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Learn to Hypnotize-3 Easy Preparation Techniques


									Learn to Hypnotize-3 Easy Preparation Techniques

t is not easy to learn to hypnotize people without them knowing. You have to master a variety
of manipulative techniques. However, before you do this, you have to make sure that you are
ready to a hypnotist.

Become a natural leader first. As long as people trust you and look up to you, it will be easier for
you to get them do what you want. There are a variety of techniques you can use to become the
alpha male or female in any group. Pretend to be understanding, be creative and be smart.
Learning to control the people around you will help you learn to hypnotize.

Be confident. This is applicable to all social situations. You have to control your personality to
the highest extent. You should never let anyone knock you off balance. Be flexible, so that you
can learn to hypnotize people in any situation. You should never show fear or hesitation. At the
same time, you should be friendly and seem open to conversations and to getting new friends.

Make anyone like you instantly at first contact. This is probably one of the most difficult things
you need to master in order to learn to hypnotize. Charm and flattering will not be sufficient.
You will have to adopt more effective social engineering techniques. You have to use your
leadership skills and rely on your iron-solid confidence.

Once you have mastered all three techniques, you will be able to get to the most important step –
learn to hypnotize. How do you know you will be ready to manipulate people? Just test your
skills as a confident leader. Make sure you notice how people react when you first meet them.

If you have used all techniques correctly, you will feel how others are completely dazzled by
you. You will see that they are “soft” and ready to be influenced.
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the Basics.

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