lost601 by daet


									Lost Season 6, Episode 01 – Finnegan … Begin Again A Work of Fan Fiction by Scott Gingold INT. ST. SEBASTIAN HOSPITAL BATHROOM JACK is sitting on a toilet slumped over, for several moments. He appears to be dead. Suddenly he jolts to life, breathing heavily and very disoriented. He stumbles out of the stall and runs directly into his father CHRISTIAN. JACK looks utterly shocked. CHRISTIAN Jack. Whoa, Jack. Are you okay? JACK Dad? CHRISTIAN Yeah. Jack, you don’t look so hot. JACK You’re, you’re al…you’re here. I mean, you’re here. CHRISTIAN Of course I’m here Jack, we’ve got that meeting in a few minutes. You sure you’re okay? JACK What meeting? CHRISTIAN The husband. Remember? We talked about this. You said … JACK Of course I remember Dad. But what I don’t remember was you ever mentioning that the patient was pregnant. CHRISTIAN How did you …? JACK I think I can tell when a woman is pregnant Dad. CHRISTIAN Look, I know I didn’t mention it. I just didn’t want to complicate things. JACK You already did, when he showed up drunk. CHRISTIAN Jack! Don’t talk so loud, someone may hear you. JACK I don’t care if someone hears me Dad. You did what you did and now that girl and her baby are dead. CHRISTIAN

Are you gonna say something Jack? To them? JACK stares at CHRISTIAN for a moment. JACK No. CHRISTIAN Good. JACK But you should. CHRISTIAN I’m not going to do that Jack. I can’t do that. They’d … JACK Strip you of your license, I know. Look, I promise I won’t say anything, but I need you to promise me something Dad. CHRISTIAN What? JACK I want you to go to AA. CHRISTIAN Jack. JACK Dad. CHRISTIAN Okay. LOST Title Screen EXT. BEACH – NIGHT BEN is suspended above a large, deep hole. Each of his limbs are tied to a tree, so that he lays in mid-air, horizontally. Several people are playing drums as RICHARD walks over to BEN wearing a large wooden mask shaped like a bird. BEN is very quiet dispite his predicament. RICHARD The prisoner has been judged and sentenced to death. His sins are so great that words may no longer leave his lips. Will anyone speak for him? RICHARD grabs BEN’S cheeks to open up his mouth and it is revealed that BEN’S tongue has been severed. HARPER I will speak for him.

RICHARD Very well. BEN looks long and hard at HARPER, attemping to ellicit some sort of sympathy. HARPER This man was our leader for many years. He betrayed us. He betrayed Jacob. He betrayed his own daughter. He betrayed himself. Our laws are state that any man who takes the life of one of his own shall die. But there were no laws written for a man who takes the life of Jacob. This man shall not die. RICHARD It is written. The drumbeats get louder. Chanting gets louder. RICHARD walks up to the edge of the hole and grabs BEN’S head by his hair. He pulls down so that BEN can see deep into the hole. BEN lets out a blood curdling scream and suddenly a bright white light shoots out of the hole and fills the entire scene. When the light disipates, BEN, RICHARD and the hole are gone. Only the ropes and HARPER are left. HARPER Justice has been served. EXT. SWAN CONSTRUCTION SITE – DAY RADZINSKY What the hell just happened? CHANG (holding his bloody stump of an arm) You really screwed everything up! MILES How are we still here? RADZINSKY What? MILES A hydrogen bomb. RADZINSKY What are you talking about? MILES That’s what was just thrown into the Swan. RADZINSKY What hydrogen bomb? Are you crazy? There is no hydrogen bomb. We’d all be dead if a hydrogen bomb was detonated. CHANG No we wouldn’t.

RADZINSKY And why is that? CHANG You drilled too deep. You hit a pocket of energy. Miles did your friend Daniel, really have a hydrogen bomb. MILES Are you okay? CHANG No. But I’ll live. Well did he? MILES Yes. It’s called Jughead. US Soldiers brought it in the 1950s. CHANG If a hydrogen bomb was denonated at the same moment that energy was released, the two negate each other. RADZINSKY So that’s why we’re still alive. MILES What about Juliet? CHANG Juliet? MILES She fell down there, right after your arm got … CHANG She’s dead. MILES What about Jack and Jim. Hurley, Sayid, Kate? Where the hell are they?

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