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Leave Encashment Sample Letter document sample

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									                                                                                           For Website only

                               Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited

                           Sub: List of Selected candidates for Appointment
                           Ref:- Advertisement No. 03/2009

                                                          Please see Instructions Below at the end of Table
Sl      Area              Reg No.          NAME                                 Category      Post to be
1       RPD(Design)       1250544338       Biswanath Bandyopadhyay            GEN     -       Sr DGM
2       RPD(Design)       1249408316       Prabhakar Sharma                   GEN     -       Sr Manager
3       Mfg               1249527654       Rajan Modi                         GEN     -       Sr Manager
4       Mfg               1249248988       Equbal Hassan                      GEN     -       Jr Manager
5       PPC               1249498804       Tanweer Alam                       OBC     -       Dy Manager
6       PPC               1250176116       Josyula Murali Mohan Das           GEN     -       Sr DGM
7       QCA               1249410209       Shiv Prasad                        OBC     -       Manager
8       QCA               1249488214       Swarup Bandyopadhyay               GEN     -       Manager
9       Civil             1249049834       Amitava Guchait                    GEN     -       Asstt Mgr
10      Civil             1249164978       Gunda Naga Raghuram                GEN     -       Asstt Mgr
11      Civil             1249412155       Ravi Shanker                       GEN     -       Asstt Mgr
12      Civil             1249499013       Anjana Nidhi                       GEN     -       Asstt Mgr
13      Civil             1249839431       Tanu Prasad                        GEN     -       Asstt Mgr
14      Civil             1249944054       Sandip Paul                        GEN     -       Asstt Mgr
15      MM                1249234313       Chandra Shekhar Prasad             GEN     -       Dy Manager
16      MKTG              1249219791       Ish Gupta                          GEN     -       Manager

       Offer of Appointment Letter dated 20th May, 2010 have been issued. The Candidates may
       follow the Instructions given in the Offer Letter, a sample copy of which is given below.
                                           Sample Offer Letter
                           ADMINISTRATION & PERSONNEL DIVISION/HQ.
                                        (RECRUITMENT SECTION)

No. RT /HQ/O/Tech/Mktg/3/2010 -627                                                  Dated, 20th May, 2010
Sri Biswanath Bandyopadhyay,                                     .
Qtr.No. E-1, V.K. Nagar,
M.A.M.C. Township, Durgapur-713210
Dist : Burdwan (W.B)
           Sub: Offer of Appointment for the post of Senior Deputy General Manager
        With reference to your application and subsequent Interview held on 06.04.2010 and considering your
educational qualification, experience, expertise on the subject and potential, we are pleased to offer you
appointment to the post of Senior Deputy General Manager in Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited,
Ranchi on the terms and conditions given below :-
1) Your basic pay will be fixed at Rs.17500/- in the scale of pay of Rs.17500-400-22300/- (01.01.1997 Pay
   Scale). In addition, you will be paid Dearness Pay (equal to 50% of basic pay) and Dearness Allowance as
   per the rules of the Corporation in force from time to time. Presently Dearness Allowance is calculated at
   77.5% of the Basic Pay plus Dearness Pay and adjusted every quarter of the year, based on the increase /
   decrease in All India Consumer Price Index.
2) You will also be entitled to draw other allowances like HRA or Corporation accommodation if available,
   Conveyance reimbursement, leave encashment, etc. as per rules of the Corporation in force from time to
3) The appointment is subject to your being found medically fit by the authority prescribed for this purpose by
   the Corporation.
4) You will be on probation for a period of one year from the date of your appointment. This period of
   probation may be extended if considered necessary by the company. Your services are liable to be
   terminated without assigning any reason whatsoever. You will be deemed to have been confirmed in your
   post only if you are intimated to that effect in writing.
5) Your services shall be liable for termination by giving notice in writing either by you to the Appointing
   Authority or by the Appointing Authority to you, for a period of one month during the probationary period
   and thereafter for a period of three months during the period of employment. Provided that the Employer
   shall be entitled at all times to terminate your services forthwith without any notice by offering you a sum
   equivalent to the amount of your Pay and Allowances for the period of notice or the period by which such
   notice falls short of one month or three months, as the case may be.
6) We are also enclosing herewith Attestation form (in triplicate). The form duly filled in by you and signed by
   the prescribed authorities / officers together with two copies of recent passport size photos may be sent to
   our office immediately along with the acceptance letter.
7) Your appointment and confirmation of services is subject to satisfactory verification of character,
   antecedents, proof of age, credentials and testimonials and proof of relief from your present employer.
8) During your employment in this Corporation, you shall not except with the written approval of the company,
   apply for any other Appointment, Commission or Undertakings. If you have already applied for any, you
   should immediately withdraw all of them.
9) You should make your own arrangement for coming to your place of work and back.
10) During your employment in the Corporation, you will be governed by the Rules, Regulations of the
    Conduct Discipline and Appeal rules of the Corporation which are in force now and as amended, altered,
    extended or established from time to time and your acceptance of this offer, carries with it your agreement
    to obey all such Rules and Regulations. During the course of your employment, you will employ yourself
    efficiently, honestly, faithfully and devote your whole time and attention to promote the interest of the
    Corporation and shall obey and comply with all the lawful orders and directions given to you by the
    concerned superiors in the Corporation.
11) The appointment carries with it the liability to serve in any office/department of the Corporation in any part
    of India or abroad. You may be posted or transferred to any offices/subsidiaries/ units/branch
    offices/Project site of the Corporation, to any town or city in India or abroad, at the sole discretion of the
12) You will become a member of the HEC Employees' Contributory Provident Fund Scheme from the date of
    your joining in the Corporation.
13) If any declaration or information furnished by you proves to be false, or if you are found to have willfully
    suppressed any material information at any stage, you will be liable for removal from the service forthwith
    without any notice whatsoever and without assigning any reasons thereof and to such other action as the
    Corporation may deem necessary.
14) You will be entitled to TA for self and family as per the rules of the Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited
    to join duty at Ranchi
15) While reporting for duty, please bring with you the following certificates in original along with a set of
    photocopies :-
        (i)        Documents evidence as proof of your date of birth (as per School Leaving Certificate).
        (ii)       Original certificates regarding your qualifying educational qualification and experiences.
        (iii)      A Relieving letter, Service certificate and last Pay drawn certificate from your present
16) If the above terms and conditions of our offer as enumerated above are acceptable to you, please sign and
    sent the duplicate copy enclosed herewith as token and having accepted the offer along with filled in
    Attestation form duly signed by the prescribed authorities together with two copies of recent passport size
    photos. The documents should reach the undersigned on or before 07th June, 2010 (Monday) and report
    for duty at the earliest but not later than 10th June 2010.
17) In the event of your not joining duty by the aforesaid date, the offer will stand cancelled and withdrawn
    automatically. No further correspondence will be entertained in this regard.
                                                                               Yours faithfully,
                                                                             For and on behalf of
                                                                     Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited
Encl : as above.

                                                                                (Sangeeta Sinha)
                                                                               Sr. Manager (P)/Hq

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