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									                       Volume 1, Issue 1

                          July 2008
                                                  Introducing the Green Invest
                                                      Management Team...
                                                            David Galbally, Chair-                  David, like the other members of the
                                                            man...The name Galbally                 Green Invest Board, is passionate about
                                                            is synonymous with the                  sustainability and the implementation of
                                                            law in Victoria. Frank                  environmental services.
                                                            Galbally was regarded by
                                                                                                    “People of my age and generation, be-
                                                            many as the leading crimi-
                                                                                                    cause of what’s gone on in the past with
                                                            nal lawyer and trial advo-
                                                                                                    respect to the environment, actually have
                                                            cate of his time. He was
                                                                                                    an obligation to our grandchildren to en-
                                           one of the first solicitors to practice as an
                                                                                                    sure the world environment is protected
                                           advocate without joining the Victorian
                                           Bar, and in all he conducted over 300 mur-               for them,” said David.
                                           der trials and was famous for an astonish-                “Green Invest is about investing for a
                                           ing acquittal rate.                                      sustainable future,” added David.
                               GI REPORT

                                           David Galbally has also dedicated his life                               Ian McMillan, Group
                                           to the law, having been admitted to prac-                                MD...At the ripe age of 19,
                                           tise as a solicitor in 1975 and appointed                                Ian McMillan already had
                                           Queens Counsel in 1996. David also ap-                                   strong ambitions to make
                                           peared in over a dozen murder trials with                                his mark in the corporate
                                           his father.                                                              world. After decades of
                                                                                                                    experience in restructuring
                                           During his career, David has been in-
                                                                                                                    large food manufacturing
                                           volved in numerous high profile matters
                                                                                                    businesses and an extensive board, indus-
                                           including representing Demiran, charged
                                                                                                    try and government record, Ian has now
                                           over the bombing of the Turkish consulate
                                                                                                    been recently appointed as Group Manag-
                                           in South Yarra, Alistair Lynch in the AFL
                                           drug case and the Mexican banker Carlos                  ing Director of Green Invest Ltd.
                                           Cabal, who was accused of stealing $700                  Born in the irrigation district of Deniliquin

                                           million from his country.                                in Southern NSW, Ian’s tertiary training
                                                                                                    was in agriculture at Wagga Wagga. Upon
                                           In 2000, David left the Victorian Bar to                 graduating he took his first job with the
                                           take up his current position as a Partner of             wildlife division at CSIRO studying din-
                                           the firm of Browne & Co, Solicitors and                  goes in central Australia, based at Alice
                                           Consultants.                                             Springs.
                                           In addition to his experience as an advo-                In the upcoming years, Ian undertook a
                                           cate, David sits on the boards of numerous               cadetship in journalism and his career
                                           companies, including acting as Chairman                  flourished in the media, principally as
                                           of the Royal Children’s Hospital’s Centre                compere producer in current affairs radio
                                           for Hormone Research, Chairman of the                    in New South Wales and Tasmania, but
                                           Transport Workers Union Superannuation                   also in television.
                                           Fund (“TWUSuper Fund”) and as a Patron
                                           of the Mental Health Council of Australia.               Ian’s time in journalism saw him unravel
                                                                                                    several remarkable and exciting media
                                           As part of his role as Chairman of the                   scoops, including an interview with Kerry
                                           TWUSuper Fund, he has been vitally con-                  Packer and a chance encounter with MI5
                                           cerned to ensure consideration is given to               counterintelligence officer and author of
                                           sustainable investment by investment                     ‘Spycatcher’, Peter Wright.
                                           managers employed by the Fund.
                                                                                                    Continued—Page 2
                                           In mid-2007, David was approached to sit
                                           on the Board of Green Invest as Chairman.
                                                                                                     Special points of interest:
                                                                                                     • David Galbally’s father, Frank Galbally,
                                           Inside this issue:                                          regarded as one of the leading criminal
                                                                                                       lawyers of his time
                                           Green Invest Management Team                         2    • David has represented several high
                                                                                                       profile cases in his career, including
                                           Green Plumbers Soaring in the US                     2      Alistair Lynch in the AFL drug case
                                                                                                     • Ian McMillan comes from a journalism
                                           Green Invest Broadens Base with New Acquisition      3      background which involved exciting
                                                                                                       media scoops such as a chance encoun-
                                           Green Plumbing ‘Army’ Recruits over 6,000 Plumbers   4      ter with MI5 counterintelligence officer
                                                                                                       and author of ‘Spycatcher’, Peter Wright
                                           Nextgen leads Renewable Energy Market into Future    5
                     Green Invest Management Team Continued...
From Page 1—Ian McMillan                                                                Ken Edwards, CEO Nextgen...With fond
                                                                                        memories of sunsets, surfboards and catching
After journalism Ian moved into the corporate world, initially                          that all important break, Ken Edwards has come
into global conglomerate Mars Corporation, in the positions of                          a long way from the surfing days of his youth to
External Relations, Marketing and Production.                                           become a world-leading pioneer in the carbon
He then held chief executive positions in several large manu-                           trading market. Founder of Next Generation
facturing companies, including the Sandhurst division of Coles                          Energy Solutions (Nextgen), a leading environ-
Myer Ltd and Pauls Ltd.                                                                 mental commodity and energy broker, Ken was
                                                                                        responsible for brokering the very first environ-
In 2001 Ian founded his own company ClearGoal Associates, a                             mental carbon credit in Australia, if not the
business change management firm assisting businesses to reach             world.
their full potential. With major state and national clients, its          “The potential market for environmental trading is huge. Under
focus includes food, agribusiness, government, manufacturing,             the proposal from the Federal Government, it is going to grow
retail and technology.                                                    by 1000% in the next five to ten years,” said CEO of Nextgen,
In late 2007, Ian investigated the opportunity for the Green-             Mr Ken Edwards.
Plumbers organisation, an initiative developed by the Master              “Looking back, I’ve always had an appreciation for the ocean
Plumbers and Mechanical Services Association of Australia                 and the environment, making countless journeys up the east
(MPMSAA) to encourage plumbers to consider environmental                  coast of Australia in the search of that elusive perfect wave,”
sustainability in their work. He was instrumental in bringing             added Ken.
GreenPlumbers into the new corporate entity, Green Invest                 Nextgen is an environment commodity and energy brokerage
Ltd, as one of the foundation businesses, together with                   company that Ken founded in 2000, and together with the Mel-
Nextgen.                                                                  bourne Centre for Financial Services, are keen to bring the
                                                                          Financial Centre back to Melbourne using carbon trading as
“I’ve always had a really strong interest in sustainability and
                                                                          the catalyst.
the environment. Over many years I invested in my own sheep
and cattle grazing property in developing reclamation works               Ken moved to Melbourne in 1997, where he worked for Citi-
and sustainable agriculture,” said Ian.                                   Power. It was there that he met his mentors, co founder of En-
                                                                          ergy Developments Limited Walter Pahor and Pacific Hydro’s
                                                “Now with our rapidly     Managing Director Jeff Harding.
                                                changing environment      “Back in the 90s, Walter was already making predictions about
                                                I am excited to be able   the future of the energy and environmental markets. Both were
                                                to drive Green Invest     early pioneers in renewable energy,” said Ken.
                                                Ltd to achieve signifi-
                                                                          “That was when the idea came to me that there was a potential
                                                cant sustainability
                                                                          to create a business out of the energy market,” added Ken.
                                                benefits for future
                                                generations. My per-      In July 1999 Ken left CitiPower and during the next six months
                                                sonal vision is to now    established his own company, Nextgen. His inspiration came
                                                take our knowledge        from the fact that at the time there were energy brokers in Syd-
                                                and capabilities to the   ney but none in Melbourne.
  GreenPlumbers --Australian head office inin
   GreenPlumbers Australian head office         international market      Nextgen was responsible for brokering the first environmental
  Melbourne’s leafy outer-suburb , Scoresby
   Melbourne’s leafy outer-suburb, Scoresby     place,” added Ian.        credit ever in Australia on 15th March 2001.
                                                                          The deal by Nextgen was made even before the renewable
                                         “I am proud to say
                                                                          energy scheme was launched in Australia on 1st April 2001.
that the rapid progress of our GreenPlumbers initiative in the
US market is already turning our vision into reality…and this             “I see us building on the foundation of what we’ve achieved
is just the beginning,” said Ian.                                         over the last eight years. Going by the volumes of business
                                                                          we’re already doing now, we are expecting it to increase ten-
                                                                          fold over the next two or three years,” said Ken.

                                    GreenPlumbers Soaring in the US
GreenPlumbers USA Licensing Director Megan Lehtonen paid                  Late last year, GreenPlumbers signed a landmark agreement
a recent whirlwind visit to Australia in order to gain a better           with Onni Corporation, to see the commercialisation of the
understanding of our country’s water and energy efficiency                GreenPlumbers program across America. The acceptance of
processes as the GreenPlumbers program rapidly expands                    the program marked the first time an Australian business had
across the U.S.                                                           successfully imported an environmental practice overseas.
Megan was taken from top to bottom along the east coast of                Steve Lehtonen, President of Onni (and Megan’s father) said,
Australia in a “fact finding” education tour and shown first-             “We have a built-in advantage in the United States because we
hand the GreenPlumbers operations and practices, including                are implementing a superior, proven product thanks to our
the Caroma plant and installation programs in South East                  Australian partners.”

Page 2                                                                                                                        GI REPORT
                    GreenPlumbers Soaring in the US Continued...
The agreement built further on                                                                          mentally sustainable solutions in water and
the prior arrangement by the                                                                            energy conservation,” said Megan.
Master Plumbers & Mechanical
                                                                                                        “Water authorities have traditionally found
Services Association of Austra-
                                                                                                        plumbers and their practices to be ineffec-
lia (MPMSAA) and the Plumb-
                                                                                                        tive, but the GreenPlumber values are
ing-Heating-Cooling Contrac-
                                                                                                        changing the image of the plumber rap-
tors of California (PHCC) in
introducing the GreenPlumbers                                                                           idly,” added Megan.
environmental training pro-                                                                             Through Megan’s guidance, the Green-
grams in the USA.                                                                                       Plumbers program will partner with water
                                                                                                        agencies to raise further awareness for the
With 438,000 plumbers in the
                                                                                                        need for water and energy saving practices
US market, GreenPlumbers
have already begun paving its                                                                           in the US.
way through the large group,                                                                        “My visit to Australia has opened my
with plans to train 4,000       Relatively unheard of by most American homeowners, there are        eyes even further to how behind we are in
                                currently only 155,000 rainwater tanks installed throughout the
plumbers in 100 workshops       entire United States. GreenPlumbers USA Licensing Director,         America in terms of water conservation,”
across America this year. In Megan Lehtonen (California, USA), sees that number growing expo- said Megan.
the first five months of the    nentially within the next few years with the help of GreenPlumbers.
program, they have held 35                                                                          “This has only further enhanced my de-
workshops, training over 900 plumbers throughout the country.                                       termination for GreenPlumbers USA to
                                                                              implement more efficient and preservative routines in our daily
“GreenPlumbers will enter millions of US households through-                  lives,” added Megan.
out the year and provide the resources to implement environ-

                  Green Invest Broadens Base With New Acquisition

In an exciting new venture this month, Green Invest has                                                                   and New Zealand. Its core
now added Sustainable Footprint, an environmental                                                                         business is assisting medium
                                                                             Green Invest is now in a unique
company focused on delivering energy and water assess-                                                                    to large corporations and
ments, to the group’s portfolio. This latest acquisition                   competitive position as a one-stop             community organisations in
means Green Invest is now in a unique competitive posi-                                                                   performing energy and wa-
tion as a one-stop environmental shop, capable of sup-
                                                                       environmental shop, capable of supplying           ter assessments and educat-
plying the environmental assessment, the recommended                       the environmental assessment, the              ing staff in the area of sus-
water and energy upgrades as well as trade the environ-                                                                   tainability.
mental credits.                                                        recommended water and energy upgrades,
                                                                                                                                Prior to joining Green In-
“Adding Sustainable Footprint to our group enables us to as well as trade the environmental credits. vest, Sustainable Footprint
supply the full solution, as it is the link that connects                                                                       already had its own partner-
Nextgen and GreenPlumbers,” said Group Managing Director                             ship arrangements with other environmental businesses in or-
of Green Invest, Mr Ian McMillan                                                     der to deliver a one-stop-shop service to its clients, with a vi-
                                                                                                             sion to move into the Australasian and North
“It fits in seamlessly with
                                                                                                             American markets in the future.
our vision to be Australia’s
premier environmental ser-                                                                                   “Sustainable Footprint is pleased to be in-
vices and commodities                                                                                        cluded as part of the Green Invest group of
group,” added Ian.                                                                                           companies. There is a natural fit between the
                                                                                                             services we offer and the existing services
The addition of Sustainable
                                                                                                             provided by Nextgen and GreenPlumbers,”
Footprint moves Green In-
                                                                                                             said General Manager of Sustainable Foot-
vest into the area of energy
                                                                                                             print, Mr Ross Brierty.
sustainability with the in-
stallation opportunity for                                                                                   “In essence we will be providing the market
solar panels, lighting up-                                                                                   with a total solution in terms of meeting the
grades and other energy                                                                                      needs of our clients in the area of sustainabil-
efficiency devices.                                                                                          ity. We are delivering a unique combination
                                                                                                                     of services, allowing our clients to be
Sustainable Foot-        The new Green Invest team at the Nextgen office. Back row, from left to right: Green Invest confident in receiving a seamless ser-
print specialises in      Group Managing Director Ian McMillan, Sustainable Footprint (SF) Manager of Auditing
                                                                                                                     vice in this new and rapidly growing
delivering corporate Cameron Foley, SF General Manager Ross Brierty, Nextgen CEO Ken Edwards, Green Invest
sustainability solu-     CFO Stephen Munday, SF Manager of Business Operations Warwick Lake and SF Manager field,” added Ross.
                          of Information Technology Kurt Foster. Front row: Green Invest Chairman David Galbally
tions in Australia
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1                                                                                                                                     Page 3
                                Green Plumbing ‘Army’ Successfully
                                  Recruits Over 6,000 Plumbers
In the battle against global warming, Australia’s No.1 envi-                So how does one become a GreenPlumber?
ronmental products and installation business, GreenPlum-
                                                                            Currently GreenPlumbers, in conjunction with MPMSAA,
bers, have enlisted over 6,200 Aussie
                                                                                                           hold over 100 workshops
plumbers to join their growing
                                                                                                           annually in Australia. Ini-
‘army’. In Australia, there are cur-
                                                                                                           tially only with five core
rently 70,000 plumbers working for
                                                                                                           units, GreenPlumbers and
3,700 plumbing businesses and
                                                                                                           MPMPSAA have in recent
GreenPlumbers are marching their
                                                                                                           times developed five new
way through the masses, adding
                                                                                                           units for the course that
more recruits in their bid to lead the
                                                                                                           expands more into the spe-
revolutionary forefront.
                                                                                                           cialty areas.
The ‘troops’ are now expanding into
                                                                                                                        In order to be eligible for
New Zealand, Canada and the
                                                                                                                        the GreenPlumber certifi-
United States of America, with
                                                                                                                        cation, students are re-
GreenPlumbers USA exploding into
                                                                                                                        quired to complete the five
the domestic US market of 438,000
                                                                                                                        core units and at least one
plumbers. Launched in late 2007,
                                                                                                                        elective. The units cover
GreenPlumbers USA has already            Head of GreenPlumbers USA, Steve Lehtonen (front row, left) and Green Invest everything from ‘Caring for
gained high level community and           Group MD Ian McMillan (front row, right) and GreenPlumbers USA Licensing
Government support, including rec-        Director Megan Lehtonen (back row, second to the left) in the USA, with the Our Water’ and ‘Solar Hot
                                                             GreenPlumbers USA training team                          Water’, to ‘Inspection Re-
ognition from Californian Governor
                                                                                                                      ports’ and ‘Principles in
Arnold Schwarzenegger.
GreenPlumbers is a groundbreaking initiative developed by
                                                                            “We are also in the midst of developing a new photovoltaic
the Master Plumbers & Mechanical Services Association of
                                                                                                                      (PV) solar program to meet
Australia (MPMSAA) and its early success in
                                                                                                                      the rising demand for the
the USA is proving that it is already living up
                                                                                                                      installation of PV solar,”
to expectations and generating the anticipated
                                                       Launched in late 2007, GreenPlumbers said Gary.
licensing revenue streams.
                                                           USA has already gained high level                          The new program will com-
“Our aim is to build the capacity in our in-             community and Government support,                            prise of both the plumbing
dustry for plumbers to speak to customers
                                                        including recognition from Californian                        and electrical aspects of the
about more energy and water efficient prod-
ucts,” said National Industry Development                  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.                            installation requirements
                                                                                                                      and will be aimed primarily
Manager of MPMSAA, Mr Gary Workman.
                                                                                                                      at plumbing businesses.
                         “We partner with all
                                                                            “At the moment the Federal Government is offering a re-
                         levels of government in order to
                                                                            bate program to schools for installing PV systems,” said
                         fund our training, so not only are
                         they internationally recognised but
                         they’re also free of charge to at-                 “Each school will be entitled to a rebate of up to $50,000,”
                         tend,” added Gary.                                 added Gary.
                             In 2007 GreenPlumbers joined                   Gary began in the role of National Industry Development
                             forces with Nextgen, Australia’s               Manager nearly six years ago, when he was the only exist-
                             No.1 environmental brokering com-              ing trainer. Today the rapidly growing interest in the Green-
                             pany, to form Green Invest Limited                                                              Plumbing
                             and list on the ASX in February this                                                            course has
                                      year.                                                                                  resulted in
Californian Governor Arnold Schwar-
zenegger with Head of GreenPlumbers                                                                                          six other
                                Earlier this year, Green In-
USA ,Steve Lehtonen                                                                                                          trainers
                                vest bought the commercial
                                                                                                                             around Aus-
                                business of GreenPlumbers.
The MPMSAA is responsible for the training and accredita-
tion while GreenPlumbers has the task of installing water
saving solutions to industry, Governments and households.                    As the GreenPlumber ‘army’ grows, their logo will soon be
                                                                             recognised nationally everywhere on the road

Page 4                                                                                                                                   GI REPORT
                                                           Green Invest Limited (ASX:GNV) listed on the ASX in February 2008 and
                                                           comprises three successful Australian businesses, GreenPlumbers, the
                   Level 2                                 country’s leading group of environmental plumbers; Nextgen, the largest
                480 Collins St
                 Melbourne                                 carbon trader in Australia; and Sustainable Footprint, an environmental
                                                           company focused on delivering energy and water assessments.
           Phone: (03) 9220 0118
            Fax: (03) 9220 0120
         E-mail:                      Late in 2007, GreenPlumbers signed a landmark agreement with Onni
                                                           Corporation to see the commercialisation of the GreenPlumbers program
  Investing for a Sustainable Future                       across America, the first time an Australian business has successfully ex-
                                                           ported an environmental practice overseas.

                                                           Green Invest’s vision is to be the world’s leading environmental services
           We’re on the Web!                               and commodities company.                            For more information on Green Invest, contact Group Managing Direc-
                                  tor, Mr Ian McMillan —

      Nextgen Leads Renewable Energy Market into the Future
Nextgen, Australia’s largest broker of environmental cred-                     schemes, as well as the Federal Government’s commitment
its, has taken the lead to guide and educate the rest of the                   to increase the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target
country on the “whys and wherefores” of the future of the                      (MRET) five-fold by 2020.
burgeoning renewable energy market by staging its first                        There were five speakers in total, with three of them from
ever seminar on renewable energy.                                              Nextgen – Ashley being one of them, as well as Head of
Last June at Nextgen’s offices in Collins Street, major en-                    Environmental Products, Fernando Broder, and Environ-
ergy players such as the Department of Sustainability &                        mental Broker, Marco Stella.
Environment and the Energy Users Association of Austra-                        Fernando and Marco gave a well-received presentation on
lia, attended the seminar in order to address issues and que-                  the Wholesale Markets Update, and topics addressed in-
ries regarding the REC (Renewable Energy Certificate)                          cluded information on Nextgen, ‘The Fundamental of
creation process, certificate supply and demand, market                        RECs’, ‘Price Chart and Policy History’, ‘Price Drivers’,
prices and outlook, and policy and market developments.                        ‘Forward Market’ and ‘National Emissions Trading Scheme
“It was an overwhelming                                                                               (NETS) VS MRET’.
success and we plan on hav-                                                                                     Ashley presented on Risk Manage-
ing one every quarter,” said                                                                                    ment, with his talk covering topics
Environmental and Energy                                                                                        such as ‘Structured Derivatives for
Broker of Nextgen, Mr Ash-                                                                                      Generators and Retailers’,
ley Free.                                                                                                       ‘Scenario Analysis’ and ‘Interactive
“As far as we know, we are                                                                                      Traders Game’.
the only ones providing such                                                                                    “Attendants walked away from our
a high level quality of infor-                                                                                  seminar better informed and with a
mation and speakers in the                                                                                      clearer understanding of what’s
current market,” added Ash-                                                                                     driving the renewable energy mar-
ley.                                                                                                            ket today,” said Ashley.
The seminar included infor-                                                                                      “I believe that our seminar opened
mation on upcoming projects,         To the left: Ashley Free, Environmental and Energy Broker, Environmental
                                                                                                                 up and exploited a niche market
the implications of green                Products, presenting at the Nextgen offices on Risk Management
                                    To the right: Fernando Broder, Head of Environmental Products and Marco      that will only continue growing,”
power and voluntary                 Stella, Environmental Broker, presenting on the Wholesale Markets Update     added Ashley.

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