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					Network connection contract agreement
(Old connection/new connection with transfer station)

High pressure


[Customer], [Street]
[Postal code] [City]
hereinafter referred to as "Connection customer”


E.ON Avacon Netz GmbH, Taubenstraße 7, 38106 Braunschweig
HRB 200452
hereinafter referred to as "Network Operator"

Connection point
Name                  [First name and surname or name of the company
Postal code, City,    [Postal code] [City] [Street]
Date of birth         [Date, not applicable to companies]
Register court /      [Mandatory field for companies, not applicable to
number                individuals]
Commencement of       Date of commissioning of the customer installation
Ownership limit       As per Appendix 1 (Overview plan)
Consumption from      High pressure network (HD)
Asset number

The following network connection contract agreement is signed:

1.    The network operator maintains the existing network connection for
      the connection customer for the period defined in this contract

      The maximum hourly flow quantity technically possible via the
      network connection is xxx m³N/h.

      The transfer pressure is at least xxx mbar.

2.    A transfer station has been / will be installed on the premises of the
      connection customer. The costs as given in Appendix 2 amounting to
      xxx EUR plus VAT shall be borne by the connection customer. It
      shall remain in the ownership of the network operator. The connection
      customer shall provide the space required for installing the transfer
      station to the network operator free of charge. The maintenance costs
      of the constructional part of the transfer station shall be borne by the
      respective owner. The technical installations for the operation of the
      transfer station shall be maintained by the network operator at its own
      costs. The connection customer guarantees unrestricted access to the
      network operator to these installations. The connection customer
      permits the network operator to install a regulating station also in the
      transfer station for local feed-in at the cost of the network operator and
      to operate the same for an unlimited period of time. If the gas
      connection usage is terminated, the network connection customer
      must permit the installations on his/her premises free of charge for a
      period of three years, unless this is considered to be unreasonable by

3.    If, during the currency of this contract agreement, enhancements or
      modifications of the network connection become necessary, then these
      costs must be borne by the network connection customer so long as
      they he/she has been responsible for the same.

4.    Appendix 3, “General Terms and Conditions for connection usage”,
      enclosed herewith, shall also be applicable, unless otherwise
      mentioned in this contract agreement.

5.    The contract comes into effect as soon as it has been signed. This
      contract agreement can be terminated in writing with a notice period
      of 3 months starting from the end of the calendar month in which the
      notice is issued. The mutual termination rights in conformity with
      cipher 14 of the “General terms and conditions of connection usage”
      remain unaffected by this.

6.    During the currency of the contract agreement the network connection
      customer shall promptly inform the network operator in writing
      regarding any changes in the ownership rights of the premises where
      the connection has been provided.

7.    If any of the clauses of this contract agreement be or become legally
      unenforceable or un-executable, then the remaining clauses of this
      contract shall remain unaffected by this. A clause that is closest to the
      one that becomes unenforceable and/or un-executable in terms of
      financial consideration and purpose shall come into effect in place of
      the clause that becomes unenforceable and/or un-executable. The
      same procedure applies to a situation where a loophole in the contract
      agreement needs to be supplemented.

8.    Modifications or supplements to this contract agreement must be in
      writing; this is also applicable to modification of the requirements of
      the written form. The contract agreement is prepared in two copies.
      The network operator and the network connection customer receive
      one copy each.

9.    The parties are authorized to transfer the rights and obligations,
      arising out of this contract agreement, to a third party, either in part or
      in whole, with the written consent of the third party. The respective
      third party may not deny its consent without just and reasonable cause.
      Consent of the third party is not required if the transfer is made from
      one party to another that is affiliated to it according to §§ 15 ff. of the
      Companies Act.

10.   If other circumstances change that affect the clauses of the contract
      agreement, particularly the modification of legal master agreements or
      the formation of new industry standards, then the parties to the
      contract agreement shall adapt the contract agreement to the modified
      master terms and conditions as soon as possible. At present a draft
      contract agreement is being prepared by E.ON. As soon as this is
      available, the stipulations contained in this contract agreement shall be
      adapted to the draft contract agreement of the company. If the contract
      agreement cannot be adapted within a period of 2 months of receipt of
      an appropriate draft despite negotiations between the parties to the
      contract agreement then the contract agreement can be terminated by
      both parties at the end of the month following the month of intimation
      regarding the termination of the contract agreement. The network
      operator is authorized to adapt the contract agreement unilaterally if
      this is required to implement the stipulations or decisions of the
      regulating authority.

11.   The following appendices are enclosed and respectively constitute a
      part of the contract agreement:

      Appendix 1       Overview plan
      Appendix 2       Costs for installing the network connection
      Appendix 3       General Terms and Conditions for connection usage

                   , dated                 Braunschweig, (date)

Stamp/signature of connection customer     E.ON Avacon Netz GmbH


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