Thank You Letter from Dantec Hospital in Dakar - Senegal

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					                                MINISTERE DE LA SANTE PUBLIQUE
                                  HOPITAL ARISTIDE LE DANTEC
                                      AVENUE PASTEUR


To Mr. Eric Rieseberg,
The President of SHA:

Dear Mr. Eric Riaseberg, on behalf of the Board of Directors, his Staffs and members of Dantec
Hospital’s; We Thank you for your big hearted generosity. Our Hospital was stressed by
budgetary problems and luck of funding that made it almost impossible to update our equipments
and kept it operational for the basic health services we’re providing.
Dantec Hospital’s serve more than 50% of Dakar population which is about 3 million;
And one quarter of the total Senegalese population living outside of the Capital. Most of them
are not able to pay hospital’s fees assess by other healthcare centers, that’s why your donations
meant so much to us and it couldn’t come in better times.
Upon receiving the three containers which amount to half million; we created a committee to
help us identify the items and to make sure the process of distribution goes well.
After finishing their job, the committee did report back to me. I can assure you after touring the
Hospital and the facilities involved in the distribution, we noticed a big change in the level of
care with the beds and equipments in the Patients rooms.
 You have lifted our spirit in renewing our commitment to our profession.
Your words and your deeds preceded you to our country as you said “These donations may save
the mother of the child or the child who will save the world one day”
We cannot help but to be hopeful for the future knowing we have a partner like you
on our side. For my part I wish I can shake your hand one day and say Thank you for the life’s
you help us save.


Mr. Cheick T Diop
The Hospital Director

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