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              Carson Douglas Oral Health Coalition
                           Friday, February 15, 2008
                                9:00-11:00 AM
                        Nevada Public Health Foundation
                            Carson City, Nevada
In attendance:
        Lori Benvin, Northern Nevada Dental Society
        Vicky Chandler, Nevada Covering Kids & Family
        Lori Cofano, Nevada State Health Division, Oral Health Program
        Bonnie Dellner, Chief Nurse, Douglas County School District
        Laurie Nickles, Nevada State Health Division, Oral Health Program
        Mary Jane Ostrander, Douglas County Social Services
        Rota Rosaschi, Nevada Public Health Foundation
        Dr. Jennifer Yen, Pediatric Dentist
Via telephone conference:
        Therese Litterer, Community Health Nurse, Douglas County

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 AM by Chairperson, Rota Rosaschi. Ms.
Rosaschi welcomed everyone. The minutes from the January 18, 2008 meeting were
reviewed. Vicky Chandler motioned to approve; Bonnie Dellner seconded; the minutes
were approved.

       Old Business: *(note: bolded entries indicate action is needed.)
           Fluoride Varnish:
                Carson City – Laurie Nickles reported the second fluoride
                      varnish application for the two preschool classes at Mark Twain
                      Elementary School took place on Monday, February 4, 2008.
                      Vicky Chandler was there to offer information on
                      Medicaid/Nevada Check-Up and Karen Gonzalez, the OHP
                      Administrative Assistant, assisted with translation for the Spanish
                      speaking parents.

                     Douglas County – Lori Cofano reported the initial fluoride
                      varnish applications at Meneley Elementary School took place on
                      Tuesday, February 12th and Wednesday 13th, 2008. Lori Cofano,
                      Laurie Nickles, Vicky Chandler, and Karen Gonzalez were at C.C.
                      Meneley to provide assistance. 85 kindergarten, extended day
                      kindergarten, and special education children received fluoride
                      varnish. The fluoride varnish used for this application was donated
                      by the Churchill, Lyon, Pershing and Storey Counties Regional
                      Oral Health Coalition (CLPS ROCH). Lori Cofano and Laurie
                      Nickles attended the Meneley parent group(PTO) meeting on
                      Tuesday, February 5, 2008 to request $200 in funding for future
                      fluoride varnish applications. The PTO voted not to fund the next
                      fluoride varnish application, stating they do not want to fund
                      medical treatment. The school nurse has offered to pay for the
           next fluoride varnish treatment with funding from her
           immunization budget.
          Therese Litterer asked for help in getting fluoride varnish
           information out to Douglas County pre-schools. Laurie Nickles
           offered to assist. Therese will send Laurie a list of the pre-
          Laurie Nickles will be making a presentation to parents at both
           Dresslerville and Stewart Head Start programs next week.
          Mary Jane Ostrander reported the Washoe Tribal Health Clinic
           will take Medicaid for medical however, will not take Medicaid for
           dental. Existing non-tribal patients will continue to be seen
           however, they will not accept new non-tribal patients. Mary Jane
           will check into this further.

          Give Kids A Smile – Bonnie Dellner reported that Dr. & Dr.
           Park saw 32 children on Saturday, February 9, 2008 for GKAS. 20
           of the children were from Minden Elementary School and the
           remainder were from Pinon Hills, Gardnerville, and Zephyr Cove
           elementary schools. Procedures included extractions, fillings, and
           prophys. Lori Benvin reported that Dr. Tony Guillen also
           participated in GKAS day. Lori will check into whether Dr.
           Guillen provided treatment for any children from areas other
           than Fallon.
          Rota Rosaschi asked if Lori Benvin could check into a
           monetary number for the pro-bono work done by Dr. & Dr.
          Rota suggested the coalition send Rebecca Oxoby, school nurse at
           Minden Elementary School (MES), a thank you for facilitating the
           GKAS day at the Park’s dental office in Gardnerville. Bonnie will
           provide Rota with the mailing address for MES.
          Lori Benvin will check into services provided by Dr. Perry
           Francis and Dr. Tamara Robison for GKAS day.
          Laurie Nickles suggested it might be nice to have an article in the
           Record-Courier about the GKAS day services donated by Dr. &
           Dr. Park. Lori Cofano suggested that Laurie check with them
           prior to calling the Record-Courier.

 Lori Benvin noted that Doral will be taking over from Wellpoint and
  Medicaid reimbursements are expected to decrease by 20% or more. The
  dentists were only given one week to fill out the new application for
  Doral. There were issues with Wellpoint paying claims. Lori will fax a
  copy of the letter to Rota and Vicky.
 Dr. Yen wants to know why reimbursements will be decreasing. She has a
  meeting with Medicaid following the CDOHC meeting today.
 Vicky Chandler noted at the Progressive Leadership Alliance meeting
  Assemblywoman Sheila Leslie discussed trying to get funding to eliminate
  the recently imposed cap on Nevada Check-Up.
 Immunization Day:
        Saturday, April 26, 2008 10:00 AM – 2:00PM Carson City Health
         Department (CCHD)and Douglas High School(DHS).
      Rota asked Vicky Chandler if she could provide Nevada
         Check-Up applications.
      It will be the same day in Carson City. Location and hours to be
         provided later.
      Dr. Yen volunteered to be at Douglas High School and will also
         donate toothbrushes.
      Vicky mentioned the Immunization Coalition is having a meeting
         on Wednesday, February 20, 2008 at 9:00 AM at Saint Mary’s
         Foundation 520 W. 6th St. in Reno.
      Rota asked if the Northern Nevada Dental Health Program
         (NNDHP) would like to be a part of Immunization Day.
      Fluoride varnish will be applied by:
              Carson City Health Department: Dr. Amity Gardner
              Douglas High School: Dr. Jennifer Yen
      Laurie Nickles mentioned the Oral Health Program has received a
         donation of 3,200 applications of fluoride varnish that do not
         expire until 2009.
      Vicky Chandler asked if a sign-in sheet could be created for
         those attending the Immunization Day that would like fluoride
         varnish. She asked if Rota could talk to Marena Works about
         having children receive fluoride varnish before they receive
         their immunization.
      Lori Cofano volunteered the Oral Health Program to make
         copies of the post-fluoride varnish instructions.
      Laurie Nickles suggested a list of supplies needed be created
         and then seek donations.
      Bonnie Dellner volunteered to donate 3”x 3” gauze and vinyl
         gloves for DHS.
      Lori Benvin may be able to get flashlights donated.
      Hand sanitizer will also be needed.
      CCHD needs donated supplies and more volunteers.
      Next meeting get an update from Rota Rosaschi on Saint
         Theresa’s and fluoride varnish.
 Access to Care Questionnaire:
      Lori Cofano reported that Karen Gonzalez, the OHP
         Administrative Assistant is working on putting the information into
         a database. It should be done by the next week.
 State Oral Health Summit:
      The four workgroups at the State Oral Health Summit discussed
         prevention strategies such as fluoride; sustainability of the Oral
         Health Program; State Oral Health Officer position; and oral health
      One of the key points addressed at the summit was the significance
         of the coalitions and their importance in the upcoming legislative
 New Members:
      Lori Benvin asked Rota Rosaschi if she could invite Bonnie
         Parnell to the next coalition meeting.
          Fiduciary:
                 Lori Cofano discussed the possibility of a fiduciary for the
                    CDOHC. She noted an example of a fiduciary for one of the other
                    coalitions is the United Way. The Clark County Oral Health
                    Coalition has obtained 501(c)(3) status.
                 Vicky Chandler asked if the Nevada Public Health Foundation
                    (NPHF) could possibly serve as the fiduciary for the coalition.
       New Business:
          The Committees did not break out.
                o Lori Cofano suggested that for the time being the Primary Care
                    Connection Committee be put on hold in order to direct the
                    coalition’s focus on the Access to Care and Education and
                    Legislative Committees. All in attendance agreed.
                o Coalition members agreed to focus on the Immunization Day,
                    Access to Care and Education and the results of the Oral Health
                    Summit at the March meeting.
                o In April the focus will be on the Legislative Committee and the
                    coalition will break into two Committees.

           Google Ads:
               o At the request of Chris Wood, who was unable to attend the
                  meeting, Lori Cofano asked the coalition members if they would
                  be interested in obtaining funds through Google ads.
               o The group discussed the topic and decided more information was
               o Lori Cofano will find out more and report at the next meeting.

           Announcements:

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 am.

Next Meeting Date:

Friday, March 14, 2008 9:00-11:00AM at the Austin’s House in Douglas County

                     **Conference call option will be available.

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