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Transformer oil filtration system


Our company provide good quality machine with competitive price; We can make the specified machine as per users options: 1.Trailer type with fully closed for protecting oil purifier machine(Waterproof and dustproof) 2.Choosing different kinds vacuum pump, oil pump, and electric parts. 3.Anti-explosion (EX type) electric parts. 4.Equips moisture sensor and dielectric strength tester on the machine. 5.Filter elements for different requirements on filtering precision 6.Stainless steel material for oil purifier body.

More Info
									          DOUBLE-STAGES VACUUM
                                ZYD SERIES

Chongqing Zhongneng Oil Purifier
Manufacture Co., Ltd is a leading
oil purifier manufacturer in China,
which engages in developing,
producing, selling a series of oil
purifier such as transformer oil
purifier, turbine oil purifier, engine
oil purifier, lube oil purifier and so
on. We practice in this line for eight
years, so we have a strong
technology       and     gain     rich
experience. Our products have been
exported to many countries, and get
a high reputation.

Since the foundation of our
company, under the duty of devoting our efforts to develop the advanced purifier for saving
energy sources, adopting the advanced management like SUBI, and with the reliance on the
strong technical force, advanced equipments of production, perfect quality check method, fast
and outstanding after-sales service, our company has developed into a national big base
specialized in producing oil purifier. Our products are outstanding because of its excellence in
quality, stability in service, and diversity of products.

Chongqing Zhongneng Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd owns a number of national-class oil
purifier experts and experienced engineers. Encouraged by the company's modern management
mechanism, we have developed six big series, including hundreds of models oil purifier
equipments which have the independent property right and advanced filter technology. Those
equipments can be applied to many fields, such as the electric power, petroleum chemical,
metallurgical industry, mine, aviation, shipping and railway, and so on.

We adhere to the tenet of mutual-benefit and both-win. With the sincere and pragmatic work
attitude, we would like open up new Sci&Tech oil purify era with our customer.
ZYD is special for treating the used and old
transformer oil, mutual oil, switch oil.
Comparing with the single-stage type, this
machine adopts the double stages vacuum
system, which can improve the machine's
working vacuum value highly, so it can
dewater, degas and remove the impurity
more deeply and effectively. The dielectric
value of treated oil is higher than 65KV. It is
very      suitable       for     the    large
electric&insulation equipments.

1. High vacuum: High point-Vacuum≤5pa Working-vacuum≤35pa
2. High absorption speed: Absorption speed power≥333L/Sr.
3. Duplex 3D stereo-evaporation, eliminating the liquid water quickly
4. Distinctive removing impurity system which filters the impurity through double FH
                                                 trapezoidal network and absorbs the impurity
                                                 by high polymer without the mechanical
                                                 5. Carbon fiber infrared heating system that
                                                 can have the oil contain zero sum of ethyne
                                                 after the treatment
                                                 6. Especially applied to vacuum filling oil and
                                                 drying for power transmission equipments
                                                 which power are over 110KV
                                                 7. Any insulating oil can be treated on-line at
                                                 the working site.

                                                Comparing with the single-stage vacuum oil
                                                purifier, this machine dewater, degas and
                                                removes the impurities more quickly, more
                                                completely, and makes the oils limiting
voltage-withstand value much higher. As the bridge-type vacuum linking system that can purify
and also can be an independent vacuum power supply, this machine can treat the electric
insulation devices.
Working Progress
The working principle and structure: when this machine start working, the used oil will be
injected into the primary filter under the pressure, the primary filter will remove the big
impurities, then the oil which just contains the particles is heated by the heater. Then the treated
oil enter into the vacuum separator, the vapor is separated from the oil and refrigerate to water
under the process of the lowest-vacuum pressure and the degassing equipments. The last
procedure is that the fine filter removes the particles completely.
Outdoor design
For outdoor working spot,we designed the special cabinet for weather proof and trailer for
transport. According to fieldwork requirement, this machine equips car wheels, which can be
easily moved to any work point by traction. It is especially suitable for purifying transformer oil
which locates in fields. This machine can seriously recover transformer oil. The treated
transformer oil can reuse again in transformer.

Technical Data

   Parameters          Unit   ZYD-30   ZYD-50     ZYD-100     ZYD-150      ZYD-200      ZYD-250    ZYD-300

      Flow            L/min     30       50          100         150          200         250        300

 Working vacuum        MPa                                  0.08 ~ 0.099

Working Pressure       MPa                                       ≤0.3

Breakdown Voltage      KV                                         ≥65

  Water Content        PPM                                        ≤5

   Gas Content          %                                        ≤0.1

  Impurity Size         μ                                         ≤5

Temperature Range      ℃                                       20 ~ 80

      Power                             Three Phase 50HZ380V(as per the customer's requirements)

  Working Noise       dB(A)     75       75          75           80          80           80        80

  Heating Power        kW       30       30          45           60          75           90        120

   Total Power         kW      35.5     37.5        52.5         71.4         86.5        102.5      135

   Inlet/Outlet        mm      φ25      φ32          φ42         φ50          φ50         φ60        φ60

     Weight            kg      600      800         1050         1400        1800         2000      2200

             Length    mm      1050     1100        1200         1450        1600         1800      1900

Overall       Width    mm      750      800          950         950         1100         1200      1200

             Height    mm      1350     1400        1500         1650        1800         1900      1900
For more details and information, please feel free to contact with me.
Contact: Mr. VienZhang
skype: vien_zhang
Cell phone: 86 13512396086
Chongqing Zhongneng Oil Purifier Manufacture Co.,Ltd

Company: Chongqing Zhongneng Oil Purifier Manufacture
TEL : +86-23-86197079/86197078
FAX    : +86-23-86197078
Address: NO.13 Huoju Street, Jiulong Industrial Park, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing,
ZIP     : 400039

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