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									                               TALENT IN TRANSITION – NOVEMBER 2008
                               The persons listed here are members of the Career Transition Group sponsored by Needle's Eye Ministries.
                               This group offers spiritual encouragement, networking, prayer and Bible study for men and women who are
                               unemployed, under-employed or considering a career change. There are no fees charged for any of our
                               applicants, and we suggest you contact these professionals directly regarding any employment leads or

CONTACT INFORMATION                 SKILLS                                 EXPERIENCE / PERSONAL STATEMENT
Nancy Allen                              Highly Creative                   Objective: To bring 20+ years of creativity, leadership,
Education/Arts                           Great Communicator                communication and teaching skills to businesses, for
804.330.9637; 804.921.6187               Teacher                           improvement in problem solving and generating successful                      Problem Solver                    ideas.

Fadl Awad                                INFORMATION PENDING
Religious Services
Dean Barnett                             Customer Service                  Seeking a responsible consulting, customer service or risk
Financial/Insurance                      Consulting                        management position with advancement potential, utilizing my 30
804.7940.2553                            Account management                years of professional experience, management and technical                                                         skills.
Christopher Blyseth                      Project Management                I have 18years of professional IT experience with success
Information Technology                   Systems analysis                  leading teams in systems development and improvement of IT
804.639.7458; 804.519.0025               Process Improvement               and business processes.                Team Management
                                         Software Development
Michael F. Boyle                         Recruiting                        Twenty years of HR, primarily in generalist roles, plus MBA and
Human Resources                          E/R                               PHR.
804.754.0077; 804.248.0607
A. Sidney Buford                            Planning and organization      Over 25 years experience in engineering and construction.
Engineering/Business Devel.                 Business building              Worked as an engineer, administrative and project manager, and
804. 513.2873                               Personnel Mgmt and training    in business development. Managed professional, technical and                            Problem solving                administrative staff including training staff. Opened a branch
                                                                            office for an engineering company and started a spin-off
                                                                            operation for another company.
David Buss                               Project Management                An energetic, knowledgeable and motivated professional with 7
Sales/Professional                       Industrial Sales                  years of comprehensive communications experience, including
804.245.9455                             Marketing                         industrial roles, non-profit fundraising and project management.
William L. Davis III                     Microsoft Office                  I have experience as a computer Lab assistant (ECPI), desktop
Information Technology                   Windows XP                        support internship (Colonial Webb) and network support
804.467.5915; 804.549.9849               Nt certified                      technician. My objective is to obtain a position as an IT specialist.             Desktop support
                                         Customer Service
Cathy Erickson                           Business Development              Financial industry professional with 20 years experience in sales,
Business Mgmt./Development               Public/Community Relations        marketing, community relations, relationship management and
804.291.7053; 804.308.3453               Marketing                         media relations. Strong leadership, interpersonal and writing              Written Communications            skills. Independent worker and collaborative team player whose
                                         Customer Service                  achievements reflect consistent success in meeting goals
                                                                            through tactical planning and by building strategic alliances.
James Fox                             PLEASE CHECK BACK ON                 PLEASE CHECK BACK ON WEDNESDAY, NOV. 26, FOR
Sales Professional                    WEDNESDAY FOR MORE DETAILS            MORE DETAILS
804.569.1775; 804.836.3772
Robert G. Garrett III                    New business initiatives          Senior business leader with proven track records of success with
Business Mgmt/Development                Project management                developing and implementing initiatives and new processes.
804.519.2544; 804.360.7901               Business & tech integration       Highly collaborative leader accustomed to working in fast-paced                         Retail operations                 environments and interacting effectively with business leaders.
                                         Process improvement
John B. Gayle                            Team Building                     Manager of Corporate WAN and data center for a fortune 500
Information Technology                   Management                        company. Strong management and team building skills. I am
804.784.8806; 804.301.9577               Problem Solving                   adaptable to managing new and different situations.                    Negotiating
Duston Grefe                             Contract Administrator            I am multi-disciplined in commercial, government and residential
Construction Mgmt./Civil                 Consistent Quality Results        construction management. I have been a Class A commercial
engineering                              Scheduling/Estimating             and residential contractor since 1979.
804.873.6055; 804.784.6055               Problem Solver                     MS Office/MS Projects
Sandra L. Hall                           Human Resources                   Professional HR manager with 20+ years of diverse background
Human Resources Mgr./Human               Recruitment                       in area of human resources and HR management.
Resources                                Employer Relations
804.285.1970/804.339.3656                Labor Relations
Douglas J. Hanson                        Leadership                        Proven leader with 20 years of planning and management
Executive Leadership/Mgmt.               Change Management                 experience. Led organizations ranging from 6 to 150 people.
804.282.4752; 804.310.7958               Strategy Development              Proven record of building successful teams and elevating                   Analysis/Problem Solving          organizations to higher levels of performance.
                                         Relationship Building
James O. Hillsman                        Results Driven Leader             Established reputation for managing efficient sales operations
Marketing/PR, Sales                      Lead National/Regional Sales      and integrating organization restructures while maximizing
Professional                              Teams                             profitability and increasing market presence.
804.874.4544; 804.754.0838               Extensive Sales Training                        Enjoy Coaching and Growing
                                          Sales Team
Calvin Hiscock                      Design                          I have 10 years experience in the design and creative industry
Graphics/Visual Art                 Advertising                     working for leading brands and businesses. I’d be open to an
804.928.4402                        Marketing                       alternative job that utilizes my skills and experiences.             Project Management
                                    Consulting
George T. Jamerson                  Business Management skills      I am a self-employed business broker and have skills in business
Business Mgt./Development           Communication skills            services and manufacturing. I am eager to work and am willing to
804.673.2990; 804.347.4583          Years of experience             work all hours.              Highly motivated
Robert C. King, Jr.                 Administration                  Former VP of local automotive company seeking manufacturing
Business Mgmt./Development          Sales Manager                   representative, sales management or customer service
804.360.2544; 804.337.6710          Customer Service                administrator position.
Robert S. Lawrence                  Fundraising                     Results-focused development director with experience in direct
Marketing/Development/Sales         Sales                           services, building a cohesive development structure and
804.794.9402; 804.339-6571          Direct Mail                     achieving non-profit goals and objectives.                Communications
                                    Event Management
Jon Leuth                           Leadership                      Executive with over 28 years of manufacturing experience. Track
Business Mgmt./Development          Communication                   record of measurable, continuous improvement.
804.744.3359                        Motivation                  Development of Staff
Jason Linas                         Web Design                      Experience in branding and web design, working with non-profits
Graphics/Visual Art                 Strategy                        to large organizations. Promoter of strategic teamwork and
804.273.0523; 804.878-4991          Consulting                      creativity among fellow creatives. Experience with overseeing              Branding                        and nurturing brands from the birthing/infancy years.

Dan Long                            Debt Financing                  Proactive, solutions-oriented finance executive with 20+ years
Finance                             Investor Relations              experience successfully leading teams to achieve corporate
804.739.4412; 380-1441              Product Development             earnings and capital management objectives.                 Profit Growth
                                    Financial Reporting
Barry Maroney                       Management                      Seeking a versatile management opportunity with room for
Business Mgmt                       Operations                      advancement within a company that rewards hard work,
804-559-3545                        Logistics                       dedication and consistent over-achievement.

James S. McDermott                  Team Leader/Builder             More than 20 years experience in transportation and logistics
Business Mgmt/Development           Experienced Manager             industry. Proven leader with team building ability. Adept at
804.273.9362; 804.380.5645          Strong Analytical Skills        identifying problems and developing action plans to correct                                            deficiencies.

Andrew Moser                        Financial Analysis              I have 7 years' experience in Business & Financial Analysis and
Financial Analyst                   Business Analysis               Reporting, with a record of improving a company's
804.447.0690; 804.245.7512          Management Accounting           decisionmaking through analysis of financial and operating                 Financial Reporting             performance information. I enable management and operations
                                                                     to maximize asset performance and production and minimize
                                                                     risks to profitability. In addition, I have 6 years' experience in
                                                                     Financial Accounting. I am seeking either a private sector
Mesha Mott                          Strategy                        Extensive experience in HR in the areas of training, talent
Human Resources                     Communications                  acquisition, compensation planning, performance management,
804.464.2556; 301-787-9000          Problem resolution              talent management, employee relations, communications,                 Project management              workforce performance, employee workplace assessment,
                                    Relationship building           diversity and inclusion and general client service consultation.

Dwight Nicholas                     Data Warehouse                  PLEASE CHECK BACK ON WEDNESDAY, NOV. 26, FOR
Information Technology              Project Management              MORE DETAILS
804.382.3282                        Metadata               Data Analysis
Walter Lee Owens                    Operational problem solving     Over 20 years creating the big picture then handling the details
Leadership/Management               Writing/editing                 required to achieve it. Strengths include strategic thinking,
804.739.1923; 804.833.1563          Troubleshooting                 ideation, adaptability, good relationship skills and responsibility.
Ron Pierce                          Data Analysis                   Data-driven engineer and problem solver. I have excelled in
Engineering                         Troubleshooting                 quality assurance, process development, process sustaining, and
804.313.7346                        Research                        in analyst and software testing roles. I thrive on steep learning         Data Mining                     curves and technical complexity.
                                    Teaching/Training
Marshall Pinkard                  Good communicator                 I have more than 30 years experience in hospitality (contract
Sales Professional                Self-motivated                    furniture sales). My objective is to obtain a territorial sales
804.355.1717; 434.665.6858        Excellent people skills           management position which offers excellent financial potential                  Aggressive salesman               within an aggressive, growth-oriented company.
                                  Relationship development and
W. Spencer Porter                   Electrical Engineering          Seeking entry level position as engineer or sales engineer field
Engineering/Sales Professional      Engineering Sales               service electrical engineer, training or technical sales.
804.935.3069; 804.503.2516          Management                    Electrical Engineer Trainer

Dora Reid                           Litigation                      I’m a member with good standing of the Missouri Bar Assn and
Law                                 Mediation                       plan to sit for the Virginia Bar. I have 18 years as a civil defense
913.206.4815                        Problem solver                  attorney. Major areas of practice: medical malpractice, worker’s                 Research and Writing Teaching   comp, personal injury and healthcare. Received JD & MBA.
                                                                     Previous RN and nurse practitioner. Excellent analytical skills
                                                                     and up-to-date with e-skills—great document reviewer.
Karen Rhodes                        Writing                         I need to be involved in creative endeavors: planning, writing,
Communications                      Public Speaking                 speaking, entertainment and leadership positions.
804.747.1054                         Leadership             Event Planning
                                     Counseling
Sherri Riddle                        Operations Management              Experienced MBA/CPA with 20+ years of successful leadership
Operations Mgmt./Leadership          Strategic Planning                 and business experience seeking operations management or
Development                          Leadership Development             leadership development position.
804.818.3172; 704.451.0359           Change Management                     Organizational Development
Pamela J. Roak                       Administration experience          I am an energetic and versatile professional looking for a
Executive Assistant                  Customer oriented                  challenging high level executive assistant or office manager
804.796.6908                         Proficient Microsoft Office exp.   position.                Organized
Dian Robinson                        Administration                     Administration of properties, staff management and maintaining
Sales Professional                   Management                         records to contribute to the success of an organization using my
804.288.2974; 804.517.8315           Sales                              administrative and managerial skills.
Mark Rynearson                       Six Sigma                          25 years of manufacturing in creating world class operations
Manufacturing                        Lean                               through world class people.
804.739-0520; 804.301.0502           Mentoring        
Leonard H. Sahr                      Market Research                    PLEASE CHECK BACK ON WEDNESDAY, NOV. 26, FOR
Marketing/Public Relations                                               MORE DETAILS
804.360-0252; 518.320.0937
Bruce Schneider                      Branding Development               Proven marketing leader leveraging creative strategy to drive
Graphics/Visual Arts                 Strategic Marketing                creative direction. Lead teams and manage vendors. I am the
770.823.3012                         Fortune 500 Experience             person where the strategic and tactical meet.                Team Development
                                     Creative
Phillip L. Sisk                      Excellent Oral/Written             Over twenty years in training and operations, leadership
Human Resources/Training              Communications                     development, and coaching in the military and civilian sectors, to
804.382.2889; 804.447.0175           Corporate Coach Certified          include the computer and insurance industries. Specific                       Managing/Developing                expertise in the development of first-and second-line
                                      Subordinates & Detail Oriented     management and the development of training programs for newly
                                                                         assigned personnel.
Arthur J. Smith                      Technical Manager                  Highly motivated, experienced IT professional seeking middle
Information Technology               Voice Response Supervisor          management role in an active technical area. 12 years
804.266.8939; 804.475.7978           Infrastructure Supervisor          experience with Fortune 500 companies coupled with 10 years           IVR/VRU Specialist                 supervisory responsibilities supporting mission-critical credit card
                                                                         voice automated solutions.
Charles R. Smith                     Controller/Accounting Manager      CMA/MBA with experience in both corporate and operational
Accounting/Finance                   SEC Reporting                      environments available for contract/consulting or full-time
804.397.9397; 804.559.3080           Financial Reporting/Analysis       positions. Experience includes acquisitions/divestitures, initial                   Sarbanes-Oxley & Accounting        public offering, improvements in reporting & closing procedures.

James Stewart                        Management                         PLEASE CHECK BACK ON WEDNESDAY, NOV. 26, FOR
Information Technology               IT software & development          MORE DETAILS
804.559.5629; 804.339.3805
Robert H. Taylor                     People skills                      Thirty years experience in the paper and packaging business
Sales Professional                   Self-motivator                     with the same company. Excellent people skills that have kept
804.784.4565; 804.338.1640           Planning                           multi-national corporations loyal customers for decades.
Patricia Tudor                       Quality                            Marketing and quality management professional with extensive
Financial/Insurance                  Project Management                 financial industry experience. Strengths in project and
804.357.5490; 804.288.1060           Marketing                          relationship management, problem resolution, process                       Relationship Management            improvement, communications and training. Certified Quality
                                     Problem Resolution                 Manager and Six Sigma Green Belt.

Tonya Venuti                       Marketing and advertising strategy   I desire to utilize my successful marketing management
Communications/Marketing/          Leading cross-functional project     background to lead teams and drive results in a corporate or
International Development          teams                                 non-profit organization. Proven record of leadership,
804.897.0004; 804.214.1852         Account/Relationship Management      management and passion for my work.           Public Relations
John Walker                          Project Administration             Looking for an opportunity to bring strong value to an employer
Business Administration              Customer service                   from a financial and personal perspective.
804.639.0369; 804.245.1372           Strong interpersonal skills                   Analytical
                                     Results-oriented
John White                           Treasury Function                  Corporate Controller with over 18 years experience in Finance &
Finance                              Cash Flow Management               Accounting. Objective to obtain a Management role with a
804.836.2934                         Audit Facilitation                 company utilizing my experience, and also to develop my          Consulting                         consulting business through partnering with small businesses in
                                     Team Building                      need of my skills.

John Williams, Capt./USN (Ret.)      Strategic Vision                   Operations executive with documented success in international
Executive Management Team            Project Direction                  and corporate arenas managing technologies, manufacturing,
804.307.3429                         Comprehensive Problem Solving      distribution, and administration. Experienced in start-up, turn-                    Servant Leadership                 around, and growth scenarios.

Tom Williams                       Environmental Telemetry              After 19 years in academic Informational Technology (from
Information Technology             Data acquisition, Telecommun.        programmer through director positions), then 7 years as a
804.217.8215; 804.241.0598         Wireless Networking                  wireless networking consultant, I prefer a “regular” job. A network              Ntwk Troubleshooting/                job would be ideal.

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