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									Cancer treatment The proper use of advanced cancer pain analgesic Any drug has side effects, choose to be the "two evils." About 80% of advanced cancer with severe pain, severe pain will result in speeding up the heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose increased, decreased immunity the body, such as a series of side-effects, so that a patient's body down faster, so experts recommend patients not to blindly refuse to take morphine and other analgesics. Cancer treatment Advanced cancer, most patients will face a full range of pain. , Doctors usually advise them to use morphine, such as potent analgesics. But the question is, will gradually take morphine addiction, which many patients have a resistance, there are many people willing to endure the pain of torture do not want to do nothing when the "drug addicts." In this regard, Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine First Affiliated Hospital of Professor Ma Wuhua that: after all, the destruction of the human body morphine than the more serious sideeffects, he suggested that patients should be "two evils" Do not blindly refuse to take morphine. This is because only the most hard to solve the problem of pain in order to protect the sleep, improve appetite, to avoid a depression and anxiety in patients with mood, which is to improve the quality of life in patients with the late great significance. Most advanced cancer patients with severe pain Cancer treatment Major hospitals in oncology, often the patient's pain can be heard groaning, but the reporter has learned that, although painful difficult, but not all patients are willing to take analgesics such as morphine. Zhang advanced lung cancer is almost one of "diehards." During hospitalization, he is often pain at night, the doctor, asking him to oral morphine, and he had quarreled with the doctor on duty, saying that doctors should not "harm him," he will eat the drug addiction. "A lot of patients with advanced cancer have a resistance to the morphine." MA Wu introduced China, on the one hand, taking morphine to fully address the uncomfortable symptoms of the patient to avoid the pain brought about by a series of side-effects and is conducive to disease treatment, but on the other hand , will indeed be addicted to morphine, but that was after the long-term thing, step back and say, even if the addiction has become, it should be "two evils." Brought about by a series of side-effects of severe cancer pain Cancer treatment According to MA Wu introduced China, about 80% of patients with advanced cancer have severe pain, it is estimated that every day there are at least the world's 15 million people suffering from the suffering of

cancer pain. At this stage, patients in an extreme state of physical and psychological suffering, and a considerable number of patients died of cancer not direct, but died of severe pain. Because of severe pain will result in speeding up the heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose increased, decreased immunity the body, such as a series of side-effects, so that a patient's body faster collapse. MA Wu-hua pointed out that a full range of cancer pain is often, but more common are chest pain severe back, head and neck, abdominal, pelvic, bone and chest and so on. In addition, the tumor itself can produce some hormone-like chemicals that break down necrotic tissue, etc., can further intensify the pain in various parts. Therefore, to the latter, patients often find it difficult to accurately depict the location or nature of pain. Pain was also often accompanied by autonomic abnormalities have a strong, spiritual and physical strength of patients have decreased significantly. MA Wu-hua said that in all cases of intractable cancer pain, there is "pain insomnia ¡ú ¡ú ¡ú pain ¡ú insomnia fatigue" This vicious cycle and lead to anxiety and depression patients. There are statistics that chronic pain patients the incidence of depression in 30% ~ 60%. Morphine will help improve the quality of life Therefore, cancer patients, the use of morphine solution is not just "pain" but also can help patients to improve sleep, improve appetite, reduce depression and anxiety, and enhance the body's resistance, thereby enhancing the quality of life of patients and at the same time re actively assisted in the relevant treatment can help patients achieve long-term with the purpose of survival. "Just as high blood pressure, diabetes, like the need for lifelong drug control, there are side effects, but compared with the severe pain side effects is much smaller relative harm." MA Wu-hua. The treatment of cancer pain Internationally popular "three-step program" According to MA Wu-hua, the treatment of cancer pain, recognized internationally popular "three-step program" -First step: The main response to mild and moderate degrees of pain around. Preferred non-opioid drugs, mainly non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs such as aspirin, paracetamol, ibuprofen, diclofenac, etc. mainly. Second step: The main response to moderate local pain, often persistent pain, patients with sleep has been disrupted have decreased appetite. Patients with such pain to be the application of a weak opioid effect, but the drug should, in principle, the principle of gradualism, that is given to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs at the same time, support given analgesics such as tramadol or weak opioid effect , such as cocaine and so on. Nerve can be taken at night and hypnotic drugs, such as stability.

Third step: The main response to moderate and severe cancer pain, morphine should be used to represent a strong painkiller. A good analgesic effect of such drugs. However, consideration should be given to age, sex, body, the cancer type and extent of serious and widespread pain and many other factors. Great individual differences in dosage is usually recommended to start low-dose, according to appropriate doses of clinical experience. Of course, in addition to morphine, there are many effective means of cancer pain can be resolved, such as radiotherapy, nerve damage treatment, damage to peripheral nerve block, subarachnoid block nerve damage, nerve damage to the epidural space of resistance stagnation, celiac plexus block and so on ethanol. "WHO" six principles of the treatment of cancer pain Experts should be used analgesic drugs for pain patients to improve the quality of life, which, the World Health Organization has also given the specific treatment of the following six principles: (1) the principle of individuation: the dose of analgesics should be varies from person to person. (2) the best oral drug delivery: oral medication does not need help, more convenient. Oral morphine regularly to the treatment of chronic cancer has become the main means of pain. (3) active treatment of insomnia: pain frequently during the night increased in patients with sleep disturbance. This situation can lead to physical failure patients. Night-time application of large doses of morphine, may be extended in patients with pain and sleep time. (4) to promptly deal with side effects: strong common opioid side effects such as constipation, nausea and vomiting, mild antiemetic should be given laxatives. (5) carefully observe the outcome: patients receiving pain medication, no matter what kind of pain medicine, need to observe carefully in order to obtain the best efficacy and least side effects. (6) have the nature of cancer pain: the saying goes, "the right medicine", the treatment of cancer pain is no exception. Cancer treatment In addition, WHO has also recommended as a potent drug morphine for the treatment of cancer pain, and pointed out that the majority of morphine in the world, countries and regions can be found, and cheap; In addition, the medical profession on morphine pharmacokinetics and adverse reactions and so on have been fully aware of, in the event of poisoning antidote naloxone can be used. In addition, play a role in morphine equivalent half-life time and may at any time increase the dose, route of administration and flexible, and analgesic effects of a long time and fewer complications.

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