wonders Series and the Smithsonian Institution.
Recognizing that the roots of modern rock music start right here in Memphis,
Smithsonian planners developed the 10,000 square-foot museum to reflect the journey
modern music has taken, from blues and gospel, to rock-and-roll and soul. With
technology that lets visitors customize their tour by listening to songs from certain eras,
they will see such items as Stax studio's drum set. Also, visitors can tour the Gibson
assembly line, where some 80 guitars are produced daily. 145 Lt. George W. Lee Ave.,

Memphis Zoo
Elok, a male orangutan born here in 2000, is one of 3,000 animals from 500 species
that live at the Memphis Zoo. Over the past decade the zoo has improved animal
habitats and added state-of-the-art exhibits, including Cat Country, Primate Canyon,
Animals of the Night, Dragon's Lair, and Once Upon a Farm. In spring 2002, the Zoo will
open CHINA, an exhibit showcasing Chinese architecture, history, horticulture, and
animal species, with the possibility of including two giant pandas. 2000 Prentiss Place
(Overton Park), 276-9453

The Mississippi River
On the banks of Ol' Man River, several major events are held each yea r, including the
Memphis in May Sunset Symphony and a fireworks extravaganza on the Fourth of July.
Regular riverboat cruises are offered by the Memphis Queen Line, and numerous parks
along the bluffs make ideal spots for picnics, romantic strolls, or mome nts of quiet
reflection. Winding above the Father of Waters is the Bluffwalk, a 2,000-foot pedestrian
path with panoramic views.

Mud Island River Park
This combination public park, museum, and entertainment center lies between the
Mississippi River and the Wolf River Harbor. Its chief attractions are the River Walk, a
five-block-long scale model of the Mississippi from Cairo, Illinois, to the Gulf of Mexico,
and the River Museum, which hosts permanent and changing exhibitions about river
culture. Visitors can ride to the museum in the monorail, browse at the gift shops, and
hear live concerts at the amphitheater. 125 N. Front, 576-7241

National Civil Rights Museum
Brown vs. the Topeka Board of Education -- a landmark desegregation case that paved
the way for school integration -- was a turning point in American history. At the National
Civil Rights Museum, the first of its kind in the country, you can learn more about such
hard-won milestones achieved by African Americans as they fought for equal status wit h
whites. Located on the site of the Lorraine Motel, where a sniper's bullet felled Dr.
Martin Luther King Jr., the museum includes interpretive displays and realistic vignettes
of the March on Washington, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and the desegregation of
Little Rock schools, to name just a few events. Through traveling exhibits and special
programs, the museum also spotlights the global struggle for human rights. 450
Mulberry, 521-9699

The Peabody
It opened at its present location in 1925, fell on hard times in the 1970s, and was
restored to its former glory, with many modern amenities added, by the Belz family in
the early 1980s. Today Memphians and tourists alike enjoy people-watching in The
Peabody lobby, dining in its restaurants, partying in the ba llrooms, and dancing on the
Plantation Roof. Duck-watching is another hallmark of "the South's grand hotel,"
attracting curious visitors from miles around. Each morning the ducks march off the
elevator, strut down the red carpet, and splash into the lobby fountain, then return to
their rooftop "Royal Duck Palace" each afternoon. 149 Union, 529 -4000

Peabody Place Entertainment and Retail Center
A major component of downtown's revitalization, this new 300,000-square-foot
megaplex features more than 30 specialty shops, restaurants, and retailers. Among
them is Jillian's, which offers 150 electronic simulation games, a dance club, bowling
alley, billiard tables, and other entertainment venues; and Muvico Theaters, which
boasts 22 auditoriums and one movie scree n that is six stories tall. 150 Peabody Place,

Peabody Place Museum
and Gallery

An exquisitely carved jade ship is one of some 400 treasures on display at Peabody
Place Museum and Gallery, the first decorative arts museum in downtown Memphis.
Comprising the personal collection of developer Jack Belz and his wife Marilyn, most of
the pieces date back to China's 19th-century Qing dynasty and range from a lacquered
cinnabar chair bearing dragons of jade to cloisonne horses and jade camels.The
museum was recently expanded to showcase other forms of artwork, including
European contemporary glass, Russian lacquer boxes, a selected group of Judaica,
and groupings of gemstones, rocks, and minerals. 119 S. Main, Pembroke Square, 523-

The Pyramid
A sports arena and entertainment facility, The Pyramid sets the stage for the University
of Memphis basketball team and will serve as the temporary home of the Memphis
Grizzlies, the city's new NBA team, until a new arena is built. The Pyramid also draws
big-name performers such as Rod Stewart, Billy Joel, Shania Twain, and the Rolling
Stones. One Auction, 521-9675

Shelby Farms
This 4,500-acre park offers a bit of everything for nature lovers and sports buffs -- from
horseback-riding and hiking to canoeing and wind-surfing. Shelby Farms is also home
to a variety of birds, reptiles, deer, and other wildlife, including bison that roam free on
the animal range. Other park attractions include the Showplace Arena, where
equestrian and other types of events are held each year; Ducks Unlimited's international
headquarters, which boasts a scenic waterfowl propagation lake; and Agricenter
International, which displays advances in farming technology. 7171 Mullins Station, 382-

Southland Greyhound Park
The world's largest greyhound racing facility lies just over the river at Southland
Greyhound Park, where you can watch the canine action trackside or at grandstand
levels. Southland also offers the Paddock Club and the more upscale Kennel Club, both
of which feature restaurants, party rooms, and closed-circuit TV viewing of the races.
1550 Ingram, West Memphis, 735-3670

Sun Studio
When a softspoken young man from Tupelo, Mississippi, entered Sun Studio in 1954,
the course of music history was changed forever. Elvis Presley cut his first single here
under the guidance of producer Sam Phillips, paving the way for a new breed of
musicians and putting Memphis on the cultural map. Besides still actively recording
name artists, the studio also offers public tours every hour on the half-hour. Of special
interest is the Sun Studio Gallery, which contains memorabilia of Sun legends, including
Carl Perkins, B.B. King, and Jerry Lee Lewis. And for hungry guests, there's the Sun
Studio Cafe, right next door. 706 Union, 521-0664

Tunica Casinos
Now the gambling center of the Mid-South, located just 30 miles from Memphis out
Highway 61, Tunica County is home to several glitzy casinos. Besides offering an array
of gaming options, they also boast hotels, restaurants, gift shops, dance pavilions, and
big-name entertainment.

Victorian Village
Vignettes that evoke a bygone era can be seen at the Woodruff-Fontaine House, one of
three historic homes in Victorian Village, a three-block area near downtown Memphis.
Other homes in the Village, both on Adams Avenue, include the Mallory-Neely House,
built in the 1850s, and the Magevney House, home to Memphis' first schoolmaster,
Eugene Magevney. All houses offer guided tours and showcase permanent collections
and changing exhibitions of period antiques. Also featured are several seasonal events
with a 19th-century theme -- an annual festival, picnics on the lawn, musical
presentations, and crafts workshops. Woodruff-Fontaine House, 680 Adams, 526-1469;
Mallory Neely House, 652 Adams, 523-1484; Magevney House, 198 Adams, 526-4464.
ULTIMATE FRISBEE. Memphis co-ed summer league plays Frisbee at Overton Park
(info, 278-7456). Free. Open play 4 p.m. Sundays year round.

MEMPHIS RUGBY CLUB. The club is accepting new members for the new season.
Interested players should come out for practice. Toby Park (info, 412-0239). 6:30 p.m.
Tues. and Thurs.

BICYCLING. For more information, call the Memphis Hightailers Bicycle Club (Bill
Waters, 748-2137; Steve Boesvert, 737-3898).

RUNNING/WALKING. For i nformation on area running groups and races, call the
Memphis Runners Track Club (534-6782).

UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS FOOTBALL. Liberty Bowl Stadium (678-2331). Tickets $7-
$20. Home game:

RHODES COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Rhodes College, Fargason Field, 2000 N. Parkway


Roane Fieldhouse (678-4120).

Avenue Campus, 737 Union Ave. (333 -5338).

Union Avenue Campus, 737 Union Ave. (333-5338).

RHODES COLLEGE MEN'S BASKETBALL. Homes games played in Mallory-Hyde
Gymnasium, 2000 N. Parkway (843-3020).

RHODES COLLEGE WOMEN'S BASKETBALL. Homes games played in Mallory-Hyde
Gymnasium, 2000 N. Parkway (843-3020).

De la SALLE gymnasium, 650 E. Parkway South (321-3378).

played at De la SALLE gymnasium, 650 E. Parkway South (321-3378)


UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS BASEBALL. Home games played at Nat Buring Stadium
on the U of M South Campus (678-2337).

650 East Parkway, South (321-3378).

650 East Parkway, South (321-3378).

RHODES COLLEGE BASEBALL. Home games played on Stauffer Field, 2000 N.
Parkway (843-3020).

LEMOYEN-OWEN COLLEGE BASEBALL. Home games played at Jessie Turner Field.

Signaigo Field, 650 E. Parkway South (321-3370).

University, Signaigo Field, 650 E. Parkway South (321-3370).

MEMPHIS MERCURY. Women's soccer team composed of current and former
collegiate-level players. Mike Rose Soccer Complex, off Nonconnah and Forest Hill
Irene (info or tickets, 755-6330).

MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES. Professional basketball team plays home games at The

MEMPHIS XPLORERS. Arena football. Home games are played in the DeSoto County
Civic Center (tickets, 525-1515).

MEMPHIS RIVERKINGS ICE HOCKEY. Minor-league professional team plays home
games at the DeSoto Civic Center in Southaven, Mississippi (ticket info, 525-1515;
schedule info, 323-5525).

MEMPHIS REDBIRDS. Minor-league professional baseball team plays home games at
AutoZone Park (ticket info, 721-6000).
Live Music Venues


ALFRED'S 197 Beale Street (525-3711).

B.B. KING'S BLUES CLUB 147 Beale Street (524-KING).

BLACK DIAMOND 153 Beale Street (521-0800).

BLUES CITY CAFE 138/140 Beale Street (526-3637).

BLUES HALL 182 Beale Street (528 -0150).

BUDWEISER PAVILION W.C. Handy Performing Arts Park, 200 Beale Street (869-

CLUB 152. 152 Beale Street (544-7011).

DICK'S LAST RESORT 340 Beale Street (543-0900).

ELVIS PRESLEY'S MEMPHIS 126 Beale Street (527-9036).

HARD ROCK CAFE 315 Beale Street (529-0007).

HAVE A NICE DAY CAFE 349 Beale Street (529-8845).

THE HISTORIC DAISY THEATRE 329 Beale Street (521-8000).

KING'S PALACE CAFE 162 Beale Street (521-1851).

LEGENDS ON BEALE 326 Beale Street (523-7444).

THE LOUNGE 145 Lt. George W. Lee Avenue inside the Gibson Street Showcase
(544-7998, ext. 4080).

THE NEW DAISY 330 Beale Street (525-8979).

O'SULLIVAN'S ON BEALE 183 Beale Street (522-9596).

RUM BOOGIE CAFE 182 Beale Street (528-0150).

THIS IS IT! 167 Beale Street (527-8200).

BAHAMA BREEZE 2830 N. Germantown Parkway (385-8744).

BOSCOS Saddle Creek Center, Farmington & Poplar Ave. (756-7310).

CLICKS 3705 Malco Way (624-5881).

HUEY'S COLLIERVILLE 2130 West Poplar, Collierville (854-4455).

HUEY'S CORDOVA 1771 Germantown Parkway, Cordova (754-3885).

JONES CLUB 1275 Hezekiah Rd. (309-3007).

T.J. MULLIGAN'S CORDOVA Trinity Rd. (756-4480).


AUTOMATIC SLIM'S TONGA CLUB 83 S. Second (525-7948).

CAFE SAMOVAR 83 Union Avenue (529-9607).

CENTER FOR SOUTHERN FOLKLORE 119 S. Main at Pembroke Square (525-3655).

CIELO 679 Adams (524-1886).

DAN MCGUINNESS PUB 150 Peabody Place, 2nd Street (527-8500).

EARNESTINE AND HAZEL'S 531 S. Main (523-9754).

FLYING SAUCER DRAUGHT EMPORIUM 130 Peabody Place (523-8536).

HARD LUCK CAFE 216 E. McLemore (942-6092).

HIGH POINT PINCH 111 Jackson (525-4444).

HUEY'S DOWNTOWN 77 S. Second (527-2700).

INKSLINGER CAFE 299 S. Main (527-3758).

ISAAC HAYES Inside Peabody Place Entertainment Center (529-9222).

KUDZU'S 603 Monroe (525-4924).

THE MAP ROOM 2 S. Main Street (543-8686).
MARMALADE 153 E. Calhoun Ave. (522-8800).

N-COGNITO 338 S. Front St. (523-0599).

NEW CLUB PARADISE 645 E. Georgia (947-7144).

THE PEABODY 149 Union (529-4183).

PRECIOUS CARGO COFFEE HOUSE Tuesdays. 381 N. Main (578-8446).

RIVER TERRACE 280 N. Mud Island Drive (521-6174).

SLEEP OUT LOUIE'S 88 Union Avenue (527-5337).

T.J. MULLIGAN'S PINCH 362 N. Main (523 -1453).

TOWER RECORDS 150 Peabody Place (526-9210).

ZANZIBAR 412 S. Main (543-9646).


ADAM'S MARK HOTEL 939 Ridge Lake Blvd. (684-6664).

BENNIGAN'S 5336 Poplar (685-2088).

BORDERS BOOKS·MUSIC·CAFE 6685 Poplar (754-0771).

BOTTOM LINE 1817 Kirby Parkway (755-2481).

THE COCKEYED CAMEL 5871 Poplar (683-4056).

THE COTTAGE RESTAURANT 3297 Summer Avenue (324-4447).

DAVIS-KIDD BOOKSELLERS 387 Perkins Ext. (683-9801).

FOLK'S FOLLY 551 S. Mendenhall (762-8200).

GALLINA'S EXCHANGE RESTAURANT 4069 Summer Ave. (324-0156)

IRON CHEF 529 Summer Ave. (372-1313).

OWEN BRENNAN'S 6150 Poplar (761-0990).
PATRICK'S 4698 Spottswood (682-2853).

SALSA 6150 Poplar (683-6325).

TAP HOUSE 695 W. Brookhaven Circle (818-BEER).

TEQUILA ROCK 5099 Old Summer Rd. (685-7999).

THE UGLY MUG COFFEE STUDIO 3445 Poplar Ave. at Highland (458-2245).

WANG'S MANDARIN HOUSE 1183 Park Place Mall (763-0676).

THE WINDJAMMER RESTAURANT 786 E. Brookhaven Circle (683-9044).

YARBROUGH'S MUSIC 741 N. White Station.


BEST IN COUNTRY 2984 Harvester Lane in Frayser (368-6188).

CACTUS JOE'S BAR & GRILL 2536 N. Watkins (354-2900).

CASPER CREEK 6847 Center College Rd. in Millington (873-4630).

CLUB 51 6560 Highway 51 (872-0151).

MAC'S PLACE BAR & GRILL 7874 C Street in Millington (873-2727).

POP-A-TOP 6353 Navy Rd. in Millington (872-2452).

TIME-OUT LOUNGE 206 Tracy Road (837-2226).

VFW POST 4916 847 Whitney Road (353-2118).

VFW POST 7175 4681 Cuba-Millington Road (872-7175).


AMERICANA CLUB 4090 Winchester at Lamar (368-0994).

THE BILLIARD CLUB 6237 Mt. Moriah Ext. (362-8686).

CAFE ROCK 3297 Kirby Parkway (366-4395).

CHEYANNE COUNTRY 1976 E. Shelby Dr. (332-9428).
CLUB WINCHESTER 1964 Winchester (345-5777).

HOOTER'S 2653 Mt. Moriah (795-7123).

HUEY'S EAST 2858 Hickory Hill (375-4373).

JOE'S CRAB SHACK 3518 Riverdale (624-9270).

MAVERICKS 6650 Winchester (794-9143).

RHYTHM'S 6063 Mt. Moriah (566-9400).

SPORTS BAR & GRILL 3569 S. Mendenhall (794-7626).

T.J. MULLIGAN'S QUINCE 6635 Quince (753-8056).


ALEX'S TAVERN 1445 Jackson (278-9086).

BLUE MONKEY 2012 Madison (272-BLUE).

BLUE MOON 3092 Poplar in Chickasaw Oaks Plaza (324-4131).

CROSSROADS 1278 Jefferson Ave. (276-8078).

DELIBERATE LITERATE 1997 Union (276-0174).

FRENCH QUARTER SUITES 2144 Madison (728 -4000).

FULL MOON CLUB Above Zinnie's East on Madison Avenue (274-7101).

GEORGE'S #2 BLUES CLUB 2160 E. Person (278-4730).

HATTLEY'S GARAGE 1761 Madison (726-3815).

HI-TONE CAFE 1913 Poplar (278-TONE).

HUEY'S MIDTOWN 1927 Madison (726-4372).

JJ'S LOUNGE 1243 Walker Avenue (774-9900).

JAVA CABANA 2170 Young Ave. (272-7210).
THE KUTT 92 N. Avalon (276-9122).

MADISON FLAME 1588 Madison Avenue (278-9839).

MARENA'S 1545 Overton Park (278-9774).

MELANGE 948 South Cooper (276-0002).

THE METRO 1349 Autumn (274-8010).

MURPHY'S 1589 Madison (726-4193).

NEIL'S 1835 Madison (278-6345).

ONE MORE 2117 Peabody Ave. (278-6673).

OTHERLANDS COFFEE BAR 641 S. Cooper (278-4994).

P&H CAFE 1532 Madison Ave. (726-0906).

PAULETTE'S 2110 Madison (726-5128).

THE POPLAR LOUNGE 2563 Poplar (324-1233).

PRINTER'S ALLEY BAR & GRILL 322 South Cleveland Street (725 -9809).

WILD BILL'S 1580 Vollintine (726-5473).

YOUNG AVENUE DELI 2119 Young Ave. (278-0034).


BACKTRACKS Star Landing at Old Highway 61, Lake Cormorant, MS (781-1595).

THE BRICKHOUSE Cleveland, MS (662-843-8500).

CONESTOGA STEAKHOUSE 7080 Highway 51 (north at Goodman Road), Horn Lake,
MS (662-342-9865).

HOPSON PRESERVATION CO. Highway 49, South Clarksdale, MS (601-624-5756).

HUEY'S SOUTHAVEN 7090 Malco Road (662-349-7097).

THE LIBRARY 120 South Eleventh Street, Oxford, MS (662-234-1411).
MEL'S BAR 8690 Highway 51 N., Southaven, MS (662-280-2860).

PROUD LARRY'S 211 S. Lamar, Oxford, MS (662-236-0050).

TWO STICK Call for listings. 1007 Harrison Ave., Oxford, MS (662-236-6639).


BARTLETT LANES LOUNGE 6276 Stage Rd. (386-7701).

BEL AIR CLUB 6195 Macon Rd. (388-1474).

THE EAGLE'S NEST 6102 Macon Rd. (381-1399).

FARGO'S 4027 Raleigh/Millington Rd. (377-6878).

FLASHBACKS 5709 Raleigh (383-7330).

MUGS 4396 Raleigh-LaGrange Road (372-3556).

SHOOTER'S 4293 Fayette Rd. (388-4185).

STAGE STOP 2951 Cela, Austin Peay at Stage (382-1577).

STONEWALL'S 2779 Whitten Rd. (266-4018).

WILLIE MOFFATT'S 1616 Sycamore View (386-2710).


ATTITUDES 931 S. Highland (323-5595).

HIDEAWAY CAFE 551 S. Highland (458-0305).

LUKE'S TAVERN 887 S. Highland (452-9195).

MEMPHIS SPORTS PUB 5012 Park Ave. (767-8632).

MOJO'S 775 S. Highland (458-0030).

NEWBY'S 539 S. Highland (452-8408).

REEDMEISTERS 3439 Park Ave. (327-1270).
VARSITY SPORTS GRILL 3566 Walker Ave. (324-0730).

THE VINE 531 S. Highland (323-4080).


BANK'S SPORTS BAR 4508 Millbranch Road (346-7213).

DAD'S PLACE Ramada Inn -- Southwest, 1471 E. Brooks (332-3500).

HAWAIIAN ISLE 1542 Elvis Presley Blvd. (947-4945).

HEADLINERS 806 E. Brooks Rd. (345-2253).

HERNANDO'S HIDE-A-WAY 3210 Old Hernando (345-2034).

JAVA, JUICE, & JAZZ 1423 Elvis Presley Blvd. (774-3004).

MARLOWE'S RIBS AND RESTAURANT 4381 Elvis Presley Blvd. (332-4159).

VFW POST 4935 1942 Lynnbrook Place (398-0157).
B -- breakfast
L -- lunch

D -- dinner

SB -- Sunday brunch

WB -- weekend brunch

CC -- major credit cards accepted

NC -- no checks accepted

CP -- children's portions offered

RR -- reservations recommended

E -- live entertainment

Br -- beer served

Wi -- wine served

FB -- full bar offered

P -- private dining room facilities

z -- smoke-free

X -- wheelchair accessible

$ -- inexpensive, under $10 per person

$$ -- moderate, $10-$25 per person

$$$ -- expensive, $26-$50 per person

$$$$ -- very expensive, over $50 per person

MRA -- member, Memphis Restaurant Association

ABYSSINIA RESTAURANT--Ethiopian cuisine is featured here, with beef, chicken,
lamb, and fish entrees, as well as vegetarian options. Closed Monday. 2600 Poplar.
321-0082. L, D, CC, Br, X, $
AMERIGO--Among the specialties at this Italian-American restaurant are wood-fired
pastas, pizza, steaks, and cedarwood-roasted fish, all served in a bistro setting. 1239
Ridgeway, Park Place Mall. 761-4000. L, D, CC, NC, CP, FB, P, X, $$, MRA

ANDERTON'S--An old standby for seafood dining, Anderton's offers deep-sea lobster
dainties and daily seafood specials, as well as prime rib and steak tenderloin. Closed for
lunch Saturday and all day Sunday. 1901 Madison. 726-4010. L, D, CC, CP, FB, P, X,
$$, MRA

ANNA'S STEAK HOUSE--T-bones, filets, and rib eyes seasoned with Anna's special
marinade are specialties at Anna's, along with prime rib, grilled mesquite chicken, and
Cajun shrimp. 7424 Highway 64, Suite 121. 383-9989. D, CC, CP, RR (large groups),
Br, P, X, $$

ASIAN PALACE--Serving Chinese fare, Asian Palace features such seafood entrees as
shrimp with walnuts and oysters, and Peking-style pork and duck; also crab, lobster,
and vegetarian items. 2920 Covington Pike. 388-3883; 4978 Park Ave. 761-7888 (take-
out only). L, D, CC, NC, RR, Br, Wi, P, X, $

ASIANA GARDEN--In the heart of suburban Memphis you'll find this restaurant serving
Korean/Japanese cuisine. Specialties include marinated beef and pork with sauces for
dipping. 5992 Mt. Moriah Rd. Extd. 795-6147. L, D, CC, NC, RR, Br, P, X, $

A-TAN'S--You'll find Mandarin specialties at A-Tan's, including a chicken-pork-beef-
shrimp combo, and a seafood-vegetable stir-fry. 3445 Poplar, Suite 17, Dillard Square.
452-447. L, D, CC, NC, FB, P, X, $

AUTOMATIC SLIM'S TONGA CLUB--The American Southwestern/Asian/Caribbean
cuisine served at Slim's includes entrees like coconut mango shrimp, pork loin chop with
mole sauce, and whole red snapper. Closed for lunch Saturday and all day Sunday. 83
S. Second. 525-7948. L, D, CC, NC, RR, E (Fridays), FB, X, $$, MRA

BAHAMA BREEZE--West-Indies ribs, Jamaican-grilled chicken, and coconut prawns
are among the entrees at this Caribbean-themed restaurant complete with an outdoor
deck and reggae music. 2830 N. Germantown Parkway, Wolfchase Galleria. 385-8744.
D, CC, NC, CP, E, FB, X, $$

THE BAR-B-Q SHOP--Featured at this Midtown establishment are barbecued ribs,
chicken, pork shoulder sandwiches, and spaghetti, along with beef brisket, sandwiches,
and salads. Closed Sunday and for dinner Monday. 1782 Madison. 272-1277. L, D, CC,
NC, CP, Br, X, $, MRA

BAYOU BAR & GRILL--This Overton Square eatery, with a patio for outdoor dining,
specializes in such Cajun fare as jambalaya, gumbo, Cajun shrimp, red beans and rice,
and muffalettas; late night menu also. 2105 Overton Square Lane. 278-8626. L, D, SB,
CC, NC, CP, FB, X, $
BENIHANA OF TOKYO--At this Japanese steakhouse you can watch the cook as he
grills everything from beef and chicken to scallops and lobster tails right at your table.
Sushi bar also featured. 912 Ridge Lake Boulevard. 683-7390. L, D, CC, NC, CP, RR,
FB, X, $$

BLUE MOON RESTAURANT & TROPICAL BAR--Blue Moon offers "eclectic world
cuisine," with Mediterranean and Caribbean influence; seafood specials nightly. Closed
Sunday and for dinner Monday. 3092 Poplar, Chickasaw Oaks Plaza. 324-4131. L, D,
CC, NC, RR, E (Wed./Sat., jazz/rock), FB, P, X, $$, MRA

BOL Á PASTA--Specializing in "casual Italian" cuisine, Bol A Pasta offers such entrees
as shrimp scampi, baked pastas, steaks, and fresh seafood. 2200 N. Germantown
Parkway. 384-7988; 3160 Village Shops Dr. 757-5609. L, D, CC, NC, CP, RR (lunch),
FB, X, $$, MRA

BOMBAY HOUSE--From the creators of India Palace comes Bombay House, offering
tandoori chicken and other Indian fare, including a luncheon buffet. 1727 N.
Germantown Parkway. 755-4114. L, D, CC, CP, RR, Br, Wi, P, X, $

BONNE TERRE CAFE--This inn/eatery offers three- and four-course prix fixe dinners
($45 and $55) featuring American-Continental creations with such specialties as bacon-
wrapped halibut and rack of lamb with sweet potatoes. Limo service available. Closed
for dinner Sun. 4715 Church Rd. W., Nesbit, MS. 662/781-5100. L (Tues.-Thurs.), D, SB
(first Sun. of each month), CC, NC, RR, E (jazz, Sun. brunch), Br, Wi, P, X, z, $$$$,

steaks, and 16 varieties of pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven, Boscos offers diners a
variety of freshly brewed beers. 7615 West Farmington, Suite 30, Saddle Creek
Shopping Center. 756-7310; 2120 Madison. 432-2222. L, D, SB, CC, NC, CP, E (jazz,
Sun. brunch), FB, P (Madison), X, $$, MRA

BOURBON STREET CAFE--Just off the lobby of the French Quarter Inn, this New
Orleans-style restaurant offers Cajun/American cuisine, with shrimp etouffe as a
specialty. French Quarter Inn, 2144 Madison. 728-4000. B, D, SB, CC, NC, RR, E (jazz
pianist, Tues.-Thurs.; other live music on weekends), FB, P, X, $$

BRAVO! RISTORANTE--At dinner, waiters and waitresses perform arias and show
tunes while serving Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. Breakfast and lunch menus
feature American fare and buffets. Adam's Mark Hotel, 939 Ridge Lake Blvd. 684-6664.
B, L, D, SB, CC, NC, CP, RR (dinner, weekends), E (singing waiters, dinner and
brunch), FB, X, $$, MRA
BREAD BASKET CAFE--This Germantown lunch spot serves homemade rolls, salads,
sandwiches, quiche, and signature cakes and pies. Closed Sunday. 2120 Merchants
Row. #2. 753-2161. L, CC, z, X, $$

BRONTE--This full-service restaurant in a bookstore setting serves eclectic bistro fare,
including seafood, pastas, beef, chicken, and vegetarian items, too. Davis-Kidd
Booksellers, 387 Perkins Extd. 374-0881. B (continental), L, D, CC, CP, Br, Wi, X, z, $,

BROOKLYN BRIDGE ITALIAN RESTAURANT--An intimate eatery specializing in such
homemade entrees as lobster ravioli, and beef tenderloin in red-wine sauce over angel
hair pasta; also fresh seafood. Closed Sunday. 1779 Kirby Pkwy. 755 -7413. D, CC, NC,
CP, RR (six or more), FB, P, X, $$, MRA

BROTHER JUNIPER'S--This popular cafe with two locations offers hearty breakfast and
lunch entrees, including Greek omelettes, salads, soups, sandwiches, and homemade
breads and pastries. Closed Sun. and Mon., Walker location. 3519 Walker. 324-0144;
Memphis Pink Palace Museum, 3050 Central. 320-6320. B, L, D (museum location
only), CP (museum), P (museum), z, X(except bathrooms, Walker location), $, MRA

THE BRUSHMARK--With an emphasis on nouvelle American cuisine, The Brushmark
offers a luncheon menu of grilled fresh fish, pastas, sandwiches, salads, and a crepe du
jour. A specialty is African peanut soup. Closed Monday. Brooks Museum, Overton
Park, 1934 Poplar. 544-6225. L, CC, NC, CP, RR, E (pianist, Sun.), FB, P, z, X, $, MRA

BUCKLEY'S FINE FILET GRILL--Specializing in eight-ounce center-cut filets, Buckley's
also offers grilled chicken, fish, and pasta. 5355 Poplar. 683-4538; 117 Union. 578-
9001. L (Union only, Mon.-Fri.), D, CC, NC, FB, P (Union), X, $$, MRA

THE BUTCHER SHOP--A casual, Western atmosphere sets the stage for 15 kinds of
steak, which you can cook yourself (if you prefer) at an open charcoal pit. Chicken, fish,
pork chops, and prime rib also available. 101 S. Front. 521-0856; 107 S. Germantown
Rd. 757-4244. D, CC, NC, CP, FB, P, X, $$, MRA

CAFE ETC.--The cuisine is a blend of Chinese and American, and entrees include
lemon pepper beef, "Papa's Favorite Chicken," and create -your-own stir-fry
combinations. Closed Sunday. 5910 Mt. Moriah (just west of Ridgeway), Suite 103. 362-
8875; 8071 Trinity, Suite 3 (Cordova). 753-6988. L, D, CC, CP, Br, X, $

New York deli and Viennese pastry shop, Cafe Expresso/The Peabody features soups,
salads, and sandwiches, along with exotic coffees and rich desserts. Cafe
Expresso/East offers similar fare, along with pasta and seafood dishes. The Peabody,
149 Union. 529-4160; The Ridgeway Inn, 5679 Poplar. 763-3888. B, L, D, SB
(Ridgeway), CC, NC, CP, FB, P (Ridgeway), X, $$, MRA
CAFE OLE--Fajitas, spinach mushroom quesadillas, bacon-wrapped shrimp, and a
variety of vegetarian dishes are offered at Cafe Ole; daily specials too. 959 S. Cooper.
274-1504. L, D, CC, NC, CP, FB, X, $$, MRA

CAFE ORLEANS--Gumbo, crawfish etouffe, and other Cajun items are offered for lunch
at this cafe created by Owen Brennan's. Closed Sat. and Sun. 919 S. Yates. 888-6836.
L, CC, CP, X, z, $

CAFE PALLADIO--Tucked inside an antique shop, this luncheon eatery serves gourmet
sandwiches, soups, salads, quiche, and homebaked pastries; also specialty root beers,
sodas, and teas. Closed Sunday. 2169 Central. 274-4390. L, CC, NC, P, z, X, $

CAFE SAMOVAR--The Sadetsky family serves its brand of Russian-American cuisine,
including such entrees as pork tenderloin with bacon mango sauce. Closed for lunch
Saturday and all day Sunday. 83 Union. 529-9607. L, D, CC, NC, CP, RR, E
(weekends, belly dancer, Russian music), FB, X, $$, MRA

CAFE SOCIETY--This intimate, understated restaurant specializes in Continental
cuisine, offering angus beef, veal, and seafood dishes, along with weekly specials.
Closed for lunch Saturday and Sunday. 212 N. Evergreen. 722-2177. L, D, CC, NC, RR,
E (piano, Wed.-Sat.), FB, P, X, $$

CAL'S CHAMPIONSHIP STEAK HOUSE--University of Memphis basketball coach John
Calipari lends his name and sports memorabilia to this steakhouse, serving choice aged
steaks, prime rib, pasta, and fresh seafood. East Memphis Hilton, 5069 Sanderlin. 767-
6666. B, L, D, CC, NC, CP, FB, P, X, $$, MRA

CATFISH CABIN--A mainstay on Airways Boulevard, this rustic-style restaurant serves
up specialties like blackened or fried catfish and hand-breaded shrimp, along with
broiled and grilled items. 2846 Airways. 345-2015. L, D, CC, NC, CP, FB, P, X, $$, MRA

CENTER FOR SOUTHERN FOLKLORE AND CAFE--The Center boasts a cafe serving
fried catfish, barbecue, veggie plates, and other Southern fare, along with salads, pasta,
and burgers. 119 S. Main in Pembroke Square. 525-3655. L (Mon.-Fri.), CC, CP, Br, E
(call for schedule), Br, P, X, z, $

CHEZ PHILIPPE--Acclaimed chef Jose Gutierrez presents a menu of contemporary
French cuisine with a Southern flair, including roasted rack of lamb and filet of salmon;
menu revised seasonally. Closed Sunday. The Peabody, 149 Union. 529-4188. D, CC,
NC, RR, FB, P, X, z, $$$$, MRA.

CHINA DOLL--Serving Mandarin and Hunan cuisine, China Doll features sesame
chicken and chicken wings as specialties, as well as a lunch buffet. Closed Sunday.
1246 Lamar. 278-6888. D, CC, NC, X (except bathroom), $
CHRISTOPHER'S--In the former site of Raji, Christopher's offers continental cuisine
with both prixe fixe dinners and a regular menu of seafood, beef, and chicken entrees
along with daily specials. Closed Sun. and Mon. 712 W. Brookhaven Circle. Scheduled
to open by August '01. D, C, nc, RR, FB, P, X, $$

CIELO--Offering both innovative cuisine and decor, this Victorian Village restaurant
created by Karen Carrier has a changing seasonal menu; nightly seafood specials. 679
Adams. 524-1886. Closed Sunday and Monday. D, CC, NC, RR, E (weekends, piano),
FB, P, X, $$$, MRA

CITY GROCERY--Located on Oxford's town square, City Grocery offers eclectic cuisine
with a menu of steaks and seafood that changes seasonally; shrimp and grits is a
specialty. Closed Sunday. 152 Courthouse Square, Oxford, Mississippi. 601-232-8080.
L, D, CC, RR, FB, X, z, $$

COLETTA'S--A mainstay on the Italian dining scene, Coletta's serves lasagna, ravioli,
and pizza with barbecue or traditional topping. Closed for lunch Sun., South Parkway
location. 2850 Appling Rd. 383-1122; 1063 S. Parkway E. 948-7652. L, D, CC, NC, CP,
FB, P, X, $$, MRA

CORKY'S--This popular barbecue emporium offers both wet and dry ribs, plus a full
menu of other barbecue entrees, such as pork shoulder and shrimp. Sam's Town
location open Fri.-Sun. only. 5259 Poplar. 685-9744; 1740 Germantown Pkwy.
(Cordova). 737-1911; Sam's Town Hotel/Gambling Hall. 1477 Casino Strips Resort
Blvd. (Robinsonville, MS). 662-363-0711. L (Poplar and Cordova daily; Sam's Town,
Sun. only) D, CC, CP (Poplar and Cordova), Br, FB (Sam's Town o nly), P (Cordova), X,
$, MRA

COZYMEL'S--This spacious family-style restaurant features a variety of coastal
Mexican specialties -- from enchiladas and fajitas to zesty seafood entrees. 6450
Poplar. 763-1202. L, D, CC, NC, CP, FB, P, X, $$

CREOLE CAFE--Seafood gumbo, po' boys, and muffalettas are some of the Creole
items served at this Medical Center eatery. Closed for dinner Mon., Sat., and all day
Sun. 220 S. Claybrook. 276-9722. L, D, CC, CP, Br, P, X, $

DELHI PALACE--Offering a daily luncheon buffet, Delhi Palace features the cuisine of
Northern India, with chicken, lamb, beef, and shrimp dishes baked in an authentic
tandoor clay oven. Vegetarian dishes are offered as well. 6110 Macon Rd. 386 -3600. L,
D, CC, NC, CP, RR, FB, X, $

DON PABLO--Fajitas, enchiladas, and other Tex-Mex fare are dished out in large
portions at this family-style restaurant. 3530 Riverdale Rd. 737 -3259; 8470 Highway 64.
381-0060. L, D, CC, NC, CP, FB, X, $
DRAGON CHINA--Specializing in Mandarin and Cantonese cuisine, this eatery has an
all-day buffet with such items as sesame chicken and Hunan pork, but diners may also
order from the 140-item menu. 1680 Madison. 278-8838; 500 W. Broadway. West
Memphis, AR. 735-8888. L, D, CC, NC, CP, X, $

DUX-- Located at The Peabody, Dux boasts "New America regional" cuisine with a
menu of pasta, seafood, steaks, lamb, and chicken dishes. The Peabody, 149 Union.
529-4199. B, L, D, CC, NC, CP, RR (weekends), FB, P, X, $$, MRA

EDEN CAFE--A crab-melt sandwich and chicken-walnut salad are among the entrees at
this luncheon eatery, which also offers pasta and specialty cheesecakes and other
desserts. Closed Sunday. Cottage House Mall, 4701 Summer. 682-1259. L, CP, RR (6
or more), X, z, $

EDO--One of the original Japanese restaurants in this area, Edo is known for its
seafood dishes, sushi, and fresh vegetables. Specialties include shrimp tempura and
chicken teriyaki. Closed for lunch Saturday and Sunday, and all day Monday. 4792
Summer. 767-7096. L, D, CC, NC, CP, RR (for more than five), Br, $

E.J.'S BRASSERIE--Erling Jensen and Jimmy Ishii team up to offer a combination of
Scandinavian/American cuisine, including hearty beef entrees and fresh seafood
entrees. Closed for lunch Sat. and Sun. 1884 N. Germantown Rd. 751-1150. L, D, CC,
CP, RR, FB, z, X, $$, MRA

EL CHICO--A mainstay in Dillard Square, El Chico dishes out fajitas, chimichangas,
fried ice cream, and other Tex-Mex fare. 3491 Poplar. 323-9609. L, D, CC, CP, RR, FB,
z, $

EL MEZCAL--Located in a Parkway Village shopping center, this small restaurant
serves burritos, chimichangas, fajitas, and other Mexican cuisine. 4688 Knight Arnold.
360-1838. L, D, CC, NC, CP, FB, X, $

EL PORTON--Fajitas and steak ranchero are just a few of the specialties at this casual
Mexican restaurant. 2095 Merchant's Row (Germantown). 754-4268; 5959 Winchester,
Hickory Ridge Mall. 366-1871; 65 S. Highland, Poplar Plaza. 452-7330; 1805 N.
Germantown Parkway (Cordova). 624-9358.; 920 Stateline Rd. (Southaven). 280-8036.
L, D, CC, CP, FB, P (some locations), X (except ba throoms, Poplar location), $

EL SIETE MARES--Featuring Mexican cuisine with an emphasis on seafood, this small
eatery specializes in carnitas, tamales, jumbo burritos, and seven seafood entrees.
Closed Wednesday. 3681 Jackson. 386-1199. L, D, NC, CP, E (weekends, mariachi),
Br, X (except bathroom), $

EL TAPATIO--Besides a variety of Tex-Mex specialties, El Tapatio offers steaks and
seafood, including shrimp and oyster cocktails, and weekly specials. Closed for lunch
Sunday. 2860 S. Perkins. 795-6360. L, D, CC, NC, CP, RR (weekends), FB, X (ladies'
only), $

THE EMERALD--Thai cuisine is featured here, with such specialties as sweet-and-sour
noodles, and chicken coconut soup; also a weekday buffet. Closed for lunch Sunday.
5699 Mt. Moriah. 367-2827. L, D, CC, NC, CP, RR (for five or more), Br, P, X, $

EQUESTRIA--Featuring global cuisine with Southern touches, Equestria serves such
entrees as rack of lamb Dijon, sea bass with mango lime sauce, shrimp and lobster
linguine, as well as prime steaks. Closed Sunda y. 3165 Forest Hill-Irene Rd. 869-2663.
D, CC, NC, CP, FB, P, X, $$$

ERIKA'S--Erika's menu boasts bratwurst, wiener schnitzel, and other home-cooked
German entrees, as well as some American items at lunch. Closed Sunday. 52 S.
Second. 526-5522. L (Mon.-Fri.), D (Fri.-Sat.), CC, NC, Br, P, X (except bathrooms), $$

FOLK'S FOLLY--Entrees at this East Memphis eatery include sizzling-hot prime steaks,
jumbo live Maine lobster, grilled Scottish salmon, Alaskan king crab legs, and marinated
catfish fillets. 551 S. Mendenhall. 762-8200. D, CC, NC, RR, E (piano, Mon.-Sat.), FB,
P, X, $$$, MRA

FORMOSA--One of the first restaurants in Memphis to serve hot, spicy Chinese fare,
Formosa offers the regional cuisine of Mandarin, Szechuan, and Hunan, including such
specialties as orange chicken and hot-and-sour wonton. Closed Monday. 3735
Summer. 323-4819; 6685 Quince. 753-9898; 2050 West St. (Germantown). 759-1005.
L, D, CC, NC, CP, RR, Br (Summer), FB (Quince and Germantown), X (except
bathrooms, Summer location), $$

GALLINA'S EXCHANGE--Among the specialties at this Italian eatery are homemade
manicotti, ravioli, shrimp fettucine, and eggplant parmesan. Closed for lunch Saturday
and Sunday. 4069 Summer. 324-0156. L, D, CC, CP, Br, Wi, X, $

GERMANTOWN COMMISSARY--A longtime favorite with barbecue fans, serving both
sandwiches and ribs in quaint, rustic surroundings. Other specialties include barbecued
nachos and shrimp. 2290 S. Germantown. 754-5540. L, D, CC, CP, Br, X, $, MRA

GOLDEN GARDEN--Serving Mandarin and Cantonese cuisine, Golden Garden offers
such specialties as honey chicken, fragrant shrimp, and a large variety of vegetarian
dishes; buffet also featured certain days. 6249 Stage Rd. 372-2012. L, D, CC, Br, P, X,

GOLDEN INDIA--Offers Northern Indian specialties cooked in a clay oven, such as
tandoori chicken, as well as lamb, beef, and shrimp dishes, with either mild or medium
seasoning; luncheon buffet featured. 2097 Madison. 728-5111. L, D, CC, NC, RR, Br, X
(except bathroom), $$
GOLDEN PALACE--Besides a daily buffet, this Chinese restaurant has an extensive
menu with such items as orange chicken and a seafood combo. 1625 N. Germantown
Parkway. 754-2884. L, D, CC, NC, CP, RR, Br, P, X, $

GREAT CHINA--Featuring a wide variety of authentic Cantonese, Hong Kong , and
Mandarin dishes, Great China serves daily luncheon and dinner buffets. 5137 Summer.
682-8220. L, D, CC, NC, RR, Br, P, X, $

THE GREAT WALL--The menu here is primarily Cantonese cuisine, but a few Hunan
and Szechuan dishes are offered as well, along with several seafood dishes; buffets
also featured. 987 Goodman Rd., Horn Lake, MS. 601-349-6888. L, D, CC, NC, RR,
FB, P, X, $

GRIDLEY'S--A perennial favorite among local barbecue lovers for its ribs, pork plate,
chicken, and smoked turkey; also, shrimp at some locations. 6842 Stage Rd., 377-8055;
6430 Winchester. 794-5997; satellite locations: 3624 Austin Peay. 388-7444; 4774
Summer. 761-0111; 787 W. Poplar (Collierville). 854-6030; 1014 Germantown Pkwy.
758-8801. L, D, CC, NC, CP, Br, X, $

FRANK GRISANTI'S ITALIAN RESTAURANT--This upscale restaurant offers northern
Italian favorites like pasta with jumbo shrimp and mushrooms, fresh seafood specialties,
filet mignon, and daily lunch specials; also an award -winning wine list. Closed for lunch
Sunday. Embassy Suites Hotel, 1022 Shady Grove. 761-9462. L, D, CC, CP, RR, FB,
P, X, $$

RONNIE GRISANTI AND SONS--Specializing in Tuscan cuisine, Ronnie and Sons
offers handmade ravioli, baked manicotti, and other Italian staples; also, fresh seafood,
steaks, and nightly specials. Closed Sunday. 2855 Poplar. 323-0007. D, CC, CP, RR
(for 8 or more), FB, P, X, $$

THE GROVE GRILL--This East Memphis bistro offers steaks, chops, seafood, and
other American cuisine with a Southern flair, with such specialties as shrimp and grits
and roasted veal loin chops. 4550 Poplar. 818-9951. L, D, CC, NC, CP, RR, FB, P, X,
$$, MRA

HALF SHELL--Specializing in seafood, such as King crab legs and shrimp and lobster,
the Half Shell also offers steaks, chicken, pastas, and sandwiches. 688 S. Mendenhall.
682-3966. L, D, WB, CC, NC, CP, FB, P, X, $$, MRA

HATTLEY'S GARAGE--This quaint eatery in a renovated early 20th-century garage
offers a lunch menu of innovative salads, soups, sandwiches, and vegetarian items,
while the dinner menu of grilled chicken and seafood changes nightly. Closed Sun. and
Mon. 1761 Madison. 726-3000. L, D, CC, NC, Br, P, X, $. 1761 Madison. 726-3000.
THE HOLLYWOOD RESTAURANT--Serves steaks and seafood in a casual setting;
also fried green tomatoes, dill pickles, and frog legs. Closed Sunday. Highway 304
West, Robinsonville, MS. 662-363-1126. L (Mon.-Fri.), D (Fri.-Sat.), CC, CP, RR
(weekends), E (weekends), Br, Wi, P, X, $$

HONG KONG--Hong Kong offers healthy portions of such Cantonese standards as
sweet-and-sour chicken and pepper beef. A lunch buffet is offered daily, and the menu
features over 90 exotic main dishes. A specialty is shrimp with lobster sauce. 3966 Elvis
Presley Blvd. 396-0801. L, D, CC, NC, CP, RR, Br, X, $

HOUSE OF INDIA--Spicy chicken with tomatoes in cream sauce is a specialty at this
restaurant whose name speaks for itself; also features lamb, seafood, and vegetarian
dishes, as well as a lunch buffet. 2617 Poplar. 452-5090. L, D, CC, RR, Br, P, X, $

HOUSTON'S--The menu at this popular East Memphis mainstay in-cludes prime rib,
steaks, and fresh grilled fish, as well as soups, sandwiches, salads. 5000 Poplar. 683-
0915. L, D, CC, NC, CP, FB, X, $$, MRA

HUNAN PALACE--Offers a wide variety of Hunan, Szechuan, Mandarin, Cantonese,
and Shanghai cooking. Among the 140 menu items are such specialties as General
Tsao's chicken and stir-fry seafood, as well as some vegetarian dishes. 1140 N.
Germantown Parkway, Suite 101 (Cordova). 751-8863. L, D, CC, NC, CP, RR, FB, P,
X, $

INDIA PALACE--Bringing a Taj Mahal flavor to Midtown, this eatery offers such
authentic Indian specialties as tandoori chicken, lamb boti kabobs, several vegetarian
entrees, and a daily luncheon buffet. 1720 Poplar. 278-1199. L, D, CC, NC, CP, RR, Br,
P, X, $, MRA

INTERSTATE BAR-B-Q--This once little-known establishment has earned a loyal group
of supporters. Barbecue specialties include chopped pork-shoulder sandwiches, ribs,
hot wings, spaghetti, chicken, and link sausages. Closed Sunday, S. Third location.
2265 S. Third 775-2304; Memphis International Airport. 922-2587. L, D, CC, NC, CP, Br
(S. Third), P, X, z (airport only), $, MRA

IRON CHEF--Blending Korean and Japanese cuisine, Iron Chef features sushi, grilled
fish, and other Pan-Asian entrees, as well as soups and salads. 5529 Summer, #102.
372-1313. L, D, CC CP, RR, E (Fri., violin/cello), Br, Wi, X, $$, MRA

IVY BISTRO--In the site of the former Justine's, the Ivy Bistro serves a blend of
American Southern and French cuisine with "bold, international flavors" and seafood
specialties. Closed Monday. 919 Coward Place. 524-1900. L,SB, CC, RR, E
(weekends), FB, P, X (except bathrooms), $$
JA JA'S THAI RESTAURANT--The menu at this Collierville eatery offers some 40
traditional Thai entrees, including padthai -- noodles, shrimp, and peanuts in a spicy
sauce. Closed Sunday. 192 Washington, Collierville. 850 -5222. L, D, CC, NC, CP, Br, z,
X, $

JARRETT'S--Chef Richard Farmer's creative and changing menu of American regional
cuisine includes such specialties as horseradish-encrusted grouper and smoked trout
ravioli with Arkansas caviar; courtyard dining available. Closed Sunday. 5689 Quince.
763-2264. D, CC, NC, RR (six or more), FB, P, X, $$, MRA

JASMINE CHINESE & THAI RESTAURANT--Entrees include curry chicken and pad
thai (noodles, shrimp, and peanuts); vegetarian dishes and weekend chef specials also
served. Closed Monday. 3024 Covington Pike, Suite 6. 386-2974. L, D, CC, NC, Br, X,

ERLING JENSEN'S, THE RESTAURANT--Celebrated chef Erling Jensen brings his
"French cuisine with global influences" to East Memphis. Among the specialties is rack
of lamb; fresh fish and some wild game also served nightly. 1044 S. Yates. 763-3700.
D, CC, RR, FB, P, z, X, $$$, MRA

JIM'S PLACE--Located in wooded surroundings off Summer Avenue, Jim's Place
features American, Greek, and Continental cuisine with such specialties as souflima
(pork tenderloin), and grouper Pontchartrain with soft-shelled crab. Closed for lunch
Saturday and all day Sunday. 5560 Shelby Oaks. 388-7200. L, D, CC, CP, RR (6 or
more), FB, P, X, $$, MRA

JOE'S CRAB SHACK--This family-style restaurant serves an array of seafood -- shrimp,
lobster, crawfish, and crab -- along with chicken, steak, and pasta. 7990 Horizon Blvd.
384-7478; 3518 Riverdale. 624-9270. L, D, CC, NC, CP, FB, P, X, $$

JOHNNY ROCKETS--A glitzy hamburger shop offering burgers, sandwiches, malts, and
milkshakes, all homemade fresh daily. 2760 N. Germantown Parkway (Wolfchase
Galleria, Cordova). 377-1600. L, D, CC, NC, CP, P, z, X, $

KOBE JAPANESE STEAKHOUSE & SUSHI BAR--Steak, shrimp, and chicken are
cooked tableside at this Cordova eatery, which also serves sushi and sashimi. 714
Germantown Parkway, Trinity Commons. 737-7330. Closed for lunch Sat.-Sun. L, D,
CC, NC, CP, RR, FB, X, z, $$

KOTO--A blend of Japanese and French cuisine is featured here, serving seafood, wild
game and specialties like wasabi-seared tuna and a seafood medley. Closed for lunch
Saturday and Sunday. 22 S. Cooper. 722-2244. L, D, CC, NC, RR, FB, z, X, $$$, MRA
LA BAGUETTE--This casual, French-style eatery is part bakery/part bistro, offering
soups, quiches, and croissant sandwiches. 3088 Poplar. 458-0900. B (bakery), L, CC,
CP, P, z, X, $, MRA

LA CHINE--From the creators of Wang's Mandarin House comes this contemporary
Chinese restaurant offering seafood and various Mandarin and Asian entrees, including
steamed sea bass with ginger sauce. Closed for lunch Sat.-Sun., Humphreys location.
50 Humphreys Blvd., #9. 747-2000; 3705 Malco Way, Suite 101. 755-0878. L, D, CC,
NC, FB (Humphreys), Br (Malco Way), P (Malco Way), z (Humphreys), X, $$

LA HACIENDA--Mexican specialties are served up here, from fajitas and tacos to
"enchiladas supremas." 4740 Yale Rd. 380-0471; 201 Stateline Rd. (Southaven). 342-
6777; 746 W. Poplar (Collierville). 850-7698. L, D, CC, CP, RR (large groups), FB, P
(Yale and Southaven), X, $

LA MONTAGNE--Focusing on international cuisine with an emphasis on "healthy
eating," La Montagne offers daily vegetarian specials, fresh fish, poultry, and a variety of
international entrees. Closed Monday. 3550 Park. 458-1060. L, D, SB, CC, NC, CP, FB,
P, X, $$, MRA

LA TOURELLE--Set in a turn-of-the-century bungalow near Overton Square, La
Tourelle serves French cuisine, with such specialties as rack of lamb and fresh seafood.
Upstairs is the Tower Cafe, with a less expensive menu and more casual atmosphere.
2146 Monroe. 726-5771. L (Fri. and Sun.), D, SB, CC, NC, RR, FB, P, z, X, $$$

LANDRY'S SEAFOOD--Located in a riverside setting, Landry's offers a wide assortment
of fresh seafood specialties along with steak, chicken, and pasta. 263 Wagner Place.
526-1966. L, D, CC, NC, CP, FB, P, X, $$, MRA

LE CHARDONNAY--This bistro-style establishment serves seafood, steak, and chicken
entrees as well as gourmet pizzas and pastas; some specialties are tenderloin
medallions with chutney, and basil-aioli salmon. Closed for lunch Saturday and Sunday.
2100-5 Overton Square Lane. 725-1375. L, D, CC, NC, FB, P, X, $$

LE PETIT BISTRO--Formerly Aubergine, this more moderately priced new eatery offers
French bistro fare with entrees like trout almondine, duck breast, and filet mignon with
cognac sauce. Closed Sunday and Monday. 5007 Black. 767-7840. D, CC, FB, P, X, z

LEONARD'S--Long a favorite spot for lovers of barbecue--from ribs and sandwiches to
spaghetti and ravioli--Leonard's offers a lunch and dinner buffet. 5465 Fox Plaza. 360-
1963. L, D, CC, NC, CP, Br, P, X, $

LILLY'S DIM SUM, THEN SOME--A Cooper-Young eatery serving traditional dim sum
treats and various Asian (Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese)
specialties. 903 S. Cooper. 276-9300. L, D, SB (dim sum), CC, NC, CP, Br, Wi, P, X,
$$, MRA

LOTUS--This Vietnamese-Asian restaurant with French influence offers an exotic
assortment of dishes including banh cuon, banh xeo, whole boneless duck, lemon grass
chicken and shrimp, egg rolls, and spicy Vietnamese vermicelli. 4970 Summer. 682-
1151. D, CC, NC, RR (large groups), Br, X, $

LULU GRILLE--This neighborhood bistro serving American and international entrees
features fresh seafood, steaks, chops, wild game, pasta, and several homemade
desserts. Closed Sunday. 565 Erin, White Station Plaza. 763-3677. L, D, CC, NC, RR
(for six or more), FB, P, X, $$, MRA

MCEWEN'S ON MONROE--A downtown eatery offering contemporary Southern cuisine
with such dinner specialties as maple/soy-glazed salmon wih spicy Creole mustard and
fried chicken with country-ham gravy; at lunch, sandwiches, salads, and blue-plate
specials. Closed for lunch Saturday, all day Sunday, and for dinner Monday. 122
Monroe. 527-7085. L, D, CC, NC, CP, RR (dinner), FB, X, $$ (dinner), MRA

DAN MCGUINNESS PUB--Irish specialties are served up at this downtown eatery,
including shepherd's pie, Irish stew, "bangers & mash" (sausage and potatoes), and
beef and Guinness, along with entrees like herb-crusted salmon and roasted chicken.
150 Peabody Place. 527-8500. L, D, CC, E (Thurs.-Sat.), FB, X, $$

MADIDI--Rack of lamb, filet of beef, and several seafood specials -- including pan-
seared sea scallops and spice-encrusted grouper -- are among the specialties at this
upscale Mississippi restaurant owned by actor Morgan Freeman. Closed for dinner
Sunday. 164 Delta Ave. 662-627-7770. D, SB, CC, RR, FB, P, X, z, $$$

MANTIA'S--A Mediterranean cafe, deli, and market with a variety of soups, salads,
pasta, and sandwiches at lunch, and a changing menu of special entrees at dinner.
Take-out available. Closed for dinner Saturday, all day Sunday, and dinner Monday.
4856 Poplar. 762-8560. L, D, CC, CP, E (jazz guitarist Tue. & Fri.), X, z, $$, MRA

MARENA'S--This popular Midtown restaurant with furniture hand-painted by local artists
offers Northern Italian cuisine from the Via Emilia-Romagna region; menu of pasta,
seafood, chicken, and meat dishes changes seasonally. Closed Sunday and Monday.
1545 Overton Park Ave. 278-9774. D, CC, RR, E (classical guitarist nightly), Br, Wi, z,
X, $$$, MRA

MARMALADE--Southern homestyle entrees are specialties here, including catfish, fried
chicken, pork chops, barbecued ribs, seafood gumbo, and chili. Closed Sunday and
Monday. 153 G.E. Patterson. 522-8800. D, CC, NC, RR, E (weekends, R&B), FB, P, X,
MELANGE--The focus in the main dining room of this upscale Cooper-Young restaurant
is on American-European cuisine, with such specialties as roasted rack of lamb and
crabmeat and garlic ravioli, while a tapas bar offers "small plates" of gourmet foods. 948
S. Cooper. 276-0002. D, SB, CC, NC, RR (main dining room), E (call for schedule), FB,
X, $$$, MRA

MELOS TAVERNA--In an intimate setting Melos offers authentic Greek food.
Specialties include shepherd's pie, lamb chops, spanakopita, moussaka, calamari, and
Greek salads. Closed Sunday and Monday. 2021 Madison. 725-1863. D, CC, CP, RR,
FB, P, X, $$

MEMPHIS PIZZA CAFE--Homemade pizzas baked on brick slates are the specialties at
this casual family-style cafe, which also offers sandwiches, calzones, and salads. 2089
Madison. 726-5343; 5061 Park Ave. 684-1306; 7604 W. Farmington (Germantown).
753-2218. L, D, CC, NC, Br, Wi (Madison), X, $, MRA

MEXICO CITY--Located in a shopping center off Covington Pike, Mexico City offers
carnitas, chiles rellenos, shrimp and mushroom quesadillas, fish platters, and a variety
of Mexican entrees and combinations. 5040 Raleigh LaGrange. 385-0591. L, D, CC,
NC, CP, RR, FB, X, $

MIKASA JAPAN--Seafood and traditional Japanese dishes are the specialties here,
including shrimp tempura, chicken teriyaki, and lobster for two; sushi bar also featured.
Closed for lunch Sat. and Sun. 6150 Poplar. 683-0000. L, D, CC, NC, RR, FB, P, X, $$

MISTER B--Features steaks and Cajun seafood specialties, such as gumbo and
crawfish etouffe. Closed for lunch Saturday and all day Sunday and Monday. 6655
Poplar, #107. 751-5262. L, D, CC, NC, FB, P, X, $$, MRA

MOJO'S GREEK AND MEDITERRANEAN--This eatery dishes up Greek, Lebanese,
and American entrees of chicken, lamb, and beef, as well as salads, sandwiches, and
vegetarian dishes. Closed Sunday. 775 S. Highland. 458-0030. L, D, CC, NC, CP, RR
(weekends), E (weekends, belly-dancing), Br, X (except bathrooms), $$

MOLLY'S LA CASITA--Chicken fajitas, chiles rellenos with shrimp Mexicana, and a
vegetarian combo are just a few of the specialties at Molly's, which also serves seafood
entrees such as red snapper. 2006 Madison. 726-1873. L, D, CC, NC, CP, FB, X, $,

MOROCCO CAFE--Mediterranean specialties are featured at this cafe near the
University of Memphis, including kabobs, couscous with chicken or lamb, and tajine that
contains shrimp, orange roughy, and vegetables in a spicy sauce. Closed Sunday. 786
Echles. 324-6688. L, D, CC, NC, CP, RR (weekends), E (belly dancer, Fri.-Sat.) z, X
(except bathrooms), $$
MORTIMER'S--Grilled salmon, crabcakes, and stuffed trout are among the seafood
offerings at this neighborhood restaurant, which also offers sandwiches, salads, and
nightly specials. Closed for lunch Sat. and Sun. 590 N. Perkins. 761-9321. L, D, CC,
NC, CP, FB, P, X, $$, MRA

NAGASAKI INN--Spicy chicken, steak, and lobster are among the main courses offered
at this hibachi steakhouse, where the meal is cooked at your table. Also offers sushi
and tempura. 3951 Summer. 454-0320. D, CC, NC, CP, RR, FB, P, X (except
bathrooms), $$

NAM KING--Specializing in authentic Cantonese cuisine, Nam King offers luncheon and
dinner buffets and such specialties as oriental beef and sweet/spicy Nam King chicken.
5122 Summer. 682-0256; 6494 Winchester. 366-6422; 4594 Yale Rd. 373-4411, L, D,
CC, NC, CP, RR (Yale), Br, P (Yale & Winchester), X, $

NAPA CAFE--From the creators of Paulette's, Napa Cafe serves "American eclectic"
cuisine with an emphasis on fresh fish; some specialties are rack of lamb and yellow fin
tuna. Closed for lunch Saturday and all day Sunday. 5101 Sanderlin, Suite 122. 683-
0441. L, D, CC, NC, CP, RR (weekends), FB, P, X, $$, MRA

NEELY'S BAR-B-QUE--Pork ribs, sandwiches, spaghetti, hot wings, and smoked turkey
are popular entrees at this barbecue spot. Closed Sunday. 670 Jefferson. 521-9798;
5700 Mt. Moriah. 795-4177; 2235 Covington Pike. 388-3787. L, D, CC, NC, CP, Br, P,
X, $, MRA

NEW HUNAN--Among the specialties at this Chinese eatery with more than 40 entrees
you'll find orange beef, vegetable dumplings, and lunch/dinner buffets. Closed Mon.,
Park location. 5052 Park. 766-1622; 7411 Goodman Rd., Olive Branch, MS. 662-893-
3688. L, D, CC, NC, Br (Park Ave.), FB (Olive Branch), P (Park Ave.), X, $, MRA

OBADIAH'S CAFE--Located in Strings and Things Music Mall, Obadiah's Cafe features
gourmet soups, salads, sandwiches, and an espresso bar. Closed Sunday and Monday.
1553 Madison. 722-2266. B, L, CC, NC, CP, X, z, $, MRA

OLIVE BRANCH CATFISH COMPANY--Besides the fried variety, OBCC also serves its
catfish grilled and blackened. Other menu items include steak, marinated chicken, and
fried shrimp. 9659 Old Highway 78, Olive Branch. 662-895-9494. L, D, CC, CP, RR
(Fri.-Sat.), Br, P, X, $, MRA

ON TEUR--This tiny popular restaurant serves "American eclectic" cuisine, including
steak and chicken entrees with innovative sauces, along with grilled grouper and
smoked amberjack. Outdoor deck also featured. Closed for lunch Monday. 2015
Madison. 725-6059. L, D, CC, NC, Br, X (except bathrooms), $$, MRA
ON THE BORDER--This "Mexican cafe" dishes out such Tex-Mex specialties as fajitas
and steak and shrimp combination. 8101 Giacosa (Cordova). 372-8883. L, D, CC, NC,
CP, FB, X, $

OWEN BRENNAN'S--New Orleans cuisine is the theme at Owen Brennan's, whose
menu of beef, chicken, pasta, and seafood includes such specialties as jambalaya. The
Regalia, 6150 Poplar. 761-0990. Closed for dinner Sunday. L, D, SB, CC, NC, CP, RR,
E (jazz, weekend nights and Sun. brunch), FB, P, X, $$, MRA

PANCHO'S--Serves up a variety of Tex-Mex standards, including tacos, enchiladas,
and mix-and-match platters. 87-91 Second St. 522-0011; 3600 Broadway (West
Memphis). 735-6466; 717 N. White Station. 685-5404. L, D, CC, NC, CP, FB, P, X, $

PAPPY AND JIMMIE'S--This restaurant's emphasis is on Southern-style seafood, with
snow crab legs as a special; prime rib and steaks also offered along with home-cooked
lunches. 5221 Summer. 763-3946. L, D, CC, NC, CP, RR (weekends), FB, P, X, $$

PAULETTE'S--Modeled after a European country inn, this Overton Square mainstay
offers fine dining with a French flair, including steaks, grilled chicken, seafood, crepes,
and rich desserts. 2110 Madison. 726-5128. L, D, WB, CC, CP, RR, E (pianist,
weekends and Sun. brunch), FB, P, X, $$, MRA

PEKING--Peking offers a wide variety of Mandarin and other Chinese entrees.
Specialties include orange beef, ginger ribs, and house duck. 3241 Elvis Presley Blvd.
346-8930. L, D, CC, NC, Br, Wi, X (except bathrooms), $

PETE AND SAM'S--A longtime Memphis establishment serving steaks, seafood, and
traditional Italian dishes in a homey atmosphere. 3886 Park. 458-0694. D, CC, CP, RR
(weekends), Br, P, X (except bathrooms), $$, MRA

P.F. CHANG'S CHINA BISTRO--In an elegant, upscale setting, this chain eatery serves
traditional Chinese specialties. Park at Ridgeway, Park Place Centre. 818-3889. L, D,
CC, NC, FB, X, $$, MRA

PHO PASTEUR--This Midtown restaurant specializes in Vietnamese fare, including
noodle soups, chow mein, and stir-fry dishes. Closed Tuesday. 38 N. Cleveland. 728-
4711. L, D, CC, NC, RR, Br, X (except bathrooms), $

THE PIER--This downtown landmark features steaks, prime rib, seafood, and several
excellent views of Memphis' waterfront. 100 Wagner Place. 526-7381. D, CC, NC, CP,
FB, P, X, $$$, MRA

PIG-N-WHISTLE--This barbecue restaurant offers everything from pork shoulder to both
wet and dry ribs; also featured are all-you-can-eat catfish on Thursdays and a Sunday
buffet. 2740 Bartlett Rd. 386-3300; 7144 Winchester. 754-4400. L, D, CC, NC, CP, Br,
P, X, $
RENDEZVOUS--The Rendezvous' pork ribs are legendary, as are the wisecracking
waiters and the vintage Memphis decor. Closed Sunday and Monday. 52 S. Second.
523-2746. L (Fri.-Sat. only), D, CC, NC, CP, Br, Wi, P, X, $$, MRA

RIALTO RESTAURANT & BAR--This downtown eatery specializes in Southern Italian
favorites; also serves steaks and fresh seafood. Closed for lunch Saturday and all day
Sunday. 135 S. Main, Pembroke Square. 432-3675. L, D, CC, NC, RR, E (piano bar)
FB, P, X, $$

ROMANO'S MACARONI GRILL--Offers Northern Italian cuisine, including such
signature items as pasta Milano, and penne rustica; also steaks, seafood, and salads.
6705 Poplar. 753-6588; 2859 N. Germantown Parkway. 266-4565. L, D, CC, NC, CP,
FB, P (Germantown Pkwy.), X, $$

ROYAL DRAGON--Hot-and-spicy Thai cuisine, as well as some milder Mandarin and
Cantonese dishes, are offered at Royal Dragon. Pepper steak, pork chop suey, and
spicy pineapple chicken are among the menu items. Closed for lunch Saturday and all
day Sunday. 153 N. Cleveland. 725-9447. L, D, CC, NC, Br, X, $

ROYAL PANDA--Hunan fish, Peking duck, Szechuan chicken, and a seafood combo
are specialties at Royal Panda. 3120 Village Shops Dr. (Germantown). 756-9697. L, D,
CC, NC, CP, RR, Br, Wi, X, $$

RUMBLE FISH--Blending Italian and French cuisine, this eclectic restaurant offers such
entrees as polenta-encrusted shrimp with leeks and pancetta, seafood paella, and
grilled chicken with sweet potatoes and marmalade. Closed Sun. and Mon. 1909
Poplar. 278-0618. D, CC, CP, RR, FB, X, z, $$

RUTH'S CHRIS STEAK HOUSE--Serving diners in an elegant setting, Ruth's Chris
offers prime steaks cut and aged in-house, as well as lamb, pork, chicken, and fresh
seafood, including lobster. 5858 Ridgeway Center Parkway. 761-0055. D, CC, NC, RR,
FB, P, X, $$$, MRA

SABOR TROPICAL--Cuban cuisine is featured here -- pork strips mingled with onions
and red and green peppers, served with rice and fried plaintains; red snapper fillet
sauted in butter, lime juice, and cilantro; as well as chicken and beef dishes. 3999
Lamar Ave. For more information call 566-0960.

SAIGON LE--This Vietnamese/Chinese eatery offers its popular specialties of shrimp
ginger, pork chops with mushrooms, and several vegetarian entrees. Closed Sunday.
51 N. Cleveland. 276-5326. L, D, CC, NC, Br, X (except bathrooms), $

SAITO STEAKHOUSE--Blending the words "Saigon" and "Tokyo," this Bartlett eatery
serves Japanese and some Vietnamese cuisine; sushi bar has 100 offerings. Closed for
lunch Saturday. 6600 Stage Rd., Suite 101. 373-1957. L, D, CC, NC, CP, RR
(weekdays), FB, X, $$

SALSA--California/Mexican home-cooking is featured at Salsa, with such specialties as
spicy beef, pork, and chicken entrees, and Southwestern seafood creations. Closed
Sunday. Regalia Shopping Center, 6150 Poplar. 683-6325. L, D, CC, NC, CP, RR (for
six or more), E (Wed. night), FB, P, X, $, MRA

SAWADDII--Among the Thai specialties offered here are salmon curry, coconut chicken
with potatoes and roasted peanuts, fried catfish with mild ginger/teriyaki sauce, and
sauteed rice noodles with bean sprouts and scallions. 121 Union Ave. 529-1818. L, D,
CC, NC, FB, X, $$

authentic Japanese cuisine: fresh sushi bar, robata bar, grilled meats and seafood,
California rolls, noodle dishes, and vegetarian entrees. Pacific Rim cuisine at Poplar
location. Closed for lunch Sat.-Sun, all locations except Humphreys. Humphreys
Center, 50 Humphreys Blvd. 747-0001; 25 Belvedere. 725-0005; Union at Second,
Holiday Inn Select. 523-0001; 4724 Poplar. 767-7770. L, D, WB (Humphreys) CC, NC,
CP, RR, FB, P, X, z (Poplar), $$, MRA

SHANTI STEAK HOUSE--Diners can get mesquite-grilled chicken, salmon, pork chops,
and, of course, steak, including a 28 -ounce Porterhouse. 3807 Summer. 452-1027. D,
CC, NC, CP, Br, P, X, $$

SHOGUN JAPANESE RESTAURANT--Offers such Japanese specialties as tempura,
teriyaki, and sushi, as well as grilled fish, lamb, and chicken entrees. Closed for lunch
Sat., Cordova location; closed for lunch Sat and Sun., Poplar Plaza location. 3420
Poplar Plaza. 324-4877; 2314 Germantown Parkway (Cordova). 384-4122. L, D, CC,
NC, CP, FB, P, X, $$

SHU'S--A range of Chinese and Thai specialties are dished out here, including Peking
duck, soy and pepper shrimp, and a seafood combo; also Japanese sushi. 3588
Ridgeway. 366-9760. L, D, CC, NC, CP, RR, FB, P, X, $, MRA

SIDE PORCH STEAK HOUSE--The menu at this homey Bartlett restaurant naturally
features steak, but also offers chicken, pork chops, and fish; homemade rolls are a
specialty. Closed Monday. 5689 Stage Road. 377-2484. D, CC, NC, CP, FB, X, $$

SNOW GARDEN--Offering a variety of Chinese entrees, this Germantown restaurant
also features a chef's daily special. 2075 Exeter Rd., #90. 758 -0567. L, D, CC, NC, Br,
Wi, P, X, $

SU CASA--Enchiladas supreme and tacos al carbon are among the specialties at this
Mexican eatery. 1760 N. Germantown Parkway (Cordova). 624-7744; 6063 Mt. Moriah
Ext. 366-0848. L, D, CC, CP, RR, E (mariachi band, Sat.), FB, P (Cordova), X, $
THREE LITTLE PIGS--Barbecue, of course, is the specialty here, including jumbo
sandwiches and pork shoulder; burgers and sandwiches are also served. 5145 Quince
Rd. 685-7094. B, L, D, CC, X (except bathrooms), $, MRA

THREE OAKS GRILL--The owners of Paulette's bring their unique brand of Continental-
French cuisine to the Three Oaks Grill in Germantown, where diners can enjoy such
specialties as rack of lamb, filet Paulette, and ginger-crusted salmon with soy cream
sauce. 2285 S. Germantown Rd. 757-8225. L, D, SB, CC, RR, FB, X, $$, MRA

TREASURES OF THE ORIENT--A shrimp-chicken-and-pork combo over pan-fried
noodles is just one of the Chinese entrees offered at this Raleigh-area restaurant; black
pepper steak, hot curry chicken, and a daily buffet also featured. 3695 Austin Peay
Hwy. 388-3955. L, D, CC, CP, Br, P, X, $

TSING TAO--Serves such specialties as strawberry chicken, and spicy sea bass, and a
"hot pot" of Chinese cuisine. 402 Perkins Extd. 761-7710. L, D, CC, RR, Br, Wi, X, $$,

TSUNAMI--This Cooper-Young restaurant specializes in Pacific Rim cuisine (Asia,
Australia, South Pacific, etc.). Some specialties include roasted sea bass with black
Thai rice and soy buerre blanc, and mussels in red curry sauce. Closed Sunday. 928 S.
Cooper. 274-2556. D, CC, NC, RR, FB, P, X, $$$, MRA

TYCOON--Featuring Asian cuisine -- including Chinese, Malaysian, Thai, and Hong
Kong -- this restaurant offers entrees like spicy garlic shrimp, as well as beef and
chicken dishes, served in boat-shaped platters; noodle soup also a specialty. Closed
Sunday. 3307 Kirby Parkway. 362-8788. L, D, CC, NC, RR, Br, Wi, X, $

WAH NAM--Offers Szechuan, Cantonese, and Mandarin entrees. Specialties include
spicy General Tsao chicken, sesame chicken, orange beef, and fried rice. Closed for
lunch Sunday. 4375 Stage. 388-8430. L, D, CC, NC, CP, Br, X, $

WANG'S MANDARIN HOUSE--Offers an extensive list of Hunan, Mandarin, Cantonese,
and Szechuan entrees as well as vegetarian and weight-watcher specials. Closed for
lunch Sat. and Sun., Beale and Highland locations. 1183 Park Place Mall. 763-0676;
544 S. Highland. 458-4880; No. 1 Beale. 543-8388. L, D, CC, NC, RR (weekends, Park)
E (piano, Park), FB (except Highland, Br only), P (Park Place & Beale), X, $$, MRA

WHITE CHURCH TEA ROOM--Located in a 130-year-old church, this eatery with an
adjoining antique shop offers a seasonally prepared menu including sandwiches,
crepes, pasta, soups, and fish specials. Closed Sunday. 196 N. Main (Collierville). 854-
6433. L, CC, RR, P, z, X, $

WILD OATS--"Whole foods'' and vegetarian menu, with pizza, a hot-food bar, salad bar,
and juice and coffee bar. 5022 Poplar. 685-2293. L, D, CC, P, z, X, $
WOMEN'S EXCHANGE TEA ROOM--Chicken salad plate, beef tenderloin, soups-and-
sandwiches, and homemade rolls are the specialties at this popular lunch spot, with a
shop featuring handmade items. Closed Saturday and Sunday. 88 Racine. 327-5681. L,
CC, CP, z, X (except bathrooms), $

YIA YIA'S EUROCAFE--Homestyle Mediterranean fare is featured here, with entrees
like wood-roasted salmon with spinach and spiced walnuts, and pork chops with
smoked mushroom sauce; also steaks, pastas, pizzas, sandwiches, and salads. 7615
West Farmington at Poplar, Shops of Saddle Creek. 756-4004. L, D, SB, CC, CP, RR,
FB, P, X, $$, MRA

ZANZIBAR--With ethnic cuisine from various cultures and a changing menu, Zanzibar's
specialties have included New Zealand rack of lamb, roasted pork empanadas, and
Honduran enchiladas. Closed for dinner Sunday and all day Monday. 412 S. Main. 543-
9646. B, L, D, SB, CC, NC, RR, E (jazz, call for schedule), BR, Wi, $$

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