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									         Stanford University STEP Program

 •    Have young writers           Generally, PowerPoint works very much like Microsoft Word. Many tasks, such as using
 create storybooks that are        the Office Assistant, formatting text, spell-checking, adding headers and footers, inserting
 illustrated and annotated,        graphics, and using features like undo and redo, function identically to Word.
 where each page contains a
 “paragraph.” Emphasize            G E T R EADY
 the structure of paragraphs       • Before you begin creating your PowerPoint presentation, think about your audience,
 and short stories.                    the occasion and your purpose. Choose appropriate fonts, colors and language.
                                   • Simplify! Use a consistent look. Put only a few points on each slide. For each point, use
 •    Help students who are            only a few words. Use a large font so viewers can read from the back of the room.
 new to English create
 “audio stories” by re-
 cording a spoken story           SCREEN SHOTS
 onto illustrated pages; go
 back later and use the
 notes section of each slide
 to transcribe the spoken
 story into English.

 •   For advanced writers,
 create hyperlinked, multi-
 ending stories.

 •   Create electronic Sci-
 ence Lab Book entries that                                                                  Drop-down menus
                                                                                             allow users to animate their slides
 can be shared on the Web.

Animate To add a special visual or sound effect to text             Panes Use the outline pane to organize and develop the
or an object. For example, you can have your text bullet            content of your presentation. You can type all of the text
points fly in from the left, one word at a time, or hear the        of your presentation and rearrange bullet points, para-
sound of applause when a picture is uncovered.                      graphs and slides. In the slide pane, you can see how your
                                                                    text looks on each slide. You can add graphics and mov-
Auto content wizard This guides helps create a new                  ies, create hyperlinks and add animations. The notes pane
presentation by prompting you for information about                 lets you add your speaker notes or information you want
content, purpose, style, handouts and output. The presen-           to share with the audience.
tation contains sample text that can be changed.
                                                                    Templates Design templates contain pre-designed formats
Color scheme Sets of eight coordinated colors you can               and color schemes you can apply to any presentation to
use in your presentation. You can also use them for charts          give it a particular look. Content templates contain formats
and tables and to recolor pictures added to slides.                 and color schemes just like design templates, plus slides
                                                                    with suggested text for specific subjects. You can also
Masters A special slide or page on which you define for-            make new templates based on a presentation you’ve already
matting for all slides or pages in your presentation. Each          created. You can add the new template to the Auto-
presentation has a master for key components: slides, title         Content Wizard so that it will be available the next time
slides, speaker’s notes, and handouts.                              you use the wizard.
Page 2                                                                                                   Stanford STEP Program

...start a new presentation. You can create a new presen-           ...animate my slides and use cool transitions. Select an
tation by using a) the AutoContent wizard, which contains sug-      object to animate. Slide show -> Preset Animation, and click
gested content and design, b) an existing presentation that can     the options you want. To animate slides, Slide Show -> Slide
be changed to suit your needs, c) a design template that can be     Transition. Choose an “Effect” and the speed you want. You
filled in with your words and images, or d) a blank presentation    can also add sound, or have slides auto advance here.
that can be built from scratch.
                                                                    ...view my presentation. Under the Slide Show menu, click
...give my presentation a consistent look. Use design               View Show. Or click the tiny Slide Show projection screen
templates, masters, color schemes and slide layouts to              icon at the lower left of the PowerPoint window.
choose colors, fonts and logos to go on all pages.
                                                             ...use the pen pointer. If you want to annotate slides while
...add a new slide at the beginning or middle of my          you’re talking, go to Slide Show > Set up Show and change
show. Go to Insert -> New Slide (or Ctrl+M). Make sure       the pen color. Once the presentation has started, you can
you are on the slide just before where you want the new one. simply click on the up-arrow and choose a pointer.

...make a hyperlink or Internet link. Highlight the text/           ...make notes for myself and handouts for my audience.
object you want to be an active link. Under Insert, choose          Under File -> Print, you can choose to print the invisible
Hyperlink. Type in the web page or file you want to link to.        notes for yourself or thumbnails of the slides to pass out.

...insert pictures and movies. Go to Insert, then choose            ...publish my presentation on the web. Use File -> ‘Save
the medium you want to add, ‘Pictures,’ ‘Movies and Sound,’         As Web Page’ to save an HTML file that you can put in your
‘Tables,’ etc. Follow the instructions on the dialog box.           WWW folder through FTP or Fetch.

TOOLBAR                                                             MY NOTES

T EMPLATES    FOR   TEACHER S                                      P OWERPOINT TUTORIAL S This site contains over 130       PowerPoint in the Class-
presentations and templates that are sorted by grade level         room is a FREE tutorial that covers the basic “how-to’s” in a
and topic. This could be a great “sampler.”                        1950’s stylized-cartoon way. Teachers could point their stu-
                                                                   dents to this site, and novice may also enjoy access to the info. Karen is a chemistry pro-
fessor at Los Angeles Valley College. STEP students in   
science may want to visit her site to see how she incorpo-         ID=PPT97tutorial Microsoft’s Education site has a plethora
rates PowerPoint to create chemistry lectures and tutorials.       of downloadable Word documents that can help teachers. The Spartan-           
burg County School District (K-12, South Carolina) has             classroom/ppt97/overview.asp Microsoft also provides a
created a very handy compilation of PowerPoint examples            PowerPoint tutorial on the web, called “In and Out of the
for its teachers.                                                  Classroom with Microsoft PowerPoint 97.”

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