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									                                             TRAINING PROGRAM OUTLINE

                                                3G & 4G NETWORK
                                            TECHNOLOGIES & STRATEGIES


A 5-day Training Program to provide participants with an understanding of Third
Generation (3G) and Fourth Generation (4G) mobile network technologies and services.
The program will explore the network evolution from earlier mobile networks to 3G and
on to 4G as well as the associated technologies and services. The program will also look
at the current marketplace situation, its main players, such as manufacturers, vendors,
operators and standards bodies, and the expectations and trends leading to 4G mobile


    Provide an overview of previous mobile networks
    Present the evolution to 4G mobile network technologies
    Equip participants with the appropriate knowledge of 3G and 4G mobile network
    Present the challenges and strategies associated with the migration of networks to
    4G technologies

                      ENG-511E 3G & 4G Network Technologies & Strategies

Overview of earlier mobile networks

Evolution to 3G mobile technology
-   Evolving services and applications
-   Review of 2G/2.5G network architecture & services

3G mobile network technologies
-   3G vision, standardization and harmonization
-   The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and 3GPP2
-   Requirements (networks, terminals)
     ·   Uses (classes, scenarios)
     ·   Implications (individuals, businesses)
-   Concepts
     ·   Uplink, downlink
     ·   Power control and soft handover
     ·   Protocols used in a 3G mobile network infrastructure
-   3G network architecture and technologies
     ·   UMTS/WCDMA
     ·   HSDPA & HSUPA
     ·   WCDMA-TDD
     ·   CDMA2000 1xEV-DO (IS-856)

4G mobile network technologies
-   Evolution road map
-   Definition of 4G mobile networks
-   4G networks capabilities
     ·   MIMO operation
-   4G networks devices
-   Pre-4G technologies
     ·   Evolved High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA+)
     ·   CDMA2000 3x
     ·   WiMAX (802.16e)
     ·   Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA) and LTE

                  ENG-511E 3G & 4G Network Technologies & Strategies
-   4G technologies
     ·   Mobile WiMAX (IEEE 802.16m)
     ·   LTE Advanced

Migration from 3G to 4G
-   Challenges and issues
     ·   Business
     ·   Technical
     ·   Examples/case studies
-   Technical strategies
     ·   Access
     ·   Core network infrastructure
     ·   Systems
-   Business strategies
     ·   Clients (with focus on pre-paid and post-paid customers)
     ·   Services
     ·   People
     ·   Processes
     ·   Equipment including handsets

                                 TARGET AUDIENCE

Telecommunications managers and personnel responsible for the design, planning,
deployment and management of mobile network technologies and services
Managers looking to complement their skill-set by gaining a good understanding of
3G and 4G network technologies and services

                     ENG-511E 3G & 4G Network Technologies & Strategies

Our Training Programs combine expert presentations, workshops, case studies and
discussions on real-life situations faced by participants. Complete training material is
provided to all participants for future reference and follow-up action plans.


Our Training Programs are held at regular intervals in selected cities around the world.
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                       ENG-511E 3G & 4G Network Technologies & Strategies

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