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									Bachelor of Arts
Urban Studies
Levin College of Urban Affairs

The Maxine Goodman Levin College at            Levin College offers an accelerated          Additional Program Information
Cleveland State University is one of the       BA+MPA program, which leads to a
top ten urban affairs schools in the nation.   Master of Public Administration in as few    The Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies
U.S. News & World Report: “America’s           as five years of full-time study.            curriculum takes full advantage of its
Best Graduate Schools” 2008 ranked it          The major is also offered at Lorain County   location in a major urban setting in
number two in the nation for its city          Community College’s University               fulfilling its commitment to urban
management / urban policy graduate             Partnership.                                 education, research and community
specialty.                                                                                  service.
                                               What is the career outlook for a
The College offers 14 degree programs          degree in Urban Studies?                    The curriculum utilizes the resources of the
that equip students with the technical and                                                 Levin College and other related
management skills needed to launch             Graduates of the Levin College work in the departments throughout the University for
careers in fields such as public               public, private and nonprofit sectors       its interdisciplinary academic program.
management, planning, public safety,           including human services agencies, health Students pursuing the Urban Studies major
historic preservation, environmental           care, local government, public safety,      take courses and seminars dealing directly
studies, economic development and              community development, housing and          with urban problems and their solutions.
housing. Degree completion programs            environmental advocacy. They work as        The major can be completed in the
are available for community college            urban planners, GIS technicians, budget     evening.
transfer students with A.A., A.A.S., or        analysts, community development             Here are just a few of the many special
A.A.B. degrees in human services, health       specialists, grant writers, and managers. A opportunities that Cleveland State
sciences, paralegal studies, police science,   major in Urban Studies is good preparation University’s Levin College of Urban
environmental health and safety                for law school, or for graduate study in    Affairs offers:
technology, emergency management, or           Public Administration, Urban Planning,
fire science.                                  Environmental Studies, or Urban Studies.          •    Intensive seminars in Columbus,
                                               Career Services assistance is available at             OH and Washington, D.C.
Urban Studies Major                            the college through job postings,                 •    Internship experience.
                                               government and post-graduate internship           •    Levin College’s Office of Student
As an Urban Studies major, you will learn      opportunities, and a mentoring program.                Services is a one-stop shop for
to analyze the problems of urban areas                                                                advising, course information and
and evaluate possible solutions. You will      The Cleveland State Career Services                    career services.
explore public policy initiatives that         Office offers career counseling, interview
promote better decisions by cities, and        preparation and resume review on site. The
you will discover how to build in smarter,     required urban studies internship gives
more sustainable ways. Your courses will       students practical experience in settings
come from the fields of geography,             designed to complement their degree                   Cleveland State University
economics, political science, urban            program.                                            Levin College of Urban Affairs
planning, statistics, environmental studies                                                       2121 Euclid Avenue UR 205
and public management.                                                                              Phone: (216) 687-3884
You may choose one or more
specializations from the following areas:

•   Urban Planning
•   Urban Management
•   Environmental Policy &
•   Historic Preservation
•   Geographic Information Systems
Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies
Levin College of Urban Affairs
A total of 128 hours is required for the Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies. All degree seeking students are required to
complete a specific number of General Education (GenEd) courses. Students are responsible for ensuring the appropri-
ate selection of courses to satisfy GenEd requirements and are encouraged to consult with their academic advisor regard-
ing the applicability of selected courses. A comprehensive description of Cleveland State University's General Educa-
tion Requirements for undergraduate students is available online at

GenEd Requirements for Urban Studies Majors
                                                                   The Urban Studies Major
(effective Fall Semester 2008)
                                                                   Upper Division College Requirements (8-16 credits)
Students must complete the following courses – or their transfer
equivalents – to fulfill University GenEd requirements.            UST 404 Urban Data Analysis
                                                                   UST 405 Methods of Research & Evaluation
Freshman English – 7 credits                                       UST 490 Internship (4-8 credits) (may be waived for appropriate
ENG 101 College Writing I and                                      prior experience)
UST 102 Professional Writing or
ENG 102 College Writing II                                         Required Courses (16 credits)
Math/Quantitative Literacy – 6 credits                             UST 300 Economics of Policy Analysis
Recommended:                                                       UST 301 Urban Development
MTH 116 Foundations of Quantitative Literacy                       UST 302 Contemporary Urban Issues**
UST 404 Data Analysis is a Levin College requirement which         UST 489 Advanced Senior Seminar
also fulfills Math/QL
Natural Sciences – 7 credits: 2 courses, one lab                   Methods Courses (choose 2 – 8 credits)
Recommended:                                                       UST 403 Cartography & Graphics
GEO 100/101 Intro to Geology & Lab OR                              UST 410 Proposal Writing and Program Development**
          ENV/UST 259 Natural History of the Cleveland Area        UST 434 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
UST 289 Physical Geography                                         UST 473 Columbus Seminar
Arts & Humanities – 6 credits, 2 fields                            UST 474 Washington Seminar
Choose any two courses which are approved Arts & Humanities.       UST 479 Regional Competitiveness
One course must be non-US.                                         Other courses as approved.
Social Science – 6 credits, 2 fields
UST 200 Introduction to Urban Studies is required                  Specializations (12 credits)
Choose an additional approved non-US Social Science course         Choose one specialization – complete the two required courses
Recommended: UST 206 Megacities of Asia                                (listed) and one restricted elective.
NOTE: One of the two non-US courses in Arts & Humanities           Urban Planning
and Social Science (above) must be focused on Africa, Asia,            UST 418 Urban Planning**
Latin America, or the Middle East                                      UST 420 Urban Design Seminar**
African-American Experience – One course                           Urban Management
Recommended:                                                           UST 452 Management of Urban & Nonprofit Organizations
UST 202 Cleveland: The African-American Experience**                   UST 459 Budgeting and Policy Analysis
US Diversity – One course                                          Environmental Policy
Recommended:                                                           ENV 435 Environmental Policy & Administration**
UST/NAD 455 Gender and Leadership                                      ENV 436 Urban Sustainability
Writing Across the Curriculum – 1-3 courses, depending on          Historic Preservation
number of transfer hours. Writing Across the Curriculum courses        UST 476 Historic Preservation
in the major are marked with **.                                       UST 478 Cleveland Sacred Landmarks**
                                                                   GIS Certificate and Concentration (all required)
                                                                       UST 403 Cartography & Graphics
                                                                       UST 434 Intro to Geographic Information Systems
                                                                       UST 486 Geographic Information Systems Capstone

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