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									                              Application Form

                  Travel Fund for Research Career Development

Personal details
Name and title:
Year PhD was awarded:
Current position:
Department or School:
Full Address:

Ethnicity (European/ Maori/
Pacific Island/ Other):
Sex (Male/Female):

Conference details
Conference name:
URL of conference page:
Paper title:
Detail other travel funding
applied for:

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Preliminary budget (in NZ $ excl GST)
Conference registration:
Local transport:
            TOTAL (NZ$ excl GST)
   Less Amount from other sources
 Amount requested (NZ$ excl GST)

Have you previously received a BuildIT Research Career Development Travel Fund grant (previously
know as the Emerging Researchers Travel Fund)?

       YES/NO (delete one)

       If so, when was this awarded?:

Have you obtained permission from your employer to travel to the conference (assuming this grant
application is successful):

       YES/NO (delete one)

I understand that if I am offered a BuildIT Research Career Development Travel Award, and accept it,
I will only be eligible to be formally given the Award if I meet all of the following criteria:
    1. A recipient must attend the relevant conference, symposium or workshop and personally
        present their paper.
    2. The recipient must provide a brief report on the experience gained from attendance at the
        conference, symposium or workshop and a statement of how the grant was spent within three
        months of the event.
    3. If the full amount of the grant is not spent on travel and expenses related to attending the
        relevant conference, symposium or workshop, the excess must be returned to the fund manager.
    4. Recipients are responsible for obtaining any travel funding required to attend the conference,
        symposium or workshop in excess of that provided by the grant.
    5. Grantees must gain the permission of their institution to travel over the period of the
        conference, symposium or workshop prior to receipt of the award.

Privacy declaration
The information requested in this application form will be used solely for the purposes of assessing
your application for the BuildIT Research Career Development Travel Award and statistical reporting
on the fund back to TEC. Personal information contained in this application will be made available to

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members of the Fund. The Fund undertakes to store your application in a secure place in the event that
you are successful in gaining an award or are selected as a reserve candidate for an award. The Fund
undertakes to destroy your application to preserve its confidentiality, in the event that you are
unsuccessful in gaining an award. Should you have reason to believe that information held about you is
incorrect, you have the right of access to, and correction of, that information.



Please complete this form and send it together with electronic copies of:
     Your accepted paper
     The referees reports for the paper (if the paper has been accepted)
     A copy of your academic CV
     A brief letter of support from your HOD, Research group leader, or BuildIT mentor

Documents should be emailed to: or by post to:
Department of Computer Science
University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019

Applications close at 17:00 on the due dates (1st day of every even month: February, April and June in

Enquiries can be directed to Prof John Hosking, University of Auckland.

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