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									                   NEECOM May 2010
                   Valerie Kilburn                  1

E Commerce at Panalpina

                                  Valerie Kilburn
                                  Vice President
                           Supply Chain Solutions / EDI
                                                                     NEECOM May 2010
                                                                     Valerie Kilburn          2

Agenda Items

     About Panalpina                  Implementation and             Information Technology
                                      Account Management

                Customer Logistics Solutions
                and EDI
                                                                  NEECOM May 2010
                                                                  Valerie Kilburn   3

Panalpina Overview

       About Panalpina           Air Freight                 Ocean Freight

                     About Panalpina…

                 Supply Chain Management       Information Technology
                                                           NEECOM May 2010
                                                           Valerie Kilburn                 4

Core activities

Air Freight                 Ocean Freight                  Supply Chain Management

• Central procurement and   • Central procurement and       • Road Freight
  capacity management         capacity management           • Lead Logistics Provider
• Strategic partnership     • Strategic partnership with      (LLP)
  with leading airlines       leading carriers              • Competence in key
• 24x7 hub and charter      • NVOCC Pantainer Express         industries
  activities                  Line                          • Innovative IT applications
                            • Intermodal services           • Panprojects
                                             NEECOM May 2010
                                             Valerie Kilburn                 5

Panalpina at a glance
Corporate figures 2009

• Among global top five in air and ocean
• 500 owned offices in 80 countries
• Approximately 13 500 employees
• CHF 5,958 million net forwarding revenue
• CHF 1,377 million gross profit
• CHF 80 million EBITDA
• Listed at SIX (Swiss Stock Exchange)

                                                               Monika Ribar, CEO
                                                                                           NEECOM May 2010
                                                          Product Knowledge Part II
                                                                                           Valerie Kilburn                      6

    Key Industries
     Specialized in catering to the needs of customers within key industries, offering
     customized logistics and value-added services to all companies active within the
     supply chain.
                    Healthcare &                                                 Retail &                                 Industrial
 Automotive                                  Hi-tech          Telecom                               Oil & Gas
                     Chemicals                                                   Fashion                                   Projects

Manufacturers       Manufacturers      Manufacturers       Manufacturers      Manufacturers       Oil & Gas            Project Transports
and suppliers,      and suppliers of   and suppliers of    and suppliers of   and suppliers of    companies            Mining
                                                                                                  Drilling operators   Cross trade
Inbound             Pharmaceuticals    PCs                 Devices            Fashion             Oilfield service     Heavy-Lift & Marine
Production          Life science       Electronic          Mobiles            Retail              companies            Engineering
Aftermarket         Medical devices    devices             Networks           Fast moving         Deepwater instal-
Specialty Vehicle                      Semiconductors                         consumer goods      lation companies
                    Bio & speciality                       Operators
Transport           chemicals                              Accessories        (FMCG)
                                                                              Personal Care
                                                                              Home goods
                                                         NEECOM May 2010
                                                         Valerie Kilburn   7

Global Panalpina network

                       Countries with Panalpina presence
                       Countries with partner presence
                                                                                                                                                                   NEECOM May 2010
                                                                                                                                                                   Valerie Kilburn                                                              8

USA Office and Gateway Network


                                                                                                                                                                   Toronto                             NH
                                    WA                                                                                                                                                                           New England (Boston)

                                                                                                      Minneapolis                  MI                                                                  MA
                                                                   MT              ND                                                                                              NY

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Bradley Special Accounts
                               OR                                                                                          WI                                                                               HBL Fashion
                                                                                                           MN                                 MI
                                                                                                                                                                                                        JFK GTWY & TriState
                                              ID                                                                                                   Detroit                    PA                                                            • JFK BU
                                                                                   SD                                                                                                         NJ
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Morristown                          • New York
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            • Philadelphia
                                                                        WY                                 Chicago BU & GTWY                           Columbus                                   DE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            • HBL
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Washington FMS
                                                                                        NE                                                                    OH                        Mid-Atlantic
                                                                                                                                    IL                                  WV
                                       NV                                                                                                                                                                           • Norfolk
                                                                     Denver                                                                                                                                         • Washington
                                                    UT                                                                                                       KY
   San Francisco                                                                                                     St. Louis                                                          NC
                         CA                                                                   KS                                                                               Charlotte
                                                                             CO                                                            Nashville
                                                                                                                          Memphis                                             SC
Los Angeles BU & GTWY
                                                                                                                                 Huntsville BU &                                        Charleston
                                                   AZ                                                                                                               Atlanta
                                                                                                      OK             AR          GTWY
                   San Diego                                            NM
                                                        Phoenix                                                                                                        GA

                                                                                             Dallas                                      MS
                                                                                                                           LA                                                             Orlando

                                                                  El Paso                                                                                             Tampa
                                                                                             TX                                                                                         FL
                                                                                                                                              New Orleans                                               Miami BU
                                                                                                                                                                                                        & GTWY
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              San Juan
  South                                                                                                    McAllen

                          US Headquarters
                          Business Unit
                                                                   Key Contacts Directory                                          Click here for list of handling
North-East                Airfreight Gateway
                                                                                                                                   offices based on zip code
                NEECOM May 2010
                Valerie Kilburn   9

Implementation and
Account Management

                                                                  NEECOM May 2010
                                                                  Valerie Kilburn   10

Business Implementation

                  Paul Moss
               Head of Account
            Morristown New Jersey

                                               IT Solutions
                                              APCO / CAPCO

  Carrie McConnaughey      Jonathon Walton
       Manager BIM           Manager BIM
       Nashville, TN         Huntsville, AL       PA Legal

                                                PA Customs
       Local Implementation Set-up
  Linking Professionalism,
 Experience and Enthusiasm                    PA Subject Matter

                                               Area Business
                                              Process & Quality
                                                  NEECOM May 2010
                                                  Valerie Kilburn   11

The Business Implementation 6 Phase Approach

              1. Customer Information / Requirement

                 2. Develop Implementation Plan

                  3. Define Business Processes

                      4. Set up IT Solution

                          5. Test Phase

                     6. Go Live / Production
                                                                   NEECOM May 2010
                                                                   Valerie Kilburn   12

Customer Logistics IT Project Governance and
    IT request written
    All IT projects must be approved:
     1.   Business Unit manager
     2.   District Manager
     3.   Customer IT Project Review Board
    Customer IT Project Review Board
     –    held every month to discuss and prioritize IT projects
     –    (NORAM: HOO, HMS, Head of IT, Head of Account
     Advantage: Allows visibility of IT projects at the highest
     management levels in USA and the ability to prioritize projects
     if there is a resource issue.
  Business Requirements Specifications
  MS Project Plan
  IT Solution Document
                                                                                                          NEECOM May 2010
                                                                                                          Valerie Kilburn                                                                            13

Business Implementation Tools                                                          Account Implementation Checklist

                                    A= Action, G= General Information
                                        Communication                                                                                                     Responsible            Completed Remarks
                                    A   Project plan established                                                                                          AI

                 Shared Account     A

                                        Insist on implementation “management” meeting, should be face to face between account manager / key
                                        ops and AI team
                                        Establish a scorecard that is from an AI perspective and not shipment level perspective
                                        (this is the ongoing customer / ops scorecard)


                                    A   Establish KPI’s for Sales and Operations or external (e.g. vendors)                                               AI

         Implementation Checklist   A

                                        Clear contingency plan must be established if promised items cannot be accomplished from either the
                                        customer or the PA perspective.(i.e. manual input, lack of supplier list, etc.)
                                        Instructions (i.e. Rates, SOPs) for ad-hoc shipments must be provided even though ad-hoc shipments may
                                        be considered “sporadic”. They are very time-consuming and may be more frequent than expected.
                                                                                                                                                          Account Manager

                                                                                                                                                          Account Manager

                                    A   Check with the customer for PA to be on-site in order to learn their internal processes / gain understanding      Account Manager / AI
                                        of how PA is to conform or support these processes. This would need to occur prior to launch and soon after
                                        (or even before) the first implementation meetings.
                                    A   Review customer internal written SOP for accuracy, SOW and application to the business.                           Account Manager / AI
                                        (We find these to have errors, outdated, non-compliant with regulations, etc.)
                                    A   Compile list of all reports required as per SOW (traffic, transit, accounting, KPIs…)                             Account Manager / AI
                                    A   Review special requests from the customer for conformance of the SOW. (We should “attempt” to fulfill             Account Manager / AI
                                        special requests but we should have the caveat that these requests be qualified.)

                                    A   Determine if transit time, transit clock start / stop, has been discussed and is clear for origin and destination. AI

                                    A   Verify application of charges during “tender” phase versus application of charges when business starts.           Account Manager
                                        Example: FSC has increased since bid date, BAF has increased or PSS has become applicable
                                    A   Over-scope the manpower needed during a new customer launch.                                           AI
                                        This should be clearly discussed with the BUM. Any added manpower can be reduced AFTER the customer is
                                        launched and stable.
                                    A   Determine if “Internal selling rates” have been discussed with offshore partners to the business.      Account Manager / AI
                                    A   Has the Account Implementation check list been posted on the K-web                                                AI

                                    G   Escalation in a non-threatening manner to management should occur to keep them abreast of issues                  AI

                                    G   Positive AND negative feedback should be shared. Concentration is usually on what is going wrong, not what All
                                        is going right.
                                    G   More aggressive/mandatory compliance with "topic" meetings at origin and at destination desk level         AI
                                        This is to ensure total understanding and compliance on the subject "topic" from origin and destinatin
                                        ("Show me…..")
                                    G   Increased awareness and interaction with key implementation managers / contacts worldwide.                 AI
                                        This has been an ongoing benefit.

                                        Key roles / participants                                                                                          Responsible            Completed Remarks
                                    A   Review the way the tasks are organized.                                                                           AI
                                        Example: Who is in charge of which items and that this is logical.
                                    A   Verify roles of sales if covering operational tasks/desk.                                                         AI
                                        Should not be involving sales persons in operational tasks even in emergencies. Should be adequate ops
                                        backups setup for the account from the beginning.
                                    A   Establish and communicate escalation path for all 3 rd parties (whether customer related or PA related).          AI
                                        This should be part of the contact matrix. Example: Internal 3 rd party would be the correct airline contacts.
                                        Example of a customer related 3rd party would be their broker or dedicated trucker)
                                    A   Ensure that BUM supports ALL TRAINING. This would be making sure that staff has adequate time to be               AI / BUM
                                        participating in:


                               Shared Timeline
                   NEECOM May 2010
                   Valerie Kilburn   14

Information Technology

                                  NEECOM May 2010
                                  Valerie Kilburn   15

The Panalpina premise

Our business was built on a
simple premise: to help our
customers to get their goods to
market quickly and
economically, wherever that
might be.

Information Technology plays a
vital part in this premise.
                                                           NEECOM May 2010
                                                           Valerie Kilburn            16

                                      Information Technology
 Panalpina has a Global Network that connects all 500 offices worldwide.
 Priority 1 in our IT strategy has been to connect all of our back office solutions
 in order to standardize and globalize our IT applications.

                       PA USAYork

                      IT Competency        IT Competency
                          Center               Center

                                                                  PA SIN
                                                               IT Competency
Our EDI servers are strategically located at the major Panalpina IT Competency
Centers in order to ensure business continuity and maximum performance.
                                                                                        NEECOM May 2010
                                                                                        Valerie Kilburn                     17

   Panalpina’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) connects
   internal and external stakeholders and applications.

Clients                     Headquarters                       Distribution Centers              Factories

Panalpina                                                        Panalpina
Supply Chain Management                                   Supply Chain Application
Lead Logistics Provider

First Tier
                    Panalpina                                    Panalpina                                   Panalpina
                    Operations                            Shipping Communication                             Financial
                     Systems                                   Platform (SCP)                                Systems

Second Tier
                      Ocean Carrier A   Ocean Carrier B   Trucking Company A      Trucking Company B   User Company A    Carrier Portals
                                                                             NEECOM May 2010
                                                                             Valerie Kilburn                 18

Panalpina offers today a highly modular SCM IT
architecture that provides end-to-end execution capabilities.
   Buyers       Suppliers   Shippers   Consignees    Clients    Carriers   Warehouses    FreightForwarders

                                  Supply Chain Application
       Order                                                    Transport              Inventory & Ware-
     Management                                                Management             house Management
  Supplier Connectivity     Warehouse Connectivity       Carrier Connectivity       Warehouse Management
  PO Management             Order Fulfillment            Merge-in-Transit           Inventory Visibility
  Split Deliveries          Case Building                Buyer’s Consolidation      Pull Requests
  Requisition               Packing                      Cross-Docking              Back Order Handling
  Negotiation               Label Printing               Milk-Runs                  Sequencing
  Inspection                In- and Outbound Scan        Delivery Appointments      VMI
  Quality Assurance         ASN Creation                 Direct-Store-Deliveries
  Charge Backs                                           Reverse Logistics

                                           Ancillary Services
                                        Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
                                       Milestone & Exception Management
                                               Schedules & Events
                                             EDI and User interfaces
                       NEECOM May 2010
                       Valerie Kilburn   19

Customer Logistics
Solutions and EDI at

                                                                                                       NEECOM May 2010
                                                                   Product Knowledge Part II
                                                                                                       Valerie Kilburn                  20

Customer Logistics Solutions Organization Americas:
                                                                        Logistics Systems
                                                                          Americas, VP
                                                                          Valerie Kilburn
Area / Regional

                         EDI Manager       Warehousing CAPCO   CAPCO Americas      CAPCO Americas       CAPCO Americas    CAPCO Americas
                           Americas             Americas        Rosie Mancia           TBA               Alonso Montoya     Joao Campos
                       Gerhard Ostermann     Rodolfo Bolanos        (US)               (US)                  (Latam)           (Latam)

                     EDI Analyst/         EDI Analyst/                              Supply Chain
                                                                CAPCO Canada                              CAPCO USA
                  Developer Americas   Developer Americas                            CAPCO USA
                                                                  Ivy Cheng                             Rachael DeSouza
                    Heather Rayan         Marty Cassel                              Juan Cardona

                                                                CAPCO South         CAPCO South
Business Unit

                                                                 District USA        District USA
                                                                Jason Lominac        Tyler Nodine

                                                                                                    CAPCO = Customer Application Consultants
                                                 NEECOM May 2010
                                                 Valerie Kilburn   21

Evolution of EDI at Panalpina

   1987 - EDI Manager started with
    ANSI X.12

     • Translator – Gentran PC standalone
       solution running on DOS

     • Volume/month: 5-10 messages (not
       including flat files)

     • Data exchanged: invoices, purchase orders, booking
       request/confirmation, statuses

     • Number of Trading Partners: 8-10

     • Size of EDI team: 1 (multi tasking)
                                                     NEECOM May 2010
                                                     Valerie Kilburn   22

Evolution of EDI at Panalpina

   Early 1990’s
     • Translator – Gentran PC standalone
       became network capable
     • Volume/month: 20-25 messages
     • Data exchanged: invoices, purchase orders,
       Booking request/confirmation, statuses
     • Number of Trading Partners: 25-30
     • Size of EDI team: 2-3 (multi tasking)
   Mid 1990’s
     •   Translator – Windows based solution
     •   Volume/month: 35 messages
     •   Data exchanged: same + inventory controls
         warehouse/distribution management
     •   Number of Trading Partners: 40
     •   Size of EDI team: 2-3 (multi tasking)
                                                     NEECOM May 2010
                                                     Valerie Kilburn     23

Evolution of EDI at Panalpina

  Early 2000’s
     • Translator – Migrated all maps from DOS
       To TLE on a central EDI server
     • Volume/month: 35-40
     • Kind of Data exchanged: same + shipper
       letter of instruction, ASNs
     • Number of Trading Partners: 50
     • Size of EDI team: 2-3 (only EDI)

     • Needed to provide FTP, EDI over internet and different protocols like
       AS1, AS2
     • Started to trade data more globally - EDIFACT.
     • Connections with partners (Descartes, Traxon, INTTRA, ExWorks)
     • Started looking at XML (eXtensible Markup Language)
     • Realized that we needed many tools in order to support end to end
                                                NEECOM May 2010
                                                Valerie Kilburn     24

Evolution of EDI at Panalpina

 Mid 2000 – to current
   • Volume: 40-50
   • Data exchanged: Same + B/L, shipper
     letter of instruction, ASNs
   • Number of Trading Partners: 65
   • Size of EDI team: 3-4
        2006 moved to Sterling Commerce
          GIS (SOA) a global, central
          enterprise and integrated solution
        Customers were looking for near real time processing
        Started using GIS BPML as opposed to pre-imposed process
        Started push and pull using webservices
        Currently we are migration all of the TLE mapping to GIS
                                                   NEECOM May 2010
                                                   Valerie Kilburn   25

EDI with US Customs

 Filing with US Customs
   •   ISF – Importer Security Filing
          • pre-filing of data to customs
             before loading the vessel at origin
   •   Brokerage and 7501
         Customer sends Panalpina
           Commercial Invoice data and Parts
           File master catalogue
         Panalpina reports to customs on
           behalf of our customers
         Receive back customs clearance
         All entries are paperless (expediting
           the filing with customs)
                                                   NEECOM May 2010
                                                    Valerie Kilburn     26

EDI Sucesses

 Successes
  • Improving the process
  • Creating efficiencies
     • Reduce manual data entry
     • Quicker turn around with invoicing
         and getting paid
     • Time, cost, integrity of the data
  • Received an award from a global retailer
    proving that Panalpina was a valued
  • Filing ACI in Canada and ISF in US by government deadlines
  • Global Hi-tech win in the mid 1990’s and still holding this customer today
  • Diversity in all the verticals accommodating for the different niche
    solutions (i.e. RosettaNet)
  • Luxury Fashion customer implementation with 14 interfaces/EDI
                                                  NEECOM May 2010
                                                  Valerie Kilburn       27

EDI Challenges

 Challenges
   • The solution!
   • Cost to implement
   • Getting buy-in from all parties
     (negotiating what Panalpina can
   • Clear project management and SOPs
   • Implementing new cutting edge
     supply chain applications and
     Integration with our customers
   • Having a fully integrated data warehouse from which all data can
     be exchanged
   • Lack of supplier data therefore forcing associates to manually
     update the systems
                                          NEECOM May 2010
                                          Valerie Kilburn   28

EDI Future for Panalpina

   Future
     • Supplier connectivity
     • Pushing toward real time data
     • Complete over haul of our TMS
       system (transportation
       management) on SAP with new
       EDI integration
     • OCR capablility
     • Investments in new technology

                   ‘Did you Know’ video now!
                                                                             NEECOM May 2010
                                                                             Valerie Kilburn   29

Content by: XPLANE, The Economist, Scott McLoed, Karl Fisch, Laura Bestler

• A surge of new technologies and innovations is
  altering how we do business

• The sharing of knowledge has exploded

• Convergence is everywhere. It is easier than ever
  to reach out to many

• 10 million visit ABC, CBS and NBC/month;

• 250 million visit MySpace, YouTube, FaceBook/month.

   None of these social networking sites existed 6 years ago!
                                                                              NEECOM May 2010
                                                                              Valerie Kilburn   30

 Content by: XPLANE, The Economist, Scott McLoed, Karl Fisch, Laura Bestler

• Traditional advertising is down; digital
  advertising is growing rapidly

• More YouTube was uploaded in the last 2
  months than all the new content on ABC,
  CBS and NBC since1948!

• Wikipedia launched in 2001 has over 13
  million articles in more than 200 languages.

• What used to fit in a building now fits into
  your pocket , what fits in your pocket now
  will fit inside a blood cell in 25 years!

                    Where will we be with electronic commerce?
                           NEECOM May 2010
                           Valerie Kilburn   31

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