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                                                                                  By: Rabbi E. Eidlitz
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 Smith’s “Kosher Experience”...
              It’s a kosher store within a store. You’ll find a
              kosher deli, dairy and bakery, plus kosher frozen
              food, even kosher wine.
              We hope you find the quality and
                                   convenience a welcome
                                    addition to the

                                    Strict Kosher
                                    We created Smith’s
                                    Kosher Experience under
                                    the strict
                                    supervision of Rabbi Shea
                                    Harlig of Chabad of
                                    Southern Nevada.

                               2211 North Rampart Blvd.,
                                Las Vegas, Nevada 89128
                     * Kosher meat
                         under the
                       of the RCC.
                     * Largest local
                         variety of
                   Kosher products.
                   * Great variety of
                    Israeli products.
                      * A full line of
                        all natural,
                   hormone free and
                        free range
                     * A full service
                     fresh fruits and
                  * An extensive line
                    of Kosher wines
                        and liquors

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                                                                                                    Table of Contents
The store hours will remain the same and will                   Alerts & Updates                                                                                     Introduction To Wines & Liquors
continue to be closed on Shabbat.
                                                   OAKLAND KOSHER FOODS                                                                                         pertaining to liquors, we must first know how
   The following Restaurants are certified
                                                   3419 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland, CA                                                                              the various liquors are produced. All organic
Meat Glatt Kosher:
                                                    (510) 839-0177                                   Introduction To Wines & 3 material that contains starch and sugar can
   Bar-B-Kosher 113 East 9th Street
                                                   Full-service meat market and deli-restaurant;     Wine in the Jewish 3 be converted into alcohol by a procedure
(Downtown)        Los Angeles
                                                   kosher catering always                            An Explanation of 5 known as “distillation”. Distillation is the
   King David Grill 6118 W. Pico Blvd.
                                                   SABRA GRILL                                       The Nature of Wine, Liquor & 7 process of purifying the liquid part of a
Los Angeles
                                                   419 Grant Ave . (near Bush), S. Francisco,        Recommended Liquors & Liqueurs Bourbon,                    mixture by means of evaporation and
   KosherLA 9025 Wilshire Blvd. Suite #301
                                                   CA 94108 (415) 982-3656 website                    Brandy, Cognac, Gin, Liqueurs, Cordials, Rum,             condensation. Practically speaking, grapes,
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
                                                   Meat restaurant, kosher catering always            Sake, Scotch, Soju, Tequila, Vermouth, Vodka,             fruits or grain are most frequently used in this
O: (310) 246-3417 F: (310) 362-8777
                                                   S. FRANCISCO NEW YORK DELI                         Whiskey, Flavored Drinks, 9-11 process. Once the material to be used is
     CK – Kosher Certification Service
                                                   #5 Embarcadero ctr. S. Francisco, CA 94108        Kosher Food Internet 12 determined, the combined sugar and yeast
   The following is a copy of a forged
                                                   (415) 788-0422 website                            Liquor & Liqueur 13 will cause “fermentation”. Although, in the
certificate in the name of the CK – Rabbi Eli
                                                   Meat Deli, kosher catering always                 Recommended 13 case of grapes we have a natural liquid,
                                                                                                     Recommended Wine 13 sugar and yeast content; this complete
   This is to certify that the listed products
                                                                                                     Wine & Grape 14 combination is lacking in grains. As a result,
Barbeque Sauce, Enchilada Sauce, Orange
                                                                                                     About Vitamins Supplements                                 grain must be “malted” in order to convert the
Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce, Indian Curry, Thai
                                                                                                      & 19 starch in the grain to sugar. Since alcohol
Style Sauce, Pesto Sauce, processed and
                                                                                                     Guide To Vitamins, Minerals,                               vaporizes faster than water, we can separate
packed by Kitchen Powerhouse, Inc. at their                                                           Medicines & 21 the ethyl alcohol from the liquid base by
plant in Irvine, California are certified Kosher                                                     Recommended 22 heating or “distilling” it. In order to determine
and Par Eve for year round use excluding                                                             Protein & Health Bars & 23 the potency of a particular brew, we “proof” it.
Passover.                                                                                            Herbal Teas & 23        Originally this process included mixing it with
   This certificate is valid though September 1,                                                     Over The Counter 23          gunpowder and igniting it. Fortunately today,
2007, at which time it is subject to renewal                                                         Dental Hygiene Products                                    a hydrometer is used instead to measure the
Signed:                                                                                               Under Kosher 25        brew. An important utensil in the making of
Rabbi Eli Frankel,                                                                                   Vitamin/Supplement Companies                               beers and other alcoholic beverages is the
Rabbinic Administrator                                                                                 Stores & 25     “still”. In the past pot stills were widely in use,
Reminder: The above is FORGED.                                                                       Kashrus Updates & 25 today, for economic reasons, the “continuous
                                                                                                             WINES & LIQUORS ARTICLE                            still” has primarily replaced them. The
 Restaurants and Eating Establishments
                                                                                                    The joyous cry of “L’Chayim!” is a familiar                 continuous still is a giant apparatus in which
     in the San Francisco Bay Area and
                                                                                                    one to the ears of Jews all over the world. At              the main component is a tall, (sometimes
               Northern California
                                                                                                    any Jewish Simcha, whether it is a Bris, Bar                several stories high), chimneylike metal
                                                                                                    Mitzva, Chassana (wedding), engagement,                     container. Stills separate the alcohol from the
3264 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA
                                                                                                    anniversary party or other social gathering,                water in the distiller’s beer by vaporizing the
 (510) 465-1110
                                                                                                    you can find corks popping, champagne                       alcohol content. The spirit produced by this
Full-service bakery; small café; kosher
                                                                                                    flowing and schnapps glasses raised high in                 still is known in American whiskey-making as
catering always
                                                                                                    honor of the event. What better way to                      “low wines”.
                                                                                                    enhance the joy of that special occasion? In                                       WINES
477 California Ave Palo Alto, CA , 94306
                                                                                                    addition, of course, is our traditional                     Throughout the Torah, we are reminded of
                                                                                                    connection of wine with Shabbos and all                     the great spiritual significance of wine in the
following locations) (not Cholov Yisroel)
                                                                                                    holidays. Wines of all flavors and colors                   life of a Jew. In fact, the Talmudic rabbis saw
East Bay
                                                                                                    appear at weekly Shabbos tables and Yom                     fit to establish a special law specifically
1991 Diamond Blvd. Concord , CA
                                                                                                    Tov tables throughout the world; a great                    regarding wine. Today, the vast majority of
 (925) 246-8171
                                                                                                    variety of liquor and liqueur dress the                     wines on the market are unfit for consumption
1441 Fitzgerald Drive Pinole , CA
                                                                                                    kiddush tables at Shuls in every Jewish                     by the kosher consumer. Throughout all the
 (510) 262-6590
                                                                                                    community. As with most edible products on                  stages of wine production, the strictest
32450 Dyer Union City , CA (510) 471-7924
                                                                                                    the market today, alcoholic beverages may                   Kosher supervision is required until the final
Sacramento & Central Valley
                                                                                                    have their share of headaches for the kosher stage of the actual bottling. There is, of
7901 Greenback Lane, Citrus Heights, CA
                                                                                                    consumer. For example: vermouth, sangria,                   course, the prohibition concerning wines
 (916) 721-3739
                                                                                                    champagne, sherry brandy and cognac, as                     relating to the status of boiled wine. Kosher
8040 North Blackstone Ave , Fresno , CA
                                                                                                    well as some liqueurs and cordials, all require wine that has been cooked before contact
 (559) 449-2780
                                                                                                    reliable supervision as they are wine-based                 with a non-Jew has occurred is exempted
2809 March Lane Stockton , CA
                                                                                                    or may contain wine as an actual ingredient.                from the injunction. This prohibition stems
 (209) 954-7688
                                                                                                    Therefore, it is incumbent upon all kashrus                 from the historical perspective that boiled
S. Francisco & Peninsula
                                                                                                    observant Jews to understand the nature of                  wine was considered “improper” to be offered
1575 Sullivan Daly City , CA (650) 985-5612
                                                                                                    alcoholic beverages and realize the potential as a libation to an idol (where wines were
2146 Leghorn Street , Mountain View , CA
                                                                                                    problems to the kosher consumer. In order to often offered by these idol worshipping
 (650) 254-1231                                                                           Page 30                                                                                                             Page 3
                                                                                                    realistically understand the kashrus issues                 nations). Such wine, (called
         Shijiazhuang Zhenji Brew Group Co., Ltd.                         Alerts & Updates
            Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang,                   designation has been inadvertently omitted.
             China Sauces & Dips, Vinegars                  Future packaging will be revised.
         Shoppers Drug Mart, Inc.                              General Mills Breakfast Cereal Variety
            North York, ON, Canada                          Pack - Breakfast Cereal Variety Pack (UPC
         True World Foods New York LLC                      #6563351209) The packaging of this product
            Elizabeth, NJ Sauces & Dips                     incorrectly depicts Lucky Charms cereal as
         WellnessPro Incorporated                           being OU certified. Corrective action is being
            Encino, CAVitamins,                             taken.
             Supplements & Nutritionals Star-D*                      Certain packages of Fannie May
                           From the cRc                      individually wrapped chocolates bear a plain
            Effective immediately, the cRc does not          cRc. Although the master box was labeled as
         certify any product being distributed by Acid        cRc D, the individually wrapped chocolates
         Products of Chicago, Illinois, even when              were inadvertently printed without the “D”
         bearing the cRc on the label or when               Dairy designation. All Fannie May Chocolates
         accompanied by a cRc letter of kosher               are kosher dairy when bearing the cRc D or
         certification. Acid Products distributes various                 cRc logo, non-cholov
         industrial acids and other raw materials to the                   KOSHER LA: KOLA
         to the manufacturing industry.                       COFFEE BEAN & TEA LEAF: All Coffee
             Only those Natural Ovens of Manitowoc          Bean & Tea Leaf stores in Las Vegas,
         Label products bearing the cRc logo and the        Nevada are now certified Kosher. This
         legend “Pas Yisroel” are guaranteed to be          includes all beverages and baked items for
         Pas Yisroel.                                       the following stores:
            A specific production of institutional pack        The Palms, 4321 W. Flamingo Road, Las
         butter manufactured by Sommer Maid                 Vegas
         Creamery were produced using non-kosher               Lake Mead, 7291 W. Lake Mead Drive, Las
         ingredients. Although these products are           Vegas
         listed on their cRc kosher certificate, this          Green Valley Parkway, 2300 Paseo Verde,
         specific batch, with an expiration date of         Henderson, NV
         September 3, 2007, is not certified kosher.           Running Rebel Plaza, 4550 S. Maryland
         The following items are effected: 1 lb. prints     Parkway, Suite A, Las Vegas
         Whipped butter in 7 lb. tubs. This alert              RIO Hotel & Casino, 3700 West Flamingo
         applies only to the above products with a          Rd. Las Vegas
         expiration date of September 3rd 2007.                The Venetian - Carnevale, 3377 Las Vegas
         Corrective measures are being taken.               Blvd South, Las Vegas
             During the month of July, 2007, 7eleven           The Venetian - The Bridge, 3377 Las
         will be introducing a new Slurpee flavor,          Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas
         Fanta blue vanilla. It is kosher dairy.               The District, 2220 Village Walk Dr., Suite
             Effective immediately, Ciprianis Pasta and     140, Henderson, NV
         Pasta Sauces are no longer under the                  Desert Passage at Aladdin, 3663 Las
         certification of the Chicago Rabbinical            Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas
         Council, even when bearing the cRc logo.              Canyon Point, 10834 W. Charleston Blvd,
             Kernel Seasons Parmesan & Garlic               Las Vegas,
         Popcorn Seasoning contain dairy                       Rainbow, 4190 S. Rainbow Blvd Suite 2,
         ingredients, but the “D” dairy designation was     Las Vegas
         inadvertently omitted. The product is indeed          The Gardens, 3645 S. Towncenter Dr. #101
         cRc D, Dairy non cholov yisroel. Future            Las Vegas
         packaging is being corrected.                         Rainbow and Patrick, 6115 S. Rainbow Blvd
             Several packages of Kernel Season’s            #101 Las Vegas
         Cajun Popcorn Seasoning bear a plain cRc.             McCarran Airport, (Southwest
         This product is Dairy (non-cholov yisroel), but    Terminal)5757 Wayne Newton Blvd, Las
         the “D” Dairy designation was inadvertently        Vegas
         omitted. Action is being taken to remove the          All Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores in the
         mislabeled product from the market.                San Diego area including La Jolla are
             Keebler Fudge Dipped Ice Cream Cups            certified Kosher. This includes all beverages
         - Fudge Shoppe Fudge Dipped Ice Cream              and baked items.
         Cups (UPC #3010012096) This certified                 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf store on
         product contains dairy ingredients as listed       Beverly and Alta Vista will no longer be
Page 4   on the ingredient panel but the dairy              serving Chalav Yisrael drinks.           Page 29
in Mexico with a Spanish label which bears a                       Alerts & Updates                  “Yayin Nesach”), that had been offered to an                        Whiskey Article
plain OU symbol. Future packaging will be            Lollypops (OUd)                                 idol was prohibited for Jewish use of any kind.
                                                                                                                                                        considerable profit in the year before his
revised.                                          From Coffee Rio                                    This was a Torah-based prohibition. In
                                                                                                                                                        death in 1799 from his private whiskey
   Oh Mama! Nutrition Bar: This certified         Coffee Candy Caffe Latte (OUd)                     addition, there is also a rabbinic prohibition
product contains dairy ingredients                Coffee Candy Kona Island Blend (OUd)               which forbids drinking the ordinary wine of
                                                                                                                                                        In the late 1700’s as well, a group of Scotts-
as listed on the ingredient panel but the dairy   Coffee Candy Sugar Free Original (OUd)             non-Jews in order to reduce social contact
                                                                                                                                                        Irish immigrants came to the shores of this
designation has been inadvertently omitted.       Coffee Candy Sugar Free Espresso (OUd)             that might lead to assimilation and
                                                                                                                                                        great country. This group of people were
Future packaging will be revised.                 My Kidz Iron vitamins                              intermarriage. Such wine is called “Stam
                                                                                                                                                        known for their expertise in the production of
    Kroger Brussels Sprouts (Dill): This                             From the OK                     Yenam”. Therefore, if a non-Jew happened to
                                                                                                                                                        whiskey. When they appeared in the United
product bears an unauthorized OU symbol               Please be advised that as of July 31, 2006     come into contact with boiled wine, the wine is
                                                                                                                                                        States, there was a great demand for whiskey
and is being withdrawn from the marketplace.      OK KOSHER CERTIFICATION no longer                  still permissible for an observant Jew to drink.
                                                                                                                                                        and vast acres of unused farmland. With their
Consumers spotting this product are               certifies any products produced by F.LLI           Many kosher wines today bear the marking
                                                                                                                                                        work ethic and experience in whiskey
requested to contact the Orthodox Union at        AMATO SNC, Partana, Italy. Any certificates        “Mevushal”, indicating that they have been
                                                                                                                                                        production, the Scots-Irish helped lay the
212-613-8241 or via email at                      presented to the contrary are FORGERIES.           boiled. However, extra caution must be taken
                                                                                                                                                        foundation for a thriving whiskey industry in                                    Please be advised that the OK KOSHER           with a kosher wine that has not been
                                                                                                                                                        this country. There are basically three main
    Raysheet Chianti (2004)                       CERTIFICATION does not certify                     previously boiled (Mevushal), lest a non-Jew
                                                                                                                                                        ingredients in the production of whiskey: the
    Rosso Relativo Toscana (2005)                 CALIFORNIA NUGGETS roasted salted                  or Jew who is not Shomer Shabbos should
                                                                                                                                                        water, the grains and the yeast. Without
    Raysheet Rosso di Toscana(2004, 2005)         gourmet corn and any other products                come in contact with that bottle of wine (maid
                                                                                                                                                        these three, it just isn’t whiskey!
   Bianco di Toscana (2005): These wine           produced by GOLDEN WEST NUTS, INC.,                etc.). A closed bottle, even non-Mevushal
                                                                                                                                                         THE WATER: Because most whiskeys in the
products bear an unauthorized OU-P symbol         Ripon, California. These products bear an          wine, may be handled by a non-Jew. In its
                                                                                                                                                        U.S. are made in Kentucky and Tennessee,
(unless affixed with an OU holograph sticker)     unauthorized OK symbol. These products are         most basic state, wine is nothing more than
                                                                                                                                                        the water in those regions is perfectly suited
and are being withdrawn from the                  NOT kosher certified.                              fermented grape juice. The processing, aging
                                                                                                                                                        for the production of this product. Much of
marketplace. Consumers spotting these                              From the Star K                   and grape type used in each type of wine
                                                                                                                                                        that water is naturally filtered through the
products are requested to contact the                KITCHENAID SIDE BY SIDE                         provide the countless variations of wines
                                                                                                                                                        limestone that underlies the areas of
Orthodox Union at 212-613-8241 or via email       REFRIGERATORS: On Shabbos and Yom                  available on the market today. As we have
                                                                                                                                                        Kentucky’s Blue Grass and Tennessee’s
at                             Tov (Jewish Holidays), do not open both            stated, the basic initial ingredient in wine is
                                                                                                                                                        Highland Rim. This water is iron-free and rich
O/U Newly Certified                               doors of KitchenAid side by side refrigerators     the grape, which consists of water, sugar, acid
                                                                                                                                                        in minerals, actually it is some of the sweetest
  Little Hug Drinks - The following from the      that have a Star-K certified Holiday mode.         and tannin. The most popular types of grapes
                                                                                                                                                        water in the world.
American Beverage Corp                            Only when both doors are open at the same          used in kosher wines today are carignam,
                                                                                                                                                        THE GRAIN: American whiskeys depend on a
are newly certified by the OU: Assorted Fruit     time in the Holiday mode, will an interior light   grenache and semillon. Today, the vineyards
                                                                                                                                                        mixture of three out of four grains for their
Blue Raspberry Drink, Grape Drink, Orange         go on. If you have such a unit, please e-mail      in Israel, spanning over 40,000 acres,
                                                                                                                                                        production. These grains are corn, barley
Drink, Fruit Punch Drink                          ( or call 410-484-4110        produce over 13 million gallons of wines per
                                                                                                                                                        and either rye or wheat. Since these are
   As of August 13, 2007 the OU certifies the     with the details of your model.                    year. Currently, in addition to Israel, kosher
                                                                                                                                                        plentiful crops in this country, the supply is
following products from the American                   YANGZHOU CHEMICAL CO., LTD/China,             wines are produced in such places as Spain,
                                                                                                                                                        endless. Bourbons and Tennessee whiskeys
Specialty Oil Co.                                 is not certified by the Star-K. Any letters to     Italy, France, New York, and California.
                                                                                                                                                        use corn in the largest amounts, while rye
  Bakers Best All Purpose Shortening OU           the contrary are forged. This company              Besides the vital knowledge that the kosher
                                                                                                                                                        whiskey is mainly produced from rye grain. An
  Coconut Oil 92* OU                              manufactures Glucosamine.                          consumer must have when purchasing wine
                                                                                                                                                        example of a basic bourbon whiskey recipe
   Duraflo Heavy Duty Frying Shortening OU           RESTAR GELATIN (LUOHE)                          for pure enjoyment, it is also imperative for
                                                                                                                                                        would consist of 70 percent corn, 20 percent
   Eagle Pride All American                       MANUFACTORY/China, is not certified by the         the kosher consumer to realize that often wine
                                                                                                                                                        rye or wheat (not both) and 10 percent
     Liquid Shortening OU                         Star-K. Any letters to the contrary are forged.    and grape juice are used to flavor and color
                                                                                                                                                        malted barley.
   Eagle Pride High Oleic Canola Oil 65 OU        This company manufactures gelatin.                 other foods and beverages (i.e. beer, pink
                                                                                                                                                        THE YEAST: Yeast is a living organism that
   Eagle Pride Salad Canola Oil OU                    Please note: A letter of certification or      lemonade, lite canned fruits, tropical drinks,
                                                                                                                                                        feeds on simple sugars (glucose and
   Excel Heavy Duty Shortening OU                 kosher symbol must accompany each of the           cereals, etc.). Therefore, it is imperative for
                                                                                                                                                        fructose). The yeast transforms the sugar
   Liquid Nut-O-Gold PZT (TM) OU                  listings below.                                    the kosher consumer to rely on competent
                                                                                                                                                        into beverage alcohol and carbon dioxide.
   Satellite Liquid Frying Shortening OU          Bequet Confections                                 Hashgachas when purchasing such complex
                                                                                                                                                        This reaction produces some heat and small
   Super Rich Heavy Duty                             Bozeman, MT                                     items.
                                                                                                                                                        amounts of flavor enhancing impurities known
      Frying Shortening OU                            Candy & Confectionery Items Star-D*                                WHISKEY
                                                                                                                                                        as “congeners”. The usage of yeast as an
As of August 13, 2007 the OU certifies the        Brills Bakery                                      In 1777, while the United States of America
                                                                                                                                                        ingredient in the production of whiskeys is a
following products from BOT LLC of                    Spring Valley, NY Bakery                       adopted the Stars and Stripes as the
                                                                                                                                                        vital and very individual choice of each
Lawrenceville, N.J.:                              Esys Services & Technologies Pvt., Ltd.            Continental Congress flag, George
                                                                                                                                                        distillery, since each type of yeast produces
Berry BOT Fortified Water OU                          Gurgaon, Haryana, India                        Washington had a grave concern that his
                                                                                                                                                        its own distinct flavor and amount of alcohol.
Grape BOT Fortified Water OU                          Fruit Blends/Purees                            troops did not have a sufficient amount of
                                                                                                                                                        It is truly the particular strain of yeast used by
Orange BOT Fortified Water OU                     Falafel Factory                                    whiskey! He even suggested that more
                                                                                                                                                        each whiskey company that gives it its very
The following candies are newly certified:             Sayreville, NJ Restaurant/Take Out            distilleries be constructed throughout the
                                                                                                                                                        unique flavor. It would be disastrous for a
Big Cherry chocolate candy                        Oregon Cherry Growers, Inc.                        states because “the benefits arising from the
                                                                                                                                                        distillery to lose its supply or cache of yeast.
 bars (OUd) from Adams & Brooks, Inc                  Salem, OR Fruit (Dried)                        moderate use of strong liquor have been
                                                                                                                                                        Consequently, many distilleries stash a
Dino Pops Hard candy lollipops                    Schreiber Foods International, Co.                 experienced in all armies and are not to be
                                                                                                                                                        supply of their individual type of yeast in a
Halloween Hooties – Chewy Candy                       Ramsey, NY Olives, Vegetables (Canned)         disputed”. In fact, George Washington,
                                                                                                                                                        location away from the distillery.
  Assorted Chews (OUd), Hard Candy                                                         Page 28   himself, was known to have earned a                                                             Page 5
                                                                                                                                                        There are, of course, different
           TROPICANA ORANGE JUICE with OMEGA                               Alerts & Updates
         3: Omega-3 is a type of fish oil. Although the
                                                            or via email at
         Tropicana juice contains only a very small
                                                               Soooo Sweet! Products: This product
         amount of the fish oil, we feel an obligation to
                                                            bears an unauthorized OU symbol and is
         bring it to the attention of kosher consumers
                                                            being withdrawn from the marketplace.
         who rely on the OK. Chazal tell us
                                                            Consumers spotting this product are
         that it is a danger to eat fish and meat
                                                            requested to contact the Orthodox Union at
         together. We therefore requested that
                                                            212-613-8241 or via email at
         Tropicana label this juice with an F
         designation, and they have complied.
                                                               Hello Kitty Gummy Vitamins: This
         Dairy Without “D” Designation
                                                            product, distributed in Target Stores and via
           TRAIL MIX HIGH SIERRA BLEND (in 5 oz.
                                                            internet sales, bears an unauthorized OU
         and 26 oz. packages) produced by BEAR
                                                            symbol and is being withdrawn from the
         NAKED LLC in NORWALK CT, has in some
                                                            marketplace. Consumers spotting the
         instances been labeled with OK instead of
                                                            mislabeled product are requested to contact
                                                            the Orthodox Union at 212-613-8241 or via
         KOSHER DAIRY. Future packaging has been
                                                            email at
         corrected to bear the OK-D symbol
                                                            O/U Clarifications
                    FROM THE HALF MOON K
                                                               The attached LOC which depicts Qingdao
         Certification Clarification
                                                            ICD Biochemistry Co., a Chinese
            We are happy to inform the kosher
                                                            Manufacturer, as OU certified has
         consuming public that Crown Prince
                                                            been forged. Qingdao ICD Biochemistry’s
         canned sardines have been reviewed and
                                                            products should not be accepted as kosher
         found to be acceptable. Crown Prince
                                                            certified by the Orthodox Union.
         products were noted on our previous news
                                                               Regarding Blue Bunny Assorted
         release as being under investigation. That
                                                            FrozFruit Products: Some pareve products
         process is complete, and we are pleased to
                                                            are correctly labeled OU on the outer box, but
         fully endorse any Crown Prince sardines with
                                                            contain wrappers bearing no symbol, OU or
         our hechsher on the label. Enjoy Crown
                                                            OU-D. All dairy products are correctly labeled
         Prince Skinless Sardines, Sardines in Oil,
                                                            as OU-D on the outer box and wrappers. All
         Sardines in Soy Oil and Sardines in Olive Oil.
                                                            Frozfruit products, including the parve items,
            Our investigaton of Dole Fruit Cups allows
                                                            bear a notice regarding milk content. This is
         us to clarify that fruits in heavy or lite syrup
                                                            due to the concern of microscopic airborne
         in 4-ounce fruit cups are acceptable for
                                                            milk particles that could affect individuals with
         kosher use at this time. This includes
                                                            extreme milk allergies.
         pinneaple, mandarin oranges, apples,
                                                               The status of the products is shown below:
         peaches, and mixed fruit cups. Please check
                                                            FrozFruit Strawberry OU
         for the kosher symbol on the product label to
                                                            FrozFruit Banana and Cream OU-D
         insure you are purchasing certified items, as
                                                            FrozFruit Chunky Mango Bar OU
         not all Dole fruit items are certified.
                                                            FrozFruit Chunky Pineapple OU
                          From the O/U
                                                            FrozFruit Chunky Tropical OU
         Unauthorized Certification
                                                            FrozFruit Coconut OU-D
             Kroger Brussels Sprouts (Dill)This
                                                            FrozFruit Lemon Fruit Bar OU-D
         product bears an unauthorized OU symbol
                                                            FrozFruit Lime Fruit Bar OU
         and is being withdrawn from the marketplace.
                                                            FrozFruit NSA Chunky Raspberry OU
         Consumers spotting this product are
                                                            FrozFruit NSA Chunky Strawberry OU
         requested to contact the Orthodox Union at
                                                            FrozFruit Strawberries & Cream OU-D
         212-613-8241 or via email at
                                                            FrozFruit Superfruit Raspberry Acai OU
                                                            FrozFruit Superfruit
             These wine products, Raysheet Chianti
                                                             Pomegranate-Cherry OU
         (2004), Raysheet Rosso di Toscana (2004,
                                                            FrozFruit Pina Colade OU-D.
         2005), Bianco di Toscana (2005), Rosso
                                                               Planters Sesame Nut Mix: This product
         Relativo Toscana (2005) produced by Nobile
                                                            correctly bears an OU symbol and is certified
         Prima Wine Products bear an unauthorized
                                                            pareve. The product label erroneously lists
         OU-P symbol (unless affixed with an OU
                                                            milk as an ingredient.
         holograph sticker) and are being withdrawn
                                                                Estee Peanut Butter Cups: This product
         from the marketplace. Consumers spotting
                                                            is certified OU-D and contains dairy
         these products are requested to contact the
                                                            ingredients as listed on the ingredient panel.
Page 6   Orthodox Union at 212-613-8241                                                                Page 27
                                                            The product was distributed
Value, Equality, Natur-A, Naturally Preferred,                       Alerts & Updates                types of whiskey.                                                    Kosher Liquors
Neilson, OPP, Presidents Choice, Rice                                                                              STRAIGHT WHISKEY
                                                       The following update regarding Wrigleys                                                                        LIQUOR & LIQUEUR LIST
Dream, Safeway, Safeway US, So Good, So                                                              This is a distilled grain spirit made from at
                                                    has been received from the London                                                                                   KOSHER CERTIFIED
Nice Fortified Soy Beverage, Southern Sun,                                                           least 51 percent of a single type of grain and
                                                    Federation of Synagogues Kashrus Board.                                                                                  BOURBON
Walmart, Wegmans.                                                                                    any mixture of other grains. This type of
                                                    Only the items listed below are approved,                                                              Old Williamsburg (O/U)
                 Kashrus Alerts                                                                      whiskey must be distilled to no more than 160
                                                    when manufactured in their                                                                                          BRANDY & COGNAC
   Some breads produced by Oakhouse                                                                  degrees proof. Straight Whiskey is aged for
                                                    Biesheim, Plymouth or Poznan                                                                           Note: Contains wine. Always needs
Bakery, Madison, Wisconsin erroneously                                                               at least two years and is bottled at a minimum
                                                    (Poland) Factories, please check labels                                                                reliable certification.
bear the KOAOA symbol on the label. These                                                            of 80 proof. No other substances may be
                                                    carefully. (These are sold in the U.S. in                                                              BBB Brandy (O/U)
breads are not kosher certified by KOAOA                                                             included. The term “mingling” describes the
                                                    kosher stores only. The U.S. production is                                                             Boukha Fig (O/U)
and the use of the hechsher is unauthorized.                                                         process in which a number of barrels of
                                                    not kosher at this time).                                                                              Brandy 100 (Carmel O/U)
Packaging is being destroyed. These bread                                                            straight whiskey are mingled together in order
                                                      All the following are Pareve and Mehadrin                                                            Brandy 777 (O/U)
products are primarily distributed in                                                                to achieve a consistent style.
                                                    Orbit Sweet Mint Pellets                                                                               Carmel (O/U, Chasam Sofer - 777 Brandy)
Wisconsin. Consumers finding any                                                                                    BLENDED WHISKEY
                                                    Orbit Professional Freshmint Pellets                                                                   Dupuy - Vsop (O/U)
mislabeled Oakhouse breads outside of                                                                Blended Whiskey is a straight whiskey that
                                                    Orbit Apple Pellets                                                                                    Givon Brandy (O/K)
Wisconsin are urged to contact us at                                                                 has been blended with neutral grain spirits.
                                                    Orbit Professional Herbal Pellets                                                                      Grand Sabra Orange Brandy (O/U)                                                                                       This often includes the addition of coloring
                                                    Orbit Watermelon Pellets                                                                               Herman Jansen Apricot Brandy (KLBD)
   Natural Ovens of Manitowoc Hot Dog                                                                and flavor enhancers. Often between 15 to
                                                    Orbit Professional Strong Pellets                                                                      Herzog French (O/U)
Buns and Hamburger Buns bearing our                                                                  50 different whiskeys will be blended in order
                                                    Orbit Kids TAB Classic                                                                                 Jelinek Brandy (O/U)
symbol are kosher and pareve, however they                                                           to maintain the same taste of the product
                                                    Airwaves Menthol Eucalyptus Pellets                                                                    Jonathan Tishbi Special
do not meet Pas Yisroel standards at this                                                            consistently.
                                                    Airwaves Blackcurrant Pellets                                                                            Reserve (Israel & U.S. - O/U)
time, and are no longer labeled as Pas                                                                          GENERAL INFORMATION
                                                    Airwaves Cherry Menthol Pellets                                                                        Louis Royer VSOP & Xo Cognac (O/U)
Yisroel. We are working with the company to                                                              WINES, LIQUORS, LIQUEURS & BEER
                                                    Airwaves Generic Pellets                                                                               Montaigne (O/K - not Mevushal)
establish proper Pas Yisroel procedures and                                                          Vodka: All unflavored vodkas are
                                                    Airwaves Cool Cassis Pellets                                                                           Old Williamsburg Bourbon (O/U)
hope that this will be accomplished soon.                                                            recommended. Due to the many problems of
                                                    Eclipse Peppermint Pellets                                                                             Spirit of Solomon (CRC)
Please note that this only pertains to Hot Dog                                                       non-Kosher ingredients often found in
                                                    Eclipse Mints Peppermint                                                                               Zwack (O/U)
and Hamburger Buns and only those                                                                    flavorings (such as wine, civet, ambergris
                                                    Eclipse Mints Spearmint                                                                                                 BURGUNDY
packaged with our symbol on the label. Other                                                         etc.), any flavored vodka needs proper
                                                    Hubba Bubba Snappy Strawberry                                                                          Todhunter (O/U - Mevushal)
Natural Ovens products certified by other                                                            Hashgachic approval or thorough
                                                    Hubba Bubba Cheeky Black Cherry                                                                                             GIN
agencies continue their Pas Yisroel status as                                                        investigation into each source and ingredient.
                                                                          Updates                                                                          Canadian Iceberg (O/U)
stated on the label.                                                                                 Rum: All unflavored light rums are
                                                    Dairy Without “D” Designation                                                                          Gordon’s Flavored Gin
                  Clarifications                                                                     recommended. Dark rums and spiced rums
                                                       Palmer Peanut Butter Cups contain dairy                                                               (all flavors) produced in the U.S.- (CRC)
   The RCC now conforms to the guidelines of                                                         need to be checked for the possibility of wine
                                                    ingredients as listed on the ingredient panel                                                          London Dry Gin (O/U)
the major kashrus agencies such as the o/u,                                                          having been used as a coloring agent. As
                                                    but the dairy designation has been                                                                     Speed Bar (O/U)
o/k, star-k, kof-k, kaj etc. by ensuring that all                                                    with all foods containing flavoring, flavored
                                                    inadvertently omitted. Future packaging will                                                                      LIQUEURS & CORDIALS
of the meats bearing the RCC certification is                                                        rums need certification.
                                                    be revised.                                                                                            Note: The following is a partial list.
Glatt kosher. Due to this change in policy,                                                          Tequila: Tequila is produced from the agave
                                                       Wegmans Classic Assortment Crackers                                                                 (Liqueurs need a reliable Hashgacha as
Doheney Kosher Market is no longer certified                                                         plant. Silver tequila without a worm is
                                                    contain dairy ingredients as listed on the                                                             they are “flavored” alcoholic drinks)
by the RCC. Doheney Kosher Market will                                                               recommended. Gold, brown, and Reposado
                                                    ingredient panel but the dairy designation                                                             Advocaat (KLBD)
continue to sell Rubashkin Aggriproccesors                                                           tequila require certification.
                                                    has been inadvertently omitted. Future                                                                 Advoscotch (O/U)
Non Glatt meat among their other meats, and                                                          Brandy: Brandy always contains wine, and
                                                    packaging will be revised.                                                                             Amaretto Binyamina (Chasam Sofer)
the store is certified by Rabbi Meshulem                                                             therefore, must bear a reliable certification.
                                                                      FROM THE O/K                                                                         Amaretto Di Carmel (O/U)
Weiss, of Postville Iowa. The Davids brand                                                           Cognac: Cognac is a grape brandy from
                                                    Certification Clarification                                                                            Amaretto Di Saronno (O/U)
meat sold in Trader Joes is NON Glatt and is                                                         France. It always requires reliable
                                                       Keebler Cheese It’s as well as Sunshine                                                             Arak (Carmel) (O/U - Alouf & Extra Fine)
certified by Rabbi Zeilingold.                                                                       certification.
                                                    Cheese It’s, certified O/Kd, uses cheese in                                                            Ashkalon (O/U)
    Non Kosher yogurt stores continue to                                                             Sherry: Sherry is made from wine. It needs
                                                    the production that is aged cheese, and                                                                Azmara (O/U - Coffee)
advertise that they are using kosher mix. This                                                       reliable Kosher certification.
                                                    requires the standard waiting period after                                                             Bartenura (O/U - Amaretto, Etrog
in no way allows one to assume that the                                                              Vermouth: Vermouth is made from white
                                                    hard cheese, which for most people is six                                                                Citron, Hazelnut, Lemon,
yogurt served is kosher.                                                                             wine, and therefore, must have reliable
                                                    hours.                                                                                                   Mandarin, Lime, Peach, Sambuca)
   Consumer Alert: Only those Natural                                                                certification.
                                                       Please be advised that OK Kosher                                                                    Binyamina (O/U)
Ovens of Manitowoc Label products                                                                    Beer: All domestic and German beers (light
                                                    Certification only certifies items from BENZ’S                                                         Black Prince Distillery
bearing the cRc logo and the legend “Pas                                                             and dark in color) are acceptable to the
                                                    FISH which bear an OK on the label, such as                                                              (Kof K, check for pareve or dairy)
Yisroel” are guaranteed to be Pas Yisroel.                                                           Kosher consumer without certification. The
                                                    their gefilte fish, tuna fish and                                                                      Bokobza Baron Lamour (O/U)
   Nature Valley Granola Bites are not                                                               exception to this is any flavored beer. As is
                                                    other fish items (with skin on only). Items                                                            Boz Spirits (O/U)
certified kosher.                                                                                    true with all “flavoring”, a reliable certification
                                                    repacked in their store at the 332 Albany                                                              Briscoe (O/U)
   Effective 8/13/2007, Beverly Hills                                                                is required. Imported dark beers are
                                                    Avenue location are not certified by OK                                                                Camaya
Suites glatt kosher kitchen at the Howard                                                            questionable as to their reliability (some may
                                                    Kosher Certification.                                                                                   (Kof K - Blue Curacao, Amaretto, Coffee)
Johnson Hotel in Windsor Locks, CT,                                                                  contain grape by-products). Imported                  Campari (from Israel, must bear Badatz)
is no longer Star-K certified.                                                             Page 26   unflavored light beers are all acceptable.                                                   Page 7
                                                                                                                                                           Carmel (O/U & O/Ud)
                            Laxative                        Vitamin Supplement Companies
         Colace Syrup & Liquid
                                                       Grow Industries (Re-Natured Vitamins -
         Ex Lax Regular, Maximum
                                                       Kof K) 195 Kenneth St. Hackensack, N.J.
           Strength & Ultra Pills
                                                       07601 (201) 342-2007 Website:
         Ex Lax Chocolated Pieces (dairy)
         Guardian (when bearing Star K)
                                                       Hi Tech Pharmacal Co. Amityville, N.Y. 11701
         Nature’s Remedy Tablets (dairy)
                                                       Kosher Care (O/U) 1 (800) 899-3116
         Perdiem Caplets
                                                       Kosher Vitamin Express Mail Order Vitamin
           and Overnight Relief Pills
                                                       Company 1 (800) 645-1899
         Peri-Colace Syrup & Tablets
                                                       Kosher Vitamins. com (Website for many
         Philips Original Milk of Magnesia Liquid
                                                       kosher vitamins) Website:
         Senokot - S (Stool Softener) Tabs (dairy)
         Shaklee Herblax (when bearing Star K)
                         Sleeping Aids
         Nytol Quick Caps (dairy)
                                                       Landau Vitamins 460 Kent Ave. Brooklyn N.Y
         Sominex Original Formula Tablets
                                                       11211 (718) 599-1900
         Unisom Sleep Tablets
                                                       Maxi Health (O/U) 1309 Avenue U Brooklyn,
         Vivarin Tablets
                                                       N.Y. 11229 (718) 787-1235 Website:
                    KOSHER SUPERVISION
                                                       Mead Johnson Laboratories Evansville, In.
         Amway (Star K)
                                                       47721 (812) 429-5000 (800) 222-9123
         Glister Mint Refresher Spray
                                                       Naturesanswer Website:
         Glister Multi-Action Fluoride Toothpaste
         Health Guard (O/U)
                                                       Naturesway Website:
         Peppermint-Sugar Free Refresher
                                                       Nutralife (Star K) 1072 Madison Ave.
         Jason Natural Products (O/U)
                                                       Lakewood, N.J. 08701 (877) 688-7254
         Healthy Mouth Mouthwash
         Healthy Mouth Plus Gel
                                                       Shaklee (Star K) 44 Market St. San Francisco,
         Nutri Smile Toothpaste
                                                       Ca. 74111 (415) 954-3000
         Oral Comfort Gel
                                                       Solgar 00 Willow Tree Rd. Leonia, N.J. 07605
         Power Smile Mouthwash
                                                       (201) 944-2311
         Power Smile Plus Gel
                                                       Sunrider (Star K) 1625 Abalone Ave.
         Power Smile Toothpaste Mini
                                                       Torrence, Ca. 90501 (310) 781-3808
         Sea Fresh Mouthwash & Toothpaste Mini
                                                       Sunshine Pharmacy 369 North Fairfax Ave.
         Melaleuca (Star K)
                                                       Los Angeles, Ca. 90036 (323) 653-8692
         Breath-Away Mouthwash
                                                       To Life Food Co. (Mail Order Vitamin Co.)
         Cool-Shot Mouth Spray
                                                       Website: (900) 725-7200
         Denti-Clean Classic Tooth Polish
                                                       Tom’s of Maine P.O. Box 710 Kennebunk, Me.
         Hot Shot Mouth Spray
                                                       04143 (800) 332-4100
         MelaBrite Whitener and Brightener
                                                       V.P. Discount Health Food 14645 Ventura
         Raintree Essix Denture Cleanser (Star K)
                                                       Blvd. (818) 784-9979
         Sweet Breath (O/U)
                                                       V.P. Discount Health Food 8001 Beverly Blvd.
           Cinnamon Spray, Smokers Spray, Sorbet
                                                       (323) 658-6505
         Mango, Raspberry & Strawberry Spray,
                                                       Whole Foods 12905 Riverside Dr. Sherman
         Wintergreen Spray
                                                       Oaks, Ca. (818) 762-5548
                                                       Whole Foods 4520 Sepulveda Blvd. Sherman
                      STORES & WEBSITES
                                                       Oaks, Ca. (818) 382-3700
         Dynamic Health Laboratories (O/U, O/K,
                                                       Whole Foods 7871 W. Santa Monica Blvd.
         Udvarer) Brooklyn, N.Y. (718) 858-0100
                                                       Los Angeles, Ca. (323) 848-4200
         Erewhon Natural Foods 7660 Beverly Blvd.
                                                       Whole Foods 239 North Crescent Dr. Beverly
         Los Angeles, Ca. (213) 937-0777
                                                       Hills, Ca. (310) 274-3360
         First Quality Health (FQH) Liquid Vitamins
                                                                      Alerts & Updates
         (O/U) 1274-49th St. #140 Brooklyn, N.Y.
                                                                       FROM THE COR
         11219 (718) 437-4900 Fax: (718) 437-7246
                                                       No Longer Certified
         Freeda Pharmacueticals (O/U) 36 E. 41st St.
                                                       Imperial Chilled Juice Inc. is no longer
         New York, N.Y. 10017 (212) 685-4980
                                                       under COR kosher certification. The following
                                                       brands which bear the COR 685 should not
         Galilee Herbal Website:
                                                       be used: Beatrice, Compliments, Compliments
Page 8   Genisoy Vitamins Website:                                           Page 25
Goody’s Cool Orange Powder (dairy)                            Medicines                    Cherry Herring (O/U)                                        Kosher Liquors
Motrin Children’s                                                                          Cherry Kijafa (O/U)
                                             Advil Cold & Sinus Tablets & Caplets                                                      Van De Brugge
  & Junior Chewable Tablets                                                                Cocoa Mist
                                             Allavert                                                                                    Advoscotch Egg Nog (O/U)
Motrin Regular Tablets & Caplets                                                            (Kof K, check pareve or dairy)
                                             Aleve Cold & Sinus                                                                        Vinprom (Star-K)
St. Joseph Low                                                                             Cocktail Central Mojito (O/U)
                                             Benadryl Allergy & Cold Caplets                                                           Yikvei Zion (O/U)
  Strength Chewable Tablets                                                                Cristall (O/U)
                                             Benadryl Children’s                                                                       Zachlawi Arak (O/U)
Tylenol Children’s Melt Aways                                                              De Kuyper (when bearing O/U)
                                                Allergy Chewable Tablets                                                               Zwack Slivovitz (O/U)
  (Bubblegum, Grape, Watermelon)                                                           Desert Exotics (O/U)
                                             Benadryl Allergy & Sinus                                                                                       RYE
Tylenol Extra Strength Tablets & Caplets                                                   Dettling Lampnestler Kirschwasser (O/U)
                                               Fastmelt Tabs (dairy)                                                                   Rye does not need Kosher certification
Tylenol Junior Strength Soft Chews                                                         Disaronno (O/U)
                                             Chlor-Trimeton 4 hour                                                                                         RUM
Tylenol Regular Strength Tablets                                                           Dorado Triple Sec (Kof K)
                                                Allergy Tabs (dairy)                                                                   Cruzan (O/U)
Vanquish Caplets                                                                           Drambuie (LBD)
                                             Claritin Non-Drowsy 24 hour Tabs (dairy)                                                  Destileria Serrales (O/U)
       Antacids/Stomach Discomfort                                                         El Namrood Arak (O/U)
                                             Claritin - D Non-Drowsy 24 hour Tablets                                                   Don Q Rum
Alka Seltzer Tablets (Original, Cherry,                                                    Eliaz (Chug Chasam Sofer)
                                             Claritin 12 hour Tablets (dairy)                                                            (including flavored - only with O/U)
  Lemon Lime, Extra Strength)                                                              Frangelico
                                             Coricidin HBP Maximum                                                                     Iceberg Rum (O/U)
Gas-X Regular &                                                                             (O/U or from Israel, must bear Badatz)
                                               Strength Flu Tablets (dairy)                                                            Infusion (O/U)
  Extra Strength Chewables                                                                 Givon (O/K)
                                             Coricidin HBP Cold & Flu Tablets (dairy)                                                  Speed Bar (O/U)
Gaviscon Antacid Regular                                                                   Godiva
                                             Coricidin HBP Cough & Cold Tablets (dairy)                                                The Rum Distillery (O/U)
  & Extra Strength Tabs                                                                     (O/U - Cappuccino, Chocolate Cream,
                                             Dimetapp Non Drowsy                                                                       Todhunter (O/U)
Immodium A-D Caplets                                                                       Vanilla, White Chocolate are dairy)
                                               Allergy Tablets                                                                                             SAKE
  & Advanced Chewable Tabs & Caplets                                                       Herman Jansen (O/U)
                                             Mucinex                                                                                   Mikawa Mirin (O/K)
Kaopectate Regular (Vanilla, Cherry,                                                       Henkes (Canada - with MK on the label)
                                             Primatene Tablets                                                                         Mitoku Co. (Mirin O/K)
  Peppermint Liquid) and Extra Strength                                                    Honkes (MK - Montreal)
                                             Sudafed 12 hour Non-Drowsy Tablets                                                        Miyako (O/U)
Maalox Liquid                                                                              Infusion (O/U)
                                             Sudafed Children’s Non-Drowsy Nasal                                                       Nogori Sake
Maalox Maximum                                                                             Jelinek Gold Slivovitz (O/U)
                                               Decongestant Chewables                                                                  Organic Nama Sake
 Strength Antacid/Anti-Gar LIquid                                                          Kahlua (O/U - only Spanish
                                             Sudafed Sinus & Allergy Tablets (dairy)                                                   Sho Chiku (O/U)
Maalox Quick Dissolve Chewables                                                              label at this time, bottled in Mexico)
                                             Sudafed Severe Cold                                                                       Sierra Cold Sake
Mylanta                                                                                    Kava (B’datz - Eida Hachareidis)
                                               Non-Drowsy Caplets                                                                      Takara (O/U)
 (Regular, Children’s & Ultra Tabs)                                                        Kedem (O/U)
                                             Travist Allergy Tablets (dairy)                                                                             SCOTCH
Pepcid AC Chewable Tablets (dairy)                                                         Kesser Schnapps
                                             Triaminic Cold & Allergy Liquid                                                           When not aged exclusively in port, wine or
Pepcid Complete Tablets (dairy)                                                            Kijafa (O/U - Cherry- Chocolate, black
                                               (when bearing O/U)                                                                      sherry casks scotch does not require
Pepto Bismol Original                                                                        Cherry, Cherry, Black Raspberry)
                                             Triaminic Cold & Cough Liquid                                                             certification.
 and Maximum Strength Liquid                                                               Lazzaroni Amaretti Di Saronno Duri (O/U)
                                               (when bearing O/U)                                                                                SOJU (KOREAN LIQUOR)
Pepto Bismol Original                                                                      Leroux (O/U or O/Ud)
                                             Triaminic Cold & Nighttime Cough Liquid                                                    Must have reliable Kosher certification
  and Cherry Chewable Tabs                                                                 Llord’s (Kof K)
                                               (when bearing O/U)                                                                                        TEQUILA
Phazyme Tabs                                                                               Melody (O/U - Banana, Cherry,
                                             Triaminic Cough & Congestion Liquid                                                       Don Bernardo (O/U)
Rolaids Regular Strength (Cherry,                                                            Chocolate, Peach, Triple Sec)
                                               (when bearing O/U)                                                                      Casa Vieja (Gold) (O/U
  Original Peppermint, Spearmint) Tabs                                                     Monfort (O/U)
                                             Tylenol Children’s Allergy - D Liquid                                                     Casavores Herrudura (Gold)
  Extra Strength (Freshmint, Fruit Cool                                                    Peacock (cRc Hishachdus - Pear,
                                             Tylenol Children’s Cold Plus Cough                                                        Jose Cuervo (Gold)
  Strawberry, Tropical Punch) Tabs                                                           Chocolate, Peach)
                                               Chewable Tablets                                                                        Salusa Silver (all, except
Tums Regular (Assorted Fruit,                                                              Peter Cherry Heering (O/U - Cherry)
                                             Tylenol Infant’s Plus Cold Drops                                                            Mezcal with a worm in the bottle)
  Peppermint) Tabs                                                                         Priviet (O/U)
                                             Tylenol Infant’s Plus Cold & Cough Drops                                                  Sol Dios Anejo (O/U)
Tums E-X (Assorted Berries,                                                                R. Jelinek slivovitz (O/U)
                                             Tylenol Severe Allergy Caplets                                                            Sol Dios Platinum/ Blanco (O/U)
   Assorted Fruit, Assorted Tropical                                                       Renaissance (Chug Chasam Sofer)
                                             Vicks Children’s Nyquil                                                                                      VODKA
   Fruit, Wintergreen) Tabs                                                                Rodrigez (O/U - Apple, Black Currant,
                                               Cold/Cough Relief Liquid                                                                Absolut (O/U - Pepper, Kurant, Ruby Red,
Tums Ultra (Assorted Berries,                                                                Cranberry, Cloudberry, Pear, Plum)
                                             Vicks Nyquil (Original, Cherry) Liquid                                                      Peach, Raspberry, Unflavored)
   Assorted Fruit, Assorted Tropical                                                       Sabra (O/U - Chocolate Orange, Coffee)
                                             Vicks Nyquil Cough Liquid                                                                 Belvedere Binyamina Peisachkova (O/U)
   Fruit, Peppermint, Spearmint) Tabs                                                      Slivovice Bila (O/U)
                                                                 Fiber                                                                 Binyamina Shapovalov (O/U)
Tums 500 Calcium                                                                           Slivovitz (O/U R. Jelinek, Maraska)
                                             Citrucel Caplets                                                                          Canadian Iceberg (O/U)
 (Assorted Fruit, Peppermint) Tabs                                                         Spirits Arack 50% (O/U)
                                             Citrucel Regular & Sugar Free Powder                                                      Carmel (O/U)
Tums Cool Relief Cool Mint Tabs (dairy)                                                    Spirit of Solomon (CRC - Apricot Liqueur,
                                             Dr. Choice (when bearing Star K)                                                          Chopin Danzig Gold (LBD)
Tums E-X Fresh Blends Tabs (dairy)                                                         Banana, Cherry, Chocolate Truffle,
                                             Fibercon Caplets                                                                          Cocktail Jazz (O/U)
                 Travel Aids                                                               Coffee, Kummel, Sweet Fire, Triple
                                             Konsyl Powder (when bearing O/K)                                                          Cocktail Zvezda (O/U)
Bonnie Chewable Tablets                                                                      Sec, Wishniak)
                                             Metamucil - All Powders                                                                   Elit (O/U)
Dramamine Chewable Tablest (dairy)                                                         Starbucks (Coffee - O/U and Cream O/Ud)
                                               Lactose Intolerant, Lactaid Regular,                                                    Finlandia Regular Forward (O/U)
Dramamine Original Formula Tablets (dairy)                                                 Stirrings Peach Cosmopolitan (O/U)
                                               Ultra & Extra Strength Caplets (O/U)                                                    First Guild (O/U)
Dramamine Less Drowsy Tablets (dairy)                                                      Taam Pree (CRC - Blackberry,
                                             Shaklee (Fiber Plan Dietary Supplement                                                    Forward (O/U)
       Cold, Allergy, Decongestants                                                          Cherry, Pear, Triple Sec)
                                               when bearing Star K)                                                                    Givon Vodka (O/K)
Actifed                                                                          Page 24   The Metropolitan Martini Co. (O/U)                                                 Page 9
                                                                                                                                       Glazur (O/U)
                                Premier Harvest Soy                        Medicines, Health Bars, Teas, Beverages
       ARBONNE                   & Rice Granules (O/U)
   INTERNATIONAL                                                       Next Wave Phamaceuticals (O/U)
                                Prenate Elite (O/U)
       Skin Care                                                       Organic by Nature (O/K)
                                Quantum Herbal Products (O/K)
                                                                       Ricola (Rabbi Schlesinger)
       Cosmetics                R.M.O. Rainforest Fruits (Star K)
                                                                           PROTEIN & HEALTH BARS & SHAKES
        Nutrition               Renaissance Herbs Inc. (Star K)
                                                                       Balance Protein Bars (O/Ud)
    Elaine Strajcher            Renew Life (MK)
                                                                       Clif Energy Bars (O/Ud)
     Executive Area             Research Products (O/U)
                                                                       Coach’s Energy Bar (Kof Kd)
 Manager Independent            Rite Aid Dairy Relief (O/U)
                                                                       Deliciously Slim High Protein Bars (O/Ud)
       Consultant               Rofeh Naturals (CRC)
                                                                       Dr. Soy Protein Bar (O/Ud)
                                Sabo Organic Omega 3 (O/U)
     ID #10424475               Seasilver USA (KSA)
                                                                       Gatorade Energy Bars (O/Ud)
 5541 Bellaire Avenue,                                                 Genisoy (O/K)
                                Seelect ((Heart K)
   Valley Village., CA                                                 Gnu Flavor & Fiber Bar (O/Ud)
                                Shaklee (Star K and Star D)
         91607                                                         Go Organic Bar (O/Ud)
                                Shanghai Green Powder (Star K)
                                                                       Go Shakes (O/Ud)
  Cell: 310-666-3660            Simplexity (Star K)
                                                                       Jennies (Kof K)
     818-766-6098               Solgar (Kof K)
                                                                       Mead Johnson (O/U)
         E-mail:                Spectrum (O/U)
                                                                       Myoplex Life Nutrition Bar (O/Ud)              StarWest Botanicals Senna Leaf Whole
                                                                       NuGo (O/U)
                                  (Kosher Certification Service)
                                                                       Organic Food Bar (Apple K pareve)
                                Sunrider - Sunergy (Star K)
  This magazine was made                                               Premier Complete Bar (O/Ud)
                                Sunsport (Star K)
  possible by the generous                                             Shaklee (Star D)
                                Suntec (Star K)
        donations of:                                                  Spiro-Tein Protein
                                Sweet Wheat (Kof K)
• Mr. & Mrs. Paul Cohen                                                 Bars and Shakes (O/Ud)
                                Swiss Kriss (O/K)
• Dr. & Mrs. Steve Suffin                                              Stella Nutribar (O/Ud)
                                TCD (Star K)
• Mr. & Mrs. David Rubin                                                       HERBAL TEAS & BEVERAGES
                                Taanug Herbal Teas (CRC)
• Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Ives                                                Aqualife Active Spring Water (O/U)
• Mr. & Mrs. Steve Darrison     Three Vee Corp. (O/K)
                                                                       Celestial Seasonings (Star K)
• Mr. & Mrs. Jay Green          Traditional Medicinals (O/K)
                                                                       Eden (O/K)
• Mr. & Mrs. Alan Teichman      Trout Lake Farm (Star K)
                                                                       Energy Vitamin
• Mr. Dubby Teichman            Uncle Lee’s Herbal Teas (Star K)
                                                                        Water - Dragonfruit Flavor (O/U)
• Mr. & Mrs. Zev Stoll          Viactiv (Mead Johnson)
                                                                       Generation Teas (O/U)
• Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fallas       Soft Calcium Chews (O/Ud)
                                                                       Glaceau Fruitwater (O/U)
• Mr. & Mrs. Zev Wolmark        Vibrant Health (CRC)
                                                                       Honest Tea (O/U)
• Mr. Lyle Weissman             Viobin (Kof K)
                                                                       Hyperactive Energy Drink (O/U)
• Rebbetzin Penina              Vitablend (O/K)
Schochet for all her help       Vita Coco (Star K)
                                                                        (Star K) (G’Day Herbal Tea Variety)
• Anonymous donation in         Vitalite (Star K) (Wheat Germ Oil)
                                                                       Mistic Herbal Tea (O/U)
honor of the Kosher             Vitamins Inc. (O/K)
                                                                       NutraLife (Star K)
Information Bureau and          Vitamin Shoppe (O/U)
                                                                       Republic of Tea (O/U)
Rabbi Eidlitz’s service to      Vita Shield (O/U)
                                                                       Seelect Herb Teas (Heart K)
the world-wide Jewish           Vite Delights (Belz)
                                                                       Strauss Herb Co. Teas (O/U)
Community.                      Wakunaga of America (Kyolic) (O/K)
                                                                       Taanug (CRC)
                                Whole Foods (Star K)
                                                                       Traditional Medicinals (O/K)
  The following stores          YS Organic Bee Farms (CRC)
                                                                       Uncle Lee’s Herbal Teas (Star K)
have a large selection of       Yummy Earth
                                                                       Wissotzky (O/U)
     kosher liquor               Herbal Pops & Candies (Kof K)
                                                                              RELIABLE OVER THE COUNTER
  Cambridge Farms               Zahlers (Star K)
                                                                          MEDICATIONS WITHOUT HASHGACHA
  12431 Burband Blvd.,                MEDICINES & LOZENGES (UNDER
                                                                       The following list has been prepared by the
      Valley Village                                                   Star K and reprinted with their permission.
                                Adwe (Kaj)
   (818) 506-6661                                                                       Analgesics
                                Amazon Herb Co.
                                                                       Aleve Tablets & Caplets
 Valley Beverage Co.            Celestial Seasonings Soothers Herbal
                                                                       Anacin Regular & Max Strenth Tabs
                                  Throat Drops (Star K)
   Corner of Ventura                                                   Bayer Children’s Chewable Aspirin
                                Guardian Drug (Star K)
       & Kester                                                        Bayer Extra Strength Plus Aspirin Caplets
                                Kosher Care (O/U)
                                                                       Ecotrin Aspirin Tablets
   (818) 981-1566               Kraft Foods (Viactiv - O/K)
                                                                       Goody’s Extra Strength
                                Luden’s Cough Drops (O/U)
                                                                         PM Body Pain Powder (dairy)
                      Page 10   Naturex (O/K)                                                                  Page 23
Phosphorus - Helps maintain strong bones             Vitamins, Herbs & Supplements          Goldenbarr (O/U - Chocolate Vodka)                     Kosher Mixes & Liquors
and teeth and is necessary for muscle and                                                   Gordon (CRC - Citrus, Orange, Wild Berry
                                                Dr. Ben’s (O/K)                                                                                               Rye
nerve function.                                                                             - even without CRC on the label)
                                                Dynamic Health (O/U)                                                                    Seagrams (VO & Seven
Potassium - An electrolyte in the body                                                      Grey Goose Regular (O/U)
                                                Eden (O/K)                                                                                Canadian Blend, not American Blend)
necessary to maintain fluid balance, proper                                                 Gubemskaya (O/U)
                                                Earthrise (KSA)                                                                         Tenessee (all)
heartbeat and nerve transmission.                                                           Jelinek Plum Vodka (O/U)
                                                Ethex (O/U)                                                                             Wiser ’s
Selenium - An antioxidant and helps protect                                                 Kaznacheyskaya (O/U)
                                                FQH (O/U)                                                                                      FLAVORED ALCOHOLIC DRINKS
Vitamin E                                                                                   Kedem (O/U)
                                                Freeda (O/U)                                                                            Smirnoff Twisted Five (KSA)
Silicon - Necessary for proper bone structure                                               Kettle Onen (O/U)
                                                Frontier (KSA)                                                                          Smirnoff Twisted Ice (O/K in Israel only)
and growth                                                                                  Kremlyovskaya (O/U)
                                                FQH (O/U)                                                                               Zima (O/U)
Vitamin A - Helps to maintain healthy skin,                                                 Lavel (O/U)
                                                Galilee Organics (O/U)                                                                            COCKTAIL & DRINK MIXES
eyes, bones, hair and teeth                                                                 Level (O/U)
                                                Gen Soy (O/K)                                                                           Angostura Bitters
Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine) - It releases energy                                                 Mishka (O/U - Plain, Citrus & Orange)
                                                Geo Fresh Organic (Star K)                                                               Banana Colada Mix (O/U)
from foods and is also needed for the normal                                                Moskovskaya
                                                Global Health (O/Ud)                                                                    Coco Lopez Pina
functioning of the nervous system.                                                           Imported Russian Vodka (O/U)
                                                Green Chem (Star K)                                                                      Colada Mix (with O/U only)
Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin) - Important in                                                     Nemiroff (O/U)
                                                Hadas (Belz)                                                                            Coco Lopez Cream
releasing energy from foods as well as aiding                                               Proschanie-Slavyanki (O/U)
                                                Herbalife (Rabbi Krausz)                                                                 of Coconut (with O/U only)
in the maintenance of skin, the nervous                                                     Provda (O/U)
                                                INB Biotechnologies (Start K)                                                           Cream of Coconut (O/U)
system and proper mental functioning.                                                       Sabra Products Seagram Vodka
                                                Inner Life (O/Ud)                                                                       Daily’s Cocktail Mixes (O/U)
Vitamin B-6 - It releases energy from foods                                                 Silver Creek Liquid Ice Vodka (O/U)
                                                Jarrow Formulas Flax Seed Oil (BCK)                                                     Giroux (Kof K)
and plays a role in protein and fat                                                         Smirnoff (KSA)
                                                Juice Plus (Rabbi S.D. Krausz)                                                          Goya Cream of Coconut (when labeled
metabolism. It is also important for the                                                    Smirnoff Ice (Israel production - O/K)
                                                Kali Zom (Beth Din Tzedek                                                                 “Product of Dominican Republican”)
functioning of red blood cells.                                                             Speed Bar (O/U)
                                                  Eida Charedith of Jerusalem)                                                          Goya Coconut Milk (when labeled
Vitamin B-12 - Necessary for a healthy                                                      Spirits (O/U - Vodka & Vodka Mishka)
                                                Kosher Care (O/U)                                                                         “Product of Dominic Republic”)
nervous system as well as preventing                                                        Spirits Caramel Citron Vodka (O/U)
                                                Landau (Volover)                                                                        Hemisphere Cocktail Mix (O/U)
pernicious anemia. It is also involved in                                                   Spirits Caramel Vodka (O/U)
                                                Levapan (O/U)                                                                           Holland House (with O/U only)
synthesizing DNA                                                                            Spirits Vodka Stopka 100 Ml (O/U)
                                                Liv Ltd. Kali Zom (Beth DinTzedek                                                       Jamaica John (with O/U only)
Vitamin C - An antioxidant. Inhibits the                                                    Stoli (O/U)
                                                  Eida Charedith Jerusalem)                                                             Jero (with O/K only)
formation of nitrosamines (a suspected                                                      Stolichanaya (O/U - Cinnamon, Coffee,
                                                MLO (O/K)                                                                               Juiceburst (O/U)
carcinogen). Also important for maintaining                                                    Elit, Gold Premium Imported Russian,
                                                Maxi Health (O/U)                                                                       Lemonex (Kof K)
strength and functioning of bones, teeth,                                                      Imported Russian, Lemon, Orange,
                                                Mission Pharmacal Co. (O/U)                                                             Leroux (O/U)
collagen and blood vessels as well as                                                          Peach, Vanilla, Raspberry, Strawberry)
                                                My Bones (O/U)                                                                          Malibu (O/U)
enhancing iron absorption and red blood cell                                                Tambovskiy Volk Vodka (O/U)
                                                Mystic Moments Remedy (O/U)                                                             Mi-Lem (Kof K)
formation.                                                                                  Todhunter (O/U)
                                                NC New Cells (Badatz)                                                                   Mr & Mrs. T’s (with O/U only)
Vitamin D - Helps in absorbing and                                                          Vox Regular Tomintoul (O/U)
                                                ND Labs (O/U)                                                                           Passion Colada Mix (O/U)
metabolizing calcium and phosphorus that aid                                                Three Olives (England)
                                                NSI (Star K)                                                                            Pina Colada Mix (O/U)
in strengthening bones and teeth.                                                           Vox (O/U)
                                                Natural Remedies Private Ltd. (Star K)                                                  Polar (O/U)
Vitamin E - An antioxidant that helps protect                                               Yevreyskaya (O/U)
                                                Natures Answer (Kof K)                                                                  Reese Marachino Syrup (O/U)
the cell membranes, lipoproteins, fats and                                                  Yikvei Zion Lemon Vodka (O/U)
                                                Nature’s Plus (Kof K)                                                                   Rose’s - Grenadine
vitamin A from destructive oxidation. Also                                                  Yikvel Gold (O/U)
                                                Nature’s Sunshine (Star K)                                                               & Lime (with O/U only)
helps protect red blood cells                                                                                 VERMOUTH
                                                Nature’s Way (Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem)                                                 Rose’s Cocktail Mix (O/U)
Vitamin K - Necessary for proper clotting of                                                Vermouth is made from wine, and
                                                Navitco (O/U)                                                                           Sauza Cocktail Mixes (with O/U only)
blood.                                                                                      therefore, must have a reliable
                                                Ningbo Green-Health                                                                     Sauza (O/U)
Zinc - A part of insulin, necessary for blood                                               supervision.
                                                 Pharmaceutical Co. (Star K)                                                            Stirrings Cocktail Mixes (O/U)
sugar control. Also needed for sensations of                                                Carmel (O/U)
                                                Nonichai (Vaad of Flatbush)                                                             Strawberry Colada Mix (O/U)
taste and hearing as well as playing an                                                     Kedem (O/U)
                                                Novartis Medical Nutrition (O/Ud)                                                       T.G.I. Friday’s (O/U)
important part in the healing of wounds.                                                                       WHISKEY
                                                Novel Ingredient Service (Star K)                                                       World Class Trading Co. (O/U)
     VITAMINS, HERBS & SUPPLEMENTS                                                          The following are some of the reliable
                                                Now Natural Foods (O/U)                                                                 Wupperman (Kof K)
Adwe Herb Co. (Star K)                                                                      whiskeys
                                                Nutra Drink (O/U and CRC)                                                                        LIQUEUR & LIQUOR ALERTS
Alvita (Shield K)                                                                           Bushmills Irish (all except Green label)
                                                NutraLife (Star K)                                                                      The following Liqueurs are NOT
Arizona Nutritional (Star D)                                                                Canadian - Canadian Club
                                                Nutrasprout (Star K)                                                                    recommended:
Arrowhead Mills (O/K)                                                                          (regular only, NOT Classsic,
                                                Nutratech Inc. (Star K)                                                                 Aberiour
Barlean’s (O/K)                                                                                Premium or Special Reserve)
                                                Nutrilite (Satr K)                                                                      B&B Liquer
Bigelow (Kof K)                                                                             Crown Royal (all)
                                                Nutri Supreme (Kof K and MK)                                                            Bailey’s Irish Cream
Biochoice (O/U)                                                                             Gibsons (MK on label)
                                                Omega Nutrition Oil Blend                                                               Balvenie (double wood & port wood)
Bragg (KSA)                                                                                 Irish - Jameson (all)
                                                 (Omega Oils) BCK                                                                       Benedictine
Canadian Organic (Star K)                                                                   Jim Beam
                                                Omegal (MK)                                                                             Black Bushnell
Celestial Seasoning (Star K)
                                                Preggie Pops (O/U)                                                                      Bols
China Green Garden Corp. (Star K)                                                 Page 22                                                                                    Page 11
                                                                                         by Dr. Samuel Hahneman in the late 1700’s.                 Guide to Vitamins & Minerals
                                            6405 Wilshire Blvd.                          The one remedy that most closely fits the           i.) Glucosamine Sulfate, Cartilage Extract -
                                                                                         symptoms of a person’s medical problem is           Cartilage extracts including purified
                                                (At La Jolla)                            called the “Similimum”. One of the more             chondroitin, sulfate, sea cucumber, green
                                                Los Angeles                              unusual aspects of homeopathy is that the           liped mussel and shark cartilage are popular
                                                                                         dosage is usually extremely diluted, to the         nutritional supplements.
                                             California 90048                            point that many doctors feel that, in fact, it is   j.) Magnesium Stearate - A lubricant from
                                         (323) 852-1915 (PHONE)                          quite useless as a cure. Most remedies are          non-kosher animals (although it may be
                                                                                         diluted down to 30X, or a strength of 1/10          derived from a kosher source).
                                           (323) 852-0853 (FAX)                          multiplies by itself 30 times. That translates      k.) Pancreatic Enzyme - Derived from a hog’s
                                         WWW.LAGONDOLA.COM                               to mean that one drop of the active                 pancreas
                                                                                         substance is diluted in nine drops of alcohol       l.) Royal Jelly - Derived directly from the
                                        Email:                        or water, then a drop of the new solution is        queen bee’s secretion, which is not kosher

  La Gondola
                                                                                         further diluted by nine drops and so on, 30         (unlike pure bee pollen, propolis or beeswax
                                                                                         times. It has been estimated that a 30X             which are kosher).
                                                                                         dilution is the equivalent of one drop in a         m.) Zinc - May be derived from liver or
                                                                                         container more than 50 times the size of the        shellfish.
                                                                                         earth. This will often make the problematic         It is important to note that all of the above
                                                                                         ingredient in such a dosage “Botel”                 may be produced synthetically, thereby
    is Southern California’s premier restaurant & caterer                                (annulled) from a Halachic standpoint.              assuring the kashrus status of some of these
providing everything for an intimate wedding party at home,                                  Some Common Problems In Vitamins,               products.. It is, therefore, obvious that in
                                                                                                    Supplements & Additives                  order for the kosher consumer to purchase
 to an elegant dinner experience for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah,                               It is prudent for the kosher consumer to            vitamins and supplements with the utmost
 Wedding, or any simcha. Now introducing La Gondola’s                                    recognize and be aware of the many                  confidence, a reliable hashgacha is required
                                                                                         materials and derivitives in the manufacture        on these products.
  Private Party Room for Sheva Brachot, Bar/Bat Mitzvah,                                 of vitamins and supplements that pose a real        Fortunately, today, there are a large and
Meetings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, & Showers. Call today                                halachic issue pertaining to the laws of            growing number of companies that
                                                                                         kashrus. A kosher consumer should be
  to speak to our staff. *Exclusive Kosher caterers at the                               concerned with such things as the raw
                                                                                                                                             manufacture a wide variety of these kosher
                                                                                                                                             vitamins and supplements.
          Loews Beverly Hills Hotel* 323-852-1915                                        ingredients, fillers, binders, coating agents,        A Practical Guide to Vitamins & Minerals
                                                                                         flavors and even the manufacturing process          Beta Carotene - An antioxidant that is con-
                                                                                         itself in the production of vitamins and            verted, as needed, by the body to Vitamin A
                                                                                         supplements. In addition, liquids can often         Biotin - Releases energy from food and plays
                                                       Kosher Food Internet Sites        contain glycerin, which is frequently derived
 La Brea Kosher Market                        e-            form an animal source, as well as capsules
                                                                                                                                             a role in the metablism of amino acids. Very
                                                                                                                                             important for normal hair production and
      (323) 931-1221                                               mail:
                                                                                         and coated pills that may contain gelatin.
                                                                                         Even when a nutritional additive may be
                                                                                                                                             Choline - Prevents fat accumulation in the
                                                        MEALS FOR TRAVELING
 410 North La Brea Blvd.,                             (hotels, cruise lines delivery)
                                                                                         kosher in itself, it may be processed on
                                                                                         equipment that might have kashrus
                                                                                                                                             Calcium - Builds bones and teeth and is
                                                                                         problems. The following is a guide for some
     L.A., CA 90036                        
                                                                 of these inherent problems and for the need
                                                                                                                                             involved in nerve transmission and muscle
           Glatt Kosher Meats & Poultry.                    to purchase these products with proper
                                                                                                                                             Folic Acid - Is necessary for proper red blood
  We are under the Supervision of Rabbi Tiechman                                         kosher supervision.                                 cell formation. Also plays a vital role in the
Groceries, Delicatessen, Fresh & Frozen Kosher                                           a.) Alcohol – May be added to some vitamins         metabolism of fats, amino acids, DNA and
                                                             (732) 370-0035
                                                                                         or supplements and possibly derived from a
  Meats, Poultry & Fish, Frozen Foods, Wine,         (non refrigerated self heating                                                          RNA. Last, it is needed for proper cell
                                                       meat or dairy meals) Kof K        non-kosher wine solvent.                            division and protein synthesis
 Cholov Yisroel, Dairy Products & Much More                Kosher on Wheels              b.) Vitamin A & D - Source may be from shark        Iodine - Needed for the proper functioning of
                                                     (323) 933-0089 RCC / Kehilla        oil
                                                             Cho-Sen Island
                                                                                                                                             the thyroid gland and the production of
     LE SUSHI (BY LE MARKET)                                 (516) 374-1199
                                                                                         c.) Brandy - Often used in flower-derived           thyroid hormones.
          Under the supervison of the R.C.C.                                             remedies from non-kosher wine source.               Inositol - Is involved in calcium mobilization
                                                           Vaad of Five Towns
 Telephone: (818) 763-6600 or (818) 763-6610         Chap a Nosh (516) 374-5100          d.) Binders, Coating Agents - Gelatin is often      Iron - It prevents anemia and transports
                                                           Vaad of Five Towns            used.                                               oxygen through the body.
                Fax: (818) 763-1023
                                                      The Jewish Diabetes Assn.          e.) Vitamin B - May come from pork liver.           Magnesium - Is needed in many of the
    12524 Burbank Blvd., Valley Village, Ca. 91607
                                                          Tel: (718) 578-4180            f.) Calcium - May be derived from oyster
      Business Hours: MONDAY - THURSDAY:                  Israel: 054-732-867
                                                                                                                                             enzyme systems in the body and is essential
           LUNCH: 11:30 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.                                                 shells                                              for proper heartbeat and nerve transmission.
          DINNER: 5:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.                                                 g.) Emulsifiers - Can come from whey, oils,         Pantothenic Acid - Releases energy from
                                                            London Beis Din
   MOTZAI SHABBAT:Hour after Shabbos - 11:00 P.M.              lactose (is often used as the base for a large      foods and is also needed for normal
          SUNDAY: 4:00 P.M. - 9:30 P.M.                                                  percentage of prescription drugs)                   functioning of the adrenal glands.
                                                                               Page 12   h.) Flavoring - May contain grape juice etc.                                                Page 21
                                                                                                      Carolans                                                      Kosher Beers
                                                                                                      Chambord                                      Corona Light (when bearing O/K)
                                                                                                      Chantreuse                                    Corona Cerveza (when bearing O/K)
                                                                                                      Cointreau                                     Coronita Extra (when bearing O/K)
                                                                                                      Cristal AquaDriente                           Extra Gold (O/U)
                                                                                                      Dubonett                                      Formosa (COR)
                                                                                                      Galliano                                      George Killing’s Irish Red Lager (O/U)
                                                                                                      Gold Schlager                                 Giant/Main Street (O/U)
                                                                                                      Grand Mariner                                 Gunther’s (when bearing O/K)
                                                                                                      Hanger 1 Vodka                                Henniger Beer (COR)
                                                                                                      Hiram Walker Liqueurs                         Herman Joseph’s (O/U)
                                                                                                      Kahlua (without O/U)                          Keystone (O/U - Dry, Light)
                                                                                                      Kentucky Gentlemen                            Killians Irish Brown & Red (O/U)
                                                                                                      Lord Calvent                                  Laker (COR)
                                                                                                      Lost Horizon Vodka                            Layla Lager Matt
                                                                                                      Macallan Scotch                                Brewing (Vaad of Detroit)
                                                                                                      Mezcal (with worms in bottle)                 Leon (when bearing O/K)
                                                                                                      Midori                                        Malt Star (Badatz)
                                                                                                      Ouzo                                          Memphis Brown (O/U)
                                                                                                      Raki                                          Messiah Bold Be’Brew (KSA)
                                                                                                      Sambuca                                       Mikawa Mirin (O/K)
                                                                                                      Schlink Haus Kabinett                         Miller’s Beer (O/K)
for medical purposes and a kosher substitute           Vitamins, Supplements & Medications            Sheridans                                     Modelo Especial (when bearing O/K)
cannot be found. In such a case, one must                                                             Sloe Gins                                     Modelo Light (when bearing O/K)
                                                    health risk to the consumer. In order to save     Southern Comfort
ask a competent Rav as to what to do, as is         precious time, people often opt for these                                                       Montejo (when bearing O/K)
the case with all medicines. However,                                                                 Stock from Italy                              Negra Modelo (when bearing O/K)
                                                    processed foods rather than a more natural        Swiss Kirshwasser
because most people take vitamins or                diet. Therefore, many are now turning to                                                        Pacific Real Draft (COR)
supplements in order to increase their overall                                                        Tia Maria                                     Pacifico Clara (when bearing O/K)
                                                    manufactured vitamins and supplements to          Vermouth
health and well-being, not necessarily to cure      provide these essential nutrients that have                                                     Pete’s Brewing (Vaad of Detroit)
an illness, we give it the status of food, and                                                        Yukon Jack                                    President’s Choice (COR)
                                                    been stripped from our basic foods. As a          Gold, Brown and Reposado Tequila
therefore, it must have a reliable Hashgacha.       matter of fact, so many nutrients have been                                                     Red Baron & Cap Ale (COR)
Looking back in history, we can see a pattern                                                           is NOT recommended                          Redhook Wit Beer (O/U)
                                                    removed from the food that we eat today that        without reliable Hashgacha.
of civilizations turning to the use of vitamins     the FDA has required much of it to be                                                           S.I.L. Rubin (when bearing O/K)
and supplements as a form of preventative                                                             Note: All flavored alcoholic drinks without   Saranac (Vaad of Detroit)
                                                    replaced artificially in these food products in   Hashgacha are NOT recommended.
medicine. In the late 1800’s, in China, when        order to consider these foods “wholesome”                                                       Skyy Blue (when bearing O/K)
metal or porcelain rollers replaced the stone                                                                             BEER                      Stop & Shop/Main Street Birch Beer (O/U)
                                                    for consumption.                                  Note: All unflavored beers are
rollers for the hulling of rice, they found that    Since we rely so heavily on the additives or                                                    Shuler’s Golden Lager (O/U)
although the rice now had a more polished                                                             recommended.                                  Tempo (O/U - Beer and Malt Beer)
                                                    intake of vitamins today, we must be aware of     Acme Birch Beer (O/U)
and appealing “look”, it lacked the nutricious      the definitions of vitamins and supplements                                                     Top Pop Birch Beer (O/U)
hull. As a result of this new polished rice there                                                     Asdpen Edge Lager (O/U)                       Tops Birch Beer (O/U)
                                                    and understand their sources.                     Baltika Beer (O/K)
was an outbreak of beri-beri in China shortly       The definition of “Vitamin” is any one of                                                       Tuborg Malty & Diet Malty (O/K)
after this invention. Doctors then had to find a                                                      Blue Moon Belgian White (O/U)                 Victoria (when bearing O/K)
                                                    several essential organic substances your         Blue Moon Winter Ale (O/U)
way to replace this missing nutrient. They          body needs in small amounts for normal                                                          Waterloo Dark Lager (COR)
discovered the “vita mine”. “Vita” for life and                                                       Boston Beer Co. (Star K)                      Winterfest Beer (O/U)
                                                    functions.” The definition of a “Dietary          Briar’s Birch Beer (O/U)
“amine” for nitrogen. This is where many feel       Supplement” as defined by federal law is                                                        Zima (O/U)
the manufactured vitamin had its official                                                             Brick Amber Dry (COR)                          RECOMMENDED WINE CERTIFICATIONS
                                                    “something that you use to supplement your        Brick Anniversary Bock (COR)
inauguration.                                       diet, rather than as a whole food in itself.”                                                   The following is a partial list.
In our times we have additional reasons for                                                           Brick Premium (COR)                           O/U, O/K, Star-K, Kof-K, Heart K, R’ Hillel
                                                    This may be consumed in pill, tablet, capsule     Brooklyn Brewery (Vaad of Detroit)
the need to add vitamins and supplements to         or liquid form and qualifies as a vitamin,                                                      Weinberger, R’Zegback, R’ Oyerback, R’
our diets. Many feel that our environment,                                                            C&C Birch Beer (O/U)                          Weissmandel, Chug Chasam Sofer - Petach
                                                    mineral, herb or other amino acid.                Canadian Mist Distillers Coors (O/U -
including many food products are                    The definition of “Homeopathic Medicine”                                                        Tikvah, R’ Hoffman - Hungary, R’ Gorelick, R’
contaminated with toxins or artificial additives.                                                       Arctic Ice, Dry, Eisbock, Light, Marzen,    Chazan - Lubavitch Beis Din, Badatz
                                                    derives from the Greed words “Homeo”                Red Light Special Lager, Weizenbier)
Many foods are processed in such a way that         (similar) and “Pathos” (suffering from                                                          Jerusalem, Tzelemer Rav, R’ Frankfurter, R’
robs them of many of their natural and                                                                Conners (COR)                                 Belinow, R’ Teitelbaum - Nirbatur Rav, R’
                                                    diseases). It comes from the theory that “like    Coors Edge (O/U)
essential nutrients. Also many foods today          cures like”., which means that in order to cure                                                 Babad - Tartikover Rav, New Square.
have been treated with such things as                                                                 Coors N.A. (O/U)
                                                    symptoms a person should be exposed to the        Coors Original (O/U)
hormones, pesticides, growth enhancers, as          same type of symptoms from an outside
well as antibiotics which many feel pose a                                                            Corona Cerveza (when bearing O/K)
                                                    source. This theory was originated                Corona Extra (when bearing O/K)
                                                                                            Page 20                                                                                       Page 13
                                                                                             Kinneret (O/U)                        Vitamins, Supplements & Medications
                                   Under the Strict               Our Hours Are:             King David (O/U)
                               Supervision of the R.C.C. -         Sunday - Thursday                                             Terroso Argentina (O/U)
                                                                                             King Salomon (O/U)                  Terroso Chile (O/U)
                                  Shomer Shabbos                      9am -10pm
                                     Grade A                                                 Kolobarra Hills Australia (O/U)     Terroso Spain (O/U)
                                                                Friday 9am - two hours
     Glatt Kosher
   A Glatt Kosher             One of the top twenty                 before Shabbos
                                                                                             La Carignano (O/U)                  Tete Noire (O/U)
     Restaurant                  Restaurants in               Saturday Night - two hours
                                                                                             La Selleste (O/U)                   The Cave (O/U)
                                  Los Angeles                        after Shabbos
                                                                                             Ladoix (O/K)                        Tierra Salvaje Argentina (O/U)
   13075 Victory Blvd.                                                                       Lanzur Chile (O/U)
                              We wish all Am Yisrael a       We feature some of the finest                                       Tierra Salvaje Chile (O/U)
    North Hollywood                                           Mediterranean, Chinese &       Lionel Gallula S.A. (O/U)           Timor Hills Wine (Badatz)
                              Shana Tova, Ktiva Tova,                                        M&G (O/U)
       CA. 91606                                                   American Cuisine.                                             Tishbi (USA) (O/U)
                                and Chatima Tova.              Catering available on our     Manischewitz (O/U)                  Tishbi Estate (Israel - O/U)
    (818) 763-5344                                                 premises or yours.        Maraska (Star K)                    Tishbi Vineyards (USA - O/U)
        (Phone)                                                                              Mashosh HaAretz (Badatz)            Todhunter (O/U)
                                                             Mr. Felix & Mrs. Zaquline       Masoret (O/U)
 (818) 763-5380 (Fax)                                                 Wizgan                                                     Tzora Vineyards (O/K)
                                                                                             Medek Wine & Spirits Co.            Vineyards Selected (O/U)
            WINE & GRAPE JUICE                                                                (Machazikel Hadas of Manchester)   Weinberg South Africa (O/U)
                                                       Kosher Wine & Grape Juice
Note: Be sure to check on the label for                                                      Mitz Yerushalayim (Badatz)          Weinstock California Wine (O/U)
                                              Domaine Gilbert                                Monarch Wine Co. of Georgia (O/U)
“Mevushal” or “non-Mevushal” as well as “P”     (Virgin Hills) (Rabbi Levine’s                                                   Wente Segal Cabernet Sauvignon (O/U)
for Passover status. Many companies, such                                                    Monfort (O/K)                       Yarden (O/K)
                                                Hashgacha/Melbourne)                         Mony Winery (O/K)
as Kedem, now produce non-Mevushal grape      Efrat Winecellars (O/U)                                                            Yekovay Tzion (Badatz)
juice in the large glass bottles.                                                            Muscat Matok (Badatz)               Yerachmiels (South Africa Hashgacha
                                              Efrati (Badatz)                                Noah Winery (O/U)
Abarbanel Wine Co. (Star K and O/U)           Ella Valley (O/U)                                                                  Non-Mevushal)
Abarbanel Gewurztraminer (O/U)                                                               Ohra (O/U)                                          A Closer Look At
                                              Elysee Palace (O/U)                            Patron Argentina (O/U)
Abarbanel Brut Cremant d’ Alsace (O/U)        Erez Terez (Badatz)                                                                            Vitamins, Supplements
Alfasi (Wines of Chile - O/K)                                                                Plaza Prestige (O/U)                                 & Medications
                                              Eshkol South Africa (O/U)                      Premium Cabernet Argaman (O/U)
Altoona Hills (O/U)                           Exodus (O/U)                                                                       In my experience over the past thirty years in
Anav Cohen (Badatz)                                                                          Premier Riesling Semillion (O/U)    Kashrus, I have come to expect a multitude of
                                              Fleuron Royal (O/U)                            Pribokaar, S.A. (O/K)
Anavay Yerushalayim (Badatz)                  Galil Mountain (O/K)                                                               questions concerning the Kashrus status of
Arriero Argentina (O/U)                                                                      Prince Georges (O/U)                such food items as Slurpees, M&M’s, Nabisco
                                              Galilee (O/U)                                  Private Collection (O/U)
Backsberg Wine (O/U)                          Gallula Vineyards (O/U)                                                            products, etc. However, in more recent years
Baron Herzog (O/U)                                                                           Queen of Sheba (O/U)                the tide of these inquiries has changed to
                                              Gamla (O/K)                                    Ramim Winery (O/K)
Barkan Wine Cellars (O/K)                     Gan Eden (O/U)                                                                     include concerns about “Which vitamins and
Bartenura (O/U)                                                                              Rashi (O/U)                         supplements need Hashgacha?” It is widely
                                              Givon (O/K)                                    Rashi Select (O/U)
Barzelet Hagolan Winery (O/K)                 Golan (O/U)                                                                        known that in our times many Kosher
Beckett’s Flat Wines (Kosher Australia)                                                      Reese Cooking Wines (O/U)           consumers have become very health
                                              Golan Heights Winery (O/K)                     Reserve St. Martin (O/U)
Ben Ami (O/K)                                 Gonzalez Byass (KLBD)                                                              conscious and are, therefore, not only
Binyamina (O/U)                                                                              Residence Imperiale (O/U)           concerned about what foods are available in
                                              Goose Bay (O/U)                                Riesling (Melbourne Hashgacha)
Binyamin Special Reserve (O/U)                Hagafen (O/U)                                                                      order to satisfy their sweet tooth but also
Borgo Reale Wine (O/U)                                                                       Rodriguez Wines (COR)               which foods and supplements may they
                                              Hakerem Cellars Hamasrek Winery (O/U)          Royal Wine Corp. (O/U)
Canaan Wine (O/U)                             Herzog French (O/U)                                                                purchase in order to fulfill their quest for a
Canandaigua Wine Co. Manishewitz (O/U)                                                       S.I.E.V.A. Bokobza (O/U)            healthier body. In addition, many people have
                                              Hevron Heights Winery (O/U)                    Safsuda Vineyards (O/U)
Carmel Winery (O/U)                           J. Furst (O/U)                                                                     cultivated a renewed interest in alternative
Cevennes Kapeland (South Africa                                                              San’t Andrea (O/U)                  medicines (such as herbs and other
                                              J.J. Jacobsen Kijafa (O/U)                     Santero Italy (O/U)
Hashgacha; Non-Mevushal)                      Jerusalem Wines (O/U)                                                              supplements) to accompany traditional
Champagne Jeanmaire                                                                          Savion (O/U)                        medicine in seeking cures for various
                                              Jolimont (O/U)                                 Segal’s (O/K)
 Cuvee (O/U / Bet Din Strassburg)             Jonathan Tishbi Special Reserve (USA)                                              maladies.
Chateau De Arueyres (O/U)                                                                    Sforno (O/U)                        People often assume that vitamins and
                                              Joseph Zakon (O/K)                             Sforno Spain (O/U)
Chateau Deutz (O/U)                           Judean Winery (O/U)                                                                medicines share the same Halachos (Jewish
Chateau Graulet (O/K)                                                                        Shaar HaZahav (Badatz)              laws). This is certainly not the consensus of
                                              Judean Hills (O/U)                             Shahar (O/K)
Chateau L’eperon (Star K)                     Kamsberg (O/U)                                                                     our Poskim (Rabbis who interpret Halacha).
Clovis Lesieutre (O/U)                                                                       Spirits (O/U)                       Not long ago, I had the opportunity to discuss
                                              Kartosel                                       Star White (O/U)
Concordia (O/U)                                (South Africa Hashgacha Non- Mevushal)                                            this complex issue with Reb Elyashiv, Shlita,
Cordoba Alta Wine (O/U)                                                                      Tam Pree & Tam Pree Light (O/U)     who was very clear in his opinion. He stated
                                              Kedem (O/U)                                    Teal Lake (O/U)
Cuvee Leon Royal (O/U)                        Kedem Estates (O/U)                                                                to me that in most cases, vitamins most
Dalton Winery (O/U)                                                                          Teperberg (O/U)                     definitely need a reliable Hashgacha in order
                                              Kedem Traditional (O/U)                        Teperberg Selection (O/U)
Delikstar (O/U)                               Keramin (O/U)                                                                      to be considered usable by the kosher
Domaine de Grand Beaupre (O/K)                                                               Terra Salvaje (O/U)                 consumer. The exception to this, of course, is
                                              Kijafa (Black Raspberry                        Terrenal (O/U)
Domaine De la Perdrix (Star K)                  & Cherry Wine O/U)                                                               in the case where these vitamins or
                                                                                Page 14      Terrenal Spain (O/U)                supplements are necessary                  Page 19
                                                                                               EMEK HEBREW ACADEMY
                                                                                                   Teichman Family Torah Center

                                                                                              Come visit our state of the art educational center located
                                                                                                              on our 5½ acre campus.
                                                     Catering By                                           Nursery through eighth grade.
                                                      BRENDA                                        For more information & registration please call:
                                                     Disincitive Cuisine for Special
                                                      Occasions Weddings, Bar                (818) 783-3663 (Phone) (818) 783-3739 (Fax)
                                                          Mitzvahs, Simchas,                    15365 Magnolia Blvd., Sherman Oaks, California 91403
                                                             Special Events
                                                       Please Call: Brenda Walt
                                                       Phone: 310-203-8365
                                                        Fax: 310-788-0706
                                                     1467 South Derango Avenue
                                                       Los Angeles, CA 90035

                                                      Sweet Events
                                                       By Candie
                                                     Wedding & Party Planning.
                                                      Full support the day of
                                                          event & before.
                                                            Please call:
                                                      Candie Schwartz
                                                     Phone: (818) 989-1653
                                                     Cell: (818) 262-7259
                                                     Fax: (818) 902-0584
                                                     Amway Products
                                                        for all your Amway
                                                      year-round & Passover
                                                     needs. Please call Ruby
                                                           Weissman at
       This issue is dedicated in the name of
 HaRav Avraham Daniel Mordechai ben Miriam Sara.      (310) 743-4236
                                                     (free delivery to your home or office
May Hashem grant him a refuah shlemah in the zchus    anywhere in the Los Angeles area)
   of his being a constant osek b’tzorchai tzibur.
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