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									       A Hotlist on Technology
                Internet Hotlist on Technology Integration

                             Created by Ben Hensley

         Introduction | WebQuest | Resources | Searching | References

To learn more about Technology Integration, why not use the power of the
Internet? The links below will help you started.

The Internet Resources


      Technology WebQuest - WebQuests will allow students (and anyone
       interested in investigating the benefits, requirements, and how-to's of
       technology integration) a chance to explore such issues as cost, equity,
       effectiveness and teacher training.
      Best Web Quests - Look to this site to find a matrix of the best WebQuests
       arranged by content area and learners' age. You'll be able to read tips on
       what makes a great WebQuest, submit yours for consideration, and get
       tips on WebQuest design.
      Technology WebQuest - As a beginning teacher, do you feel prepared to
       integrate technology into the classroom? Are you overwhelmed by the
       prospect of using technology with your students? This WebQuest presents
       an opportunity for beginning teachers to design a technology integrated
       lesson. Now is the time to create a project that encourages critical thinking
       skills using technology based student-centered activities.

     The Globe Program - This program invites the child to do research in an
      orderly fashion. It allows the child to look up information with the easy of
      clicking a button. It gives Students use different maps to look at so the
      student can visualize the many different places that are being explored.
     iLEARN Projects - This site is wonderful because it helps students to
      understand how to do projects on the computer. It is easy access. The
      network is available to all teachers and students at school. This site
      includes several other pieces of material like magazines and workshops
      for students.
     Technology Integration Planning Steps - This site is gives a full definition
      of technology integration. It talks about the goals and tasks related with
      wanting to accomplish technology integration.
     Technology Integration For Special Needs Students - This website gives
      helpful information about internet use in K-9 Schools and people with
      special needs. The site includes student start pages and tips for teachers.
      It also has a 'make it yourself' workshop handouts that use the internet.
     Tools for the TEKS- Integrating Technology in the Classroom - Website
      includes articles about technology integration. It also has examples of
      technology workshops.
     Techology in the Classroom - Includes articles on many applications
      including; Distance Learning, the internet, webquests, and much more.
      There are also sample lesson plans using technology. You will also find;
      subject resources, a reference center, and featured programs.
     4Teachers - Works to help you integrate technology into your classroom
      by offering FREE online tools and resources. This site helps teachers
      locate and create ready-to-use Web lessons, quizzes, rubrics and
      classroom calendars. There are also tools for student use. Discover
      valuable professional development resources addressing issues such as
      equity, ELL, technology planning, and at-risk or special-needs students.
     Integration Technology Tutorials - Website provides several tools for
      integrating technology. Locate; downloadable powerpoint presentations,
      interactive flashcards, virtual fieldtrips, etc. There are also research
      findings and teacher resources for elementary grades.
     NCLB Technology Integration - This website is a brochure on the No Child
      Left Behind Act of 2001. The brochure highlights the 'significant
      technology elements' of the No Child Left Behind Act. The brochure
      includes the goals that the No Child Left Behind Act has for enhancing
      education through technology, three key concepts of how No Child Left
      Behind will help integrate technology into the classroom, and answers to
      key questions that you may have.
     Integration of Technology Education into Elementary Schools - This
      research paper discusses the importance of technology integration.
     San Simon School: Technology Integration for Education - Provides useful
      information to integrate technology into your classroom, including various
      web sites with a lot of information. A link to great lesson plans is provided,
      as well as, software tutorials for beginners. Also, technology standards are
      provided to keep you on the right path.
     Technology in Education at AEL: 170 Ideas and Resources for Teachers -
      Includes 170 different sites of different ways of including technology,
      whether it be sending electronic 'thank you' notes to creating an Internet
      scavenger hunt. This sites lists many new, creative ideas and is very
      helpful in keeping the classroom exciting.
     Mountain Brook City Schools: Technology Integration - Shows why this
      school is number one in the state. It includes ways to integrate according
      to both subject and grade level. It also includes prep sites and a teacher
      Technology Integration Evaluation rubric to evaluate how well a teacher is
     Tools for the TEKS: Integrating Technology in the Classroom - This site
      shows how to present video to online courseware options to downloading
      Internet files. It has a very broad area of information. It also includes
      school management options and the Technology exchange for FAQs.
     Issues and Strategies in Technology Integration - This site gives a link and
      a brief description of many different sites to achieve technology integration.
      You can 'Ask Gregg' about curriculum and technology integration
      questions via e-mail with quick responses or look at 'Five Categories for
      Computer Use' for ideas for large and small groups, as a lecture tool, as a
      learning center, and as your personal secretary.
     Prince William County Public Schools - Tech Integration - A nice collection
      of resources & tools for technology integration.
     Technology Integration - This site has ways for a teacher to integrate
      technology at every level of a high school education. It even covers how to
      use technology in a special needs classroom. Provides tips on how to get
      technology going in a classroom.
     Methods and Means - Here you can find methods of how technology can
      be put in a classroom. It informs you on tools you can use to help the


     Knowledge Network Explorer Search Page - Your one-stop shop for
      searching all of our web pages including general pages, online curriculum,
      Filamentality sites, and Blue Web'n.
     Blue Web'n - - Blue Web'n is an online library of 1800 + outstanding
      Internet sites categorized by subject, grade level, and format (tools,
      references, lessons, hotlists, resources, tutorials, activities, projects). You
      can search by grade level (Refined Search), broad subject area (Content
      Areas), or specific sub-categories (Subject Area). Each week 5 new sites
      are added.

     Eduopia - From the George Lucas Educational Foundation - great
      collection of resources.

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