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Intimation Letter to Company by Employee by ltb25995


Intimation Letter to Company by Employee document sample

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									                                          Mortgages Salaried
NO                          List of Documents to be collected from customers

      1   Duly filled Application form in capital letters and signed by all applicants

          Photographs of all applicants (attested by individual applicants)
                                           KYC Documents
          Identity and Residence Address proof of all applicants– Copy of Valid Passport / Voter's
      3   ID

          Identity Proof alone:
          PAN card / Ration Card (For Ration card without photo, a separate bank signature
          verification with photograph is essential) / Employer's issued Photo ID + Letter
          Age proof of all applicants -
          Copy of Valid Passport / PAN Card / Birth certificate / School leaving certificate / Voters
      5   ID Card

          Residence proof of all applicants alone–
          Copy of Latest Telephone bill / Latest Electricity bill / Valid Registered Rental Agreement
          / Pan Intimation Letter / Medical Insurance Policy / Latest bank statements received by
          customer by post ( Not of co-operative bank ) / / Ration Card- same condition as Identity
          proof / Credit card statements / Employer's issued Photo ID + Letter
          Signature Verification proof of applicant -
          Copy of Valid Passport / Copy of Pan Card Or Loan Processing Self Cheque only if the
          amount is > INR 10,000/-
          Marriage certificate if Spouse's KYC documents is in maiden name
                                 Salary Slips and Bank Statements
          Latest two months salary slip / salary certificate from employer ( To match with bank
      9   credits) with a not more than 45 day lag- with company Stamp / LOGO
          Last three month bank statements with salary credit ( salary credit to be reflected in the
  10      statement )

          For Pvt. Ltd. Company employee, ITR & form 16 f (latest one Year)

          For Public Ltd. Company employee, either ITR or form 16 (latest one year)
                                           Other Documents

          Vernacular Declaration ( If applicable)
          In cases of Balance transfer List Of Documents and Pre Term Quote
          End Use Letter ( for Refinance (Balance Transfer within 6 months) / Top up / LAP)
          Record of any past loans taken (Repaid - Proof of closure / Ongoing - bank statements
  16      reflecting the same)
          Processing fee cheque favoring 'SCB A/c HL processing fees'
          Appointment letter or Revised Cost To Company , if job-change or increment happened
  18      in last 3 months get appointment letter / Increment / Cost To Company letter

                    All documents to be self attested by Individual applicants

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