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					                                       New Employee Checklist

                   ________________________________                               _____________
                   Employee Name (please print)                                   Employee ID

Check off each item after discussed between the new employee and supervisor. This form is also available
on-line at

Sign, when completed, and return to HR: Employee and Labor Relations for placement in the employee’s
personnel file.

__ Welcome to the unit; introduction to staff; tour of workplace
__ UC Davis Mission - Teaching, Research, Public Service and Patient Care
__ Principles of Community
__ Establish telephone, computing, e-mail accounts; update Campus Directory
__ Parking

Benefits and New Employee Orientation
__ Enroll in UC Davis New Employee Orientation on-line course
__ Enroll in employee benefit plans within 31 days of hire
__ Enroll in Employee Benefits Orientation class

Job Responsibilities
__ Position Description (from the Department Library in the PeopleAdmin Position Management system)
__ Performance Standards (work quality and quantity requirements, if applicable)
__ Probationary Period
__ Performance Appraisals

Wages and Hours
__ Rate of pay, salary range, shift differential (evening, night, weekend), overtime, on-call, callback pay, holiday
__ Pay periods, time cards, pay days, paychecks/Surepay, absence notices
__ Hours of work: schedule, holidays, rest/meal breaks, workplace flexibility
__ Salary increases, merit eligibility and cycle
__ Compensatory Time Off Agreement (if applicable to bargaining unit)
__ Fair Labor Standards Act (exempt or non-exempt)
__ Leaves: vacation, holiday, religious observances, sick, family and medical, leave of absence, military,
   jury/witness, voting, blood donation, administrative, and catastrophic

Personnel Policies
__ Collective Bargaining Agreement or Personnel Policies for Staff Members
__ Fair Share fee or union dues

University Policies
__ Nondiscrimination in Employment
__ Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity
__ Sexual Harassment
__ Substance Abuse
__ Smoking
__ Conflict of Interest
__ Violence in the Workplace
__ Misuse of University Resources, Improper Governmental Activities
__ Acceptable Use Policy for electronic communications (UC Davis, UC Policies)
__ Near Relatives (If applicable, date letter completed: ________________)
Health & Safety Policies & Practices
__ Emergency telephone number for Fire, Police, and Ambulance (911 from campus or cell phones)
__ Warn Me Emergency Notification Service
__ Location of Student Health Center, Occupational Health Services and Emergency Room at Sutter Davis
__ Creating a Culture of Safety at UC Davis
__ Campus and Department safety plans, including disaster and evacuation procedures, IIPP and training
__ Annual Fire Safety report
__ Location and use of fire extinguisher, fire-alarm box, emergency shower, and personal protective
   clothing/equipment; location of two means of emergency exit from work site
__ Hazardous substances Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) program
__ Reporting illness or work-incurred Injury
__ Preventive medical and medical monitoring requirements
__ Protective Clothing and Equipment
__ Workstation ergonomics

Departmental Practices
__ Departmental mission and goals
__ Departmental policies, procedures and practices (e.g., absence reporting)
__ Organizational reporting relationships (org chart), and role of supervisor
__ Appropriate use of telephones, e-mail, mail, supplies, and equipment
__ Key issuance and security standards
__ Departmental dress/uniforms and personal appearance standards

Education and Development
__ Department education and development philosophy and practice
__ Campus-sponsored education and development opportunities (e.g., Staff Development & Professional
    Services, Environmental Health & Safety)
__ Educational Fee Assistance, including University of California, UC Davis Extension (UNEX), Affirmative
    Action/EEO Fee Assistance
__ Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Review that employee has received handouts available at New Employee Orientation
Discuss at department level:
   __ The Ripple Effect: Sexual Harassment
   __ Facts About Workers' Compensation
   __ About Environmental Health & Safety
   __ Academic & Staff Assistance Program (ASAP)
   __ Political Reform Act (Conflict of Interest)

______________________________________                      _________
Employee (Signature)                                        Date

______________________________________                      _________
Supervisor (Signature)                                      Date

On-line overview of UC Davis for new employees available at

Copies to: Employee and Department

Revised: February 8, 2011

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