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									U.S. Department of the Interior
 Office of the Special Trustee
     for American Indians
      American Indian Trust Fund
    Management Reform Act of 1994
                (Public Law 103-412)

   Enacted to improve the management and
    accountability of Indian trust funds
    administered by the Department of Interior.

   Provide an opportunity for Indian Tribes to
    directly manage their trust funds.
The Office of the Special Trustee For
       American Indians (OST)

   Created to provide fiduciary guidance,
    oversight, management and leadership for
    both tribal trust accounts and IIM accounts.

   Oversees and coordinates the establishment
    of consistent policies, procedures, systems
    and practices throughout DOI.

   Ensures DOI is fulfilling its fiduciary trust
    responsibilities to American Indians and
    Alaska Natives.
Office of the Special Trustee For
American Indians (OST) Mission
     To perform our fiduciary trust
responsibilities to American Indian tribes,
individual Indians, and Alaska Natives by
  incorporating a beneficiary focus and
 beneficiary participation while providing
  effective, competent stewardship and
       management of trust assets.
      OST Organizational Chart

                 Special Trustee for American Indians
                            Ross Swimmer

                   Principal Deputy Special Trustee
                             Donna Erwin

                         Deputy Special Trustee –
                            Field Operations
                               Doug Lords

                                                Trust Beneficiary Call
Office of Appraisal Services                           Center

                           Regional Trust

                               Trust Officers
       Fiduciary Trust Officer
   A Fiduciary Trust Officer is a person who
    takes care of funds or assets that are held
    in trust accounts for someone’s benefit
    (that person is known as a “beneficiary”)!
      Tribe
      Individual Indian Account Holder
   Primary contact for trust beneficiaries
    regarding information related to their trust
   Work closely with Superintendent and
    Deputy Superintendent on beneficiary
         Fiduciary Trust at the Local Level
       OST (primarily) (Agency)     BIA (primarily),
         MMS                                                                         BLM & MMS
Financial Management                                                             Resource Management
   Beneficiary contact
   Collections                                                                     Plan for resource use
   Liaison to OTFM                                                                 Acquisition & disposal
   Manage lease receivable                                                         Leasing activities
   Provide customer statements                                                     Lease compliance
   Help ensure timely distribution of                                              Trespass
    funds                                                                           Conserve & protect assets
   Locate WAU                                                                      Maintain timely ownership
   Distribute estate funds at closing                                              Probate
   Provide beneficiary financial                                                   Locate WAU
    training                                                                        Initiate service requests
    -       Minors                                                                   - Appraisals
    -       Tribal credit loans                                                      - Survey
    -       Understanding beneficiary               Results                          - Environment
            statements                      More proactive use of land
   - Estate planning                       Timely distribution of funds
                                            Lease receivable
                                            Local decision making & problem
                                            Dedicated trained staff
                                            Standardized processes
                                            Beneficiary centered service
                                            Less interruptions of operations
                                            Additional resources at the local
               The Indian Trust
   The Indian trust represents the largest land trust in the
    U.S. and encompasses approximately 56 million acres of

   Interior manages more than 100,000 leases on these

   Funds from leasing, use permits, land sales, and interest
    totaling approximately $300 million per year, are
    collected for about 323,000 open IIM accounts.

   Approximately $500 million is collected each year in
    1,450 tribal accounts for over 250 tribes.
             Rocky Mountain Region

   Manages in Trust 6,421,335 acres

       Tribal Trust Acreage 3,490,753
       Allotted Acreage 2,930,582

   Approximately 90% is in Agricultural Leases.

   Rocky Mountain process approximately 37%
    of all the transactions Indian Country wide
       Beneficiary Information
         Needed for a Will.
   Individual Interest/Tribal Report (ITI)

   Beneficiary enrollment number, birth date,
    family information.

   How beneficiary desires to distribute their
    assets at death.
           Rocky Mountain Region Fiduciary Trust Officers

   Regional Office Billings - Wendlon Bruce Loudermilk, CIFTS
    490 N. 31st Street Suite 302 Billings, MT 59101              (406) 657-6750

   Blackfeet - Lisa Bullshoe, CIFTS
    531SE Boundary St #212, PO Box 880, Browning MT 59417        (406) 338-4358

   Northern Cheyenne - Lynnette T. Verlanic, CTFA, CIFTS
    PO Box 40 Lame Deer MT 59043                                 (406) 477-8289

   Crow Agency -
    PO Box 69 Crow Agency MT 59022                               (406) 638-4405

   Fort Belknap - Howard Bemer
    100 BIA Road, Harlem, MT 59526                               (406) 353-2281

   Fort Peck - Charles Knowlton, CIFTS
    PO Box 637, Poplar, MT 59255                                 (406) 768-3288

   Wind River - Richard Ortiz, CIFTS
    P.O. Box 158, Fort Washakie, WY 82514                        (307) 332-3669

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