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Writing Center Online Short Courses Flyer (Spring '11) PDF by writRHET


 The University Writing Center is offering three online                   Wr iti ng a Li teratur e Re view in AP A Styl e
 short courses this spring, each on a different topic                                            !"#$%&'()'*&
 specially designed to help you with your writing. The
 courses will take place entirely online, so you’ll be able   This short course teaches students how to compose literature reviews by
 to fit them into your busy schedule. Each short course       examining published examples in close detail. Students will learn about the
                                                              importance of “locating gaps in the literature” in order to develop meaningful
 will consist of two online lessons and two writing           research questions; they will also receive guidance on APA citation practices.
 activities taught by faculty from the University Writing
 Program and Writing Center, who will give you one-on-        This short course is intended for graduate students and undergraduate majors
                                                              in the social sciences. It will run from April 25–29. To enroll, email David
 one feedback on your work.                                   Daniels at

 Seating is limited, so check out the descriptions to the                               Make Your Writing Flow
 right and sign up today!                                                                 8$#-.&-70.$1,2&!"#$%&'()'*&
                                                              Students often visit the Writing Center in search of “flow,” that elusive
                                                              combination of word-to-word, sentence-to-sentence, and paragraph-to-
                                                              paragraph elegance by which a skilled writer develops an idea smoothly and
                                                              gracefully over the course of an essay. This course will introduce students to
                                                              the fundamental principles of “flow” and give them a chance to practice those
                                                              principles in their own work.
                                                              This short course is intended for undergraduates of any major. There are two
                                                              sections: one running from April 25 to April 29 and one from May 9 to May 13.
                                                              To enroll in either section, email John Tiedemann at

                                                               Writing a Statement of Purpose for Your Law, Medical, or Graduate
                                                                                       School Application
                                                              You know you’re a more exciting candidate than all the others, but how do you
                                                              convince the graduate or professional school of choice? Make your personal
                                                              statement sparkle with this online short course designed for anyone applying
                                                              to graduate or professional school within the next year. Learn tips for writing
                                                              effective personal statements and get individual feedback on how to make
            The University Writing Center                     yourself stand out from the crowd.
                      303.871.7456                            This short course is intended for juniors and seniors. The course will run from
                                                              May 9–13. To enroll, email Eliana Schonberg at
o enroll, email Eliana Schonberg at

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