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Date: July 14th, 2009
Contact: Karina Romero
Telephone number: 646-342-9910 Karina
E-mail address:
                      NEW GENERATION DANCE COMPANY
                             Karina Romero Proudly Presents

                                Pablo Veron
                Watching Pablo perform in person is a privilege.
                       Particularly appealing is his calm flow.
He is one of the most talented, versatile and creative dancers that tango has had in the last
two decades, his name is not as familiar as others. An early move to France, at the beginning
of the 90’s, explains it to a great extent. But Pablo Verón, the young tap-dance prodigy, the
dancer of eclectic formation, the teaching guru, the movie and theater choreographer is back
in his native Buenos Aires. ( Interview by Carlos Bevilacqua Exclusive for El Tangauta)

          It is a program of Traditional Argentine and Magic Tango.

          Ripley – Grier Studios, August 14th, 15th and 16th
           Two fascinate and intensive special Workshops.
Why does Pablo Veron teach? Because giving classes you teach and you learn. You
learn because each person is different and is a constant elaboration that enriches you
a lot, a very direct contact. I give guidelines of movement allowing for the students to
explore and then discover things by themselves. What I propose is more neuter, it
does not adhere to a tendency. At times I work on speed, energy and true risk; other
times on connection, balance, subtleties. I also give some anatomical data, how to
make good use of arms and legs, where the impulse is born. Always at some point I
give enough information on possible sequences

     “Those who believe that they dance "nuevo" are mostly using the same old
Friday, August 14th 2009 – 6pm

Saturday, August 15th 2009 – 6pm

Sunday, August 16th 2009 – 6pm

Ripley- Studios, 520 8th Ave, 16th Floor / (212) 7995433

Price Rates:
1 Workshop     $55 / 2 Workshops $105
3 Workshops $205 / 4 Workshops $300

Reservations: 646-342-9910 Karina Romero

More about the artist:
Pablo Veron burst onto the international stage as the choreographer and
perfectly cast star of the 1997 film The Tango Lesson (Sony Classics).
Two years later, he appeared in the Broadway revival and tour of Tango
Argentino, partnering Guillermina Quiroga.

Watching Pablo perform in person is a privilege. Particularly appealing is
his calm flow.
He is so smooth, so anti-cliché, that one wonders if the un-initiated even
appreciate the technical mastery he exhibits. His understatement and
subtlety are as what we appreciate in great artists of any genre.
His inventiveness had given him a significant place in tango history, as a
choreographer, teacher and dancer even before he became an international
star via the film.
He has that star quality about him. He looks young. He has everything
creative, sensual and elegant about Argentine tango in his back pocket.
He takes his partner and you are riveted.
What the people said:

The song begins, the dancers move - but not as in a competition like so much choreography. A
slow build, inexorably headed for a dynamic explosion - but when? - invites the watcher to enter
the trance. Tango moments. You can't take your eyes off him. But, now you have to watch Noel.
As the song develops, she looms larger and larger in your awareness.
The enchanting movement lulled you. You thought you weren't going to see furious leg dialog
and turns of speed. Wrong. The turns are breath-taking. The song's climax is phenomenal. (You
may be reminded of the original excitement you felt when you first saw tango ... when you
wondered, "How can they do that?")
Noel is a beautiful dancer. In those simple words is no higher compliment.
When I have seen Pablo and Noel dance his choreography, it has looked like perfection.

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