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Wealth Management in India

Description:    This Prefeasibility Report is a must read for those interested in setting up a project or having
                interest in the given sector. It provides the requisite inputs for setting up a specific project. These
                inputs range from broad market aspects to details like funding of the project, selection of location,
                plant and machinery plan etc. The report comes with a soft copy of a financial model. To check the
                viability of his/her project, the buyer can customise this model according to the specific

                This report titled ‘Wealth Management in India’ covers the recent trends in the industry, global
                market and its trend, estimates of the future market, growth drivers, critical success factors, issues
                and challenges, regulatory environment, and profiles of major players and their products offerings.
                The report will be useful for industry research analysts, banks and other non-banking financial
                companies, and wealth management service companies.

                Wealth management is classified as a type of financial planning tool that provides corporates and
                their families with private banking, asset management, legal resources, real estate planning,
                investment management and portfolio management with the goal of sustaining and growing long-
                term wealth. Wealth management service providers have segmented the Indian market into four
                categories: the mass market (investible surplus USD5,000 to 25,000); the mass affluent
                (USD25,000 to 1 million); the high-net-worth (USD1 million to 30 million) and the ultra-high net
                worth (greater than USD30 million).

                Key Findings & highlights

                - During the second half of 2007, there was a contrasting difference between the matured and
                emerging economies where emerging market captured the major portion of wealth management.
                - In 2007, the global economy grew by 5.1%, down slightly from the 5.3% global growth in 2006.
                - The United States had one of the world’s lowest savings rates in 2007
                - The population of HNWIs reached 10.1 trillion in 2007
                - The Indian market has outperformed global markets significantly and formed new highs coincided
                with a continuous increase in derivatives position which peaked at over Rs1 trillion.

                Reasons to Buy

                -   Spot Investment opportunities
                -   Reveals the factors that hamper growth of Wealth Management Industry in India
                -   Get a thorough understanding about the industry and prevent further losses
                -   Know the corrective measures for sustainable growth in the industry

Contents:       EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 6
                HIGHLIGHTS 8

                1.1. Introduction 10
                1.2 Wealth Management Services 12
                1.2.1 Portfolio Management and Portfolio Rebalancing 12
                1.2.2 Investment Management 15
                1.2.3 Trust and Estate Management 16
                1.2.4 Private Banking and Financing 16
                1.2.5 Tax Advice 18 1.3 Wealth Management Products 18
                1.3.1 Stocks and Stocks Trading 19
                1.3.2 Equity Linked Investments 20
                1.3.3 Structured Savings Products 20
                1.3.4 Structured Investment Products and Derivatives 20
                1.3.5 Foreign Exchange 22
1.3.6 Mutual Funds 23
1.3.7 Alternative Investments like private equity, arts, and precious metals 24
1.4 Market 27
1.4.1 Economic Overview 27 Recent Economic Trends 28
1.4.2 Market Size & Growth 31
1.4.3 Regional Distribution 32
1.4.4 Asset Allocation 33 & Fixed Income 34 IPOs 34 Real Estate 35 Alternative Investments 36
1.5 Outlook 41

2.1 Introduction 42
2.2 Market Segment 43
2.2.1 Economic Overview 43
2.2.2 Wealth Management Matrix 44
2.3 Market Size and Growth 46
2.3.1. IPO 48
2.3.2 Mutual Funds 48
2.3.3 Real Estate 48
2.3.4 NRI Wealth 49
2.3.5 Art Funds 50
2.4 Trends 50
2.5 Regulations 52
2.5.1 Regulations of Mutual Funds 53
2.5.2 SEBI (Foreign Institutional Investors) Amendment Regulations, 2008 54
2.5.3 Regulatory Watch 57
2.6 Outlook 58

3. 1. Axis Bank 59
3.2. Citi Bank 63
3. 3. Housing Development Finance Corporation Bank (HDFC) 66
3.4. Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Bank (ICICI) 68
3.5. Kotak Mahindra Bank 71
3.6. State Bank of India 74
3.7. Union Bank of Switzerland 77
3.8 Other Non Banking Financial Corporations (NBFCs) in India 80
3.8.1 Religare 80
3.8.2 Future Capital Holdings (FCH) 81
3.8.3 Reliance Money 82

4.1. Economic Growth Story- India 83
4.2 Creation Neo Rich Class 84
4.3 Indians among World Richest List 85
4.4 Emerging markets 85
4.5Changing Era of Public Saving 86
4.6 Shifting from high-net worth to mass market 86
4.7 Emerging Wealth Management Service Companies 87

5.1 Regulatory Issues 88
5.2. Market Volatility 88
5.3. Lack of Professional Services 89
5.4 Perception of Indian Customers 90

            List of Figures
            1.1 Private Banking and Financing
            1.2: Real GDP growth In Selected Economies
            1.3: Global HNWI Wealth
            1.4: Geographic Population of HNWIs, 2007
            1.5: Geographic Population of Ultra HNWIs, 2007
            1.6: Regional Distribution of Financial Assets
            1.7: Global Financial Asset Allocation
            1.8: Global HNWIs’ Passion Investments, 2007
            2.1: Real GDP Growth in select countries
            2.2: Wealth Management Matrix
            2.3: HNWIs Growth in select countries, 2007
            6.1: Global HNWI Financial Wealth outlook 2007-2011
            6.2: Indian Wealth Market Outlook 2007-2011

            List of Tables
            2.1: Market Capitalization of Stock Exchanges, 2007
            2.2: HNWIs segment in India

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