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									FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT                                                                   MUIC

Information about Minor
language programs at MUIC
New minor programs in the foreign languages start in September every year.
(Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish)

1. 1 Pre requisites for the language minor programs:

3 general education courses (e.g. Elementary Chinese I, II, III) in the 1. Year.
(level 1 and / or level 2 and/ or level 3 could be waived if there is a sufficient previous
knowledge of the chosen language)

1. 2. Full Language Minor program requirements:

a) 3 pre intermediate courses (I,II,III ) in the 2. Year.

b) 3 intermediate courses (I, II, III) in the 3. Year.

c) 2 more extra courses in the 4. Year. (1. listening and speaking skills/
   2. reading and writing skills, both conducted in the same or two consecutive

1. 3. Foreign Language Minor Certificate program:

a) 3 pre intermediate courses (I, II, III) in the 2. year

b) Intermediate I in the 3rd year

1.4 Foreign Language Minor classes as free elective classes:

Provided, the language proficiency of a student is sufficient, any foreign
language minor class can be taken as free elective.

2. Rules for the language minor program:

2. 1 The applying student needs the permission of the program directors of both
     the Foreign language program and the student’s major program.

2. 2 The student must have a minimum grade of C+ in level I, II and III of the
     Elementary courses in the language he/she wishes to study as a minor and
     a GPA not less than 2.8.

2. 3 A minimum number of 5 students in each language is required to open a
     minor class. This class will lead at least to the Certificate level with 4
     consecutive classes.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT                                                               MUIC

2. 4. Minor language classes are to be opened only in quarter 1
       of an academic year. The situation for students who started to study at
       MUIC in quarter II or III and are interested in a language minor is as
       If they start in quarter III, they have to wait 1 trimester for the start of the
       minor program, but can still graduate in time (after 11 trimesters).
       If they start in quarter II, they have to wait 2 trimesters for the start of the
       minor language program and have to delay their graduation for 1
      (no delay of graduation : Elementary level 1 (or level I and II) could be
       waived because of previous knowledge in the chosen language and the
       student could start right away with Elementary level II or III in time).

2.5. A final decision about taking a language as a minor program has to be
     made after the final results of language class level III
     (after trimester III, 2010).
     After that a formal application procedure has to be conducted.

     For more detailed information please read the FAQ paper for the language
     minor program.

     You can also consult with the advisors for the available language minors:

       Chinese ( Aj. Zhang Bo)                    French (Aj. Bruno)
       Japanese ( Aj. Orie)                       Spanish (Aj. Javier)
       German (Aj. Thomas)

    Please do not hesitate to contact these advisors if you have further questions
    about the language minor program.

                                                         Thomas Krey

                                              (Foreign Language Program Director)

FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT                                                              MUIC

Answers to FAQ’s about
minor language programs
(New Minor classes start in September every year)

1. Can I take my Elementary level III language class as a free elective course, when I
   take that language as a minor program?
   Yes , you can, if
   your major is not TIM,
   you took Elementary level I and II in that language as General Education classes,
   you took another language as General Education level I and II class.

2. Can I take my Elementary level III class outside of the College (e.g. in a private
   language school) or skip it at all, before I apply for the minor language program?
   Yes, you can, if your proficiency in the language is sufficient,
                  if your major is not TIM.

3. Can I take one of the minor program classes (e.g. Pre-Intermediate level I) as a
   second free elective course?
   No, normally not (i.e. if you complete the minor program)
   Exception: you quit the minor program before it is completed.

4. Can I start the language minor program before finishing my first year?
   In general not, but we will decide this on a case by case basis.

5. Can I participate in minor language classes as a free elective class without
   taking the language as a complete minor program?
   Yes, you can. (provided the number of students who take it as a full program
   and your language proficiency are sufficient)

6. How many credit courses per term can I take when I take a minor language program?
   16 credits in the major program, 4 credits in the minor program,
   together 20 credits. (Exceptionally 22 credits are permitted).

7. What happens, if my minor class clashes with a core course in my major?
   We try to avoid clashes by scheduling the language minor classes on “safer” time
   bands. If there is still a clash, the language minor class has to come first,
   otherwise you would not be able to complete the program.

8 Who has to approve my application for the language minor if I haven’t got a program
  director yet?
  Your General Education Advisor.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT                                                              MUIC
9. Which GPA level do I need for being accepted in the language minor program.
   It should not be lower than 2.8.

10. Can I get the approval for the language minor program, though my GPA is lower
    than 2.8?
    We will consider this on a case by case basis.

11. Can I take the minor language program when I started to study in year 2009/2010 ?
    In general yes, the delay depends on the quarter you started to study in year
    If you started in quarter III, year 2009/2010 you can graduate in time (after 11
    If you started in quarter II, year 2009/2010 there will be a delay of one quarter
    so you could graduate after 12 trimesters).
    If you started in quarter I, year 2009/2010 there will be a delay of 2 quarters
    So you could graduate after 13 trimesters).

12. Can I complete my minor language program after I graduated in my major program?
    No you can’t. You have to complete it before or at the same time.

13. Can I continue to study the minor language program if I am going to study as an
    exchange student abroad (for 1 or 2 trimesters) ?
    Yes, but we have to make sure, that the university you are going to study in,
     offers similar courses in your chosen language in order to transfer credits.
     In case no similar course can be found, we offer to teach you online, take
     the exam after yiou come back to MUIC and join again in the minor program.

14. What would happen if I fail to pass a course ?
    This would be usually the end of your minor language studies, because
    you could take the same level of courses only after waiting for 3 trimesters.
    (Minor language classes are offered only once a year, starting regularly in
    trimester 1).

15.   Can I take a language minor course without having taken any or not all of
      the 3 General Education language courses before ?
      Yes, if your proficiency in the language is sufficient (proved by placement test
      and interview)

16.   Are the grades, I obtain in my language minor classes included in my GPA ?
      Yes, they are.

17. I am in the TIM program and I want to take a language as a minor, but my level
    of proficiency is too high for level I. What do I have to do then ?
    You have to take another language as General Education courses, you can take
     level III in your chosen language as a free elective course and start
     the minor language program after that.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT                                                                  MUIC
18.   What happens if my GPA is higher than 2.8, when I start the minor language
      program, but falls below 2.8. afterwards? Do I have to give up the language minor
      program ?
      There will be no automatic dismissal, instead of this we will keep you on a
      probation period (not exceeding 2 trimesters during which the language minor
      advisor will assess your academic performance.)
      If the GPA is improving again, you can continue the language minor program,
      if it is getting even lower we might advice you to quit the program. (in order
      to concentrate on your major studies)

20. Is it possible to take a double minor (e.g. in English and a foreign language) ?
    No, it is not.

21. Once the language minor program started is there a guarantee, that I can study until
    the last level (even if I would be the last student in the program)?
    No, there isn’t. Once you started we guarantee 4 consecutive courses up to the
    Foreign Language Certificate program. Whether the courses will continue
    after that, depends on the number of students who are willing to complete the
    Foreign Language Minor program. Once this 2nd part of the program started,
    there is again the guarantee that it will be completed (not regarding the
    number of remaining students)

22. If I quit the language minor program before finishing it, will the courses I took be
     included in my final course record ?
     Yes, they will.

23. If I quit the minor language program before finishing it, will the courses I took be
     included in the final GPA ?
    Yes, they will (as additional free elective courses).

24. I aim to obtain an honor degree. Do I have to complete my studies in the same
    11 quarters if I take a language minor besides my major ?
    No, you don’t. (you can postpone your graduation for one year without losing
    the eligibility for an honor degree.)

25. I changed my major to TIM. Because of my previous knowledge in the chosen
    language I was placed in level II and III. Can I take the Pre – intermediate I - class
    as my third required General Education class, when I want to study this language as
    a minor ?
    No, you can’t. (because you cannot take the same class as a compulsory class in a
    program and as a free elective course). Provided your interest in taking a
    language minor program is strong enough, you would have to take the two
    General Education language classes you took as free elective courses and 3
    levels of another language as your General Education requirements.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT                                                              MUIC

26. I am in the TIM program. How can I combine a minor program and my internship
    Requirements ?
    Internship I is conducted in the college, as you are allowed to take one
    additional class in the term of your internship, it is possible to continue the
    minor program at the same time.
    Concerning Internship II the minor program has to be completed before,
    because you have to take it outside of the college and cannot take
    any classes at the same time.

27. To whom can I turn to, if I have more questions about the language minor program ?

    For Chinese: Aj. Zhang Qiujuan          For French: Aj. Bruno
    for German: Aj. Thomas                  For Japanese: Aj. Orie
    for Spanish: Aj. Javier



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