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									Suva Branch
Level 8, Reserve Bank Building-Pratt Street, Suva
PO Box 14183, Suva, Fiji
Phone: +679 330-6033
Fax:     +679 330-3792
Web address: www.immigration.govt.nz

                              MEDICAL VISA CHECKLIST 2011
                                           IMPORTANT NOTES
   To facilitate the faster processing of your application for visiting New Zealand for the specific
    purpose of getting medical treatment, please ensure you provide the following requirements
    listed below.
   All supporting documents must be certified true copies. We may request to see original

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Application forms
Please ensure you complete the latest Application for Visiting New Zealand form
(NZIS 1017), the Details of Intended Medical Treatment form (NZIS 1009), and the
Supplementary Form for Citizens of Fiji - NZIS 1139. Answer each question on the form
and continue on a separate sheet if necessary.
Please also note that it is compulsory that a full residential address is completed on
the application form.
Application fee
The application fee for Fiji, Tuvalu and Kiribati passport holders is $160 FJD. This can be
paid by bank cheque or credit card.
Two recent passport sized photo (must be less than 12 months old) of each person included
in the application.
Passport Or Travel Document
Passports Must Be Valid For 3 months beyond the date you intend to depart from New
Evidence of Acceptable Medical Treatment
A letter from a physician/hospital in your home country stating:
             what treatment is required and
               That the treatment is not available in their home country (for people who are
                funded by either their home government, or the New Zealand's Official
                Development Assistance (ODA) Programme, administered by MFAT),
A Letter From The New Zealand Physician/Hospital stating
               what treatment the principal applicant will be undergoing,
               an appointment time and
               date,
               length of anticipated recuperation time (i.e. total time required in NZ) and
               total cost of treatment.

 Suva Branch
 Level 8, Reserve Bank Building-Pratt Street, Suva
 PO Box 14183, Suva, Fiji
 Phone: +679 330-6033
 Fax:     +679 330-3792
 Web address: www.immigration.govt.nz

 Evidence of Payment of Treatment
 Either a letter from an Insurance Company stating
                what costs are covered by the company and
                a break-down of anticipated costs or if not insured, show
              evidence of funds to show that the applicant has sufficient funds to cover the
               medical treatment and support themselves in New Zealand.
 *If the payment of a deposit is required by the hospital or medical practitioner, confirmation
 of payment must be presented prior to a visa being issued.

 Medical escort
 If the patient is being accompanied by a medical escort, the insurance company must
 provide a letter stating
              Whether they will be covering all related costs.
 *Please note that if the escort is covered by medical insurance, and is immediate family
 (mother, father or child), the escort may be included on the same visitor application form.
 If the escort is not covered by medical insurance they must provide
                A separate, completed visitor’s application form and all associated

The following additional information may also be required:
 A letter of leave approval from employer(s); or evidence of own business; or letter
 confirming enrolment at educational institution.
 Full registry-issued birth, marriage, divorce and adoption certificates (if applicable) for those
 included on the application form.
 Consent from both parents for children under 17 years (if child is not travelling with both
 Other information to show that you are a genuine traveller. This could include expired
 passports (if they show past travel), and other documentation to show you have strong
 incentives to return home after your visit to NZ (e.g. evidence of home and car ownership,
 land lease, business interests etc.)

 When sending passport(s) for visa issuance and/or documents which you would like returned,
      Include a pre-paid, self-addressed courier bag when sending your documents in
         order to have these returned as safely and efficiently as possible.
      Indicate the courier company you would like used in writing within your application,
         e.g. attach a note to your application, or contact your assigned Visa Officer directly
         to advice. Your documents will then be returned via “Freight Forward” where
         payment for postage is required on receipt of the consignment. Passport(s) and
         documents can also be sent via post (registered mail) if courier services do not
         cover your area.
Suva Branch
Level 8, Reserve Bank Building-Pratt Street, Suva
PO Box 14183, Suva, Fiji
Phone: +679 330-6033
Fax:     +679 330-3792
Web address: www.immigration.govt.nz

The following courier companies are most frequently used for delivery within Fiji: EMS,
PNT, DHL, TNT, and CDP. If documents are to be sent internationally, DHL, EMS, and
TNT offer a pre-paid international postal service. Please enquire directly with your
selected courier company to arrange international mail.

Note: If an agent has lodged your application, the passport will usually be returned to them.

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