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The City University                 MFA
                                      in Creative Writing is the rst low-residency MFA
programme to be established in Asia, and the only one in the world with a focus on
writing of Asia. Its mission is to provide the best education possible for aspiring
creative writers and teachers of creative writing, with a special focus on Asian writing
in English as well as literature in English concerned with Asian themes.

                                                                                        2010 cohort
The MFA at City University of Hong Kong
This two-year MFA degree is designed to improve and develop practising writers, and is taught by established and well-published
authors who have both Asian and international backgrounds and expertise. The MFA is a professional quali cation that prepares
graduates to work in a range of elds where good writing is required, including in cultural and arts administration, the creative
industries, editing, and publishing. It is also a widely-acknowledged quali cation for teaching creative writing at schools and
universities. The low-residency MFA model o ered by City University is designed for intensive and highly e ective one-on-one
distance mentoring, supplemented by short and intensive residencies.

International faculty
Our international faculty members are established and well-published writers who all have signi cant connections to Asia. They
are also highly quali ed as teachers of creative writing, and all have an MFA or the equivalent degree from leading centres for
creative writing. You can follow our website links to individual pages for each faculty member to see their backgrounds, their
teaching philosophy, and samples of their work. We encourage applicants to learn as much as they can about our faculty. All
students in this programme will have the opportunity to work with four di erent faculty mentors on a one-on-one basis, as well as
to interact with other faculty members through workshops, classes, readings, lectures and informal exchanges during residencies.
Writer-in-Residence                                Visiting writer                                     Academic faculty

Xu Xi (Creative non-   ction/Fiction)              Justin Hill (Creative non-   ction/Fiction)         Rodney Jones
Xu Xi is a celebrated Hong Kong novelist and       Justin Hill is a Hong Kong-based, award-            Rodney Jones holds an MFA in Creative
writer who has published eight books of            winning British writer with several books, three    Writing from the University of Arkansas and a
 ction and essays. Her MFA is from the             of which are set in China. His MA in creative       PhD in Linguistics.
University of Massachusetts at Amherst.            writing is from the University of Lancaster.
International writing faculty

Marilyn Chin (Fiction/Poetry)                      Robin Hemley (Creative non-       ction/Fiction)    Luis Francia (Creative non-    ction/Poetry)
Marilyn Chin is a prominent Chinese-American       Robin Hemley is the Director of the Non ction       Luis Francia is a prize-winning Filipino writer
poet, whose books are considered Asian-            Programme at the University of Iowa, where he       with a literary reputation in both his native
American classics. Her MFA is from the             gained his MFA from the renowned Writers’           Philippines and in the U.S. He lives in New York
University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop.              Workshop.                                           City, and teaches at New York University and
                                                                                                       Hunter College.

Tina Chang (Poetry)                                Madeleine Thien (Fiction)                           Ravi Shankar (Creative non-      ction/Poetry)
Tina Chang teaches poetry at Sarah Lawrence        Based in Montreal, Canada, Madeleine Thien has      Ravi Shankar is a founding Editor of the
College and Hunter College, and is the current     a Malaysian background, and is the author of        renowned literary journal Drunken Boat, and is
Brooklyn Poet Laureate. Her MFA is from            two critically acclaimed books and winner of the    currently Associate Professor at Central
Columbia University.                               Amazon/Books in Canada First Novel Award. Her       Connecticut State University. His MFA is from
                                                   MFA is from the University of British Columbia.     Columbia University.

Sharmistha Mohanty                                 James Scudamore (Fiction)                           Jess Row (Fiction)
(Fiction/Creative non- ction)                      James Scudamore is an award-winning British         Jess Row was recently named by Granta as
Based in Mumbai, India, Sharmistha Mohanty         novelist raised in Japan, Brazil, Ecuador and the   one of the best young US writers. His critically
is founder of the Almost Island literary journal   UK, who is currently based in London. A             acclaimed story collection is set in Hong Kong
and the annual international writers dialogue      graduate of Oxford, his MA in Creative Writing is   where he was a Yale-in-China scholar. His MFA
series held in New Delhi. Her MFA is from the      from the University of East Anglia.                 is from the University of Michigan.
University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop.
International visiting writers                                                                                       Programme structure
The Department of English regularly invites internationally known writers to visit                                   This is a 45-credit post-graduate degree
as part of our Pulitzer Speaker series as well as to our department and programme.                                   programme delivered through a
The visiting writers generally give public readings or talks. The writers also                                       combination of on-site and distance
conduct exclusive sessions for our MFA students.                                                                     modes. To graduate, a student must
                                                                                                                     attend a week-long summer residency
                                                                                                                     and three mini-residencies held in the
                                                                                                                     fall and the spring of each year. The core
                                                                                                                     of the programme, however, is four
                                                                                                                     semesters of coursework in creative
                                                                                                                     writing (under the guidance of
                                                                              Junot Díaz                             established writers), which include a
                   Timothy Mo                                                 Spring 2010
                   Summer 2010                                                Pulitzer series                        critical thesis in the third semester and a
                                                                                                                     creative thesis in the nal semester.
                                                                                                                     These requirements are normally ful lled
                                                                                                                     within two years, and must be ful lled
                                                                                                                     within a maximum of four years.
                                                                                                                     Residencies are tightly scheduled and
                                                                                                                     very intensive. Students must commit to
                                                                              Robert Olen Butler                     attending all required classes and events.
                   Fae Myenne Ng                                              Spring 2011
                   Fall 2010                                                  Pulitzer series

Curriculum                                        Scholarships                                                       How to apply
In order to ensure the quality of the             The Department of English will award                               The programme will accept applications
programme, only a limited number of               a one-year full tuition scholarship to a                           once a year, and the application
students will be accepted each year,              2011 candidate for the MFA. The                                    deadline is March 31 of each year for
and candidates for the programme are              winner will be the applicant who                                   entry into the summer residency of the
required to have a documented ability             submits the sample of creative                                     same year. The main criterion for
in creative writing. The CityU MFA is an          writing that demonstrates the                                      admission is the quality of creative
intensive and rigorous programme to               greatest potential for success as a                                work, and applicants are advised to
develop writers with an interest in such          professional literary author.                                      send their best work for consideration.
genres of writing as creative                     Applicants in any genre are eligible,                              Candidates are admitted to specialise in
non- ction, ction, and poetry.                    as long as they meet the acceptance                                one of three genres: creative non-
The MFA is particularly well-suited to            criteria for the degree. There is no                                ction, ction or poetry. Please visit
working adults engaged in professional            restriction as to country of residence,                            www.english.cityu.edu.hk for the
careers and other activities for whom             age or nationality. All successful                                 complete application requirements. We
full-time study is not an option. We aim          applicants who accept our o er of                                  begin accepting applications as of
to recruit students from everywhere in            admission and enroll in the                                        December 1, 2010 for the 2011 class.
the world where there is an interest in           programme will be automatically
Asian writing (or diasporic Asian                 considered for the scholarship; no                                 All applications MUST be submitted
writing) in English.                              further application is required.                                   online at http://www.cityu.edu.hk/sgs.

Department of English                                                                                                Tuition
The Department of English of City University of Hong Kong o ers a wide range of                                      The total tuition for the programme is
courses and programmes in English studies, including English literature and                                          HK$143,100 or approximately
linguistics, English for the business and corporate world, English for the creative                                  US$18,465, which is competitive
professions, English language education, and English for Speci c Purposes. The                                       compared to other low-residency MFA
Department has an international faculty with teachers from Asia, Australia, Britain,                                 degree programmes of a similar
Europe, Hong Kong, mainland China, New Zealand, and the US. The Department has                                       academic quality.
an outstanding research and publications record and is a leading centre for English
studies in Asia. Courses in our Department are designed to be challenging,
interesting and intellectually stimulating. English studies at City University is an
exciting eld of study as it connects to so many other academic elds, and
undergraduate courses in English studies may be combined with many other
subjects, including business studies, cultural and media studies, European                                           For inquiries and online
languages, linguistics, and many other programmes across the University.                                             application
                                                                                                                     School of Graduate Studies
                                                                                                                     + 852 3442 5588
                                                                                                                     Department of English
                                   Department of English, City University of Hong Kong, Tat Chee Avenue, Hong Kong   + 852 3442 8870
                                   +852 3442 8870 | english@cit yu.edu.hk | w w w.english.cit yu.edu.hk              www.english.cityu.edu.hk/mfa             1005

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