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									BAC Mortgage & HELOC
   Sales Pilot Concepts

       October 8, 2008

                                                      The Situation

The Situation:
People tend to think of BAC for checking-related issues and a bank of
convenience, not as the place to make one of the biggest financial
decisions of their lives: acquiring a mortgage or a home equity loan.
BAC needs to let people know that not only do we offer mortgages,
but we are a SAFE, STABLE and TRUSTED partner when it comes to
their home/life decisions.

                                                       The Audience

The Audience:
•   BAC Customers and Prospects – we need customers and prospects to
    know that no matter what stage of home ownership they’re in—whether
    they’re buying their first home, a second one, or refinancing a current
    mortgage—BAC is a safe, trusted place they can turn to for help.
•   Influencers – we need influencers to keep BAC top of mind as the premier
    home loan lender of choice.
•   BAC Associates – we need associates to build awareness that BAC offers
    home loan products and that there is a mortgage specialist on-site whom
    customers can speak with.

                                                                 The Challenge

Develop innovative marketing communications that:
•   Provide interactive opportunities for consumers to self-identify with associates and
•   Introduce and promote mortgage loan specialists in the banking center
•   Establish that BAC is a safe and reliable partner that definitely does offer
    ―opportunities‖ for all
•   Are scalable – can be upsized and/or downsized, depending on the market and traffic
    flow of the banking center
•   Reach all audiences: prospects, customers, influencers and associates
•   Increase awareness inside and outside of the banking center walls
•   Get consumers off of banking ―auto-pilot‖
•   Educate all audiences on product details (in varying degrees)

                                                            The Solution

The Solution:
Let’s face it – we’re living in unstable financial times. Nobody feels at
home with banks in general. People are looking for a partner they can
bank on. That partner is Bank of America. So how do we get people to
recognize and trust BAC as a mortgage and home equity lender?

We make them feel at home with Bank of America.

Making them feel at home means making them feel comfortable,
safe and secure.

Be at Home with Bank of America

                        Be at Home with Bank of America

We develop communications & targeted messaging to make our
audience be at home with the bank:

•   That offers home and mortgage loans they can bank on
•   Puts a friendly face on banking by offering a mortgage specialist on-site
    they can talk to anytime
•   Whose philosophy is doing the right thing for their customers
    and the communities they serve
•   They can trust to help them make one of the biggest financial decisions of
    their lives

                               Be at Home with Bank of America

Tactics for Prospects & Customers:
Welcome Them Home

Kitchen Space -- The kitchen is the place where
most serious discussions are had. We recreate an
area inside the bank that features a backdrop set
that paints this scene. In front of the backdrop we
place a kitchen table, chairs and fridge. Then we
make them feel comfortable by appealing to their
senses — the smell and taste of real home baked
cinnamon buns and/or bread.
We use the fridge as a showcase by placing
testimonial postcards from real customers on the
outside and actual product information in the inside.

                                 Be at Home with Bank of America
Tactics for Prospects & Customers:
Welcome Them Home
Living Room – To reinforce safety and stability, the
foundation behind everything BAC offers, we create
the opportunity for dialogue with consumers by
transforming the lounge area into a living room. This
features a backdrop set piece that paints the living
room scene—complete with a window to the outside,
and testimonials done in a family-portrait style.
A Lazy boy chair, couch, coffee table, throw-down rug,
and television set (which can play an educational
DVD) is placed in front of the backdrop to give the
appearance of a living room. This atmosphere can be
used by the specialist to engage interested consumers
who want to learn more about BAC’s products.
We reinforce the ―be at home‖ message with items
one would find in the living room at home: magazines,
snacks, coffee, etc. The magazines can profile BAC’s
customers success stories.

                               Be at Home with Bank of America

Tactics for Prospects & Customers:
Welcome Them Home

BAC’s Open Door -- To communicate that Bank of
America is with you at every step, we create a free-
standing mobile fixture that mirrors the front façade of a
home. Design includes: steps, door, picture frames and
a full graphic panel showing the inside of a home.
Fixture can be placed anywhere in the banking center,
will incorporate relevant messaging, as well as
showcase product collateral and/or an educational
video touch screen experience.

                              Be at Home with Bank of America

Tactics for Associates & Mortgage Loan

Name Tag Attachments – Create name tag attachments that clearly
identify mortgage specialists in the banking center: ―Your home loan
needs, my home loan needs.‖
Associate Engagement Giveaway – Blocks of Opportunity: wooden
building blocks promotion to educate associates about mortgage
lending products, how to identify potential customers and inform them
of the in-house specialist.
House of Success Stories – A sturdy, preassembled card structure
placed by the teller windows for customers to see and reference.
Cards can feature testimonials on one side and specific product         Associate engagement
information on the other.                                               giveaway

                              Be at Home with Bank of America

Tactics for Associates & Mortgage Loan Specialists:

Meet and Greet Luncheon – Arrange a special, home-cooked luncheon for associates and
mortgage loan specialists to get to know each other, and for associates to learn more about
mortgage and home loans.

House-Warming Gift for Mortgage Loan Specialist – A customized house-warming gift for
mortgage loan specialists that kick-starts the initiative. It’s the bank’s way of making them feel at
home in the banking center, and at the same time it encourages them to make their consumers feel
more at home with BAC.

                          Be at Home with Bank of America

Tactics for Prospects & Consumers (cont’d):
Draw Them In
Follow the Road to BAC – Draw consumers inside the banking center from the outside.
Design a ―house-style driveway‖ that leads them directly to the front doors; where there
they will be greeted by a mailbox.
The pathway will include messaging that connects to consumers in all stages of
homeownership, while the mailbox component will state our call to action – a mortgage
loan specialist is inside to answer all of their questions.
Window clings on the double-doors can also tout messaging and mirror the look and feel
of real house doors.

          Be at Home with Bank of America

The End


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