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									5. Slovenski forum inovacij, 2.- 3. 12. 2010, Ljubljana, Gospodarsko razstavišče

Technology profile
Innovative and efficient prefabricated envelope for new and existing buildings

A start-up SME, based in North-eastern Italy, specialised in designing and developing innovative solutions
for building conditioning (both heating and cooling) has developed an innovative technology of dynamic
insulation. The solution proposed consists in a panel to be located on the building envelope to ensure
internal rooms conditioning both in winter and summertime. This solution allows use of renewable energy
sources and anergy saving as well.
The company looks for experienced partners in the sector of pre-fabricated buildings and construction for
R&D avctivity, product validation and possible commercialisation.

The SME, specialized in the ideation and development of solutions for the HVAC systems, offers an original
innovative dynamic insulation panel (with solar gain).
It offers the opportunity of research and development activity on the proposed innovation for product
validation on an existing building.
The panel of dynamic insulation is inserted, during the working, in an Industrial prefabricated product
intended to constitute or to cover the envelope of buildings.
The offered technology is particularly interesting for the following cases:
- prefabricated concreted panelling
- roof cladding and facade cladding
- cladding made with dry construction techniques
- sandwich prefabricated panelling
The final goal is the test for demonstration of the product efrficiency, its validation and market application, in
tehe perspective of product marketing.
It is desirable the participation in research projects in FP7 (Carry out a full-scale validation test of the
innovative proposed product, through its application to a new costruction or in an existing building,
preferably of public use).

The insulation dynamic panel, with a thickness about 10 cm, is an effective thermal insulation corresponding
to 1 metre of heat-insulating material of good quality currently used in building sector.
It is peculiar the wintry performance, very interesting and advantageous, with reference to other
technologies climatization, because it is used a fluid to very low temperature (approximately equal to the
desired temperature in the environment). Using energy at this temperature level extends considerably the
direct exploitation of renewable energy sources and otherwise unused waste heat.
The absence of moving mechanical components, joined to the possibility of using known materials and
widely available for its build, gives excellent long-lasting expectations and reliability.
The level of comfort for inside people is very high.

Current Stage of Development:
 Development Phase – Laboratory tested

Type of co-operation
    o   Research partnership (Offer / Request)
    o   Licence agreement (Offer)
    o   Technical Co-operation (Offer / Request)
    o   Joint research project (bilateral) (Offer)
    o   Manufacturing agreement (Offer)

- Type of partner sought: industry
- Specific area of activity of the partner:
- company with experience in design and installation of Interseasonal Heat Stores (low temperature)
- experienced partner on the execution of pre-manufactured for the building.

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