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									                         DIRECTORATE OF MARKETING
                         KHADI GRAMODYOG BHAVAN
              3, IRLA ROAD, VILE PARLE (WEST), MUMBAI - 400056

                                 MOBILE SALES VAN
                                   TENDER NOTICE

        Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan, Khadi and Village Industries Commission, Irla
Road, Vile Parle (West), Mumbai -56, Tel:26704454, invites sealed Tenders from
the professional and experienced agencies for execution of following works :
        (a)           Fabrication work on the Cowl chassis of the Vehicle No 10-90K
                      (Euro-III Model from EICHER).
        (b)           Fitting Air conditioning in the newly fabricated body
              Interested Firm/Agencies shall submit tender for both the works or
any of the works by submitting separate technical and financial bid based upon
their qualification and eligibility criterion specified in the work.
        Interested firms/companies may collect Tender documents by paying an
amount of Rs.1,000/- (Non-refundable) for each of the work in the form of
Demand Draft in favour of Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan, Mumbai-400 056 on or
before 26.11.2010. The Tender document will be available for sale upto 3.00 PM
of 26.11.2010 and may be submitted upto 3.30 PM on or before 26.11.2010.
Same will be opened on the same day i.e. on 26.11.2010 at 03.30 PM. The
Tenderers      also     can     download        the     Tender       Form       from   KVIC   Website
( and the cost of tender may be paid separately either by Cash
or D/D payable to Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan, Mumbai at the time of submission
of Tender.
NOTE: The date is extended upto 26.11.2010

Date – 22.11.2010
                     KHADI GRAMODYOG BHAVAN
               IRLA ROAD, VILE PARLE (WEST), MUMBAI – 56
No.KVIC/KGB/Mobile Sales Van/2010-11                                      Date: 22.11.2010

                                   TENDER DOCUMENT
       Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan has planned for plying the Mobile Sales Van in
different parts of City. This office has already placed order for purchase of Vehicle
of EISHER Model 10.90 K (Cowl chassis) with chassis size admeasuring 24'X8' with
wheel base 4800 MM. In order to make the Sales Van roadworthy, body building
work including Air-conditioning work of said Van has to be done by carrying out
necessary fabrication work with quality structure and material and installation of
Air-conditioning of reputed make for which sealed Tender are invited from the well
qualified and reputed body builders/parties including Air-conditioning Agency for
carrying out the body building work and Air-conditions work of the Mobile Sales
Van. The terms and conditions for the same are detailed below:-


1. SCOPE OF WORK:- Enclosed at Annexure- I- For fabrication of the chassis.
                       Annexure–II- For installation of Air Conditioning

    1. (a) Fabrication of the Chassis :

         The entire structure shall be built with good quality of materials at the risk
         and cost of tenderer / contractor. The entire structure shall be homogenous,
         attractively built, with non breakable glass including arrangement of water
         proofing etc. beside providing qualitative materials, good workmanship and
         watertight. The structure should remain intact for a longer period (Specified
         in Annexure-I) .

       (b) Air Conditioning :

         Air conditioning of the vehicle should be furnished including cooling
         capacity of the Air conditioning with condenser, evaporator, compressor, etc.
         as specified in the Annexure - II

    2. The contractor / his supervisor should be available for their services and for
       immediately attending to the defects found if any during the time of running
       of vehicle as and when required, for and within the period of warranty.

    3. The contractor should make adequate arrangements about fire retardant and
       also put fire fighting equipments in the Mobile Sales Van.

    4. The contractor should ensure safe guard against all possible risk, like theft,
       fire and other natural calamities for the Mobile Sales Van.


    5. The structure lies at the risk of the contractor and proper security
       arrangement for safety of the same should be done by the contractor himself
       during the course of work.
    6. Contractor should must ensure all necessary approval from R.T.O. for the
       design of Mobile Sales Van.
    7. The Contractor should quote the rate covering all the requirements as
       envisaged in the schedule of works. Any other items required for completion
       of above work should also be specified while quoting the rates for
       satisfactory completion of fabrication work.

    8. The Contractor should remain present whenever the officials of KVIC, call
       for discussions for the said purpose.

    9. The work should be executed properly by deploying good quality materials
       and through experienced workmanship to the satisfaction KVIC. If, any
       changes are suggested during execution of work, such changes should be
       incorporated by the Contractor.


    10. The Tenderer has to furnish an Earnest Money Deposit of Rs.20,000/-, for
        each of the work drawn in favour of Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan, Mumbai
        while submitting the tender. On completion of the contract period the
        E.M.D. deposit will be released after observing the necessary formalities. No
        interest shall be paid by the KVIC on the EMD. The E.M.D. can be forfeited
        in case of unsatisfactory performance by the contractor, as decided by KVIC.
    11. The Commission has right to accept the lowest or any other tender or rejects
        all of them. The Tenderer has no claim in this regard. Similarly, failure to
        furnish EMD, tender cost and other requirements as per the terms and
        conditions may result in disqualifying the bid.
    12. Before quoting the rates the Tenderer must understand the technical
        specification and accordingly shall submit the financial bid.

         PENALTY: -

    13. At any point of time, KVIC finds that the performance of the Contractor is
        not satisfactory, the KVIC reserves the right to terminate contract. The
        loss/damage suffered by KVIC will be debited from the bill of the Contractor
        apart from a penalty to be levied by KVIC on the contractor, as deemed fit.

         BANK GUARANTEE: -

    14. An irrevocable performance bank guarantee will have to be furnished by the
        Tenderer for the full amount of the work, in case of selection.




    15. a) Tenderer should have at least minimum three years experiences in
        fabrication of heavy duty vehicles from Chassis. Having experience in
        fabricating Mobile Sales Van will be preferred. Such Agency/ tenderer
        should have its full-fledged office and workshop in Mumbai with proven
        track record in undertaking similar work successfully.

         b) The party should submit EMD, cost of tender, besides furnishing Income
         tax clearance certificate for the latest assessment year 2009-10, audited
         Balance Sheet for the year 2009-10, PAN Card in the name of Firm / Agency,
         registration of Service Tax, Certificate/Documents of past work done etc. All
         the requisites should be in the name of the firm.

    16. The Tenderer will submit its offer in sealed envelope containing technical bid
        and financial bid separately mentioning it on the cover of the Bid. The offer
        has to be addressed to the Manager, Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan, Vile Parle
        (West), Mumbai-56 which should reach on or before 19.11.2010 upto 11.00
        a.m. sharp. The technical bid will contain details, drawings, layout, etc. in
        addition to company profile, work done etc.

    17. FINANCIAL BID:- The financial bid should be in the prescribed format of
        KVIC and the quotation should include all taxes including Services tax etc.
        and KVIC will not be liable to pay any extra charge except for any extra
        assignment provided by KVIC which will be decided by mutual discussion
        as per rates approved in the quotation.

    18. PAYMENT:- Payment to the contractor shall be released on installments
        only. The first installment of 25% will be released along with the work order
        against bank guarantee of equal amount. 50 % payment will be made after
        satisfactory execution of work. Balance 25% payment will be made after
        taking over the physical possession of the vehicle and after completion and
        compliance of all the relevant formalities like R.T.O. passing and obtaining
        Reg. No. etc.

    19. The Contractor has to hand over the Mobile Sales Van ready in all respect
        with in six weeks from the date of receipt of work order. Otherwise, the
        penalty will be charged as deemed fit by KVIC.

    20. The selected Tenderer has to enter in to a formal agreement with the KVIC
        covering all the terms and condition for execution of the work.




       a. Initial scrutiny will be done based on eligibility criteria for short listing.
       b. Presentation of short listed parties will be done to ensure that they have
          understood the concept and are technically competent and capable to
          execute the Mobile Sales Van work, as per the design and specification.
          Separate presentation will be accepted for each of the work as per the
       c. The short listed agencies selected out of technical bids shall submit financial
          bid thereon.
       d. However, KVIC reserves the right to accept or reject the tenderer without
          assigning any reasons.
    22. The Mobile sales Van will have to be displayed with the achievements of
        KVIC, its concept of Eco friendliness and touch of Natural products besides
        emphasizing on Rural employment on displays panels, etc.
    23. In case the Tenderer has downloaded the tender form from the KVIC
        website, the cost of tender, i. e. Rs.1,000/- (Non refundable) has to be paid by
        Demand Draft drawn in favour of Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan, Mumbai while
        submitting the tender.
    24. Any kind of dispute touching or concerning the matter shall be resolved
        amicably by mutual discussion in the presence of the Chairperson/ CEO/FA
        of KVIC failing which it shall be referred to ICADR for arbitration under
        ICADR Arbitration rules 1996. The place of arbitration proceedings shall be
        in Mumbai.
    25. OPENING OF TENDER: - The Tender document will be available for sale in
        the K.G. Bhavan, at Gramodaya, 3, Irla Road, Vile Parle (W) upto 3.00 PM of
        26.11.2010 and may be submitted upto 3.30 PM on or before 26.11.2010.
        Technical bids will be opened on the same day 26.11.2010 at 3.30 PM to select
        the bidder for presentation.
    26. Submission of Tender : Tender proposals should be submitted in a
         single cover superscribing Tender for Fabrication / Air conditioning of
         Mobile Sales Van of Khadi and Village Industries Commission, where
         in two separate envelopes for Technical and Financial bids have to be
         kept for each of the work.

                                                                     Asstt. Director/Manager

    Signature of Contractor with seal

                                                                            Annexure- I

     Scope of Work : (Fabrication of Chassis)
                                                 Chassis :
 SN        Particulars                           Specification              Rates per
1.       Floor                    7' X 21' floor with flooring structure
                                  of 5" x 3" MS Channel as main
                                  runner, 3" x 2" MS Marine ply &
                                  wooden finish PVC matting on the

2.       Body Structure           Fabricated MS Top hat /40X40X16g
                                  tubular structure for pillars & Panels,
                                  Dicks for both LH & RH side of the
                                  body & foot step at LH Side.

3.       Outer Paneling Complete structure covering with
                        18g pre coated galvanized sheet.
4.    Interior Inner    Complete body insulation with
      Paneling          50mm puff slabs and covering with
                        20g pre coated galvanized sheet
                        complete inner panel covering with
                        carpet side walls.
5.    Fitments of       Providing powder coated MS racks
      Rack              fitted on the floor inside the body at
                        the RH side, rear, driver cabin
                        partition as per our requirement.
6.    Driver Cabin      Providing front fix glass to the cowl,
      Modification      original sideway opening doors to
                        driver side & co driver side, fix
                        partition between the rear body &
                        driver cabin & Aerodynamic top on
                        the driver cabin.
7.    Door              Providing one door with locking &
                        EPDM rubber beading at the LH side
                        with foot step.
8.    Accessories       Providing 4 nos. wheel caps, Mud
                        flaps, rear MS Bumper.
9.    Glass for         Providing 5mm toughen glass to the
      Display           RH, LH & rear side of the body
10. Seats               One seat for the Co-driver, & two
                        bench type seat with cushion inside
                        the rear body
11. Lighting            Elegant look 8 nos. Lights with
                        complete fitments inside the body
12. Graphics            Providing 3M vinyl graphics with our
                        company logo on the van as per our
13. Painting            Complete cabin & body Painting with
                        proper technical method, one coated
                        of grey epoxy primer coating & two
                        coats of (ICI) high gloss PU Paint as
                        per our Desire Shade
*Rates to be quoted inclusive all taxes.               Total :

                                                                                    ANNEXURE - II
     Scope of Work : (Installation of A.C.)

SN             TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Ac 310                                       Rate per Unit
                               WITH PP.
1        Cooling Capacity                20 to 24 Kw
2        Total Weight                       200 kgs
3        Refrigerant                         R143a
4        Refrigerant Charge                  6 kgs
5        Suitable for seating Capacity     27 to 35
6        Total Current                  60 to 65 amps.

1        Voltage                                            24VDC
2        No. of fans                                         4 nos
3        Condenser air capacity                           5000m3/hr
4        Width                                             1340mm
5        Length                                            1722mm
6        Height                                             187mm
7        Mounting Pitch                                 L=487.5 TYP: W
8        Mounting        hole      size      and         9 dia X 8 plcs

1        Voltage                                             24VDC
2        No of blowers                                  4 nos dual shaft
3        Evaporator air capacity                           4000m3/hr
4        Weight                                               115kg
5        Width                                              1340mm
6        Length                                             2022mm
7        Height                                              187mm
8        Mounting Pitch                                  W= 1250mm ;
9        Mounting        hole      Size      and         9 dia x 12 plcs

1        Model                                                 O5K
2        No of Cylinder                                         4
3        Voltage                                              24Cdc
4        Capacity (CC)                                       400CC
5        RPM                                                2500max.
6        Weight (Kgs)                                        49 Kgs.

         POWER PACK
1        Model                                           MDI 3200
2        Alternator                                  24 VDC; 45 Amps: 2
3        Battery                                     75Ah: 1 Nos; 35Ah :
                                                            2 Nos

*Rates to be quoted inclusive all taxes.                                  Total :

                                                                           Format for submission of Technical Bids

        SN                Name of the           Whether              Submission of Work           Man power          PAN Card in   Income Tax        Registration Address of
                          Firm/                 submitted            EMD by Cash experience       available of the   the name of   Clearance         / Service    the office
                          Agency                cost of              /D.D.         of the Firm    Firm / Agency      Firm /        Certificate for   Tax No.      and
                                                Tender                             / Agency                          Agency        the assessment                 workshop
                                                Form in                                                                            year 2009-10                   in Mumbai
                                                Cash / Draft

                                                                                                                 Separate Technical bid have to be submitted for separate work.

                                                                                                 Signature of the Authorized Person of the Firm/Agency

                     Format for submission of Financial Bids

        SN          Particulars                                            Amount

        1              To undertake fabrication work and
                    Installation of Air Conditioning system in the
                    Mobile Sales van as per the Technical
                    specification of Tender Notice and to the
                    best of satisfaction of KVIC.
                        This will be the sum total of items
                    specified in Annexure – I
                                in Annexure - II

         Separate Financial bid has to be submitted for separate work.

                                          Signature of the Authorized Person of the Firm/Agency

 * Inclusive of all Taxes

  ( Rupees ………                                                                      Only)


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