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									The table below describes the fields that will appear in the Direct Wine Shipment computer Data File - Part 2.

NYS Liquor Authority Data File Format for Out-of State Direct Wine Shipment - Wine Manufacturer's Rep
Part 2 - Product Info

Data may be submitted to the SLA in either a spreadsheet data format or as a tab-delimited text file.

Please include the following fields for each record:
The following fields are repeated for each Wine product.
Position        Field Name                                           Data Type
Field 1         LICENSE NUMBER                                       Integer (7 digits)
Field 2         INVOICE NUMBER                                       Character (100)
Field 3         PURCHASE DATE                                        Short Date (MM/DD/YYYY)
Field 4         WINE NAME                                            Character (100)
Field 5         TTB ID                                               Character (14)
Field 6         QUANTITY                                             Long Integer
Field 7         VALUE                                                Decimal (6, 2)
Field 8         PURCHASER NAME                                       Character (100)
Field 9         PURCHASER ADDRESS                                    Character (100)
Field 10        PURCHASER CITY                                       Character (100)
Field 11        PURCHASER STATE                                      Character (2)
Field 12        PURCHASER ZIP                                        Character (9)
Field 13        COMMOM CARRIER NAME                                  Character (100)
Field 14        COMMOM CARRIER ADDRESS                               Character (100)
Field 15        COMMOM CARRIER CITY                                  Character (100)
Field 16        COMMOM CARRIER STATE                                 Character (2)
Field 17        COMMOM CARRIER ZIP                                   Character (9)
a File - Part 2.

Wine Shipment - Wine Manufacturer's Report

or as a tab-delimited text file.

                   NYS Winery License Number or Out-of-State Direct Shipper's License Number
                   Invoice Number
                   Date of Invoice
                   Name of the Wine Purchased
                   TTB ID Number of the Wine
                   Quantity (in liters)
                   Price Paid by Purchaser
                   Name of Purchaser
                   Full Mailing Address of Purchaser
                   City of Purchaser
                   State of Purchaser
                   Zip Code of Purchaser
                   Name of New York State Licensed Transporter
                   Address of Transporter
                   City of Transporter
                   State of Transporter
                   Zip Code of Transporter
1000000 123 11/26/2007 Wine Name 10000000000000 5 95.50 Sam Smith My Street Albany NY
1000000 124 11/27/2007 Wine Name 10000000000000 5 95.50 Bill Smith My Street Albany NY
1000000 125 11/28/2007 Wine Name 10000000000000 5 95.50 Tim Smith My Street Albany NY
11111-1111 Carrier Name 1 Union St Albany NY 12222-0111
11111-1112 Carrier Name 2 Union St Albany NY 12222-0112
11111-1113 Carrier Name 3 Union St Albany NY 12222-0113

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