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					Beyond Podcasting: A look at
Educational Uses of iPods at
Penn State Great Valley
            Julie M. Meyer, MSIT
            Barrie E. Litzky, Ph.D.
    Beyond Podcasting: Objectives
•   What is Podcasting?
•   Educational Uses of iPods
•   iPods @ Great Valley
•   Podcasting @ Great Valley
•   Social Entrepreneurship @ Great Valley
•   Subscribing to Podcasts
•   Recording Your Own Podcast
•   Future of Podcasting @ Great Valley
•   Resources
        What Is Podcasting?

• A podcast is a web feed of audio/video
  files available on the Internet.

• Syndicated audio/video files similar to a
  newswire distinguishes it as a podcast.
            Educational Uses of
•   Recording lectures for syndication
•   Distribution of supplemental information
•   Syndication of guest lectures
•   Digital audio books
•   Self-paced distance learning
•   Upload text files, like interview questions
•   Record interviews
•   Upload PowerPoint files that have been saved
    as images
      iTunes University
       iPods @ Great Valley

• Lectures are recorded to iPods.
• The audio files are made available to the
  students through the course management
  system (ANGEL).
• iPod recordings are synchronized to
  PowerPoint presentations which are also
  available through ANGEL.
                                                          Vocal and instrumental
                                                          Practice and critiques
                    Slide presentations          Music
        Photo slide shows
                                                                   Public Speaking

 Vodcasting                                                         ESL and languages
                        Visual sharing
                                                 Audio sharing

  Team work
  Multimedia       activities     Podcasting Production

Public speaking                  Journalism

                                Literature and
                                                                       Lecture recording
  Interviewing skills      Study Skills          Lecture sharing       And note taking
Podcasting @ Penn State Great Valley
• Allows for flexibility.
• Allows students to continue to travel for work
  and still asynchronously participate in lectures.
• Creates a file that can be used in the creation of
  future blended delivered courses.
• The recordings allows faculty to critique their
  own delivery style.
• Students can critique their own presentation
  skills from recordings.
• Recording student team meetings acts as audio
  minutes for team members.

• Reiterates complicated course concepts at
  students own pace.
• No more missed lectures due to traveling,
  illness, or work obligations.
  Social Entrepreneurship
Community Leadership Course
         Partnering the Leaders of Today
          with the Leaders of Tomorrow
Presented by:
Penn State Great Valley in partnership with Conestoga High School, Great
Valley High School, & Malvern Preparatory School.
                 WHAT IT IS?
This Social Entrepreneurship and Community Leadership
  course focuses on using entrepreneurial skills to craft
  innovative responses to social needs. Entrepreneurs are
  particularly good at recognizing opportunities, exploring
  innovative approaches, mobilizing resources, managing
  risks, and building viable enterprises. These skills are
  just as valuable in the social sector as they are in
  business. Despite a sustained economic boom in this
  country, numerous social problems remain, and some
  seem to be getting worse. The course will focus on
  introducing business leadership and entrepreneurship
  principles to the social sector.
                   Class Description
•   Social Entrepreneurship and Community Leadership will provide an opportunity for
    students to explore the concepts of developing businesses which create social value,
    through exploration of the following topics: defining social entrepreneurship, creating
    and sustaining businesses that add value to society, understanding and crafting
    business mission statements, identifying means of funding social enterprises,
    discovering the value of social entrepreneurship to individuals and businesses, and
    learning strategies for the evaluation of business success.

•   This class is held jointly with graduate students from Penn State Great Valley and
    high school juniors/seniors from local schools. Students will work together in teams to
    complete an end-of-term pro-bono consulting project. Each team will work with a
    socially responsible for-profit or a not-for-profit organization. Teams will evaluate the
    organization’s needs based on the material discussed throughout the course and
    design a business plan, strategic plan, funding proposal, or critical assessment of the
    organization. Students will work in a “hands-on” environment, by applying triple
    bottom line concepts in a “real-world” setting.
    Students will develop valuable professional and personal skills as they work in
    mentor/protégé relationships with high school students, fellow graduate students, and
    organizational clients.
      Who Might Be Interested
• The course is an MBA elective, a capstone option for New Ventures
  and Entrepreneurial Studies students, and the capstone course for
  Master of Leadership Development students. Although preference
  will be given to MBA and MLD students, Education, Engineering, as
  well as MSIS students are welcome to enroll. The course is capped
  at 30 graduate students, so enrollment will be on a first-come, first-
  served basis.
  This course will be most useful for students who might, at some
  point, pursue a formal or informal leadership position. Leaders are
  found at both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. While the
  course is designed to encourage students to pursue an
  entrepreneurial dream in the social sector, it is also very helpful to
  students who aspire to, or hold, leadership positions in the fields of
  business, education, law, medicine, or public policy. Understanding
  the dynamics of social entrepreneurship will serve any future leader
           Class Information
• The course will be offered in Fall II, 2006 and will
  meet twice a week for seven weeks, three hours
  each night. This class will be delivered in a
  blended format including scheduled face-to-face
  meetings at Penn State Great Valley, online
  assignment and discussion sessions, and off-
  site at the client organizations. The course will
  have a maximum of 30 graduate students and
  30 high school students.
• Understand the concept and practice of social
  entrepreneurship, as it is an emerging field in the United
• Be more effective in social entrepreneurial pursuits by
  building a practical knowledge of the alternative
  strategies for turning good social ideas into viable
  business options;
• Interact with other students in a better understanding of
  social entrepreneurship, will discover resources for
  funding, explore organizational constraints, build
  business plans, and understand community needs;
• Develop mentor/protégé relationships with local high
  school students and begin meeting the presidential
  challenge of 400 hours of community service.
      Subscribe to a Podcast

• Using iTunes
• Select “Advanced” –
  “Subscribe to Podcast”
• Enter the URL, click “OK”
  (which is usually a *.xml)
       Educational Podcasts
To Name A Few…
• EPN: The Education Podcast Network


• The Podcast Search Engine and Directories List
  of Lists (Scroll down a bit)
Subscribing to a Podcast
Recording Your Own Podcast

  The methods we currently use…

                                                     Griffin iTalk

                 30GB iPod

Fire Wire Dock          Dock Connector

                                                           Belkin Universal
                                                           Microphone Adapter
                              Power      Microphone w/
                             Adaptor     3.5mm mini-plug
  Universal Dock
 Recording a Podcast is Simple
• Attach a recorder to your iPod and click
  “Record” when finished click “Stop and
• Or use Audacity (free cross-platform audio
  Can be used to mix or edit recordings.
 Future of Podcasting @ PSGV

• Create podcast-teasers to introduce various
  programs at Great Valley.
• Create Podcasts of Special Events at Great
  i.e. Management Research Showcase Lecture
• Create asynchronous activities for blended
  delivered courses using pieces of already
  recorded lectures.
• Vodcasting
Resources for educational uses
            More Resources