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                Notes of the First Interim Executive Committee Meeting
                                       9th July 2007

The first interim Executive Committee of the proposed new Implementing Agreement on Efficient
Electrical End-Use Equipment, held 9 July 2007, was attended by 21 participants from
14 countries from Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America. The European Commission also
The interim Executive Committee elected the following officers:
   • Ture Hammar, Chair (Denmark)
   • Hans-Paul Siderius, Vice Chair (Netherlands)

The United Kingdom and the United States also offered to nominate vice chairs.

Kim Jensen (Denmark) will serve as Executive Secretary and Carrie Pottinger will serve as IEA
Desk Officer.

Following presentation of the formalities in creating a new Implementing Agreement, participants
expressed initial interest in the following projects (called Annexes):
   •   Benchmarking (including revision and development of new benchmarks, measurement
       methods as well as performance)
   •   Standby power
   •   Motors
   •   Lighting
   •   Set-top boxes
   •   Future priorities (e.g. enterprise servers, end-use profiling, PCs and financial

It was agreed that all projects should tie into other national and international activities, agendas
and policies to avoid duplication. In addition, collection of market data will be considered for
each of the annexes.

Initial letters of commitment from interested IEA member governments are expected before
1 September 2007. A strategic plan, program of work, detailed project proposals and the legal
text are currently being drafted. Following approval by the IEA Governing Board and signature of
at least two IEA member countries, the Agreement would be open to invite non-member
countries and industry organisations to participate.

The next meeting is scheduled for 2 November 2007 at the IEA in Paris. Interested countries not
able to attend this meeting may attend the meeting on 2 November 2007.

For further information, contact :
   • Ture Hammar, Chair (
   • Hans-Paul Siderius, Vice Chair (
   • Kim Jensen, Executive Secretary (
   • Carrie Pottinger, IEA Desk Officer (

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