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                    MJ, probably scarier when he’s not a zombie.
    What is a zombie?
A zombie is a corpse that has been reanimated, AKA “undead”.

They tend to be really slow and shambolic, and really like to eat

Mostly their brraaaaaiiiinnssss.

It’s also a drink with lots of rum in it.
  How is a zombie made?
A zombie can be made in several ways;
   A virus which is usually passed through a bite or wound. It is
   usually blood borne, or transferred through bodily fluids.
   Viruses : T-Virus, Solanum, RAGE (arguable.)
   Witchcraft, like Haitian folklore where a witchdoctor would
   raise a person from the dead to do their bidding. Also through
   black magic, in the case of Evil Dead where the zombies are a
   result of the Book of the Dead.
   Radiation from outer space!
   No reason (as is the case in many films/games.)
A brief timeline of zombies
     Place the timeline here, once it has been changed.
      How to kill a zombie!
One main thing to remember :
  Weapons :
  Firearms – These are only useful if you are already skilled, and
  you have loads of ammo.
  Long range – Also only useful if you are already skilled, and
  you also need to be able to replenish arrows etc.
  Close range – MACHETE. Takes no skill, minimal maintenance
  but MUST be kept clean (in case of accidental infection.)
  Other – Acid, explosives, fire etc. Pointless, no guarantee of
  destroying the brain, good chance of killing yourself by
Should I stay or should I go?
Staying in one place :
Keep plenty of supplies and well maintained weapons.
If you plan on staying there for a long time, try to grow your own food
using roof space, plant pots, secure outdoor spaces.
Keep your hideout as secure as possible.

The Pub : BIG WINDOWS. Not actually that safe. Somewhere the likes of
Legends would be better, but there's only one entrance so if zombies get
in you’re buggered.

The Mall : Not actually that bad, shop shutters should keep you safe. Also
sporting goods/food shops should be good for supplies. They often also
have their own generator for power.

Other places : Churches, Army bunkers, your house.
Should I stay or should I go? Pt 2
If you decide to run, always plan a route and don’t dilly dally.

Car/Van/Truck : Loud and needs petrol. May be useful for
   carrying supplies but the noise will attract every zombie for
   miles around.
(Something like the armoured truck from land of the dead would
   be fun though.)
Pushbike : Almost silent, though leaves you with no defence
   should you be surrounded. Also doesn’t need any petrol and
   minor maintenance. Depends on physical fitness.
Other : Tank, plane, etc. Probably awesome but not that easy to
“..of the Dead” series. George A Romero,
Known as “Godfather of Zombies.”
Evil Dead series.
Resident Evil
Shaun of the Dead                                                      Games :
                                                       Dead Rising (awesome)
                                                                  Resident Evil
                                                        Zombie Vs Ambulance
                                                               Silent Hill? O_o
                                                           House of the Dead
                                                                   Left 4 Dead
                                           Stubbs the Zombie : Rebel without a
Don’t Stop Me Now!
   That’s all folks.
           ..Except for the bibliography.
•Information and historical events from
The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks.

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