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									                           New Hire Mentor Program


      The New Hire Mentor Program (NHMP) is a six month program for new hires to
      the college. The NHMP functions as a part of the Employee Orientation program
      and serves all new full-time staff and administrators. Current employees who
      transition into a new position at the college will have the option of participating
      in the New Hire Mentor program.

Program Goals

      1- Assist new hires with becoming familiar with the culture of the college
      2- Invest in the career and personal growth of employees
      3- Assist new hires with the development of a social network at CSCC

Mentor Responsibilities


      Mentor candidates will be selected from the graduates of Columbus State
      Community College’s Leadership Institute to serve as New Hire Mentors. Mentor
      candidates must have served for two full years at the college in order to serve as
      a New Hire Mentor. Mentor candidates must complete and submit an
      application and supervisor approval form. Mentors are approved by the Vice
      President of Human Resources.


      Mentor Candidates must complete a one page application.

      Supervisor Approval Form

      Mentor Candidates must receive approval from their supervisor to participate in
      the NHMP. The supervisor approval form is submitted with the application.

      Mentor Checklist

      Mentors are provided a checklist of activities to complete with their mentees
      during the six month program.

                               New Hire Mentor Program

      Mentors will receive training on how to fulfill their role in the NHMP. Training
      will include: tour preparation, mentee packet review, resource and tool training.

Mentee Participation

      New Employees (Required)

      All new staff and administrators are required to participate in the NHMP as part
      of their six month orientation program.

      Transitioning/Returning Employees (Optional)

      Current employees who transition into a new position at the college will have
      the option of participating in all or part of the NHMP.

New Hire Mentor Match Meeting

                  Mentors                       Mentees
        Program overview,             Program overview,
        mission, goals and            mission, goals and
        objectives                    objectives
        What is Mentoring and its     What is Mentoring and its
        benefits                      benefits
        Mentor Expectations and       Mentee Expectations and
        Boundaries                    Boundaries
        Mentor role and               Mentee role and
        responsibility                responsibility
        Selection Process             Selection Process
        Level of commitment           Level of commitment
        expected                      expected
        Program requirements          Program requirements
        Group Activities              Group Activities

                              New Hire Mentor Program
Mentor Matching

       Mentees are assigned a New Hire Mentor. Mentees are paired with a New Hire
       Mentor outside of their department and reporting structure.

Mentoring Relationship


       Goals Development

       Mentorship Agreement

       Journaling (Blue Notebooks supplied in Orientation)

       Mentee Packet
             Cougar Rewards cards,
             Student Handbook Post Card,
             Campus Map
             Massage Coupons ($10.00)


       In order for the NHMP to be successful, it is important for New Hire Mentors and
       Mentees to meet frequently to develop the Mentor/Mentee relationship.
       During the initial stages of relationship building, New Hire Mentors and Mentees
       are encouraged to meet often. After the relationship has been established, New
       Hire Mentors and Mentees are expected to meet less frequently. Mentees and
       New Hire Mentors will decide mutually agreeable meeting locations and times.

       Weekly meeting /outcomes

       Mentees will meet with their mentors weekly during the first month of pairing.
       Mentors will work with mentees to accomplish the weekly goals.

   Week                  Activity                         Goal Accomplished
   One       Lunch with Mentor                  Build Rapport
             Complete “Rules for the Road"      Mentorship Agreement-section 1 & 2
    Two      Campus Tour                        Learn Campus Facilities
   Three     Self-Assessment                    Learn Style Similarities/Differences
   Four      Goal Development                   Mentorship Agreement-section 3

                               New Hire Mentor Program
          Monthly meetings/outcomes

          Mentees will meet with their mentors a minimum of twice a month during
          months two through four. Mentees and mentors will meet a minimum of once a
          month during months five and six.

  Month                      Activity                        Goal Accomplished
   Two          1-Alphabet Soup                    Learn College Acronyms
                2- Journal Discussion              My first 30 days…
   Three        1- Mentorship Agreement Goals      Discuss Progress/Completion/Revision
                2-Journal Discussion               of Goals
   Four         1- Engagement Opportunities        Identify Activities for Mentee
                2-Journal Discussion               Involvement on Campus
    Five        1-Journal Discussion               What I wished I’d known a few months
    Six         1-Adjourning                       Reflection on Success and Future Goals

          Campus Tour:

      Location                           Offices                        Contact Person
Madison Hall               Admissions                              Jennifer Weaver
                           Student Assistance Center/              Paula Collier
                           Records and Registration                Paula Collier
                           Dean, Enrollment Services               Diane Jones
Rhodes Hall                Human Resources                         Steven Zelenka
                           Cashiers                                Annetta Keller
                           Financial Aid                           Laura Baisden
                           Business and Administrative             Beth Bates
                           Services/ Senior VP Office              Beth Bates
                           VP, Human Resources Office              Carmelita Boyer
Aquinas Hall               Advising                                Arlene Wilson
                           Testing Center                          Aisha McGrapth
                           Developmental Education                 Annie Peterson

Eibling Hall               Disability Services                     Darla Van Horn
                           Integrated Media Technology             Debbie Pond
                           Christopher’s Restaurant                Amanda Llewelynn
                           Student Life                            Barbara Jackson
                           Dean, Career and Technical Program      Lucie Harkless
Franklin Hall              President’s Office                      Karen Fabritius
                           Institutional Advancement (IA)/         Vickie Hunter

                                New Hire Mentor Program
                          VP, IA Office                       Vickie Hunter
                          Development Foundation/             Cindy Hood
                          Director, Development Foundation    Cindy Hood
                          Knowledge Resources and Planning/   Lisa Biggum
                          VP, KRP Office                      Lisa Biggum
                          Diversity, Study Abroad and Trio    Ananleah Charles

Davidson Hall             Provost’s Office                    Betty Tatum
                          Dean, Instructional Services        Turea Calloway

Union Hall                VP, Information Technology Office   Marty Nesser (Retired)

Educational Resources     Help Desk                           Jason Stillion
Center                    TV Studio                           Nick Cenci
                          Circulation Desk                    Shona Wainwright
                          Media Services (laptops)            Martin Barry

Delaware Hall             Public Safety                       Terry Cooke
                          Cafeteria                           Melody
                          Gym                                 Dan Watrous
                          Fitness Center                      Heather Borland
                          Human Performance Center            Amanda Helfrey-Cecil
                          Off-campus Programs                 Karen Payne-Robertson

Discovery Exchange        Bookstore                           Stacey Mullinex
                          Convenience Store                   Terrence Kennedy
                          Café                                Jennifer White
                          Copy Center                         Tony Belleau
                          Print Shop                          Charles Braithewaite

Nestor Hall               Student Lounges                     Sabrina Ayers-Holmes
                          Acloche                             David Fields
                          Student Activities                  Sabrina Ayers-Holmes
                          Student Athletics                   Sabrina Ayers-Holmes
                          Dean, Arts and Sciences             Alison Paley

Center for Workforce      Business and Industry               Jerri Harris/ Jeff Spain
Development               Transitional Workforce              Stacey Drake
                          Dean’s Office                       Patty Gabrenya
                          The Conference Center               Linda Kauffman

Center for Teaching and   Central Scheduling                  Lisa Davis
Learning                  Assessment                          Lisa Davis

                               New Hire Mentor Program
                          Instructional Technologies Institute   Rosemary Mayberry
                          Distance Learning                      Rosemary Mayberry

Veterinarian Technician   Vet Tech (adopt an animal)             Kelly Fanin


      Mentors and Mentees will complete a SNAP survey at the end of their six
      months regarding their experience with the Mentor program.

      Mentor Evaluation

      Mentee Evaluation

                               New Hire Mentor Program

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