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									Successful Applicants for 2007          Project                             Project operation                             Benefits of project                            Awarded
                                        Ecobuilding Project - development   * Development of working drawings for         * development of educational eco-                $5,000
                                        of working drawings                 school ecobuilding;                           building;
                                                                            * students from the Enviro Council will       * facility for use by other schools &
Hukanui Primary School                                                      build on research exploration from 05/06 to   community;
                                                                            develop drawings with architect;              * lifelong learning opps for students;
                                                                            * Students are involved in decision making    * 1st case study in NZ of ecobuilding
                                                                            & planning process.                           development led by students.
                                        Worms in Schools Programme          * Programme run in 12 schools, tying in       * addresses HCC waste plan;                      $3,385
                                                                            with curriculum.                              * flexible programme
                                                                            * The project could be run as a trial to      * waste edu in schools;
                                                                            gauge the success and interest from           * good trial run & case study programme
                                                                            schools.                                      for Hamilton.
Environment Centre Hamilton                                                 * Programme is also suitable for adults and
                                                                            can include composting.
                                                                            * Can run in conjunction with Wintec,
                                                                            Hamilton Permaculture Trust, Environment
                                                                            Centre Hamilton and ECOES.
                                        Celebrating the Sustainable         One day event :                               * free talks for the public on sustainable       $2,200
                                        Backyard                            * present half day of workshops & speakers    living;
                                                                            * luncheon for SBY volunteers &               * provide a forum for interested & like
Hamilton Permaculture Trust                                                 stakeholders;                                 minded people;
                                                                            * book launch of SBY Guide                    * Promoting use of the Sustainable
                                                                                                                          Backyard at Hamilton Gardens.

                                        Sustainable Education Seminar       * SBN will deliver a 1 evening educational    * information from seminar available on          $1,100
                                        2007                                seminar showcasing sustainability in action   SBN website;
                                                                            in Waikato businesses.                        * providing sustainable practice info to
Sustainable Business Network, Waikato                                       * 3 speakers, 15 mins each, followed by       local business & orgs;
                                                                            refreshments & networking opportunities       * investment opportunity for HCC to drive
                                                                                                                          engagement of sustainable activities in
                                                                                                                          the business sector.
                                        Environment Matters radio           * presentation of the weekly radio show  * Enviro groups & individuals can access              $2,000
                                        programme                           'Environment Matters' on Community Radio forum to promote & network to a wide
                                                                            Hamilton.                                audience;
Community Radio Hamilton                                                                                             * Listeners benefit from becoming more
                                                                                                                     aware and potentially changing behaviour;
                                                                                                                     * Radio participants have the opportunity
                                                                                                                     for personal & professional development.
                                        School Landscape Project            * develop the perimeter of the playing fields * increase local bird population & improve       $2,000
                                                                            into 4 native planting areas - dry river,     biodiversity;
                                                                            swamp, bush, coastal.                         * provision of a native planting educational
Peachgrove Intermediate                                                                                                   resource for the school;
                                                                                                                          * increase student understanding of
                                                                                                                          ecology & sustainable living;
                                                                                                                          * increase aesthetics of school grounds.
                                        School Garden Project               * complete existing plantings;                *whole school community increase of              $1,000
                                                                            * restablish under plantings of native        sustainable living;
Rotokauri School                                                            garden;                                       * increase pride;
                                                                            * establish a garden club;                    * less litter in neighbouring properties.
                                                                            * establish worm farms and composting

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                                      Kaumatua Garden Project             * Extension of existing garden project -       * a place for the elderly to learn new skills;   $1,000
                                                                          hydroponics set up & new plantings;            * a place for the elderly to meet;
Frankton/Dinsdale Rauawaawa
                                                                          * field trips;                                 * provision of produce to elderly in need.
Charitable Trust
                                                                          * tutorials.

                                      cloth nappy trial kits              * establish a hire/trial kits for families to * decrease in disposable nappies going to          $250
                                                                          use modern cloth nappies;                     landfill;
                                                                          * Kits available for 6-8wks for $10/wk;       * families hiring the kits will benefit
Hamilton Nappy Hire Kits                                                  * demo talks/meetings with parents about
                                                                          waste reduction & sustainable parenting;
                                                                          * kits have a range of cloth nappy varieties.

                                      Sustainable Garden Enhancement      * Students & property manager design &         students, staff , parents,                       $1,700
                                      Project                             build a chicken tractor & garden shed;         parish/community, future generations,
St Joseph's School                                                        * purchased chicken incubator and raising      * the knowledge learnt & gained will be
                                                                          cage will be used by students to raise their   taken for life.
                                                                          own chickens.

                                      Gully Restoration Project           Phase 1 (of 5 yr project):                  * gully restoration;                                $3,500
                                                                          * removal of exotic trees;                  * increased habitat for native flora &
Marian School                                                             * weed control;                             fauna;
                                                                          * planting of eco-sourced plants.           * outdoor teaching resource for students;
                                                                                                                      * green space for local community.
                                      Gibbon's Creek Gully Restoration    * consultation with local                   * improved Waikato river system & local             $4,000
                                      Project                             residents/owners/iwi;                       ecosystem;
                                                                          *development of action plan for restoration * increase & protected habitat for natural
                                                                          project;                                    flora & fauna;
Waimarie: Hamilton East Community                                         establish & coordinate community project * bringing together groups currently
House                                                                     group;                                      working in isolation on gully;
                                                                          * develop website/database;                 * Benefits - Hamilton community, school
                                                                          * develop educational materials;            groups, members of group, visitors to
                                                                          * facilitate gatherings.                    gully.

                                      Hamilton ecological promotion       * development of educational materials:        *development of high quality, effective          $3,500
                                      display project                     banners, pamphlets, info sheets, display       publicity material about Hamilton's natural
Tui 2000                                                                  photos.                                        heritage & actions.

                                      Jubilee Bush educational resources * development of educational info flyer on      * wider Hamilton community                       $4,800
                                      project                            Jubilee Bush;                                   * increase value of the Bush, leading to
                                                                         * distribution of resource through out          better maintenance;
Environment Centre Hamilton                                              community (schools, events, Uni, etc.)          * schools & Uni benefit from the
                                                                                                                         educational resource perspective of the
                                      Community Group Promotion           * produce 2 coloured newsletters (8pp) in      * environmental groups & wider Hamilton          $4,000
                                      project                             August 07 & Feb 08.                            community.

Environment Centre Hamilton

                                      Canopy Classroom concept            * Commission a quantity surveyors report the resulting canopy classroom will                    $3,985
                                      drawings project                    & concept drawings for a canopy           provide an outdoor teaching space for the
                                                                          classroom;                                community (schools, groups/orgs,
Hamilton Junior Naturalist Club Inc
                                                                          * drawings are to be included in business individuals,etc).
                                                                          proposal to seek funding for development
                                                                          of classroom.
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                              ecosource label promotion (to    * Preparation & delivery of workshops to      members of the public;                     $4,600
                              nurseries) project               nursery staff;                                wider natural ecosystem
                                                               * development of ecosourced promotional
Ecosource Waikato                                              material umbrellas, caps, tshirts, signage)

                              Spring Greening - garden trail   * Run a garden trail under the Spring         The wider Hamilton community –             $1,980
                                                               Greening banner developed in 2006, with       everyone benefits from living in an
                                                               experts at some of the gardens giving         ecologically healthy environment. Flora
                                                               talks, to promote sustainable gardening,      and fauna also benefit with increased
                                                               with an emphasis on new subdivisions.         biodiversity.
Environment Centre Hamilton                                    * We will also be encouraging community
                                                               groups to run their own events during
                                                               November to showcase their groups and
                                                               the work they are doing, such as cleaning
                                                               up gullies.

Total                                                                                                                                                  $50,000

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