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Mobile Real Estate Sales document sample

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									                                              Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
                                              Customer Solution Case Study

                                              EDC Improves Productivity of Mobile Real
                                              Estate Agents with Messaging Solution

Overview                                      “In an hour and a half, I transferred 75 users to the
Country or Region: Denmark
Industry: Real estate
                                              new mailbox server computer, in the middle of the
                                              day, and the users didn‟t notice a thing. Everything
Customer Profile
EDC is the largest chain of independently
                                              just continued to work as normal.”
owned real estate agencies in Denmark.        Thomas Guvad, IT Operations Manager, EDC
The company has more than 1,400
employees and 265 offices across the          As the largest and oldest chain of independently owned real estate
                                              agencies in Denmark, EDC oversees on average two property sales
Business Situation                            every hour. The company‟s agents spend most of their time in the
EDC wa nted to give its agents access to e-
mail, calendars, and address books in a       field. EDC believed that these employees would be more productive
simple and secure way through cell phones     if they could use mobile devices to access their e-mail, calendars,
and other mobile devices, while supporting
centralized IT management.                    address books, and other information stored in the office. In 2006,
                                              to support these mobile workers, EDC deployed beta versions of
Solutio n
In a pilot project, the company deployed      Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 and Microsoft Office Outlook ®
beta versions of Microsoft® Exchange          2007 in a pilot project. The new solution supports centralized IT
Server 2007 and Microsoft Office Outlook ®
2007.                                         management of mobile devices and offers convenient message
                                              access to field agents. It has also proven itself as reliable and easy
 Convenient messa ge access for mobile
                                              to deploy, and it integrates easily with the company‟s existing IT
  workers                                     infrastructure, which is based on the Microsoft server product
 Improved security
 Easy migration and reliable operation
                                           Situation                                        “We are a Microsoft house. Virtually all of our
                                           Founded in 1971, Ejendomsmælgernes Da ta         IT here is based on Microsoft software,” says
                                           Centrum (Esta te Agents‟ Data Center, or EDC)    Thomas Guva d, IT Operations Manager at
                                           is the largest and oldest chain of real estate   EDC. “I f we can implement a solution based
                                           agencies in Denmark. It consists of 265          on Microsoft software instead of developing it
                                           independently owned offices; and the real        ourselves, we do so. We have 25 developers
                                           estate agents collectively own EDC Holding,      at EDC, but it is still better for us to use
                                           the parent company responsible for               Microsoft technology rather than create
                                           marketing, branding, shared IT functions, and    custom so ftware that we then have to
                                           so on. EDC has more than 1,400 employees         maintain ourselves.”
                                           and is responsible for one in every four real
                                           estate transa ctions in Denmark—an average       EDC deployed the beta software in a pilot
                                           of two property sales every hour.                project with help from Interprise Consulting,
                                                                                            migrating 75 employees from a previous
                                           EDC a gents conduct about 60 to 70 percent       solution to Exchange Server 2007.
                                           of their business away from their offices. The   Installation proceeded very rapidly, and the
“The mobility features                     company wanted to make this time as              migration caused no interruption in service.
                                           productive as possible by providing agents       “In an hour and a half, I transferred 75 users
work well, and many                        with mobile access to their messa ges. E-mail    to the new mailbox server computer, in the
agents have called or                      messages and requests for customer               middle of the day, and the users didn‟t notice
                                           meetings often piled up in agents‟ inboxes       a thing,” says Guvad. “Everything just
written to us to                           when they were out of the office.                continued to work as normal.”
participate in using the
                                           EDC believed that if agents could acce ss e-     EDC also issued mobile devices to 80
new solution as quickly                    mail, calendars, and address books in a          administrative employees and 25 sales
as possible.”                              simple and secure way through their cell         agents so they could evaluate Exchange
                                           phones and other mobile devices, then            Server mobility features.
Thomas Guvad, IT Operations Manager, EDC   everyday business tasks could be handled
                                           more quickly and easily. However, any            Exchange Server 2007 fits seamlessly into
                                           solution would have to be simple for the IT      and complements the company‟s current IT
                                           department to administer centrally so that       environment, which is based on the Microsoft
                                           technical support would not beco me too time-    server product portfolio and includes the
                                           consuming.                                       following components:

                                           Solution                                          Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007
                                           EDC determined that the Microsoft®                Microsoft Office Live Communica tions
                                           Exchange Server 2007 communication and             Server 2005
                                           collaboration server would provide the            Microsoft Office Communica tor 2005
                                           features and tools to suppor t centralized        Microsoft Internet Security and
                                           management of mobile devices and that it           Acceleration Server 2006
                                           could be integrated with the company‟s            Microsoft SQL Server™ 2005
                                           existing IT infrastructure. In 2006, EDC
                                           participated in the Microsoft Rapid              EDC is encouraging employees to access
                                           Deployment Program so tha t the company          their Exchange Server mailboxes using the
                                           could evaluate and deploy a beta version of      Microsoft Office Outlook ® 2007 messa ging
                                           Exchange Server 2007 prior to the software‟s     and collaboration client, although the
                                           official release.
                                           company will continue to support other            Historically, EDC has been hesitant to provide
                                           programs for a limited time.                      mobile-device access to information stored
                                                                                             on its IT systems beca use of the security
                                           Benefits                                          issues that these devices can introduce.
                                           Exchange Server 2007 gives EDC employees          However, Exchange Server has alleviated
                                           convenient access to their message s while        many of the company‟s concerns. “Security is
                                           they‟re working in the field. The new solution    dramatically better,” explains Guvad. “For
                                           also provides reliable operation for the IT       example, users can delete a phone‟s
                                           department and has been easy to deploy and        contents using the Internet, if the phone is
                                           manage.                                           lost or stolen. We have already experienced
                                                                                             this situation, and the remedy works well.
                                           Convenient Mes sage Acc ess for Mobile            Exchange Server has even successfully
                                           Workers                                           restarted a phone that was „frozen‟.” (No te
                                           With the new solution in place, real estate       that the data-wipe security feature does not
                                           agents ca n use their Office Outlook 2007         affect a mobile phone‟s add-on memory

“I have not heard of a                     client to perform many tasks involved in sales
                                           transactions. Plus, as the agents transition to
                                                                                             cards, so EDC is warning a gents not to use
                                                                                             extra memory cards.)
case in which anybody                      using Office Outlook, the IT department will

lost any e-mail                            benefit from having fe wer client programs to
                                           maintain. “Previously, we supported about 10
                                                                                             Easy Migration and Reliable O peration
                                                                                             EDC is very pleased with how easy the new
messages. The rapid                        programs for the agents,” says Guvad. “Now,       solution has been to deploy so far and with

deployment program of                      we are down to three, and in a year‟s time
                                           everyone will be using Office Outlook. It will
                                                                                             the reliable, stable operation it has
                                                                                             demonstrated. The IT department was even
Exchange Server 2007                       be the basis of a „virtual desktop‟ through       able to migrate affected systems during

has proceeded virtually                    which agents will look up transactions and
                                           other information stored in our SQL Server
                                                                                             instead of after working hours.

without problem.”                          database.” These transactions will include        Gustav ci tes the Autodiscover feature as an
                                           everything from printing deeds to loan offers.    example of the simplified setup process that
Thomas Guvad, IT Operations Manager, EDC
                                                                                             Exchange Server now suppor ts. With
                                           EDC a gents spe nd a lot of time in the field     Autodiscover, if a user is logged on to the
                                           showing house s to potential buyers, so           network, Exchange Server 2007 complete s
                                           having access from a mobile device to             all inputs required for the user to initiate the
                                           information stored in the office is a major       connection. “Wha t really impressed me was
                                           productivity advantage —so much of an             that the Office Outlook client automatically
                                           advantage that a gents who were not part of       configured itself for the new mailbox server,”
                                           the pilot soon wanted mobile devices of their     says Guvad.
                                           own. “The mobility features work well, and
                                           many agents have called or written to us to       EDC is delighted wi th the results of the pilot
                                           participate in using the new solution as          project. “I have not heard of a case in which
                                           quickly as possible,” says Guvad. “Installing     anybody lost any e-mail messages,”
                                           mobile systems is typically a demanding           concludes Guvad. “The rapid deployment
                                           support task, so we‟re going to proceed           program of Exchange Server 2007 ha s
                                           carefully.” He expects that the remaining         proceeded virtually without problem.”
                                           employees will be given mobile access in a
                                           few months.
For More Information                                                                                             Microsoft Server Product Portfolio
For more information about Microsoft                                                                             For more information about the Microsoft
products and services, call the Microsoft                                                                        server product portfolio, go to:
Sales Information Center at (800) 426-                                                                 
9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft
Canada Information Centre at (877) 568-                                                                          For more information about Microsoft
2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of-                                                                         Exchange Server, go to:
hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone                                                             
(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892- 5234 in
the United Sta tes or (905) 568-9641 in
Canada. Outside the 50 United Sta tes and
Canada, please contact your local
Microsoft subsidiary. To access information
using the World Wide Web, go to:

For more information about Interprise
Consulting products and services, visit the
Web site at:

For more information about EDC services,
visit the Web site at:

                                                                 Software and Services                           − Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
                                                                  Microsoft Server Product Por tfolio           − Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
                                                                   − Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
                                                                   − Microsoft Internet Security and         Partners
                                                                     Acceleration Server 2006                   Interprise Consulting
                                                                   − Microsoft SQL Server 2005
                                                                  Microsoft Office
                                                                   − Microsoft Office Live Communica tions
                                                                     Server 2005
                                                                   − Microsoft Office Communica tor 2005
This case study is fo r informational purposes only. MICROSOFT

Document published November 2006

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