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					                                                                                     Purchasing Department
                                                                                     5700 Cass Avenue, suite 4200
                                                                                     Detroit, Michigan 48202
                                                                                     (313) 577-3734
                                                                                     FAX (313) 577-3747
Division of Finance and Facilities Management

                                                                                     July 6, 2009

 Dear Vendors:

 Wayne State University invites you to participate in the Request for Quotation process to provide NetApp 6080 SAN for
 the Computer & Information Technology Department of Wayne State University.

 Bidding documents may be obtained by pre-qualified vendors from the University Purchasing Web Site at beginning June 18, 2009. When visiting the Web
 Site, click on the “Technology " link in green.

 Wayne State University (hereafter referred to as UNIVERSITY) is a national research university with an urban teaching
 and service mission. It is a constitutionally autonomous public university with 11 schools and colleges, has an
 enrollment of approximately 31,000 students, and has an alumni roster of over 235,000. It is rated among the top 4
 percent of all colleges and universities nationwide as classified by the Carnegie Commission.

 Vendor selected shall have an excellent track record for providing computer technology for the size and scope of our
 team and shall provide WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY with a top priority commitment. Proposals are to remain in effect
 a minimum of 120 days from the date of submission. A statement to this effect should be contained in the VENDOR'S
 cover letter.

 The UNIVERSITY reserves the rights to accept, reject, modify, and/or negotiate any and all proposals received in
 conjunction with the Request for Quotation. It reserves the right to waive any defect or informality in the Proposals on
 the basis of what it considers to be in its best interests. Any proposal which the UNIVERSITY determines to be
 incomplete, conditional, obscure, or has irregularities of any kind, may be rejected.

 This Request for Quotation (RFQ) in no manner obligates the UNIVERSITY to the eventual purchase of any products
 or services described, implied, or which may be proposed, until confirmed by written agreement, and may be terminated
 by the UNIVERSITY without penalty or obligation at any time prior to the signing of an Agreement or Purchase Order.

 Expenses for developing and presenting quotes shall be the entire responsibility of the Vendor and shall not be
 chargeable to the University. All supporting documentation and manuals submitted with this proposal will become the
 property of the University unless otherwise requested by the Vendor, in writing, at the time of submission, and agreed
 to, in writing, by the University.

 Vendors are to furnish a minimum of three (3) qualified references to support their quotes. References are to be from
 organizations that are not part of the Vendor's organization or the University and that closely parallel the needs stated in
 this RFQ. The references supplied should include the name and address of the organization, the name(s), titles, and
 the telephone numbers of the persons to be contacted and a general scope of the product or services provided
 including the approximate annual aggregate dollar volume involved.

 Vendors must refrain from giving any reference to this program, whether in the form of press releases, brochures,
 photographic coverage, or verbal announcements, without specific written approval from the University.

 Quotations are subject to public review after the contracts have been awarded. VENDORS responding to this RFQ are
 cautioned not to include any proprietary information as part of their Proposal unless such proprietary information is
 carefully identified as such in writing, and the UNIVERSITY accepts, in writing, the information as proprietary.

Vendors Proposal should include the following:

              Price Summary, signed by authorized agent of Vendors Company/Firm – please see Appendix 1
              Vendor Profile (including at least 3 references)
              Exceptions/Restrictions

All questions concerning this Request for Quotation are to be directed to Cynthia Branch, Buyer, at (313) 577-4567 /
FAX (313) 577-3747 (, with a copy to Kenneth Doherty, C.P.M. Associate Director, at (313) 577-
3756 ( Under no circumstances may a VENDOR contact other individuals at the UNIVERSITY, to
discuss any aspect of this RFQ, unless expressly authorized by the Purchasing Department to do so.

Quotations are due in the Office of Purchasing no later than 4:00 p.m. on July 10, 2009. A fax or email copy of the
quotation is acceptable. However, no late bids will be accepted and all bids will be date/time stamped. Thank you very
much for your interest in doing business with Wayne State University. Submit quotations by e-mail as follows:

                                                        July 10,2009 - 4:00 p.m.
                                                         Wayne State University
                                                  Academic/Administration Building (AAB)
                                                           5700 Cass Avenue
                                                    Purchasing Department, suite 4200
                                                            Detroit, MI 48202

We look forward to receiving your quotation. Should you have any questions or concerns about this invitation, please
contact me at (313) 577 – 4567 ( Thank you for your interest in doing business with Wayne State


Cynthia Branch



Request for Quote:

Wayne State University invites you to submit your best educational pricing to provide NetApp 6080 SAN as detailed
below, for the Computer & Information Technology Department..

Instructions to Bidders are as follows:

         Responses are to be provided on this Request for Quotation form only. Additional documentation may be
          submitted; however this Form must be completed in full.
         Bidders that are unable to supply a specific item are encouraged to writer “NO BID” on that line. Substitutions
          are not allowed!
         Bidders are to not expected time of delivery on each line if the order is to ship as a partial.
         All prices will be considered FOB Destination unless other wise indicated. If prices are Shipping Point please
          indicate total transportation charges.
         There are two separate quotes; Quote 1 and Quote 2. Vendors should quote these independently of one
          another and not as a package deal. The University will likely buy one or the other, but not both. However, this
          order will be awarded as a total package and not on a line item basis.
         Your reply must be received in the University Purchasing Department by e-mail no later than 4:00 p.m. on July
          10,2009. No Late Bids will be accepted.
                                     E-mail your quotation to:

                                         Wayne State University
                                         Purchasing Department,
                                         attn: Cynthia Branch, Buyer

         All inquiries and responses must be directed to Cynthia Branch @ (313) 577-4567 or e-mailed to

The University reserves the right to modify its requirements at any time with written notice prior to the signing of a formal
contract or issuance of a Purchase Order..

Detailed Specifications

 Quote 1:
 Additional Parts AND Components                                                      Ext Qty       Price            Total

 CABINETS                          Cabinets                                                     1   $                $
 X800-42U-R6                       Cabinet Component Power Cable,R6                          24     $                $
 X8730B-R6                         Cab,4PDU(30A,1-PH,NEMA,8outlet),R6                           1   $                $
 X879-R6                           Kit,Storage Cabinet Interconnection,R6                       1   $                $
 DS14A-R5                                                                                       2   $                $
 X54015A-ESH4-QS-R5                DS14MK4 SHLF,AC,14x450GB,15K,ESH4,QS,R5                      2   $                $
 X6536-R6                          Cable,Optical,50u,2000MHz/Km/MM,LC/LC,5M,R6                  8   $                $
 X6539-R6                          SFP,Optical,4.25Gb,R6                                        8   $                $
 X800-42U-R6                       Cabinet Component Power Cable,R6                             4   $                $


 X8781-R6                          Hardware Kit,Add-On Peripheral,Cabinet,R6            2   $           $
 DS14A-R5                                                                               7   $           $
 X54015A-ESH4-QS-R5                DS14MK4 SHLF,AC,14x450GB,15K,ESH4,QS,R5              7   $           $
 X6530-R6                          Cable,Patch,FC SFP to SFP,0.5M,R6                   14   $           $
 X800-42U-R6                       Cabinet Component Power Cable,R6                    14   $           $
 X8781-R6                          Hardware Kit,Add-On Peripheral,Cabinet,R6            7   $           $
 DS14A-R5                                                                               3   $           $
 X6530-R6                          Cable,Patch,FC SFP to SFP,0.5M,R6                    6   $           $
 X800-42U-R6                       Cabinet Component Power Cable,R6                     6   $           $
 X8781-R6                          Hardware Kit,Add-On Peripheral,Cabinet,R6            3   $           $
 X94015A-ESH4-QS-R5                DS14MK4 SHLF,AC,14x300GB,15K,ESH4,QS,R5              3   $           $
 X2052A-R5                         HBA,FC,4-Port,4Gb,Disk,PCI-X,R5                      2   $           $
 X6530-R6                          Cable,Patch,FC SFP to SFP,0.5M,R6                   20   $           $
 CS-O-4HR                          SupportEdge Premium, 7x24, 4hr Onsite -              2   $           $
 Service Address:                  Detroit USA 48202
 CS-O-4HR                          SupportEdge Premium, 7x24, 4hr Onsite -              7   $           $
 Service Address:                  Detroit USA 48202
 CS-O-4HR                          SupportEdge Premium, 7x24, 4hr Onsite -              3   $           $
 Service Address:                  Detroit USA 48202
 SW-DFM-FSRM                       Operations MGR,File Storage Resource Manager         1   $           $
 SW-SSP-DFM-FRM                    SW Subs,File Resource Manager -                      1   $           $

 Service Address:                  Detroit USA 48202

 Total for Quote 1                                                                          $           $

 Quote 2:
 Additional Parts AND Components                                                  Ext Qty   Price       Total


 X1936A-R5                         ADPT,Perf Acceleration Module I,PCIe,R5              2   $          $

 SW-T7C-FLEXSCALE                  FlexScale Software,T7C                               2   $          $

 CS-O-4HR                          SupportEdge Premium, 7x24, 4hr Onsite -                  $          $
                                   Only Software Subscription pricing is included for
                                   this Service.
                                   Serial # : 30008254
                                   Serial # : 30008253
 Service Address:                  Detroit USA 48202

 Total for Quote 2                                                                          $          $

         Company Name             __________________________________________________________________

         Submitted by            ___________________________________________________________________

         Signature              ___________________________________________________________________

         Typed Name             ___________________________________________________________________
                                (Title)                                          (Date)

         Phone                 __________________________________Fax _______________________________



 The attached RFI was sent to the vendors listed below July 6,, 2009.

                                                      RFI –NETAPP 6080 SAN SPEC’S
                                                              VENDOR LIST

                                                   NetApp 6080 SAN Spec’s

John Tonz
Account Executive                                                   Gary Ackland
Agilysys                                                            Infrastructure Technology Consultant
2346 Havenwood Drive                                                Sirius
White Lake, MI 48383                                                866-779-8714
office 248-685-2640                                                 Cell: 248-420-9278
cell 248-622-5556                                                   E-mail:                                              Fax: 210-918-1905
                                                                    1398 N. Creek Drive
Eric A. Henning                                                     Wixom, MI 48393-1638
9229 Delegates Row #150                                             Paul J. Shallman
Indianapolis, IN 46240                                              Account Executive
Office: 317-853-1926                                                Compsat Technology
Fax: 317-575-6221                                                   25330 Telegraph Road, Suite 200
Cell: 317-509-3290                                                  Southfield, MI 48033                                       Office: 248-223-1020 ext 384                                                Mobile: 810-624-2074
                                                                    Fax: 248-223-1026
Robert Wrask                                              
Advanced Technology Account Executive
1000 Town Center
Suite 1800
Southfield, Michigan 48075
Office: 248-223-4528
Mobile: 248-705-3087
Fax: 248-223-4501


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