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					USPS GreenDisk Shared Goals

   USPS Revenue        Corporate Citizenship
   $278 Million        • Environmental stewards
                         –   Reuses existing eWaste
                         –   Recycled products
                         –   Reduces waste in landfill
                         –   Enhances product take-back
                         –   Accountability
                       • Social welfare
                         –   Fights ID theft
                         –   Jobs for disabled
                         –   Protects proprietary info
                         –   Reduce taxpayer subsidies
                         –   Accountability

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Introduction of Team (here today)

      • GreenDisk
           –   David Beschen
           –   Andy Rockefeller
           –   Mickey Friedman
           –   Jon Bishop
           –   John Nolan (Board Member)

      • ReCellular
           – Mike Newman

      • National Industries for the Blind
           – Dan Kelly

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                                         David Beschen                   TBD
                                          GreenDisk                     USPS

                                         Vision, quality,       Program management,
                                          USPS liaison                Marketing

                 Dick Jensen          Mickey Friedman              Andy Rockefeller
                 GreenDisk               GreenDisk                   GreenDisk

                                      Product Marketing
                 Technology          Operations/programs           Communications

                                     Nonprofit Facilities

                                         Jeff Ditchek

                                          Dan Kelly

                 Cell Phones           Inkjet Cartridges     Other Technotrash

                 Mike Newman             Jon Bishop          Mickey Friedman
                  ReCellular             GreenDisk              GreenDisk

              Processing recycling   Processing, recycling             ,
                                                             Processing recycling
                remanufacturing        remanufacturing         remanufacturing

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Operations – The GreenDisk
Technotrash Clearinghouse

• Coalition of Partners provides single source solution
      –   USPS reverse logistics capacities & BMC network backbone
      –   NIB/NISH/CARF non-profit facilities
      –   ReCellular for cell phones
      –   Brokerage ensures best market price for inkjet cartridges

• Benefits
      –   Rapid deployment
      –   Easy scalability
      –   Adaptability to changes in the market/technology
      –   Provides a single source solution
      –   Accounting checks and balances thru barcode scanning and
          reporting by each participant thru online system

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Technotrash Clearinghouse

                                                                            Products/materials returned
                                                                                to the marketplace

                                         Pickup bags for Cell Phones
                                         and Inkjet Cartridges
       Postal Carrier                    Purchase Technotrash Cans

                                                       Available thru
                           Post Office            Post Offices and Online

                                      BMCs                                   Remanufacturer

       Secure Sorting &    Secure Sorting &   Secure Sorting &                        Recellular      Inkjet
        IP Destruction      IP Destruction     IP Destruction
                                                                                     Cell Phones    Cartridges             Technotrash
                  Multiple nonprofit facilities
          Geographically disperse and easily scalable

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Proposal – a single source solution

      • GreenDisk will participate in any way
        USPS wants
      • But we recommend a single source
        solution – GreenDisk is that solution
           – Financially: top revenue
           – Marketing: greater leverage
           – Politically: no vested interest; work with everyone and
             offers all the opportunity to participate
           – Operationally: perfect fit; USPS reverse logistics; BMC
           – Flexibility: required due to tech and market changes

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Marketing Objective: Increase Volume

 Volume makes “everything” work: more mail, critical mass creates
 markets for recyclables, economies of scale make implementing
 distribution/processing systems more efficient and affordable

  Marketing Strategy:
      Create involvement with consumers. Results in
      commitment by the customer and brand loyalty.
      The timing is right with everything “green”.
 Critical messages:
       Focus on key attributes of the USPS brand
       • Convenience: the #1 inhibitor is difficulty to recycle
       • “Sanctity of the mail” - official protection of contents

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Marketing Tactics

      A themed, coordinated marketing communications campaign
      timed to launch the USPS eWaste Recycling Program on
      America Recycles Day 2006

  • Celebrity spokesperson to expedite awareness and adoption
  • PR: articles, customer stories, newsletter, blogs, websites
  • Advertising: print media and drive-time radio in key markets
  • Tradeshows & conferences: including targeted major events
    on Earth Day (Apr) and America Recycles Day (Nov)
  • Environmental directories and search engines
  • Targeted direct marketing: i.e. USPS Movers Kit
  • POP displays at USPS stores – online and retail storefronts

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Financial - Five Year eWaste
Program Revenue Projections

        Product                      First Full         First Full            Five Year    Five Year
                                       Year               Year               Projection    Projection
        Lines                          Units*          USPS Income              Units     USPS Income
        Inkjet                            8.2 M           $16.6 M                36.3 M    $73.2 M

        Cell Phone &                      2.7 M             $7.4 M               12.0 M    $32.3 M

        Technotrash                       4.6 M           $36.5 M                30.3 M $172.8 M

        TOTAL                                             $60.5 M                         $278.3 M

        *1st full year starts when program is rolled out to all 38,000 post offices
        in the continental U.S. estimated to be 6 months after contract awarded.

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Schedule for Launch

   Major Milestones                                               Date
   Contract Awarded                                                June
   Program specs finalized                                          July
   Facilities setup (2 months)                                      Aug
   Online systems modifications complete                            Aug
   Training of USPS personnel (retail and corp reps)                Aug
   60 day pilot rollout (20% of post offices – select markets)   Sept – Oct
   Begin Marketing rollout                                         Sept
   Full rollout to all 38,000 Post Offices                          Nov
   Major Marketing Launch on America Recycles Day                   Nov

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Sample GreenDisk Clients

 Government                                  Business
      •   Cities of Torrance, Cambridge,       •   Kaiser Permanente, Providence
          Santa Barbara, San Leandro,          •   Nordstrom, Square D
          Mansfield, Portland, Madison,
                                               •   Williams Baily Law, Gardiner MD
                                               •   Defense Microelectronics, Maytag
      •   States of Missouri, Connecticut
                                               •   Valley National Bank
      •   US Bankruptcy Court
                                               •   Boeing, BAE Systems
      •   US Forest Service, Army & Navy
                                               •   Deloitte Touche, Epson
      •   GSA, EPA, FAA, USDA
 Schools                                     Organizations
      •   Harvard Law, MIT                     •   Fort Worth Zoo
      •   University of California Schools     •   Dana Farber Cancer Institute
      •   Brown, Carnegie Mellon               •   Zionsville Christian Church
      •   U of Maryland, Dartmouth             •   National Aquarium in Baltimore
      •   Stanford, U of South Carolina        •   Sierra Club, World Bank
      •   New Trier High School                •   Monterrey Bay Aquarium
      •   Washington State University          •   World Wildlife Fund
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The GreenDisk Difference
      • GreenDisk is a Clearinghouse organized for efficient
          and flexible operations by “best of class” participants –
          marketing, fulfillment, transport, and processing.
      • Our clearinghouse business model ensures:
           –   Rapid deployment and rollout to entire country
           –   Easily scalability for growth and high volumes
           –   Operational flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions
           –   Checks and balances thru entire transaction

      • Focus is on the client – the sales, the marketing, the
          customer service, and front end design of the services.
      • We know marketing and how to implement it
      • Experience. We have done audited disposal of IP
          right for 12 years.
      • Our process for automated recycling of technotrash
          maximizes client and partner ease, minimizes cost, and
          guarantees easy scalability as the business grows.
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Benefits to USPS

     •   Achieves Postal Service Objectives
     •   Provides new set of services to customers
     •   Protects privacy of America’s information
     •   Protects against identity theft
     •   Creates new jobs and training programs
     •   Addresses looming social issues
     •   Generates over $250 million in new

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                       Well positioned to meet the special needs of the
                       newly emerging demand for technotrash recycling.

                                             David Beschen, CEO
                                                    May 10, 2006

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