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					Strategic Partners Meeting
     Tuesday September 26th, 2006

Good Morning!
     Azerty / United Stationers

   Pat Collins                  Keith Ruehl
        Executive VP Sales           Mgr. Marketing &
   Kevin Bowman                       Communications
        VP Sales                Bob Bucholtz
   Jeff Willis                       Sales Manager
        VP Technology
         Category                Rene Ross
   Tom Kelly                         Sales Manager
        VP Operations           Diane Byrne
   Scott Thompson                    Sales Manager
        VP Information          Tracey Fries
                                      Marketing Specialist
           Our Strategic Partners

   Blackhawk, Inc.                       NRI Data
        Brad Hurley (President)               Phil Lanctot Jr. (President)
   C2C Ink                               One Stop Shop
        Bryan Phillips (Exec VP)              Marx Acosta-Rubio
        Dawn McGinn (VP – Director             (President)
         of Operations)                   Rhinotek
   MNJ Technologies                           Al Fontenot (Chairman,
        Paul Kozak (C.O.O.)                    President & CEO)

   National Graphics Supply              SupplyMaster, Inc.
        Todd Kletter (President)              Susan Brewer (President)
        Roberta Berkowitz (Exec VP)
Customer Feedback Session

– What makes your company
  successful today?
       What are your Key Strengths?
       Please define any “Value Added”
        Services you offer today.
Customer Feedback Session

– Competition
       Who do you view as your primary
           What are their primary strengths?
           How does your organization sell
            against those strengths?
Customer Feedback Session

– What are the immediate
  challenges that your business
  faces today?
     – Also, what new demands are your
       customers requiring of your business
Customer Feedback Session

– What are your key areas of
  focus around products for
  your company for the next 12
  – 18 months?
Customer Feedback Session

–   What are the key areas of focus
    around your customers or
    customer channels for the next
    12 – 18 months?
      –   Are you interested in…
         Acquiring new customers?
         Customer Retention / Loyalty?
         Better understanding of your Customers?
         Other Customer focus?
Customer Feedback Session

– How are you currently using
  Web or Ecommerce Tools
  Today – Where do you see
  this going in the future?
Customer Feedback Session

-   What are the Strengths and
    Weaknesses of Azerty / United
Customer Feedback Session

– Investment Opportunities
       Where can Azerty / United invest our
        Time, Energy, Resources to make
        you be more effective in the market?
     Your Technology Products Partner

On-time nationwide delivery utilizing the state of
the art distribution system of United Stationers

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