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					10/4/2010                                              Party Proposal Planner

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                         F LO R I S T I N F O :                                  WEDDI NG WORKSHEET
     Capano Flowers                                                   For Megan Fox Wedding
     23 Crystal Circle Burlington MA 01803                            On 11/27/2010
     617 401-7877

                 B R I D E I N F O R M AT I O N                                             S TY L E
     Megan Fox                                                        Wedding Colors:
     23 Crystal Circle                                                fun burgundy
     Burlington MA 01803                                              Color And Style Of Gown:
     6174017877                                                       white
     7813651383                                                       mermade                                                 brides height: 5' 7

                                                               BRI DE
    ORDER ITEM                                ARRANGEMENT                 QUANTITY          PRICE      TOTAL
                                              A full red with green
                                              backing. this field for 200
                                              characters. That should
    Bridal Bouquet                            be more than enough to fit 1                  175.00     175.00
                                              even the scariest details
                                              that a bride may ask for.
                                              What do you think ?
    Head Piece                                Wedding head piece          1                 45.00      45.00
    Toss Bouquet                              Wedding toss bouquet        1                 75.00      75.00
                                              LARGE 3 foot high Flower
                                              Arrangement on Column
                                              Pedistal, fall colors and
    RENTAL                                    greens to be placed in     1                  95.00      95.00
                                              hallway on the right after
                                              entering, next to the
    Bride Notes: Loves Fun Bright Colors                                                               $390.00

                                                         BRI DAL P ART Y
    ORDER ITEM                                ARRANGEMENT                 QUANTITY          PRICE      TOTAL
                                              Maid of Honor Bouquet
    Maid of Honor Bouquet                     Wedding maid/honor          1                 75.00      75.00
                                              Wedding maids bouquet
    Bridesmaids Bouquet                                                   4                 68.00      272.00
                                              pink -lavender
                                              Wedding flower girl
    Flower Girl Bouquet                                                   1                 35.00      35.00
                                              LARGE 3 foot high Flower
    RENTAL                                    Arrangement on Column 1                       95.00      95.00
    RENTAL GLASS                              LARGE glass column          1                 95.00      95.00
    Bridalparty Notes:                                                                                 $572.00…/…                                                                            1/5
10/4/2010                                        Party Proposal Planner

                                                   B O U T O N N I ER E
    ORDER ITEM                          ARRANGEMENT                   QUANTITY     PRICE    TOTAL
    Groom Boutonniere                   Wedding groom bout.           2            30.00    60.00
                                        Wedding men's
    Best Man Boutonniere                                              1            26.00    26.00
                                        Boutonniere Grooms Men
    Grooms Men Boutonniere                                     5                   24.00    120.00
                                        Bride and Groom's
    Fathers Boutonniere                                             1              24.00    24.00
                                        Father's Bout. description.
                                        Bride and Groom's
    Grand Fathers Boutonniere           GRAND Father's Bout.          4            24.00    96.00
    Ushers Boutonniere                  Usher's Bout. Description. 10              24.00    240.00
                                        Wedding Ring Bear
    Ring Bearer Boutonniere                                           1            55.00    55.00
                                        w/Teddy Bear
    Other Boutonniere                   Boutonniere                   5            24.00    120.00
    Boutonniere Notes:                                                                      $741.00

                                                       C O R S A GE
    ORDER ITEM                          ARRANGEMENT                   QUANTITY     PRICE    TOTAL
    Brides Mother Corsage               Groom's Mother Corsage. 1                  33.00    33.00
    Grooms Mother Corsage               Groom's Mother Corsage. 1                  33.00    33.00
                                        All Grand Mothers
    Grand Mother Corsage                                              3            33.00    99.00
                                        Any additonal corsages go
    Additional Corsage                                            5                33.00    165.00
    Corsage Notes:                                                                          $330.00

                                                      CEREM ONY
   Ceremony                                                  Deliver & Setup
   On 11/27/2010 at 11:00 AM                                 St Margarets
   Fr Joe                                                    101 Winn St
   781 272 1010
   Delivery Time: 09:00 AM                                   Burlington MA 01803
   Megan Fox 11/27/2010

                                                       C ER EM O N Y
    ORDER ITEM                          ARRANGEMENT                   QUANTITY     PRICE    TOTAL
                                        this description can go on
                                        and on for a long detailed
    Free Standing Arrangement                                      1               155.00   155.00
                                        account of what should be
                                        there. 200 characters...
    Altar Arrangement                   Wedding Altar Decoration 1                 115.00   115.00
    Pew Decoration                      Wedding Pew Decoration 1                   45.00    45.00
    Candelabra                          Wedding Candelabra         1               210.00   210.00
                                        Wedding Entrance
    Entrance Arrangement                                              1            150.00   150.00
    Arches                              Wedding Arch                  1            375.00   375.00
                                        Wedding Guest Book
    Guest Book                                                        1            55.00    55.00
                                        Arrangement…/…                                                                 2/5
10/4/2010                                       Party Proposal Planner
    Other Chapel Decorations            Wedding Chapel Decor.     1                   90.00    90.00
                                        LARGE 3 foot high Flower
    RENTAL                              Arrangement on Column 2                       95.00    190.00
    Ceremony Notes:                                                                            $1,385.00

                                                    RECEPTI O N
    Reception                                                  Deliver & Setup
    On 11/27/2010 at 1:00 PM                                   Cafe Escadrille
    freddy                                                     101 Cambridge Street
    Delivery Time: 09:00 AM                                    Burlington MA 01803

                                                     R EC EP T I O N
    ORDER ITEM                          ARRANGEMENT                 QUANTITY          PRICE    TOTAL
                                        orange fall colors, roses,
                                        this description can go on
    Cake Table Top                      for 200 characters, more 2                    215.00   430.00
                                        than enough for the
                                        scariest details.
    Cake Table Center                   Wedding center table        1                 225.00   225.00
                                        Wedding Table
    Cake Table Bottom                                               1                 195.00   195.00
                                        Wedding Buffet Table
    Buffet Table Arrangement                                        5                 250.00   1,250.00
    Guest Tables Arrangement            Wedding tables              23                85.00    1,955.00
                                        Wedding Table
    Brides Table Arrangement                                        1                 235.00   235.00
    Ballrooms                           BALLOON MYLAR               200               15.00    3,000.00
    Other Reception Decorations         Wedding Pillar              1                 199.00   199.00
                                        LARGE 3 foot high Flower
    RENTAL                              Arrangement on Column 2                       95.00    190.00
    RENTAL                              LARGE 8 foot high Arbor     1                 165.00   165.00
    Reception Notes:                                                                           $7,844.00

                                                  O TH ER I TEM S

                                                         O T H ER
    ORDER ITEM                          ARRANGEMENT                     QUANTITY       PRICE   TOTAL
    Other Item                          Anything unique here            1              75.00   75.00
                                        Rental items can go here
    Other Item                                                          3              95.00   285.00
                                        or in their categories...
    Other Notes:                                                                               $360.00

    ORDER ITEM                                                      QUANTITY          PRICE    TOTAL
    Ceremony Setup                                                  1                 212.00   212.00
    Name these yourself                                             1                 0.00     0.00
    Reception Setup                                                 1                 190.00   190.00
    Reception Delivery                                              1                 0.00     0.00…/…                                                                      3/5
10/4/2010                                           Party Proposal Planner

                                                            T A X ES
    ORDER ITEM                                                         QUANTITY      PRICE      TOTAL
    State Sales Tax                                                    1             726.38     726.38
    County Sales Tax                                                   1             0.00       0.00
    City Sales Tax                                                     1             0.00       0.00
    Other Tax                                                          1             0.00       0.00

                                                         P A YM EN T S
    ORDER ITEM                                                         QUANTITY      PRICE      TOTAL
    firstpayment                                                       1             -1171.50   -1,171.50
    secondpayment                                                      1             0.00       0.00
    discount                                                           1             0.00       0.00

                                                   ITEM                                                TOTAL
    Reception                                                                                            $7,844.00
    Ceremony                                                                                             $1,385.00
    Corsage                                                                                                 $330.00
    Boutonniere                                                                                             $741.00
    Bridalparty                                                                                             $572.00
    Bride                                                                                                   $390.00
    Other                                                                                                   $360.00
    Total Flowers                                                                                       $11,622.00

    Fees                                                                                                    $402.00
    Taxes                                                                                                   $726.38
    Total                                                                                               $12,750.38

    Total Payments & Credits                                                                             $-1,171.50
    Balance Due                                                                                         $11,578.88

                                             S P E C I AL I N S TR U C T I O N S :
   Another great place for more details and Bride special requests..

   This can keep on going on and on and on and on...

   Well you get the idea...



                                                   C O N T R AC T I N F O…/…                                                                                 4/5
10/4/2010                                              Party Proposal Planner
    Wedding flower consultations are done by appointment only to insure that your Wedding Floral Design Consultant can
    give you the individual attention you deserve. Many of our brides are from out of town and choose the beauty of our flowers
    for their destination wedding so planning must be done via phone and email. Your Wedding Floral Design Consultant is
    also available for phone consultations by appointment.

    Our flower professionals offer a 1 hour complimentary consultation to discuss your wedding flower preferences and
    design ideas. At the end of the consultation, we will provide you with a basic verbal outline of your costs for flowers, rental
    items (if required), set up and delivery fees.

    To book us for your event, we require a $250.00 non- refundable deposit to secure the date and time for your event. The
    deposit will be used entirely toward your wedding flower order. The deposit must be made by cash, check or money
    order. We then provide you a written proposal for the products and services we’ve outlined. Once all the decisions and
    consultations have been made regarding the wedding flower order, we require an additional deposit equal to 50% of the
    total (minus the $250.00) initial deposit. The balance is due two (2) weeks prior to the event and payment may be made
    by cash, check or money order. No refunds or cancellations can be made within fourteen (14) days of the event.

    Any and all changes after the contract has been signed and approved must be in writing or email to your Wedding Floral
    Design Consultant, noted on both copies of the contract and initialed by you. Costs resulting from any changes will
    credited/debited to the final total of your order.

    Our promise to you: You will receive beautiful, fresh, thoughtful flowers and excellent service from Our Floral Designers.
    We look forward to assisting you in making your wedding day everything you dreamed of and more.

    Customer Signature ____________ Date: __ / __ / ____
    Megan Fox 11/27/2010…/…                                                                                                 5/5