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This Issue
                      Murco Expands
                                                                       Spring 2010   Issue 43
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                      Scottish Network
    Not Just a
Forecourt Operator

   eMaintenance       Mosshall - one of our 11 stations is Scotland.
Software Introduced
                      In September 2008, we announced the expansion of our company station network and
                      our first move into Scotland with the acquisition of seven filling stations from group dealer
                      Brownwight & Wall.

                      Murco is now building on this Scottish presence by adding a further four company stations in Scotland’s
                      central belt.

                      The new stations, previously owned by Express Service Stations, are located in Cumbernauld and
    Famous Son        Clarkston in Glasgow, while the Brownwight & Wall stations are situated west of Edinburgh in the
                      West Lothian and Falkirk areas.

                      Murco’s Marketing Director, Jeremy Clarke said: “Our original Scottish
                      stations are performing well for us and we expect the new stations, which
                      will all be Murco branded, to perform to the same degree and add to our
                      exposure north of the border.

The Right Pressure    “After a tough 2009, this is a great start for Murco in 2010 and we will continue
                      to look for further network growth opportunities throughout the UK.”

                                                                                                          Jeremy Clarke
eMaintenance Software Introduced
                                                    outside contractors and monitor their               real time, allowing for full visibility of current
                                                    performance, Murco is introducing a new             job statuses across our network.
                                                    eMaintenance software programme to replace
                                                    the current paper based system.                     eMaintenance also includes a flexible and
                                                                                                        intuitive reporting suite to generate
                                                    Developed in conjunction with global IT             appropriate      reports  for     monitoring
                                                    services company, Urgent Technology, the            maintenance operations covering, for
                                                    eMaintenance system is a robust and user-           example, contractor SLA compliance,
                                                    friendly web and auto-phone solution                equipment downtime and site feedback. It
                                                    designed to capture and complete                    provides the link between our site managers,
                                                    maintenance requests.                               contracting     companies   and     Murco’s
                                                                                                        maintenance management team.
                                                    Contract managers will be able to request,
                                                    follow up or cancel maintenance requests            Martin Coutts, Murco’s Manager, Marketing
                                                    using an intuitive web and phone system.            Services, who is heading the introduction of
                                                    Requests are either sent directly to                the new system said: “We have been trialling
Martin Coutts
                                                    the maintenance contractor or where                 the system since the beginning of February and
The maintenance of high standards on                management approval is required via their           the feedback has been very encouraging from
our company owned forecourts to meet                Area Retail Manager. This is configured by the      both our contract managers and the three
our exacting levels of customer service             system’s easy to use administration modules.        contractors – Istobal, Indigo Retail and Jordan
means that when a product malfunction                                                                   Refrigeration – currently using the system.
occurs i.e. pump out of action or car wash          Contractors receive the work instructions via
failure, then prompt repair is essential.           multiple methods including email, SMS or fax.       “We now intend to evaluate the success of the
                                                    When arriving at site, the contractor checks in     trial before rolling out the system to our
To improve our maintenance efficiency and, at       using the eMaintenance automated phone              Company and Dealer network over the
the same time, improve how we manage our            system. This updates the status of the job in       coming months.”

         Famous Son
During 2010 Jack Howieson, the son of Murco’s Admin Services Manager Steve
Howieson, is having his testimonial season at rugby league club Sheffield Eagles to
celebrate his 10 years at the club.

Joining the Eagles in 2001, Jack has made over 200 appearances for the team. He has also held the
position of captain for the past three seasons and has played five international games for Scotland
while at the club.

When asked where his son got his talent from, Steve Howieson said: “I’d like to say it’s in his genes
or I taught him everything he knows but being honest, it’s probably all down to his own natural
ability, hard work and dedication to Sheffield Eagles.”

      Two New ARMs
      Pictured here are our two new Area Retail Managers. Richard Crocker
      is covering the East Midlands area and comes to us after some 15 years
      in food retailing with Sainsbury’s, Somerfield and Marks and Spencer.

      David Burch also joins us with a host of retail experience. David has
      worked for John Menzies, House of Fraser and convenience retailers,
      One Stop and Spar. He will be responsible for a number of company
      stations in an area west of London.                                            Richard Crocker                  David Burch
                       THE RIGHT PRESSURE
 Murco is taking part in a five year Energy Efficiency Agreement with the Department for Transport.

                          All fuel retailers have been invited to participate in this scheme, which is part of the
               much wider ACT ON CO2 initiative that is designed to promote fuel efficiency measures to their customers.

                                 We have chosen to promote the importance of having your tyres at the
                       correct pressure because this results in improved fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions.
                                  Under-inflated tyres create more resistance when your car is moving.

                               Having the correct tyre pressure
                               results in improved fuel efficiency
                               and reduced CO2 emissions.

                                         res ilable
                                    Tyr es ava
                                      ug      re
                                    Ga in-sto

     That means your engine has to work harder, so more fuel is used and more CO2 emissions are produced. Check and adjust your
               tyre pressures regularly and also before long journeys. This will also help to increase the life of your tyres.

                          Under-inflated tyres increase CO2 but over inflated tyres can be unsafe, so check your
        car manual for the correct tyre pressure. Remember, a car with a heavier load may need different air pressure in the tyres.

                            Murco is aware that the way you drive is not only important for you, your families and
others but that it also matters to our environment. All of our forecourts provide air lines and our forecourt shops sell tyre pressure gauges.
                                          So check your tyres once a week or whenever you fill up.

                                 We will be running our ‘The Right Pressure’ campaign
                     featuring posters and a consumer leaflet at all of our company owned stations.
Welcome to RITA
In issue 41 of Network News we ran a story about the impending introduction of
RITA and we are now pleased to report that after an extensive programme of trials
and testing, RITA is now in operation.

Every month on Murco company owned stations the Area Retail Manager carries out either a
Forecourt or Shop ‘Station Review’. The Reviews are important and provide for the constant
assessment of issues such as Health and Safety, standards and presentation, legal compliance,
administration, staff training and business development.

In the past the Reviews were paper based and now R.I.T.A (Retail Issue Tracking Application) as
an intranet based tool, provides an altogether easier and more efficient way for all concerned of
documenting our Review process.

Peter Nottingham, Network Manager, Forecourts, who has been heading the development
comments: “We are hoping to get the same benefits from RITA as we did FSDRA.

                                                                                                     “We are hoping to get
“RITA will provide an automated email alert to managers when a resolution date for any particular
issue is approaching, ensuring that all issues are addressed and signed off in a timely manner.      the same benefits from
                                                                                                     RITA as we did FSDRA.’’
“Finally, I would like to acknowledge the sterling work that Andy Prosser and his IT team have put
into getting this system up and running.”

Shop Development Programme Continues
In 2009 our shop development programme under the guidance of Gary Pearce, our
Network Manager, Shops was carried out at an impressive pace and the positive
effect on our shop sales was immediate.

2010 sees an equally ambitious programme with 47 stores being part of a £1 million programme.
Some 24 refits have already been completed with the balance to be finished by the end of June
this year.

Gary Pearce, Network Manager, Shops said: “The off-licence fixture is becoming increasingly
important in our shop offering. This product category when well presented with attractive
open fronted chill cabinets can contribute some 20% to a site’s total shop sales.

“The consumer is also looking for convenient outlets where he can purchase wines and beers.
This has become much more apparent since First Quench Retailing Ltd, who operated around
1,200 stores as the Threshers, Wine Rack, The Local, Haddows, Bottoms Up and Victoria
Wine brands, went into administration at the end of last year. Our forecourt shops can fill
                                                                                                     “We currently have 199
this gap in the market and satisfy consumer demand.
                                                                                                     operational off licences,
“We currently have 199 operational off licences, 63 of these being 24-hour. We have five licence     63 of these being 24-hour.’’
applications pending and further opportunities across our company owned estate will be taken
when appropriate.”
 Monawar Hussain - Not Just a Forecourt Operator!
                                                                                  The site is staffed by Monawar's two nephews Basat and Taiyub, whose
                                                                                  father was contract manager at Murco station 71 at Cowley in Oxford
                                                                                  during the late 80's, and John Raynal who has been serving the morning
                                                                                  customers for several years.

                                                                                  Turning to his life outside of Murco, Monawar is the Muslim Tutor at
                                                                                  Eton College. He studied theology at the University of Oxford,
                                                                                  majoring in Islam and the West, and trained as an Imam under the
                                                                                  guidance of the late Shaykh Dr. Zaki Badawi KBE at the Muslim
                                                                                  College, London.

                                                                                  He has also established The Oxford Foundation to specifically
                                                                                  develop educational programmes for young people aimed at
                                                                                  deepening religious and cultural understanding, and seeking shared
                                                                                  spaces for conversation for conflict resolution, reconciliation and

With a dealer network comprising around 230 dealers, Murco                        And finally, Monawar has recently been appointed as one of two new
has many interesting customers who not only run successful                        Deputy Lieutenants for Oxford. The Lord Lieutenant represents Her
businesses from their petrol filling stations but also live very                  Majesty the Queen in the county. The role carries with it a number of
remarkable lives outside of Murco.                                                formal tasks, together with a responsibility for encouraging and
                                                                                  supporting all positive contributions to community life in Oxfordshire,
Monawar Hussain first became a Murco dealer back in 1988. In 1991
                                                                                  from whatever sources these may emerge but particularly from
he moved to Esso but in 2006 he was attracted back to Murco, due in
                                                                                  volunteering activity of all kinds. In his role the Lord Lieutenant is
no small part to the excellent work of our Business Development
                                                                                  supported by a group of Deputy Lieutenants appointed because of the
Manager, Malcolm Smith.
                                                                                  contribution they have already made to the life of the county and
                                                                                  because of their potential for contributing even more in the role of
Turnpike Filling station is located in a rural setting just outside the village
                                                                                  Deputy Lieutenant.
of Clifton Hampden which is situated on the River Thames about five
miles east of Abingdon on the A415 with a fuel volume of around 1.3
million litres per annum.                                                         Network News and all at Murco congratulate Monawar on his sterling
                                                                                  work in the community and wish him continued success in the future.
Not only does the petrol station and shop serve passing traffic it draws
customers from surrounding villages and from the nearby Government                Network News would like to thank the independent forecourt retailer
scientific research centre at Culham.                                             magazine Garage Watch for their support with this article.
              DEALER                                                       U P D AT E

                         Some of the recent additions to our dealer network are listed here.
                      We welcome them to our network and wish them every success with Murco.
                           Mr T Gnanalingam of Links Service Station in Coventry joins us from Texaco.

                                         New Road Service Station Ltd in Codford, Wiltshire.
                             Arden Collection Services Ltd in Ilfracombe, Devon joins us from Power.
                           Jacksons of Henley Ltd in Henley in Arden, Warwickshire joins us from Gulf.

Improving Our Grades
With an increasing consumer demand for diesel fuels together with our desire to
make a motorist’s visit to our stations as convenient as possible, Murco is embarking
on a station re-pumping programme at the beginning of August.
Around £1million will be spent this year at 34 of our company owned sites, increasing the number
of diesel nozzles on our forecourts and ensuring that all fuel grades are available on all islands.

The programme is expected to continue in 2011 and Network News will keep you informed
of all developments.

Murco Introduces
Murco is introducing ‘fresh ground coffee to go’ at 130 of its company owned stations.
An agreement has been signed with specialist coffee-to-go supplier Simply Coffee and 110
shop installations have already been made, using either counter top or self-standing units.

This is the first time Murco has offered fresh ground coffee to go and Tony Walker, Murco’s General
Manager, Non Fuel said: “Murco is committed to the best possible customer experience. We continue
to invest in improving our shop offering and see this partnership with Simply Coffee as adding significant
value. Research shows that quality espresso based products are a true destination driver.”

He continued: “Simply Coffee demonstrated a real understanding of our requirements to provide
a premium choice for customers. They provide ultra modern units, great product quality and value
and an in-house support team.

“Customers to our other forecourts will still be able to purchase hot beverages for their journeys but
these will be instant and not ‘bean to cup’.”

                                   Murco Petroleum Limited, 4 Beaconsfield Road,
                                        St. Albans, Hertfordshire AL1 3RH.

                                       Tel: 01727 892400 Fax: 01727 892544
                                            Murco Hotline: 0800 389 1924

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