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Pharmaceutical Outsourcing in Drug Discovery and Development:
Contract Research Opportunity in India

Description:    Soaring drug discovery development times, prolonged regulation-mandated testing, complex
                review processes, rapidly escalating R&D expenditures and competition are compelling
                pharmaceutical companies to outsource various services to inexpensive but highly skilled
                destinations in Asia. This report, based on a study conducted by us and KnowGenix, and examines
                the contract research outsourcing market in India for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology space.

                The price of the report includes six bi-monthly updates between July 2007 and May 2008.

Contents:       1. Executive Summary

                2. Introduction
                2.1 Market Definition
                2.2 Scope
                2.3 Report Structure
                2.4 Research Methodology

                3. The Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Opportunity
                3.1 Drug Developments and Process
                3.2 New Drug Pipeline Economics – Impetus for Pharma Outsourcing
                3.3 Drivers for Offshoring
                3.4 Global Contract Research Market
                3.5 Indian Pharmaceutical Research Outsourcing Opportunity
                3.6 The Early Birds
                3.7 Indian Contract Research Opportunity

                4. India and Contract Research
                4.1 Pharma Outsourcing: Evolution in India
                4.2 Indian Capabilities
                4.3 Chemistries and Technology Platforms
                4.4 Indian Costs
                4.5 Constraints to Growth
                4.6 Competition to India
                4.7 Outsourcing Models
                4.8 Partnering Initiatives

                5. Indian Vendor Landscape
                5.1 Vendor Segmentation
                5.2 Highest Market Share for Tier 2 Players
                5.3 Vendor SWOT Analysis
                5.4 Rating and Positioning of Vendor Groups
                5.5 Services Capability
                5.6 Critical Success Factors
                5.7 Vendor Ratings
                5.8 Other Promising Players

                6. Insights and Likely Future Direction
                6.1 Forecasted Global Contract Research Market
                6.2 Forecasted Growth in Indian Contract Research Market
                6.3 Emergence of One –Stop-Shop through Collaborative Linkages
                6.4 Changes in the Vendor Landscape
                6.5 Go-to Market Strategies
                6.6 Emergence of Virtual Outsourcing Companies
                6.7 Effective Partnering
6.8 Growth of Biotechnology Market
6.9 Therapeutic Groups with Strong Growth Potential
6.10 Technology Trends
6.11 Inorganic Growth Option

7. Vendor Information
7.1 Vendor Profiles
 Nicholas Piramal India Limited (NPIL)
 Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories limited (DRLL)
 Wockhardt Limited (WL)
 GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited (GSK)
 Jubilant Organosys Limited (JOL)
 Panacea Biotec Limited (PBL)
 Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited (OCPL)
 Advinus Therapeutics Private Limited (ATPL)
 Reliance Life Sciences (RLS) – Emerging Niche Players
 GVK Biosciences Private Limited (GB)
7.2 Vendor Directory

8. Vendor Selection
8.1 Outsourcer’s responsibilities: Caveat Emptor
8.2 Vendor Evaluation Criteria
8.3 Structuring of Contracts

9. Regulatory Framework & Compliance
9.1 Regulation in the Indian pharmaceutical industry: A historical perspective
9.2 Implication of India’s Changing Regulatory Framework
9.3 Environments, Health and Safety (EHS) Compliance
9.4 Certifications

10. About ValueNotes

11. About Knowgenix

Table of Exhibits (Report):
Exhibit 1: Indian Pharma Outsourcing Graduation
Exhibit 2: Global Contract Research Market Forecasts (2007-2011)
Exhibit 3: Growth of Indian Contract Research Market
Exhibit 4: Vendor Segmentation
Exhibit 5: Likely Winners among Contract research outsourcing vendors in India
Exhibit 6: Emerging Opportunities for Indian Outsourcing Companies
Exhibit 7: Market Segmentation
Exhibit 8: Primary Contacts Covered
Exhibit 9: Drug Development Process
Exhibit 10: Drug Discovery Phase
Exhibit 11: Pre-clinical Research
Exhibit 12: Clinical Research & Development (Trials)
Exhibit 13: Drug Development Process & Funding
Exhibit 14: R&D budget in new drug discovery
Exhibit 15: Trends in Drug Development Costs (1975 - 2005)
Exhibit 16: Phase wise costs in drug development
Exhibit 17: Time Required to Market a New Drug
Exhibit 18: Market Drivers for Outsourcing
Exhibit 19: Market Share Breakdown of Global Pharma Outsourcing Opportunity (2006)
Exhibit 20: Comparative Analysis of R&D Budgets and Outsourcing
Exhibit 21: Global Contract Research Market Size (2006)
Exhibit 22: Region-wise Market Share Breakdown
Exhibit 23: Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: How is it Organized?
Exhibit 24: Segmental Breakdown Of Indian Pharma Outsourcing Market
Exhibit 25: Buyers of CRAMS services from India
Exhibit 26: Indian Contract Research Market Segmentation
Exhibit 27: Indian Pharma Outsourcing Graduation
Exhibit 28: Factors Shaping India's Contract Research Industry
Exhibit   29:   SWOT Analysis of India
Exhibit   30:   Chemistry Platforms
Exhibit   31:   Outsourced Activities and Technologies to India
Exhibit   32:   India-Cost Competitiveness
Exhibit   33:   Comparative Rating of Outsourcing Destinations
Exhibit   34:   India Vs China
Exhibit   35:   Business Models for Contract Research Organizations
Exhibit   36:   In- Licensing Deals by Indian Pharma Companies
Exhibit   37:   Out- Licensing Deals by Indian Pharma Companies
Exhibit   38:   Notable Mergers & Acquisitions in 2007
Exhibit   39:   Vendor Segmentation
Exhibit   40:   Market Share Split by Vendor Segments
Exhibit   41:   Vendor SWOT Analysis
Exhibit   42:   Capability Rating for Vendor Segments
Exhibit   43:   Contract Research Services Players
Exhibit   44:   Service Mapping – Multinational Captives
Exhibit   45:   Service Mapping - Domestic Pharma
Exhibit   46:   Service Mapping - Pure Play CRAMS
Exhibit   47:   Service Mapping – Mid-sized Domestic Pharma
Exhibit   48:   Service Mapping – Emerging Niche Players
Exhibit   49:   Legal Status, Sources of Funds and US Presence
Exhibit   50:   Future Winners
Exhibit   51:   Global R&D Outsourcing Expenditure Estimates
Exhibit   52:   Global Contract Research Market Forecasts (2007-2011)
Exhibit   53:   Growth of Indian Contract Research Market
Exhibit   54:   Projected Growth Pattern in Tax Preparation Services of Vendor Segments
Exhibit   55:   Projected Segments Mix in 2010
Exhibit   56:   Infrastructural Strengths for Custom Synthesis Segment
Exhibit   57:   Benefits of Outsourcing “One-stop” shop
Exhibit   58:   Collaborative Models Preferred by Vendor Segments
Exhibit   59:   Expected Changes in Vendor Landscape
Exhibit   60:   Go-to Market Strategies by Vendor Segments
Exhibit   61:   Targeting Customers
Exhibit   62:   Partnering Strategies for Vendors
Exhibit   63:   Growth of the Indian Biotech Market (2004-2006)
Exhibit   64:   Indian Biotech Industry: Segment Share
Exhibit   65:   R&D Competence Areas in Biotechnology
Exhibit   66:   Therapeutic groups and their future growth potential
Exhibit   67:   Technology Trends
Exhibit   68:   Acquisitions in Contract Research Market
Exhibit   69:   Acquisitions in CRAMS Market
Exhibit   70:   Options to Evaluate prior to Outsourcing
Exhibit   71:   Rating Parameters for Vendor Selection
Exhibit   72:   Vendor Evaluation Criteria
Exhibit   73:   Essentials of an SLA
Exhibit   74:   Changing Regulatory Framework (1975 – 2005)
Exhibit   75:   Implications for Contract Research
Exhibit   76:   Pre and Post Product Patent Environment
Exhibit   77:   R&D Spend of Indian Companies (FY 2006)
Exhibit   78:   Implications of IPA on Indian Pharma Companies
Exhibit   79:   Certifying bodies of various countries

Table of Contents (Bi-monthly Update):
1. Contract Research Newsletter

2. Alliances in Contract Research
2.1 Contract Research Deals
2.2 Mergers and Acquisitions

3. Q&A with Company CEO

4. Recent News clips
            5. About Us

            6. About Knowgenix

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