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					1                                             UNIT NINE: THE GREAT DEPRESSION AND THE NEW DEAL

                                    CLASSWORK                                                 HOMEWORK                     TEKS
           TOPIC: Causes of the Depression                                                                          1c,10a,10b,11b,13a,
    NOV 26 1. PowerPoint on Prosperity and Problems of 1920s                                                        13b,13c,13d,13e,15a
                                                                        Do Worksheet 12 - Analyzing Economic Data   ,16b,17b,19b,20a,20
    AND 27
           TOPIC: Crash of the Stock Market                                                                         1c,10a,10b,11b,13a,
    NOV 28 1. PowerPoint on How the Stock Market Works and the                                                      13b,13c,13d,13e,15a
                                                                        Study Vocabulary Part A for Quiz            ,16b,17b,19b,20a,20
    AND 29 Crash of 1929
           2. Read speeches by FDR and Hoover                                                                       c,20d,24,25
           TOPIC: Government reaction to the Depression and                                                         1c,10a,10b,11b,13a,
    NOV 30 Social effects of the Depression                                                                         13b,13c,13d,13e,15a
     AND   1. Compare Hoover and FDR on the role of government                                                      ,16b,17b,19b,20a,20
    DEC 3 2. Watch "Grapes of Wrath" video - Quiz                                                                   c,20d,24,25

             TOPIC: FDR and the New Deal                                                                            1c,10a,10b,11b,13a,
    DEC 4    1. Lecture on the Hundred Days, Fireside Chats and goals of Study Vocabulary Part B for Quiz           13b,13c,13d,13e,15a
    AND 5    the New Deal                                             2. Make New Deal Program Flashcards           ,16b,17b,19b,20a,20
             Do powerpoint on New Deal programs                                                                     c,20d,24,25
             TOPIC: Criticism and Legacy of the New Deal                                                            1c,10a,10b,11b,13a,
    DEC 6    1. Quiz on Vocab Part B                               2.                                               13b,13c,13d,13e,15a
             Read 16.2 and plot critics on political spectrum           Study for Unit Nine Exam                    ,16b,17b,19b,20a,20
    AND 7
             3. Do graphic organizer for 16.3 - legacy                                                              c,20d,24,25
           UNIT NINE EXAM - Covers 14.2 and 14.3, Chapter 15 and
    DEC 10
           Chapter 16                                                   STUDY FOR EXAM
    AND 11
           Take TAKS Quiz #3 - World War I, 1920s, Depression
    DEC 12
           EXAM REVIEW                                                  STUDY FOR EXAM
    AND 13
    DEC 14
           EXAM REVIEW                                                  STUDY FOR EXAM
    AND 17
    18-Dec EXAM REVIEW                                                  STUDY FOR EXAM
    20-Dec   EXAMS IN PERIODS 5, 6 AND 7                                See you in January!
    21-Dec   EXAM IN PERIOD 3                                           See you in January!

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