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									    Questions                                                               Example
1   Gender                                                                  Male
2   Age                                                                     25
3   Length of time using the internet/ Date?                                4-5 years
4   Days a week uses the internet                                           every day
5   Hours a week uses the internet                                          1 per day
6   How long have you been using mobile phones? /Date                       4 years
7   Network Provider                                                        NAME
8   How long have you been with this network provider                       2 years
9   Monthly Expenditure (all calls, texts, mms etc)                         £20.00

10 Have you previously visited any websites from mobile phone/other tele-
   communications and/or service providers?
   If yes:
   Which were these?

11 What did you use these for?                                              checked use on NAME
                                                                            website as had just been
                                                                            abroad. Check NAME2 last
                                                                            time the account was up for
                                                                            renewall 'I always like to see if
                                                                            there is a better offer out there'

12 What did you think of them?                                              Difficult to remember, but did
                                                                            find the information needed on
                                                                            account.Hand to visit a
                                                                            NAME2 shop as the site
                                                                            wasn't clear
   NAME Website (Open prototype home page)
13 What is your first impression? What crosses your mind when you see       Looks familiar (colours logo),
   this page?                                                               generally don't pay attention to
   Please also note non-verbal reactions.                                   it and just get into account
                                                                            straight away. "There is a lot
                                                                            going on here"

14 What is the first thing you see on this page?                            This offer about the new
                                                                            handset stands out because of
                                                                            the picture'
   Task 1: Check Your Spending for this month
15 Home page:                                                           Immediately selects the option
   Please imagine that you are a customer of NAME and that your name required
   is John Smith. You have been using your phone to browse the Internet
   a lot this month so would like to check how much of your monthly
   allowance you have left
   Correct Navigation Path - 'My Account'
   - Are they able to find the correct option?
   - Does the user experience any difficulties on this page?

16 Page:NAME                                                                I want to see what I've spent
   Correct Navigation Path 'NAME'                                           this month straight away'
                                                                            Otherwise the options seem
    - What do you think of this overview?                                   sensible, but doesn't
    - Does it contain the right information?                                understand Data Charge.
    - What is most important to them?                                       Wants to see the bill in the
    - What do you expect to see when you open your bill?                    same format as paper bill
17 Page: "NAME"                                                            Recognises it and knows it is
   - What are the participant's first impressions?                         his due to the name, phone
   - Is this what you expected to see?                                     number and address at the
   - Can you tell how much you have spent this month?                      top. Reads out correct amount
   - Can you describe in your own words the other information on this      (£20). The layout seems fine
   page?                                                                   but wants to see the total for
   - Is there anything missing?                                            the current month at the top of
                                                                           the page rather than the
                                                                           bottom 'It’s the reason that I'm
                                                                           going to go there, I want to see
                                                                           it straight away'. Everything
                                                                           else seems find as it looks like
                                                                           paper bill, but would like to be
                                                                           able to link to previous bill.

18 Task completed?                                                         Yes, no problems
   Task 2: Check NAME Options
19 Background                                                              start thinking about new phone
   - When do you start thinking about renewing/changing accounts?          2 to3 months before contract
   (avoid using the word upgrade)                                          end. Like a new phone and
   - What is most important to you?                                        expect it to be a good one if
   - What do you expect/want to see from your current provider? (probe     they've spent a lot "I can go to
   to see how attractive a longer cheaper 18 month contract is)            any company I want, I don’t
                                                                           like being taken for granted".
                                                                           Expects recongnition based
                                                                           upon number of years as well
                                                                           as recent phone bills. May
                                                                           think about a longer contract
                                                                           'but the deal has got to be
                                                                           better than this (points to

20 Page: 'NAME'                                                            hesitates and doesn’t see
   Correct Navigation Path "My Bill?                                       option in right column. 'I think
   - What would they do to find out what they are eligible for?            I'd go to the main website
                                                                           instead'. Then notices 'Your
                                                                           upgrades'. 'I nearly missed
                                                                           that, but this is the most
                                                                           important think I do every year'

21 Page: 'Your Upgrades'                                                   It looks like a normal selling
   - What is their reaction to this page?                                  page' unclear whether targeted
   - Is it what you expect?                                                at them or just generic
   - Can you tell me in your own words what you think of the offers?       information. The design clear
   (probe to see if they feel they are tailored to them)                   apart from that. Able to
   Ask them to imagine that they are don't need a new phone, what is the   describe each of the 6 options
   best thing on offer?                                                    on offer, but can't see a link to
   Correct Navigation Path - 'NAME'                                        see any more phones (which
                                                                           they would expect). Initially
                                                                           misses the non phone offer, as
                                                                           it has an image of a person
                                                                           holding a phone above it 'that
                                                                           person is holding a phone'

24 Task completed?
   Task 3: Buy the latest NAME handset
29 Task completed?
   Task 4:
31 Task completed?

     Wrap Up
34   What did you think of the website?
35   Name 3 things you liked?
36   Name 3 things you disliked
37   Would you use it in future?
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