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go buLLS!!!                                                  1004 buLLS—ChooSe YouR DATe
                                                             Four Lower Level Bulls tickets for the 2008-2009 season.
1000      honoRARY bALL kiD FoR                              Two (2) Row 8 and Two (2) Row 17 seats. Includes a
          The buLLS!!!                                       parking pass.
Once in a lifetime opportunity to be an honorary ball        Mutually agreeable date.
kid at a Chicago Bulls home game during the 2008-2009        Richard & Liz Saltzman
season. This includes assisting in the shoot around before   value: $500.00
the game, getting a picture taken on the court, and four
tickets to the game (ball kid needs a ticket).               1005 buLLS bALL!
Date must be mutually agreed upon. Child must be             A basketball signed by the 2007–2008 Chicago Bulls
between the ages of 10 and 15.                               team!
Chicago bulls                                                eric Ferguson & Jennifer moran Ferguson
value: Priceless                                             value: Priceless

1001     FeeL The heAT FRom YouR                             1006 buLLS—ChooSe YouR DATe
         CouRTSiDe SeATS                                     Four tickets to a Chicago Bulls Game for the 2008-2009
This package includes four tickets for courtside seats to    season. Section 110, Row 17, at the foul line.
a 2008-2009 season Bulls game. Plus you’ll also get one      Expires 12/31/08. Mutually agreeable date.
parking pass and four passes to the Locker Room Club.        John & Jill Svoboda
Expires 4/30/09. Based upon availability.                    value: $480.00
value: $3300.00                                              1007 buLLS—gAme AnD DinneR
                                                             Four tickets to the Chicago Bulls at the United Center on
1002     TWo on The FLooR...TRASh TALk                       the Club Level with dinner at the Club Level Restaurant.
         AnD moRe                                            Tickets accommodate in-seat cocktail service. Includes
Two tickets to a 2008-2009 season Bulls game. Seats are      stadium parking pass.
center court on the floor.                                   Mutually agreeable date.
Mutually agreeable date.                                     brian & Carla hahn
Carol Levy                                                   value: $480.00
value: $1750.00
                                                             1008 buLLS—ChooSe YouR DATe
1003 buLLS—ChooSe YouR DATe                                  Two Chicago Bulls tickets. Seats are located center court,
Four Chicago Bulls tickets for the 2008-2009 season.         row 7.
Seats are located section 101 (center court) four rows off   not available for playoff games. Mutually agreeable date.
the floor. Parking pass included.                            barri klutznick
Mutually agreeable date.                                     value: $240.00
Cary & Teri Cicurel
value: $500.00                                               1009 buLLS—ChooSe YouR DATe
                                                             Two Chicago Bulls tickets to their 2008-2009 basketball
                                                             season. Center court, 5th Row—great seats!
                                                             Expires 05/01/09. Mutually agreeable date.
                                                             Tina & buzz Ruttenberg
                                                             value: $200.00

                                                                                            Scholarship Auction 2008   81

1010 buLLS—ChooSe YouR DATe                                   1016    buLLS v. ToRonTo RAPToRS—
Two tickets to a 2008-2009 Chicago Bulls home game.                   APRiL 16
Expires 12/31/08. Mutually agreeable date.                    Three tickets to the last home game of the Chicago Bulls
John Paxson                                                   in the 2008-2009 season! Section 115, Row 18, Seats
value: $200.00                                                21-23.
                                                              keith horton
1011     buLLS v. WAShingTon WizARDS—                         value: $345.00
         APRiL 5
Four tickets to the Chicago Bulls vs. Wizards on Saturday,    1017    buLLS v. ToRonTo RAPToRS—
April 5, 2008. Gate 7, Section 113, Row 17, Seats 9-12.               APRiL 16
Parking pass included.                                        Two Chicago Bulls tickets to 04/16/08 game. Section
kelly Scott & madison inc.                                    202, Row 2, Seats 1 and 2. Parking pass included.
value: $493.00                                                Jeanette Sublett & Langdon neal
                                                              value: $180.00
1012    buLLS v. WAShingTon WizARDS—
        APRiL 5                                               go beARS!!!
Two Chicago Bulls tickets to April 5, 2008 game. Section
202, Row 2, Seats 1 and 2. Parking pass included.             1018 hoW “SuiTe” iT iS
Jeanette Sublett & Langdon neal                               Four tickets for a 2008/2009 Chicago Bears Game in an
value: $180.00                                                Executive Suite (Suite C14.) This package includes food,
                                                              beverages, and a parking pass.
1013     buLLS v. CLeveLAnD CAvALieRS—                        Expires 12/31/08. Based upon availability.
         APRiL 11                                             Draftfcb.
Six tickets to the Chicago Bulls vs. Cleveland Cavaliers on   value: $1250.00
April 11, 2008. Section 314, Row 17, Seats 1-6.
midway moving and Storage inc.                                1019 Don’T geT SACkeD!
value: $276.00                                                Autographed football of former Chicago Bears and other
                                                              NFC players raised or living in Chicago.
1014 buLLS v. oRLAnDo mAgiC—APRiL 13                          emery moorehead
Two Chicago Bulls v. Orlando tickets to 04/13/08              value: Priceless
game. Section 202, Row 2, Seats 1 and 2. Parking pass
included.                                                     1020 hoT FooTbALL in The SummeRTime
Jeanette Sublett & Langdon neal                               Four tickets to winner’s choice of a Bears pre-season
value: $180.00                                                game. Section 341, Row 1. First row of the first balcony,
                                                              15 yard line. Tickets are usually mailed the beginning
1015     buLLS v. ToRonTo RAPToRS—                            of August.
         APRiL 16                                             Expires after 2008 pre-season. Mutually agreeable date.
Four tickets to see the Chicago Bulls v. Toronto Raptors      Jeff & Lisa Carter
on Wednesday, April 16, 2008. Section 122, Row 12,            value: $320.00
Seats 5-8.
Steve & Cindy elkins
value: $480.00

82      Francis W. Parker School

1021     FiRST DoWn, The ReST oF The                              go CubbieS!!!
         SeASon To go
Two Bears tickets to a pre-season game to be determined.          1026     WRigLeY RooF ToPS—10 CubS
Sit up close at the 40 Yard line in the 13th Row on the                    RooFToP TiCkeTS
east side.                                                        Ten Cubs rooftop tickets including all the food and drink
Expires after 2008 pre-season. Mutually agreeable date.           at Wrigley Rooftops (3619 North Sheffield).
Rubloff inc.                                                      Expires end of 2008 season. Mutually agreeable date.
value: $220.00                                                    no one under 12 to be admitted.
                                                                  Wrigley Rooftops and Paul bauch
1022      Don’T STALL. geT A                                      value: $2000.00
          gALe SAYeRS bALL
Gale Sayers, Chicago Bears Hall of Famer, autographed             1027 CubS—ChooSe YouR DATe
football.                                                         Four tickets to a Chicago Cubs game during the 2008
CSmg Sports & media                                               season. Seats are six rows behind home plate.
value: Priceless                                                  Mutually agreeable date.
                                                                  John & Jill Svoboda
1023     meDiA DeCk, ReguLAR SeASon…                              value: $480.00
Two tickets to a 2008-2009 Chicago Bears regular season           1028 CubS—ChooSe YouR DATe
game. 1st row media deck, west side of the stadium.               Four tickets to a Chicago Cubs game in April or
Expires end of the 2008 regular season.                           May, 2008.
Mutually agreeable date.                                          Expires 05/31/08. Mutually agreeable date.
Steve & nancy mora                                                Wgn Radio
value: $200.00                                                    value: $400.00

1024 go buCkeYeS!                                                 1029    CubS AnD DinneR AT The
An Ohio State University Sports Chair. Great for any                      STADium CLub!
dorm room or to take to an outdoor sporting event!                See a Chicago Cubs game from four box seats and have
Tina & buzz Ruttenberg                                            dinner for four in the Stadium Club.
value: $40.00                                                     Mutually agreeable date.
                                                                  Levy Restaurants
                                                                  value: $400.00

                                                                  1030 CubS—ChooSe YouR DATe
                                                                  Four tickets to a Chicago Cubs game during the 2008
                                                                  season. Seats are in Row 12 between home and first base.
     Use cloth bags instead of plastic. Plastic bags take         Mutually agreeable date.
          up to 1000 years to degrade in a landfill.              Larry & Patty brottman
   Three billion barrels of oil are used annually in California
                                                                  value: $300.00
              to produce 27.5 billion plastic bags.

                                                                  1031 CubS—ChooSe YouR DATe
                                                                  These are four outstanding tickets to the Chicago Cubs
                                                                  for a 2008 season game.
                                                                  Mutually agreeable date.
                                                                  michael & mary Silver
                                                                  value: $240.00
                                                                                                 Scholarship Auction 2008   8

1032 CubS—ChooSe YouR DATe                                  1039 moRe AmAzing gRACe
Four tickets to a Chicago Cubs game for the 2008 season.    Marc Grace autographed photo.
Mutually agreeable date.                                    Justin Penn
Wgn TeLeviSion                                              value: Priceless
value: $250.00
                                                            1040 CubS—ChooSe YouR DATe
1033 CubS—ChooSe YouR DATe                                  Two tickets to a Chicago Cubs game during the 2008
Four tickets to a 2008 Chicago Cubs game. Seats are         season. These seats are in the 9th row behind the catcher!
Field Box seats.                                            Mutually agreeable date.
Mutually agreeable date.                                    Rubloff, inc.
eSPn Radio 1000                                             value: $150.00
value: $250.00
                                                            1041 CubS—ChooSe YouR DATe
1034 CubS—ChooSe YouR DATe                                  Two tickets to a Chicago Cubs regular season game for the
Four tickets to Chicago Cubs game. Aisle 430, Row 7,        2008 season. Field box seats to the right of home plate.
Seats 9-12.                                                 Mutually agreeable date.
Mutually agreeable date.                                    Steve & nancy mora
Alden north Shore Rehabilitation                            value: $120.00
value: $200.00
                                                            1042 SAY YeA To AnDRe
1035 CubS—ChooSe YouR DATe                                  Former Cubs All-Star Andre Dawson autographed
Four tickets. Section 229, Row 8, Seats 104-107. Excel-     baseball.
lent seats on the first base line.                          Justin Penn
Mutually agreeable date. not valid for playoffs.            value: Priceless
mike ellis/eA Logistics
value: $160.00                                              1043 Don’T SAY no To “RYno”
                                                            Ryne Sandberg autographed baseball.
1036 CubS—ChooSe YouR DATe                                  Justin Penn
Four Cubs tickets for a date in May 2008. Incredible        value: Priceless
seats! 8th row, first base line, just behind the netting.
Mutually agreeable date in May.                             1044 CubS v. PiTTSbuRgh—APRiL 20
bank of America                                             Two tickets to the Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh game on
value: $96.00                                               April, 20, 2008. Upper Deck Box seats between home
                                                            plate and first base. Parking pass included.
1037 CubS—ChooSe YouR DATe                                  ubS/Sheldon Altman
Four Cubs tickets for a July game. Incredible seats! 8th    value: $100.00
row, first base line, just behind the netting.
Mutually agreeable date in July.                            1045 CubS v. SAn Diego PADReS—mAY 14
bank of America                                             Four tickets to the Chicago Cubs vs. San Diego Pa-
value: $96.00                                               dres game on Wednesday, May 14, 2008. Lower Level
                                                            Section 126, Row 13. Great box seats between home plate
1038 AmAzing gRACe                                          and first base.
Chicago Cubs legend Mark Grace autographed American         goldman Sachs execution & Clearing
League baseball.                                            value: $200.00
David grass
value: Priceless

8      Francis W. Parker School

1046 CubS v. CoLoRADo RoCkieS—June 1                        • Game 7: Sunday, September 28 vs. Cleveland Indians
Four tickets to Chicago Cubs vs. Colorado Rockies—            @ TBD (last game of the year).
Sunday, June 1, 2008. In-field box seats between 3rd        Game tickets might be exchangeable for different game
base and home plate. Section 115, Rows 14 and 15, Seats     based on availability.
1 and 2.                                                    mark & Sheila matuscak
James & Sarah Taich                                         value: $3200.00
value: $300.00
                                                            1051 WhiTe Sox—ChooSe YouR DATe
1047 CubS v. ATLAnTA bRAveS—June 10                         Four tickets for a 2008 season White Sox game. Lower
Two tickets for the Chicago Cubs vs. Atlanta Braves         Level Box, Section 120, Row 16, Seats 1-4. Parking pass
game on June 10, 2008 at 7:05pm. Section 27, front row      included. Food and beverages from Stadium Club in-
seats.                                                      cluded.
Skip & meg herman                                           Mutually agreeable date. Based upon availability.
value: $100.00                                              Draftfcb.
                                                            value: $450.00
1048 CubS v. ATLAnTA bRAveS—June 11
Four tickets to the Chicago Cubs vs. Atlanta Braves game    1052 give A-RoD The noD
on June 11, 2008 at 7:05pm. Seats are located along first   Future Hall of Famer and American League MVP, Alex
base, row 7, behind visitor’s dugout.                       Rodriguez autographed Rawlings baseball.
Skip & meg herman                                           michael & Rachel ellis
value: $200.00                                              value: Priceless

1049 CubS v. FLoRiDA mARLinS—JuLY 26                        1053    WhiTe Sox—ChooSe YouR DATe
Two tickets to Cubs vs. Florida Marlins on Saturday July            (AnD DinneR Too!)
26th. Seats are on 1st baseline. Approx. 20 rows back.      Four Chicago White Sox box seats and dinner in the
Excellent seats!                                            Stadium Club.
harry huzenis                                               Levy Restaurants
value: $100.00                                              value: $400.00

go WhiTe Sox!!!                                             1054 Don’T bobbLe YouR biD!
                                                            This Chien-Ming Wang NY Yankees Bobblehead is from
1050      SCouT TiCkeTS inCLuDing                           a limited, unnumbered edition and can’t be bought on the
          oPening DAY ARe WoRTh iT!                         open market. Only 50 unnumbered exist in the world!
Enjoy the best seats in the stadium for seven games. The    CSmg Sports & media
winning bidder will receive two Chicago White Sox Scout     value: $400.00
tickets for the following games:
• Game 1: Monday, April 7 Home Opener vs.                   1055 WhiTe Sox—ChooSe YouR DATe
   Minnesota @ 3:05                                         Four premium lower box seats to a White Sox game dur-
• Game 2: Thursday, April 24 vs. Yankees @ 7:11             ing the 2008 season.
• Game 3: Saturday, June 28 vs. Cubs @ 2:55                 no Premier or Cubs Games available.
• Game 4: Friday, July 4 vs. Oakland @ 6:05                 Mutually agreeable date.
   (Fire Works Night)                                       Robert R. mazer
• Game 5: Thursday, August 7 vs. Detroit Tigers @ 7:11      value: $200.00
• Game 6: Sunday, August 10 vs. Red Sox @ 1:05

                                                                                          Scholarship Auction 2008   8

1056 WhiTe Sox—ChooSe YouR DATe                              go bLACkhAWkS!
Four White Sox tickets to the 2008 season. Box 114, Row
36, Seats 5-8.                                               1062     bLACkhAWkS v. DeTRoiT ReD
Mutually agreeable date.                                              WingS—APRiL 2
Alden north Shore Rehabilitation                             Four tickets to see the Chicago Blackhawks vs. Detroit
value: $200.00                                               Red Wings on April 2, 2008. Seats are 9th row, on
                                                             blue line.
1057 WhiTe Sox—ChooSe YouR DATe                              bruce & kim Scodro
Four tickets and a parking pass to a 2008 Chicago White      value: $300.00
Sox home game.
Mutually agreeable date.                                     1063 AuTogRAPheD bLACkhAWkS JeRSeY
Wgn TeLeviSion                                               A true hockey fan understands the significance of own-
value: $200.00                                               ing this Chicago Blackhawks jersey that has been signed
                                                             by the 2008 team. Of the six original NHL teams, the
1058 WhiTe Sox—ChooSe YouR DATe                              Blackhawks jersey is easily the most iconic and sought
Two tickets for a Chicago White Sox 2008 season game.        after team logo to this day.
Seats are on the 3rd baseline, approximately the 9th row.    Dennis Savard and Scott Shapiro
Parking pass included.                                       value: Priceless
Mutually agreeable date.
The Demar Family                                             1064 geT STuCk WiTh ThiS STiCk!
value: $90.00                                                Hockey stick signed by former Blackhawks player and
                                                             Hall of Famer Phil Esposito.
1059 You Won’T be ouT in LeFT FieLD                          Charles & meryl Lynn moss
Signed Alfonso Soriano magazine cover framed with an         value: Priceless
archival double-cotton matte and conservation clear glass.
Jennifer & Steve Skok and FastFrame Chicago                  goLF
value: Priceless
                                                             1065     FouRSome goLF AT RiCh
1060    You’LL FeeL “The big huRT”                                    hARveST FARmS
        iF You Don’T geT iT                                  A foursome will golf 18 holes at Rich Harvest Farms
White Sox legend Frank Thomas autographed American           private golf course, ranked No. 45 in Golf Digest’s “100
League baseball.                                             Best” Private Courses. This package also includes a sit
David grass                                                  down lunch after nine holes of golf and a caddie.
value: Priceless                                             Based upon availability.
1061 The 500 CLub                                            value: Priceless
How many ball players do you know who have hit over
500 home runs? Ken Griffey Jr. has. Own this auto-           1066 go A RounD WiTh DenniS SAvARD
graphed baseball.                                            You and a friend can play 18 holes of golf at Olympia
Justin Penn                                                  Fields with the coach of the Chicago Blackhawks and
value: Priceless                                             Hockey Hall of Famer, Dennis Savard and Parker parent
                                                             Bruce Scodro. Lunch and caddies included.
                                                             Expires 10/31/08. Mutually agreeable date.
                                                             bruce & kim Scodro and Dennis Savard
                                                             value: Priceless

8      Francis W. Parker School

1067     Don’T PuTT ARounD! biD FoR                          1071    imPRove YouR gAme WiTh
         oLYmPiA FieLDS CounTRY CLub                                 TAYLoRmADe
A round of golf for the winning bidder and two friends       TaylorMade FlexR Driver with cover and one dozen Tay-
complete with caddies and lunch on the North Course of       lorMade TP Red golf balls.
Olympia Fields Country Club.                                 kemper Sports
Expires 12/31/08. Mutually agreeable date.                   value: $575.00
mark & Toni hargis
value: Priceless                                             TenniS
1068 oLYmPiA FieLDS                                          1072      CouRT Time WiTh STATe ChAmP
Enjoy a round of golf for four people at Olympia Fields                eLizAbeTh ePSTein
Country Club. Choose from the North Course (home             Francis W. Parker’s own tennis star, Elizabeth Epstein,
of the US Open) or the newly redesigned South Course.        ranked #1 in the State in 2007. Learn from the best.
Also includes a Taylor Made Rescue Club.                     She will give your child (and up to two friends) the once
Expires 10/31/08. Weekdays only.                             in a lifetime opportunity to learn some tennis pointers in
Scott Lang                                                   a one and a half hour private lesson.
value: Priceless                                             elizabeth epstein
                                                             value: Priceless
1069     be uP To PAR AT boLingbRook
         goLF CLub                                           1073 The zen oF gLenn
Golf for four at the Bolingbrook Golf Club. The golf club    Experience the tennis world wisdom of Parker Pro Glenn
features an Arthur Hills and Steve Forrest designed golf     Alfred with a set of five private tennis lessons at Mid-
course and an exceptional practice facility. This package    Town Tennis. All ages included.
also includes lunch in the Nest Bar and Grill.               Expires 10/31/08. Mutually agreeable dates and location.
Golf certificate expires on 11/01/08 and may only be used    glenn Alfred
Monday–Thursday. no holidays. Lunch certificate expires      value: $350.00
on 10/01/08 and may be used anytime.
bolingbrook golf Club                                        1074 ReADY, SeT, Love
value: Priceless                                             One 3-week session of “Tennis in No Time” beginner
                                                             tennis lessons at Mid-Town Tennis Club. Learn to play
1070     go CLubbing AT highLAnD PARk                        with the best.
         CounTRY CLub                                        Expires 05/31/08.
Golf for four, including the cart at the beautiful High-     mid-Town Tennis Club
land Park Country Club. The 18-hole public golf course       value: $105.00
offers an unforgettable challenge for players of all skill
levels. Beautifully re-designed by world renowned archi-     1075     un“mATCh”AbLe beginneR
tect Dick Nugent.                                                     TenniS LeSSonS
Expires on 12/31/2008. Certificate may be used Monday        One 3-week session of “Tennis in No Time”, beginner
–Friday based on availability.                               tennis lessons at Mid-Town Tennis Club. Surely you’ll be
highland Park Country Club                                   coming back for more.
value: Priceless                                             Expires 05/31/08.
                                                             mid-Town Tennis Club
                                                             value: $105.00

                                                                                            Scholarship Auction 2008   8

SPoRTS meRChAnDiSe                                             1081     nAiL An oLLie WiTh ThiS
                                                                        CuSTom SkATeboARD
1076 hoW’S YouR ASPen?                                         Gift certificate valued at $150 from Windward Sports to
Thinking about an Aspen Ski vacation? This package             be applied to the purchase of a Custom Skateboard.
offers four—6 Day ski lift tickets for the ’08-09 ski          Expires 10/31/08.
season. A family of four can ski their choice of any moun-     Windward Sports
tain—Aspen, Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass—for             value: $150.00
six days. Sounds like the perfect February 2009 break!
Crown & goodman Families along with                            1082 The gReAT ouTDooRS
Aspen Ski Company                                              $100 gift card for the latest items to meet all your out-
value: $1944.00                                                door needs from Moosejaw Mountaineering.
                                                               moosejaw mountaineering
1077 ShuFFLe mADneSS                                           value: $100.00
Be one of the first in the U.S. to own the Shuffle Tech ful-
ly automated card shuffler. This is the first fully automat-   1083 We’Re “keen” on ThiS DAYPACk
ic card shuffler designed for home and tournament use          This Keen backpack is constructed completely from
and comes with flush mount kit and three year extended         recycled materials. The buckles are made of recycled
warranty. The Shuffle Tech 1000 randomizes as effectively      aluminum, the lining is made of recycled polyester, the
as casino machines costing $16,000-$22,000.                    bottom is made of recycled excess rubber from the com-
Shuffle Tech                                                   pany’s shoe construction. Can you get any greener?
value: $680.00                                                 erehwon mountain outfitter
                                                               value: $80.00
1078 TRekking ThRough ChiCAgo                         v
This Trek 7000 Unisex bike is the #1 selling hybrid at         SPoRTS SPeCiALS
Village Cycle. The 20 inch frame is made from lightweight
aluminum, and comes with 21 pedaling gears. This bike          1084 inDY 500
is a great value! Also includes helmet, air pump, seat bag,    Make your Memorial Day memorable! Start your engines
and cage with water bottle.                                    now. Watch the race this year from the best seats at the
village Cycle                                                  track. Package includes four tickets located at the first
value: $300.00                                                 turn. These seats provide a great view of the race, includ-
                                                               ing the entire straight-away. Accommodations for four
1079 geT ReADY To Tee oFF                                      people (two adults/two children) are also included at the
This $250 gift card from The Golf Warehouse will get           Hilton Garden Inn for the nights of May 23 and 24th.
you well on the way to improving your game.                    Don’t miss out on one of the biggest sporting events of
viamedia                                                       the year.
value: $250.00                                                 Race is on May 25, 2008, starting in the morning. if the
                                                               race is rain delayed, race will be run on the next day.
1080 hooPS FoR The home                                        Joanne nemerovski and Rick hurst
A must for your hoops lover. A space saving and col-           value: $910.00
lapsable Arcade Hoops game for your home/playroom.
31 inches x 31 inches.
marc brown & Joanne nemerovski
value: $200.00

88      Francis W. Parker School

1085     bReAking neWS—An AFTeRnoon                            FiTneSS
         WiTh AbC7’S mARk giAngReCo
Mark Giangreco of ABC7 News in Chicago will per-               1089     oWn YouR oWn DiAmonDbACk
sonally give you and your party (limit six) a tour of the               eLLiPTiCAL TRAineR
ABC7 Newsroom, Control Room and Weather Center,                Simplify your life and work out at home with this state-
as well as other departments. Then sit in the studio and       of-the-art Diamondback Elliptical Trainer. The 1260EF
watch the 5PM news cast live! Arrive at 4:15pm to begin        Elliptical offers top-of-the-line features, including cus-
your tour.                                                     tom workouts, 13 programs, and advanced heart rate
Mutually agreeable date with Mark Giangreco.                   interactive programs. The Elliptical will be delivered to
mark giangreco                                                 your home free of charge.
value: Priceless                                               Visit Chicago Home Fitness at 2000 north Clybourn
                                                               pre-auction to check it out.
1086 Live! FRom ComCAST SPoRTSneT                              Chicago home Fitness
Comcast SportsNet anchor, reporter and Parker alum,            value: $2599.00
Josh Mora, will take you and up to five guests on a tour of
Comcast SportsNet. See how a show is put together, meet        1090 WoRk iT ouT AT equinox FiTneSS
on-air personalities, watch a live presentation or taping in   One full-year adult membership at the fabulous, full ser-
the Comcast SportsNet studio.                                  vice health club located three short blocks from Parker.
Mutually agreeable date. Third grade or above. At least one    Great facility with easy parking.
adult must be present. Visit is approximately two hours.       equinox Fitness Clubs
Joshua mora                                                    value: $2300.00
value: Priceless
                                                               1091     FiT equinox FiTneSS inTo
1087     WhATeveR FLoATS YouR boAT—                                     YouR SCheDuLe
         kAYAk & SkuLLS                                        One full-year adult membership at the fabulous, full ser-
Enjoy a membership to the Lincoln Park Boat Club plus          vice health club located three short blocks from Parker.
receive two private kayak lessons from the club’s paddling     Great facility with easy parking.
director as well as a Learn to Row package for sculling.       equinox Fitness Clubs
Get yourself some protective gear with your $100 Moose-        value: $2300.00
jaw gift certificate and row away!
LPBC expires 10/31/08.                                         1092 ShAPe uP AT The eAST bAnk CLub
moosejaw mountaineering, Willa Lang and                        Join now with this three-month membership, including
michelle Willmott                                              the initiation fee, to East Bank Club.
value: $800.00                                                 Expires 07/31/08. not transferable.
                                                               east bank Club
1088     STRike iT RiCh AT 10Pin                               value: $1010.00
         boWLing Lounge
Fun for you and your crews with a $100 gift certificate        1093      ReFoRm YouR LiFe on
that may be applied toward bowling, shoe rental, food                    The ReFoRmeR
or beverage.                                                   Three private pilates sessions on pilate equipment with a
Expires 12/31/08.                                              certified instructor at Harmony Mind-Body Fitness.
10 Pin bowling Lounge                                          Expires 12/31/08.
value: $100.00                                                 harmony mind-body Fitness
                                                               value: $225.00

                                                                                              Scholarship Auction 2008   8

1094 home STReTCh PiLATeS FoR him                             1099 oh, mY AChing bACk!
Two 1-hour private pilates sessions for him will jump         Start to feel better with a Chiropractic Initial Exam/
start his heart.                                              Injury Assessment. You’ll get two x-rays, treatment, one
new clients only. Expires 09/30/08.                           follow-up appointment and one half-hour massage.
The home Stretch                                              Expires 12/31/08.
value: $150.00                                                Windy City Chiropractic & massage Ltd.
                                                              value: $400.00
1095 home STReTCh PiLATeS FoR heR
Two 1-hour private pilates sessions for her will lengthen     1100     ShAPe uP AT The PoWeR
and strengthen.                                                        PLATe inSTiTuTe
new clients only. Expires 09/30/08.                           12-session semi-private Power Plate Group Sessions will
The home Stretch                                              help you shape up fast. Redeemable by one individual
value: $150.00                                                only.
                                                              Expires 08/31/08.
1096 PiLATeS PLuS                                             Power Plate institute
One semi-private pilates session with instructor. Good        value: $300.00
for two people
Expires 12/31/08.                                             1101     PRoFeSSionAL TRAining
Pilates PLuS Cross Training Studio                                     FRom bRADLeY heiT
value: $100.00                                                Get one consultation and two 1-hour training sessions
                                                              with Bradley Heit in your home or in the Energy Train-
1097 You ARe WhAT You eAT!                                    ing Studio in River North. Heit has a Bachelor’s degree
Four 1-hour health, wellness and nutritional counseling       in Premedical Biology and Master’s in Applied Exercise
sessions will help you reach personal health and happiness    Physiology from the University of Illinois, where he is cur-
goals. Sessions conducted with certified holistic health      rently completing his PhD. in Motor Learning and Con-
counselor, Beth Aldrich.                                      trol. He’s a certified exercise specialist through ASCM,
Expires 06/01/09.                                             and holds various personal training certifications through
Restoring essence nutritional Counseling                      ISCA, ISSA, and the CHEK institute.
value: $600.00                                                bradley heit
                                                              value: $250.00
1098     mom ALWAYS SAiD
         STAnD uP STRAighT                                    1102     mAke The CALL To houSe
Ten 1 hour sessions to re-allign one’s posture through deep            CALL FiTneSS
tissue work and awareness training. Take on a healthy         One personal training consultation and one personal
posture for the rest of your life.                            training session at House Call Fitness. And the best part
Expires 12/31/08.                                             is…they will come to your home or office!
Chicago Center for Psychophysical healing                     house Call Fitness
value: $1200.00                                               value: $110.00

0      Francis W. Parker School

1103     geT bALAnCeD AT bikRAm’S
         YogA CoLLege                                        go green!
One month unlimited membership to Bikram’s Yoga
College of India in Chicago. Choose from the Lincoln         Take a shower instead of a bath.
Park or Wicker Park locations.                               A shower takes up to four times less energy than a bath.
Expires 12/08/08.                                            Use less hot water.
bikram’s Yoga College of india in Chicago                    It takes a lot of energy to heat water. You can use less hot
value: $150.00                                               water by installing a low flow showerhead.
                                                             Use a clothesline instead of a dryer whenever possible.
1104 Sign uP FoR A PRivATe YogA SeSSion                      You can save 700 pounds of carbon dioxide when
                                                             you air dry your clothes for 6 months out of the year.
Sign up for a 90-minute private yoga lesson with Parker
parent and certified yoga instructor Julie Blickstein. Can   Insulate and weatherize your home.
be used at HiFi Personal Fitness or in your home.            Properly insulating your walls and ceilings can save 25%
                                                             of your home heating bill and 2,000 pounds of carbon
Limit 2 sessions per family.
                                                             dioxide a year. Caulking and weather-stripping can save
Julie blickstein                                             another 1,700 pounds per year.
-     Sign-up: $75.00 per session
                                                             Be sure you’re recycling at home.
                                                             You can save 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide a year
1105 zen momenTS WiTh AmY hoRi                               by recycling half of the waste your household generates.
Two fabulous private yoga sessions in your own home
                                                             Compost your organic waste.
with Amy Hori. Relax and enjoy!                              Over 60% of solid household waste is fit to compost.
Amy hori                                                     Reduce landfill and create your own garden soil.
value: $180.00                                               Buy recycled.
                                                             Recycled paper products take 70 to 90% less energy to
1106     one monTh unLimiTeD YogA                            make and help prevent the loss of forests worldwide.
         AT YogAvieW
Get started now with one month unlimited yoga at
Yogaview studios.
Expires 01/01/09.
value: $150.00

1107 PoW! mixeD mARTiAL ARTS
Pow! Mixed Martial Arts—One month unlimited training
for an adult.
Pow! martial Arts
value: $149.00                                                            Sports • Closing Time: 7:30pm

1108 PoW! mixeD mARTiAL ARTS                                 -      These packages are available for individual sign-up at a
                                                                    guaranteed price. No bidding is necessary and space is limited.
Pow! Mixed Martial Arts offers one month of unlimited
training for an adult.                                       v      Any item is available for delivery to your home on Sunday,
                                                                    March 30, at a fee of $50 per address.
Pow! martial Arts
value: $149.00                                                      Items or businesses that strive to help the environment, bring
                                                                    awareness to the community or are considered “green”.

                                                                    “Late Night Bidding” items will reopen for additional bidding at
                                                                    9:30pm and will close at 10:30pm in the Navy Pier Grand Ballroom.

                                                                                                     Scholarship Auction 2008         1

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