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					                                                                                                                                 Instruction Sheet
                                                                                                                       Network Load Configuration
Usage:                     This form should be used whenever a Customer needs to request an update related to its Network Load configuration. In cases
                           where a Customer is requesting a new Network Load ID, it is important to remember to terminate any impacted existing Network
                           Load IDs as part of the process.
Submission:                This file should be submitted to ISO New England Customer Services Department: Customers should
                           provide 5 business days before the effective start date to ensure that the request is processed in time.
Confirmation:              The ISO will review and process this request and provide a revised version of this file as a confirmation that the Customer's request
                           has been processed.

                                                              Change Request Form Information
Column                     Field Type      Required? Description
Change Type                Drop-Down       Yes       New - Used when requesting the ISO to create a new Network Load ID
                                                     Revised - Used when requesting the ISO to update information for an existing Network Load ID
                                                     Terminated - Used when requesting the ISO terminate an existing Network Load ID
Local Network              Drop-Down       Yes       The Local Network to which the Network Load is or will be associated.
Network Load ID            Text Field      Yes       The ISO designated Network Load ID.
                                                     Note: For any items with a Change Type of "New" this field should not be entered.
Network Load Name          Text Field      Yes       Descriptive name associated to the Network Load as specified by the Customer.
DUNS #                     Text Field      Yes       DUNS Number of the company. This should be entered as a whole number in the DD-DDD-DDDD format.

DUNS Name                  Text Field      No         A descriptive name relating to the DUNS # for the Customer's reference purposes.
Reliability Region         Drop-Down       Yes        The associated Reliability Region of the Network Load. There can only be one Region specified for a
                                                      Network Load.
Effective Dates - Start Text Field         Yes        Date that the change should take effect. All changes should take effect on monthly boundries.
Effective Dates - End Text Field           No         Only required if the the Network Load is being terminated or revised to be mapped to a new DUNS
                                                      Number. All change should take effect on monthly boundries.
Comments                   Text Field      No         Any additional information about the changes that may be required.

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                                                                                                                                    Change Request Form
                                                                                                                               Network Load Configuration

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  Change       Local                       Network Load          DUNS                        Reliability     Effective Dates
   Type       Network             ID                  Name   #          Name                  Region       Start         End        Comments

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