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					Implementing Oracle Projects for
Professional Services at NetApp

Marty Mayer
Sr. Manager, Field Programs

NorCal OAUG Training Day
January 17, 2008

                      NetApp Overview
                      Professional Services at NetApp
                      Business Challenges & Plans to
                      Project Scope and Solution Design
                      Teams and Timelines
                      Patching, Deployment, and Training
                      Lessons Learned
                      Future Phases

4/18/2011                                                   2
             NetApp Today

      Founded in 1992
      Headquarters: Sunnyvale, CA
      6,000+ employees
      Distribution into 138 countries
      Over 95,000 installed systems
      $3.3 B balance sheet;
       $1.3 B in cash and investments
      No long-term debt
      S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, Fortune1000

4/18/2011                                 3
            NetApp Professional Services
            Scalable Storage Consulting Services

                       Assessment of technology and
                        methodology to align storage strategies
                        with business needs
                        and processes
                       Support customer IT initiatives through
                        strategic, architectural, operational, and
                        implementation planning of storage

                   Free up internal resources
                   Leverage NetApp storage expertise
                   Get there faster

4/18/2011                                                            4
            NetApp Professional Services
            Scalable Storage Implementation Services

                       Implementation and rollout of new
                        storage infrastructures
                       Consolidation of existing storage
                       Activities include hardware and/or
                        software procurement, configuration,
                        tuning, staging, installation, and
                        interoperability testing

                   Free up internal resources
                   Leverage NetApp storage expertise
                   Get there faster

4/18/2011                                                      5
                    What is a Project in NetApp PS

      Installations
            – High volume activity included in most product sales
            – Short length projects that could last from ½ - 3 days
            – Often outsourced to subcontractors
      Consulting
            –   Varying types of projects
            –   Short term, high volume deployments services lasting 2-5 days
            –   Midterm projects 2-3 weeks
            –   Long range 6-12 months (low volume)
      Managed Services
            – Long Term Staff Augmentation Engagements

4/18/2011                                                                       6
                 Business Challenges Facing
                 NetApp PS in early 2006
     Increased PS revenue and headcount growth projected in upcoming fiscal year
     Major emphasis and investment made by NetApp to hire and sell PS
     Lack of an enterprise system for project management and financial management
      of professional services
     Legacy system consisted of access database with Excel front end that was
      accessed via Citrix
     Unaligned PS, Sales and Finance processes, no single point of contact for PS
      business management at regional level
     Inconsistent processes across the globe for managing project delivery and
     Lack of single data source to provide health check and status of the business

4/18/2011                                                                             7
                       PSA History & Selection Process

                                          Script Demo    Demo/      Fund       Plan,
              Field     Define Critical
                                          For Vendors   Validate   solution   Design &
            Research        Needs
                                                        Solution              Execute

     Engaged The RedStone Group to conduct needs assessment, later
      chosen as the system integrator
     Interviewed 40+ NGS, Finance and Sales SMEs globally in FY06 to
      define critical needs
     Engaged and evaluated vendors who met criteria of integrating into
      NetApp business and IT environments (SAP, Oracle and Siebel)
     Demonstrated Oracle solution to 20+ NGS, Finance and Sales SMEs
      and received agreement and signoff choosing Oracle
     Completed Oracle Projects reference checks with other companies
     Developed business case and received funding approval
     Planned, scoped, staffed and initiated project
4/18/2011                                                                                8
                   Scope for NetApp PSA

                                        Phase I – FY07 Scope

                                End to End PS Business Process Definition

         Time       Expense        Subcontractor &    Resource                     SOW, LOE
       Reporting   Reporting        Travel Vendor    Management                      & Doc
         (OTL)     (IExpense)         Costs (AP)        (RM)                         Mgmt

                   Project Accounting/Management
                           Milestone Mgmt & Activity Tracking

4/18/2011                                                                                     9
              Scope Definition

      Determined that Phase 1 would focus on PS Field usage
       of the system primarily for project management and project
      Booking of Orders including product and services
       continued through OM
      Customized user interface developed that extracts service
       orders from OM into custom views
      Effort to redefine process for booking Service Orders
       through PA was deferred for later phases
      Billing and Invoicing processes changes moved to a later

4/18/2011                                                           10
                    Solution Design

      Conducted Global workshop with user representatives to
       determine high level design and requirements
      Identified 3 product gaps that required customizations
            1. Extensive amount of time required to create projects for high volume
               orders. Customization required to automate project creation from sales
            2. User feedback indicated that Oracle standard offline time card (xls) was
               difficult to use. Developed offline/online time card application that is
               downloaded to users desktop
            3. Standard email notification of task assignments didn’t include enough
               relevant project and customer information. Developed customized email
               with additional info.

      Additional customization was initially identified to capture
       additional customer information – this was avoided by
       using User Defined Attributes (UDAs)
4/18/2011                                                                                 11
            Customization – OM & Projects User
            Interface Highlights

     Daily extract of OM Professional Service Sales Orders
     Orders distributed into queues based on Ship To address
     Display order line details and customer contact information
     Project Manager and number of WBS subtasks selected
      by user
     Checks if there is an existing Pre-sales project
     Automation – new delivery projects created based on
      sales order details in seconds
     Automation – pre-sales projects converted to delivery
      projects in seconds
     Errors View – reprocessing sales orders
4/18/2011                                                           12
             Customization – Offline Timecard

     Frequent data extracts of Oracle Projects data distributed
      to global storage locations
     XML data download into Offline Timecard
     Displays all task manager assignments
     Displays basic project information
     Ability to refresh timecard to retrieve new assignments
     Ability to add other billable projects
     Ability to charge administration time
     Ability to add notes for time charged
     Creates CSV file (Oracle Format) for importing into Oracle
      Time and Labor
4/18/2011                                                          13
                         PSA System Overview



                                           Oracle – OM        Accepts as new
                Seibel Quote
                                           Order booked          or appends
                                                              Existing project
                                                                                   Oracle Projects

                      Oracle AP            Oracle

                                                          Oracle iExpense

                3rd   Party Labor       Time & Labor       Other project

                                                                                           Real Time
                      Air Travel        PS Project hrs       expenses

                                                    Cognos (Neo)

                                      PS Ops                                        Discoverer
                                     Reporting                           Finance
                                    *Utilization                         Reports

4/18/2011                                                                                              14
                   Project Tracks

      Teams divided into 6 tracks with a PMO
            1. Configuration - focused on configuring PA, OTL, IExpense,
               Resource Management for 19 operating units
            2. Customization – developed new UI for sales order presentation
               and project creation, offline time card, data conversion programs,
               and email notifications
            3. Reporting – developed 14 Discoverer Reports and reports in
            4. Finance – focused on business requirements and process design
               in finance groups
            5. Training – developed instructor led and web based training
            6. Deployment – developed all deployment plans, schedules,
               communications and business readiness

4/18/2011                                                                           15
                     Project Timeline
            Q107                    Q207                     Q307                    Q407                        Q108

   May      Jun    Jul    Aug Sep           Oct      Nov     Dec     Jan     Feb      Mar      Apr     May       Jun      Jul
              Design, Config & Test PSA Application                  Oracle PSA Patches

                         Workshop          CRP1      CRP2           Setup

                                                  Training Dev & Readiness   Train Americas East

                                                                              Pilot Go-Live    Train AMER
                                                                                 Feb 26       Go-Live Americas
                                                                                                   Apr 30
                                                                                                        Train    EMEA

                                                                                                        Go-Live EMEA
                                                                                                           May 28

                                                                                                                  Train   APAC

                                                                                                                   Go-Live APAC
                                                                                                                      Jun 25

                                      Project Management                                                 Support

                                                    Business Readiness

4/18/2011                                                                                                                         16
                   Patching Activities

      NetApp Oracle ERP on version 11.5.K prior to PSA project
      Evaluated patch set L & M
            – M offered more features but was a higher impact non-PA modules
            – L offered more functionality than K
            – Extensive cross functional regression testing required with patch
              set K that impacted our original schedule
      HTML Performance issues found with patch set K, Oracle
       was very responsive and provided an additional patch to
      OOD was used for patch analysis, planning and patching
      Production performance is excellent!

4/18/2011                                                                         17

      Went Live with Production Pilot in Americas East in late
       Feb pilot lasted 2 months while team was prepping for
       Americas launch
      Global Deployment continued after pilot and was
       staggered by 1 month for each Geo: Americas, EMEA, and
      Worked with business to prepare data that was migrated at
       time of deployment
      Provided onsite support to Super User Business Managers
       for 2 weeks after deployment in each GEO

4/18/2011                                                          18
                    Training Approach

     1. End User Training for PS engineers and consultants
             1 day onsite instructor led in major locations globally focused on process
              and usage of Oracle
             Web based training for remote locations and new hires

     2. Project Manager & Engagement Manager Training
             2 day onsite instructor led in major locations globally focused on process
              and advanced usage of Oracle

     3. PS Business Manager and Resource Coordinator Training
             3 day onsite instructor led in single location in each Geo focused on
              advanced usage, project creation and setup, resource assignment and

4/18/2011                                                                                  19
                 What Went Well

      Executive Sponsorship – CIO, EVP and PS VPs on steering committee
      Partnership between consulting partner, IT and business to ensure successful
       solution design and deployment
      Early Engagement of Users – global workshop to gain agreement on scope,
       approach, and set expectations
      Participation by key users in two Conference Room Pilots and UAT
      Support by leadership to build PS Business Manager team who are the
       SuperUsers and owners of projects
      Usage of User Define Attributes – Using these helped meet many business
       requirements and reduced the needed for additional customizations
      Launching a 2 month production pilot – prepared the deployment team,
       stabilized the solution, assured the global teams that the solution would work
      Staged rollout by Geo – no big bang
      Hands on training for Business Managers, PMs, and end users
      Onsite support at go live – deployment team sitting with Business Managers,
       open conference bridge during first day that time reports were due

4/18/2011                                                                               20
                Lessons Learned

      Extensive amount of time to setup a project – customized UI built to
       auto create projects
      Dedicated resources need to administer projects
      Identify patching requirements upfront
      Throw out legacy reports and reporting requirements, identify reporting
       requirements earlier
      Resource management and availability planning is difficult in Oracle
       when users are used to managing their calendar in Outlook
      Standard Offline Time Card is difficult to use
      Must plan for a Post Go Live Support Team

4/18/2011                                                                        21
                    NetApp PSA – Future Focus Areas

                                          Future Phases

 AR, Rev Rec,   Purchasing                                Tighter     Access     Post Delivery
                             Enhanced                   Integration
  Linked to      Linked to                  Analytics                 Outside    & Customer
   Projects       projects                              With Siebel      of      Management

4/18/2011                                                                                        22
4/18/2011   23

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